Monday, November 06, 2006

How ill is Andrew Landeryou?

A commentator to this blog writes eloquently:

"He has a compulsion to attack virtually every person he has dealings with : Sol Lew, Schetzer Brott and Appel, Leonie Burke and the Age, Evan Thornley, Stephen Mayne, Race Matthews, at least half the Labor party

- He travels to the houses of single women, photographs them and posts them on the internet- He followed Stephen Mayne to sydney and photographed him as part of a harrsment campaign

- During the years his mates were in charge of MUSU, the one honest manager at MUSU who tried to stop them, Graham Cornish, had anonymous sheets distributed (wonder who by?) with disgraceful criminal allegations

- He has stalked and harrassed Dean McVeigh, an honest man doing his job. A quick look at his paranoid lying blog will confirm to anyone that he is a deeply paranoid troubled person."

Our thoughts on the matter is that he suffers from clinical psychotic narcissism.

11 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a great bloke. I always read his blog. He is first with the latest news. Read the OC. It's an experience and its a great source of news. Andy Landy is the world's best blogger.

Anonymous said...

lol Andy - at least admit that you posted the above!

Anonymous said...

In a heart-rending 'what about me?' cry for attention, Andrew Landeryou's lashed out at the ABC for not linking to his blog as part of the election coverage.

Landeryou, yet again backflipping in a rabid, yet somehow despairing display, has lashed out at the new censorship standards he had previously praised.

On the brink of tears, Andrew has listed his Labor Unity masters as 'peerless insiders' coverage' in a last ditch bid to gain validation from yet another of those who have been savaged by his rantings.

Landeryou, finally realising his long hours toiling away on his bilious rantings mean nothing to everyday people and even less to media organisations seeking fresh, informative bloggers to employ, is thought to be seeking refuge in large helpings of triple chocolate fudge cake.

Reports of Ben Cass and Darren Ray seen hurrying through the city with large cakes are still to be confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Tim Blair doesn;t think so!

Anonymous said...

MUSU expanded my bank balance, McDonalds expanded my waistline, Prison expanded my bowels (unwillingly).

Anonymous said...

how is Andy compliant with the Elctoral Act i.e commentating on the election, if his blog still lists his old Southbank address?

Anonymous said...

The email circualting about Landeryou that Mayne has repeated on his website is a ripper!

Anonymous said...


I am writing this about a person you (unfortunately) probably know a lot about.

Andrew Landeryou has offended many with his appalling weblog. He gives the impression that he can continue with his behaviour and nothing can be done.
But something can be done.

Landeryou several years ago set up a company called 'Marbain' at Melbourne University. This company obtained a cheap lease, and onsold it for a profit of 1.2m, which was funelled overseas, and is very possibly being used by him now to fund his lifestyle.

To read a good summary of the Marbain and other allegations go to's excellent summary and scoll down to the story about Marbain:

This transaction is being investigated by both the Carlton Police and the Fraud Squad.
The tax office should also be taking an interest.

Things might happen, but there’s always a chance that our system will let nothing happen.
Concerned citizens (and its perfectly just to want to see these things prosecuted) should take 20 minutes out of their schedule, and write to the below authorities to see something is done.

If enough letters are written ar this time to the below authorities, something should happen. People are writing if enough do it will happen.

Give it a go, feel free to tell others, here are the details:

Carlton Police
Currently investigating as I understand it . Seeking to get them to lay fraud charges against the MUSU crowd.
330 Drummond Street
Carlton 3052

Victoria Police Fraud Squad
Also investigating, hoping they will present a brief to the DPP
Victoria Road Police Complex
412 St Kilda Road
St Kilda 3004

Australian Tax Office
Marbain never paid any tax on its ‘profit’ , and I’m not sure about the other companies. At the very least tax and penalties should be paid.
Michael D’Ascenzo – Commissioner of Taxation
1st Floor, Casselden Place
2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000

Glyn Davis – Vice Chancellor of Melbourne University
Needs to keep up the pressure on Landeryou in the liquidation, to trace the money owed to MUSU.
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010 Australia

Anonymous said...

Just a quick word about a quiet hero: Dean McVeigh, liquidator of MUSU. This guy has got on with the job of recovering the money stolen from MUSU quietly and efficiently, despite hysterical abuse.

Keep up the good work Mr McVeigh.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Freddy the fuckwit deleted my comments and banned me!

What is going on in the Landeryou dictatorship!

He must be stopped!

At least I have screen shots to prove it.

Anonymous said...

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