Monday, November 13, 2006

Freedom Freddy: a Andrew Landeryou con

Anyone remember Joe Klein?


Well, he/it was a co-correspondent on Andrew Landeryou's blog for all of two posts.

Now, Andrew has dreamed up Freedom Freddy.

Only two problems.

1. Freedom Freddy on Andy's blog doesn't exist and is in fact Landeryou who has invented a made up friend.

2. He/it is not only fictional, but a straight cut and paste from this Freedom Freddy. Not only is it an infringement of international copyright, it also infringes on the Australian and US Free Trade Agreement.

13 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Prove it.

Anonymous said...

I agree - and you should use the same high standard of proof that Andrew Landeryou uses.

You should demand that Andrew Landeryou take a lie detector test at a time and place arranged by Slandersyou2 by 5pm Friday to refute the claims that he is Freedom Freddy.

Otherwise he will be exposed as the Freedom Freddy his is.

The Dark Rider said...


And don't forget to trumpet at that time that Landeryou FAILED to respond and is therefore guilty of being so unpopular he has resorted to inventing make-believe friends, then refer to him forever more as serial schizophrenic and social reject, Andrew Landeryou...

The Dark Rider

Anonymous said...

Getting better by the day.

ansteybranchopolous said...

keep up good work please

Concerned Reporter said...


Parliament was in shock today as MP Sophie Mirabella lay in hospital recovering after being nearly licked to death by an overweight Landeryou-dog.

'The Landeryou dog was kicked out of the Labor kennel some time ago' said a concerned dogcatcher. 'Mainly because it stank and it was a thief. It also spent some time in detention. Naughty Dog'.

The overweight dog, upset that it was no longer loved by anyone, then developed a fixation for Ms Mirabella.

'It would pine for her, write charming little doggy notes in its slavering tongue' continued the Dogcatcher. Being so grossly overweight, it was generally shunned by other dogs, and also after its detention it developed a strange tendency to bleed from its behind. Too much doggy-style, if you know what I mean'.

The dog then attempted to lick Ms Mirabella to death.

'Sophie is recovering, thankfully' said a friend 'But, lets face it, it really does her career no benefit to be so regularly licked by a Landeryou Dog.'

'This dog really does belong back in the pound, with its male doggy-friends'.

Landeryou News Update said...

Punchy paunchy politicians progeny Andrew Landeryou has accused the political Right- associated with smaller government and conservative social and economic policies- of being Leftists.

'I have now worked it out' he said triumphantly. 'The Leftists are leftists, dirty leftist scum. The centre are also Leftists, usually Leftist Dupes. But the Right, who masquerade as conservatives, are something else. They are Leftists who have convinced themselves they are rightists, in order to discredit Rightism, leading on to a Leftist victory.'

'The only way is to defeat the Right, thereby denying the Left the use of their deception'

Landeryou is leading the charge against Leftism. 'I have now established that my postman is a Leftist' he said sternly, 'as he wears Red and doesnt work for himself.

'I've also discovered my flatmates were engaging in collectivism by having a household kitty for expenses! Classic socialism. Naturally, after I confronted them about it, they moved to kick me out. But I'll have my revenge on my weblog!. And I'll keep all the Kitty money I took as well'.

Strangely , the only people Landeryou does trust are his fellow prisoners from his time as a jailbird. 'They were neither left or right. When they were dealing with me , it was always straight up the middle!'.

Andrew Vincent, son of Peter and Marie Vincent (nee Girard). Resident of Ringwood (Melbourne, Victor said...


Disclose yourselves.

Anonymous said...

How do I see the web stats for this blog?

Anonymous said...

7.14 type in Andrew Landeryou as the user ID

in the password cell type in

Andrew Landeryou is a utter ____ (you add the word!)

Anonymous said...

We need to add the US Government to the list of litigants against Landeryou

Where is Freedom Freddy? said...

Where is Freedom Freddy? he hasn't posted on Landeryou's blog for a while

Anonymous said...

So where is Freedom Freddy - have't seen him for a while?

Looks like Andy has replaced him with Cait Catt!