Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Andrew Landeryou installs new tracking device on Blog of Shame

Andrew Landeryou has installed a new tracking device on his Blog of Shame.

The new comments feature, Haloscan, enables the 'pro-comment cancelling' Fuhrer to:

- View, edit or delete comments from the members section or the comment page·
- Ban commenters by single IP or an IP range·

The recording of commentator's IP addresses is a worrying development, as Landeryou actively records IP addresses in order to track down opponents.

Big Brother Landeryou is watching you!

2 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

The fact that Landeryou methodically tracks people's IP addresses worries me

i for one won't be back there

Anonymous said...

From the very start I suspected Andy would track IP addresses

It easy enough to do

I'm sure he has tried to find more about me

Thankfully I'm very careful not to reveal any details about myself and even use someone elses computer

I'm sure it irritates him that people can know so much about him but he can't find out who they are