Monday, October 30, 2006

Scott Gavens: the rebuttal you won't find on Andrew Landeryou's Blog

The rebuttal you won't find on Andrew Landeryou's blog.

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Anonymous said...

I see this morning that Week By Week fails to come up when the url is requested

Does that mean that Week By Week's sporadic postings have tailed off into nothing?

In the meantime, there are so many unanswered questions about dough boy that need solutions

I wait for all to be revealed

Anonymous said...

I check it out as well - Week had made some mention some time ago that Landeryou had tried to shut it down, like he did with Slanderyou ver 1

maybe its down owing to a google tech thing?

Anonymous said...

How's this for a new Andrew Landeryou Poem (based on the previous one):

Andrew Landeryou sent MUSU to the wall
then fled the country to hide from his fate
at the airport the police said 'Arrest that Beach Ball!'
Put him in a special cell designed for his weight

His cellmate was huge, aggressive and drugged
Took Landy's body and entered him nimbly
As it slid in Landy winced and shrugged
'We'll at least he's prettier than Kimberley'