Monday, October 30, 2006

Andrew Landeryou suffering from severe case of the 'fats'

A close family member intimate with Andrew Landeryou's physical condition, has exclusively revealed to Team Slanderyou that Landeryou is fighting 'fatness'.

Exhibit A: this is how Landeryou currently looks like, crouched helpessly over his pc, pumping out nonsense on his blog. He credits his 'new look' to eating all the 'health sustaining' Big Macs that he can eat. There is no proof that McDonald's Australian profits are reliant on Landeryou eating 25% of Macca's daily production. Landeryou advertises Maccas on his blog.

Exhibit B: this was how Landeryou looked in May 2005, fresh from eating all the 'health sustaining' gruel in Victoria's prison system. He could then only do up 1 button on his jacket.

21 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

How did he get on the plane to attend the PBL AGM?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a not a great bloke. I never read his blog. He is last with the latest news. Don't Read the OC. It's an never and experience and its a poor source of news. Andy Landy is the world's worst blogger.

The Dark Rider said...

Give me a break.

This is exactly how Landeryou gets traction.

Maybe you should get an actual current photo of him. For someone so trigger happy with the camera, he hates having it turned on him.

The Dark Rider

Anonymous said...

Good point Dark Rider

Cash reward to the first person to produce a current photo of Andy Landy

No stock photos of beached whales allowed!

Anonymous said...

Andy had a double chin eighteen months ago

I shudder to think how many chins he now has after one and a half years of doughnuts, fried coke balls, sausages and pancakes, and quad stackers.

More than a chinese phone book

Anonymous said...

more pics of Landeryou?

no thank you

i for one beleive the curent pic displayed on this blog

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou first got fat injections in prison I believe.

Anonymous said...

fat injections

Ballarat Bob said...

Besides these puerile comments, do u have anything of substance to say about Landeryou?

And at least he has the guts to put his name to everything he writes - unlike this blog which is nothing more than idiotic and childish nonsense.

Richmond Ron said...

It might be anonymous
It may lack substance
It definitley is idiotic and childish
But dough boy deserves it

Anonymous said...

*YAWN* I'm going back to the real Landeryou website. You are the weakest link, goodbye.

Anonymous said...


Andrew landeryou setup Marbain
And sent poor MUSU down the drain

He fled the country then got arrested
Went to prison to get molested

when he saw his cellmate he was afraid
Andrew was married, his wife would be betrayed

his cellmate then penetrated him quite nimbly
Landy shrugged: 'Well he's prettier than Kimberley'

KK said...

boring as batshit - not a patch on the real slandersyou

The Dark Rider said...

Agreed KK.

The Dark Rider

Anonymous said...

briliant blog

Its only new and the who ever is putting nthis together deserves some credit

at least he or she is making some sort of stand against Landeryou

KK and Dark Rider - what are you doing apart from your purile put downs?

Anonymous said...

Ballarat Bob writes: "And at least he has the guts to put his name to everything he writes"


why don't you do the same A-hole

The Dark Rider said...

Uh, anon 10:46?

That's 'peurile'.

And spare me the melodrama. 'Take a stand'? By making fat jokes?

Grow up.

The Dark Rider

KK said...

what the darkster said

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a filthy animal. He must be imprisoned for the benefit of society.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is an ex prisoner animal who desperately needs to be imprisoned regarding MUSU and Marbaine.

Cate said...

As someone who saw what he did to a friend; including "satire" about her eating her husband when she had gained weight from pregnancy; I must say part of me is happy to see him get a dose of his own medicine.

Having said that do we really need to sink to his level?

BTW; I encountered your site through the Age reference on Friday and am enjoying what I've read so far. Nice call on the hypocrisy and editing of comments (has happened to me when I defended aforementioned friend).

Considering the disappearance (through litigation?) of other anti-landeryou sites I wish you the best of luck.