Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soon to be deleted from Andrew Landeryou's blog comments

Scott Crawford to defect?

The heats on the MUSU crowd: Landeryou Ray Cass etc.

The fuzz are starting to investigate, and there might be some trips to the Big House.But many have been pondering the fate of Scott Crawford.

Scott never benefited personally from any of the goings on at MUSU. So why should he carry the can?

Scotts a bright young guy, and many people have been urging Scott to come forward to the Carlton Police to tell all, in the hope of an indemnity. Why should a promising young man like Scott go to Jail for the crimes of others.

Scott could yet have a career in parliament.Scott needs to hurry up. Time is running out: one of the other MUSU crowd could spill the beans for an indemnity at any time. But if Scott gets down there quickly , he could get himself out of this mess quick smart.


7 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Scott got nothing out of MUSU while Ray, Landeryou and Cass benefitted. Why the hell should Scott go to prison, probably to be interfered with , because of others ! ! ! !

Scott has to go to the police as soon as possible, spill the beans and get a full indemnity. Then his career would be unaffected.

Caring Friend of Scott

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Scott no friends?

Anonymous said...

Scott Crawford is facing jail for what? So Darren Ray, Big Andy and Ben Cass coud enrich themselves?

Its just not fair. Scott should get a full indemnity, by going to the Carlton Police, NOW

Friends of Scott are urging him to do this, when will he listen?

Anonymous said...

And can you believe Darren Ray reckons he could still practice as a lawyer after defrauding MUSU.

What a delusional little boy! There won't ever be a practising certificate.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a great bloke. I always read his blog. He is first with the latest news. Read the OC. It's an experience and its a great source of news. Andy Landy is the world's best blogger.

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