Sunday, October 15, 2006

Landeryou - problem with his sexuality?

Does Andrew Landeryou have a problem with his sexuality?

Nothing wrong with that.

Delia afterall is a very pretty name Andy Landy. Get that name in gaol?

3 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Andy is a child molester - so the rumour goes

The Dark Rider said...

I like the idea of the site, it's just a shame you're going for the lowest common denominator.

Why don't you start by analysing his habit of posting rants about people who mention him in their publications?

Dissect his methods of perverting the concept of 'truth' he preaches as part of his website mantra is also another good option.

Also his habit of posting inflammatory emails himself and passing them off as other people's opinion (while deploring them, but not deleting them as he does with so many other posts).

This bullshit 'Andy's a child molester' is just petulant name calling that reflects more on the idiot factor posting here, rather than on Landeryou's site.

Hmmmm. Of course, with a complete lack of credible information on his site at the momrent, maybe Landeryou has decided he needs another slanderyou to pique interest. Is that what this site is?


Anonymous said...

Its a well known fact that children should be kept away from Ex Prisoners such as Landeryou.