Sunday, October 15, 2006

Landeryou – flight risk?

Andrew Landeryou has apparently moved suburbs.

He has had to forego his luxury apartment in affluent South Bank, for the cheaper confines of working class Brunswick.

Convicted bankrupt, persistent business failure, wife-leaver, Costa Rican tourist, Landeryou is yet to explain how as a bankrupt he could afford his South Bank digs.

For that matter, he is yet to explain his Brunswick residency. We are sure he hasn’t moved into a boarding house! Pity he doesn't, as it might bring this paranoid to his senses.

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ansteybranchopolous said...

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Anonymous said...

Landy Pandy you're not dandy

You stole MUSU's money through Marbain getting a cheap lease

And you were penetrated in prison

Nasty Andy Landy Pandy

Anonymous said...
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