Monday, December 04, 2006

Andrew Landeryou: narcissist moi?

More evidence of Andrew Landeryou's narcissism.

Not a pretty read.

5 Truth On Comments:

The Dark Rider said...

Nothing can be believed on the Slanderyou blog. Erik Locke and Stephen Mayne are both behind it. Both are disreputable.

Pot. Kettle. Black. With just a hint of yellow.

Andrew Landeryou is a patriot and has the finest blog on the internet.

LOL!!! Apart from the fact you’re the only one who classes himself as a ‘patriot’, the rest of that sentence has all the trademark Landeryou delusion. Why didn’t you sign your name? Perhaps you’re not as fearless as you make out and are reluctant to converse with anyone on a forum where you can’t alter, edit and delete posts.

Who was first with the news of the Queenslander winning the Labor leadership?

Pretty much anyone in the ALP organisation who knew anything about it. And of course, one of them decided to tell you, on the strict instructions you don’t sink the boot in on Beazley. Which, demented little lapdog that you are, you were more than happy to do.

Kim was the better man but he got done and Andrew correctly and accurately printed the result, without vindictive. Congratulations to Andrew Landeryou for being first with the latest news, as always.

Here’s the giveaway. ‘Without vindictive?’ Andrew, when have you ever printed anything not designed to be vindictive or self aggrandising?

Remember, you heard it first on the Landeryou blog.

Uh, no, as a matter of fact, we didn’t.

Andrew Landeryou, a fitting winner of the inaugural Walkely Blog Award.

Ah, so you’ve resorted to making up new blogs to give yourself awards? Another standard ploy. I’m guessing you needed this ‘Walkley blog site’ to try and create the erroneous perception you got a Walkley Award. You're right about one thing, the blog's award is fitting.

Seriously Andrew, just between us, you’ve given up all pretence of working towards noble goals, haven’t you? Your rants of late have had a more desperate, shrill tone to them. Despite the election being on, you’ve pretty much stalled in ‘expanding your influence’ haven’t you? You’re commonly accepted as nothing more than a Unity mouthpiece.

And banning me from your site suggests you can’t handle ‘detractors’, which also suggests to me you know you’re posting bullshit.

Must be fulfilling for you.

The Dark Rider

Terry Tibbie said...

100% agree with Dark Rider and Slanderyou

Is Hawker Britten not emabrrassed by their assoication with Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

You write nonsense dark rider. No wonder you've been banned from the Landeryou blog. I heard you are a fan of Diane Anderson.

Diane Anderson is not happy the OC won the inaugural Walkely Blog Award. She thinks her Higgins News (unpublished for two months) should have won.

Commisserations Diane. You only have to read the fine journalism in the story about Youhorn Chea to realise why the OC is head and shoulders above all other blogs for news and information.

Well done Andrew.

Melbourne Scribe said...

See comment above - why is Andrew commenting freely on this blog, but he deletes commments on his?

The Dark Rider said...

Funny that he'll comment on here and Make Landeryou Pay, but we hear nothing but crickets on Landeryou and Company, which has clear, incontrovertible information and relies on the reader to draw their own conclusion.

Come on Landeryou. If it's false info why haven't you carried out one of your (to use your schoolboy term) 'take down'?

Oh, that's right. There's no defence against the truth.

The Dark Rider
*who highly recommends any readers of this blog check out Landeryou and Company and decide for themselves*