Friday, December 22, 2006



In recent weeks we've reported that Andrew Landeryou and his cronies have been openly advertising that Landeryou’s blog of sleaze has won a Walkleys Award!

Well, Landeryou has indeed won an award.

The highly prestigious blog Nexus 6 has made the following awards.

"Australia's worst blog (tie): Andrew Bolt and Andrew Landeryou

Bolt is frequently wrong, doesn't understand complex topics, has absolutely no sense of humour and is a talentless writer. His blog demonstrates this in spades.

Landeryou is simply a nasty, nasty little man. His blog demonstrates this in spades."

Clearly, Bolt would be disappointed to have to share this award with Landeryou. Landeryou was a clear favourite for this award.

54 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

This award is the LEAST you deserve Andy

Anonymous said...

Congrads, Andrew. You really deserve THIS award. Hope it takes pride of place on your mantlepiece.

Anonymous said...

The Reverend Nahlia can fuck off.
God had nothing to do with this.
This is an award that Andy truly warrants.

looking for lyle said...

Lyle is back. He tells us he is not Delia. Welcome back Lyle

Anonymous said...

A fitting reward for all of Landeryou's hard work in 2006

Well done Landeryou

Pity he hasn't devoted as smuch time to finding a job!

looking for lyle said...

I can't very well submit the posting 12.55.56 on the Catch the Fire web site of Rev Nalliah as it contains profanity. It is also false. Rev Nalliah is a Christian gentleman, sees evil in no one, and supports the Bible truths which oppose homosexuality and other moral evils which are proscribed by scripture. He does not hate gays. He prays for them. He does not hate Landeryou. He prays for him. He said that the Walkley blog award is God's work. He will also say that Nexus 6 blog award, awarded to both Andrews, Bolt and Landeryou, is also God's work.

If I were a latte drinking wanking socialist or Diane Anderson or Erik Locke or Stephen Mayne I'd be delighted.

If I were Andrew Landeryou I'd treat the Nexus 6 award as a compliment!

Anonymous said...

This posting appeared this morning on the Andrew Bolt blog:

Posted by Caroline Church of Northcote on Fri 22 Dec 06 at 11:01am

Best wishes for Christmas Andrew. I love your blog and your comments in the Herald Sun.

Did you know you just shared a blog award with Andrew Landeryou? The 2006 Inaugural Nexus 6 Weblog Award.

I regard that as a great compliment from the latte drinking left. I don’t know about Landeryou, but you certainly are highly honoured to be awarded the supreme left wing commendation.

I read about it originally in the Slanderyou2 blog, which Landeryou claims is written in collaboration by a well known ALP Higgins electorate lady, a former leftista ALP State Secretary, and a well known ezine writer and former publisher not known to be very supportive of the ALP who stood against Pokies for People Power in the recent federal elections, but we better not say his name in view of the fact some people get so litigious.

To you and your family Andrew my very best wishes for Christmas and 2007.

Love from Caroline

Anonymous said...

Andrew L thinks he's funny, Andy B wouldn't know funny.

Anonymous said...

Caroline Church is wrong. Stephen Mayne (and that'S who she is referring to) stood for Southern Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council at the recent state elections. As far as I know Mr Mayne has never stood in a federal election but I may be wrong there.

Is Caroline Church Lyle as well as Delia. I heard from a member of the Unitarian Church that Caroline Church wrote a lot about Diane Anderson on an American Unitarian email newsletter. Only two people I know like writing about Diane Anderson. One is Lyle Allan. The other is Andrew Landeryou. Both seem to be infatuated with her.

Both Caroline and Delia wrote about Diane. Both could be Lyle, in spite of Lyle's recent denial.

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog are clearly scared that they might catch AIDS if they visit the National Library. Over two thirds of respondents to this blog's multiple choice questionairre think so. That is more than four times the number answering the next most popular alternative. Is Andrew that bad that he spreads AIDS in the National Library?

Our leaders in Canberra are so influenced by this blog that a questionairre copied by Mr Howard (the filthy Prime Ministerial plagiarist)is to be used by New Australians applying for citizenship to show they are not wogs. You are offensive Mr Howard. You copy this blog without attribution. SHAME.

Anonymous said...

I certainly won't visit the National Library next time I visit Canberra. The warning on this blog that I might catch AIDS from using a toilet seat in that insitution is enough for me.

Ban Mr Landeryou from that building.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting comments like the previous ones about AIDS should be removed from this blog by the blog administrator.

It's bad enough the crap denigrating a great man but to say that he might be spreading disease is the lowest of the low.

Andrew DID win a Walkely blog award. You are only jealous Mr Slanderyou and you should RACK OFF.

Anonymous said...

The word AIDS is nowhere used in the questionairre. It is a figment of someone's evil imagination. Got that.

Anonymous said...

The mcq test question on this blog refers to catching something but does not say what. The previous author who says it is AIDS should apologise to Andrew Landeryou. Andrew does not have disease, is a good person, and has what is probably the best blog in Australia.

The Nexus 6 Weblog Award is certainly a fake that exists only in the fertile minds of the people who write Slanderyou. The Walkely Blog Award is real. The fact that an unreal blog can name the two Andrews in one sentence is a matter of patriotic pride. Both Landeryou and Bolt are true patriots.

Happy Christmas to all patriots. May Father Christmas fail to give any presents to Slanderyou and his or her cronies, and the same to all Latte Leftistas.

Anonymous said...

There has been a big rush of votes yesterday to the mcq on this blog.

Seven tenths, not three quarters, of mcq answerers now think they might get a disease from the National Library.

This is unfair and defamatory to Andrew Landeryou, award winning blogger.

Andrew does not have AIDS, which is what the Slanderyou commentators are suggesting although fear of litigation means he won't say it, but his friends on this blog have, or he may himself or herself anonymously in case he or she finds himself or herself hit with a writ from Andy Landy.

Also 1:16:27 you should grow up. You cannot catch AIDS from a toilet seat. You can only catch aids from blood or sexual activity with a person who has AIDS. Stop scaring people unnecessarily. You can use the National Library toilets with confidence when you visit Canberra. You can't catch AIDS from them.

Anonymous said...

Grow up 3:13:25. The fact that 70.1 per cent are afraid to visit the National Library in case they might catch something is meaningless.

The mcq test question is a fake. No academic institution worth its salt would set such a question. It is biased, rather like the question sometimes asked in court which is used as an example to law students. The question is "have you stopped beating your wife?" Either a yes or a no answer is inappropriate. Similarly the mcq test on this blog is designed to produce one response. That the Landeryou blog is bad and shouldn't be archived by the National Library.

Shame Slanderyou Shame

Anonymous said...

Point well made. The Landeryou blog is STILL the best blog on the net and the fact that it won a fake award with Andrew Bolt is really a compliment that the Landeryou blog gets up the nose of Anderson/Locke/Mayne. Landeryou won a Walkely Blog Award. Slanderyou didn't. POINT MADE.

Anonymous said...

If my printer used softer paper I'd print out Slanderyou and use the print-out as dunny paper.

KFC said...

Can any of the people who keep posting about how the Landeryou blog won an award please give the official link to proove this. I have looked through all the Walkley sites and found no reference to this happening.

It seems that any reference to awards and Mr Landeryou degenerates into a "He's so good, he so won an award" brown nosing festival with no evidence to back it up.

Rhetorhic needs to be more than just: "Oh yes he did!" or
"Oh no he didn't!" and this seems to be what most Landeryou supporters post.

Yarra Ranger said...

Anon Saturday, December 23, 2006 1:19:37 AM etc etc or is it Andrew?

As I said here:

are you a twat or just stupid?

1. Slanderyou referred to Landeryou's blog 'infecting' the Library - not him personally

2. your simile of aids and toilet seats is truly appalling and ignorant

3. This and the other blogs have not 'slandered' Landeryou. It's all on the public record.

4. About Landeryou not being Delia - prove it! If you can;t or won't then it is pretty suggestive that Delia and Andy are one in the same

Anonymous said...

Shut up Yarra Ranges. Lyle is Delia whatever feral crap he might tell us. Get Real.

Colleen Hartland is Attractive said...

To Andrew Landeryou and Andrew Bolt I wish both a Merry Christmas.

Not you Slanderyou (or Slanderyous). Not until you stop your slanderous and defamatory attacks on my friend Andy Landy.

To Rev Nalliah I also wish a Merry Christmas. A true Christian gentleman, even after the despicable attack on him on this blog by a Slanderyouite who told him to eff off.

Anonymous said...

"To Andrew Landeryou and Andrew Bolt I wish both a Merry Christmas.

Not you Slanderyou (or Slanderyous). Not until you stop your slanderous and defamatory attacks on my friend Andy Landy."

Comment says everything: not even at Christmas does Landeryou and his cronies have the good grace to offer appropriate season greetings - disgraceful

Colleen Hartland is Attractive said...

It's now Boxing Day and Slanderyou or Slanderyous is still boxing.

Get real Slanderyous. I find the OC of my friend Andy Landy a much better read. Yesterday there were Christmas greetings to the OC, even from former Liberal MP Victor Perton, and also several greetings that congratuled the OC on his award winning blog.

Where was Slanderyou?

constipated clown said...

a little birdy has told me that the end is nigh for carlo carli

looking for lyle said...

Where is Landeryou sycophant Lyle? I'm still looking for him. Does he still think Colleen Hartland is beautiful?

Anonymous said...

I think he thinks Diane Anderson is beautiful. About the only one who does.

Even Race Mathews and Andrew Landeryou, Lyle's fellow Diane infatuatees, do not think she's beautiful. Evan Thornley even told some of his friends during the election campaign that Diane had a kind but plain face. He's not infatuated with her, unlike the three persons I mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Landeryou on this award

You truly deserve it

Anonymous said...

Will we see a wedding picture of Andy and Diane? I don't think so.

Costa Rica Tourist Commission said...

Where is Andy - he hasn't posted for a few days.

He hasn't flown off to Costa Rica again?

Anonymous said...

Costa Rica Tourist Commission must be halfwits. Why would award winning blogger Andrew Landeryou want to post to this blog, given the vile remarks by Slanderyou and his or her cronies about the best blog on the web? The Andrew Landeryou blog.

This blog is a disgrace. That's why it has never won an award and never will. It's just professional jealousy.

Get real Slanderyou.

A Pontian said...

little sense is made by commentng on AL's site

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Andy and all his friends.

I really enjoy your award winning blog Andy, and long may you be the best Australian blog. I think you are the best on the net.

Anonymous said...

Pontian must be Jenny Mikakos, who is regularly criticised on the Andrew Landeryou blog.

Stop being racist and stop attacking my Turkish friends Jenny if you want to be re-elected.

Colleen Hartland is Attractive said...

Andrew is a true patriot. I endorse the remarks of 1:31:37 and I too wish Andrew Landeryou a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Over two-thirds of readers of this blog, if the poll is any indication, think that they will catch aids from a toilet seat at the National Library.

What utter bullshit. You can't catch aids from a dunny seat. Readers who think so have been reading too much from the Slanderyou dirt sheet.

Landeryou is GREAT. Get that. Landeryou is GREAT.

Yarra Ranger said...

Anon Monday, January 01, 2007 1:40:49 AM -see above where I said

As I said here:

are you a twat or just stupid?

1. Slanderyou referred to Landeryou's blog 'infecting' the Library - not him personally

2. your simile of aids and toilet seats is truly appalling and ignorant

3. This and the other blogs have not 'slandered' Landeryou. It's all on the public record.

4. About Landeryou not being Delia - prove it! If you can;t or won't then it is pretty suggestive that Delia and Andy are one in the same

Freedom Freddy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Another Enemy Of Freedom Bites The Dust

Happy New Year to All Freedom Loving Patriots.

It is truly beautiful that, in the year 2007, Saddam Hussein is no longer here to share the world with us. He no longer breathes our air, and he no longer kills our kin.

While some Saddam-supporters (eg, will shed a tear, many people will be delighted that one of the leading murderers of the 20th century is dead.

It was never going to be over until the fat man swings.

The birds are singing; the sun is shining; and the candle of democracy is burning bright in Iraq.

Truly beautiful.

Joseph Stalin - Dead
Mao Tse Tung - Dead
Adolf Hitler - Dead
Saddam Hussein - Dead

Freedom is on the march.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a strange coincidence. When I click on freedom freddy above I get transferred to the Landeryou blog.

The posting by freedom freddy is identical with Landeryou's first posting for 2007.

I have never been a friend of Saddam Hussein and I think he is a tyrant but what is the point of making this posting on this blog? One Landeryou is enough. Freedom Freddy is Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Freddy is good. The Landeryou blog is superb. Andrew didn't win an award for nothing. Yarra Ranges is a crapola artist. Sounds like the barrister (not barista, which is a barperson in an Italian eatery) that Yarra Ranges certainly is and Landeryou exposed posting crap on his site.

Long Live Andrew Landeryou

Long may his blog provide us first with the latest news.

Where was the news about Mr Hussein on the Slanderyou blog?

Colleen Hartland is Attractive said...

Happy New Year Lyle (or is it Delia?).

Why have you been so silent?

Anonymous said...

Cool picture of Andy Landy over at Grods corp:

Anonymous said...

Leave Andrew alone. Andrew's award winning blog is always first with the latest. Not like the Slanderyou blog.

Where did we find out first about the execution of Saddam Hussein? From the Andrew Landeryou blog of course.

Shut up Yarra Ranges. Go back to making wine. Stop your defamatory statements about my friend Andrew Landeryou, whose blog is the best on the net.

Also by the way Andrew is not Delia Delegate. Why don't you admit the fact that Lyle is Delia? So what if he denies it. That's further proof. Comments about Diane Anderson. That's further proof. What more proof do you want? You sound like an overzealous barista (the coffee shop one, not the legal one).

Anonymous said...

You are scaring the pants off people who read this blog Yarra Ranger.

The mcq (multiple choice question) on the front page of this blog seems very popular. I do not know why as it's a total farce and only John Howard seems to approve of it courtesy of his plagiarization of the mcq for his de-wogging exercise to be given to all wogs seeking to become Aussies. Shame Howard Shame.

Similary its shame Slanderyou shame for having the gall to suggest that people who visit the National Library will get some disease from their visit, presumably AIDS courtesy of Andrew Landeryou. You can't get AIDS from a dunny seat and that's the only statement made by Yarra Ranger I agree with.

Seven tenths of mcq examinees on this blog seem to agree with that question. Suggests Slanderyou readers don't have much IQ. God help them if they are going to apply to be de-wogged by Mr Howard. Pauline Hanson is a model of multicultural purity compared with Mr Howard, and by definition the readers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Previous correspondent is a little racist and certainly is not politically correct. Andrew Landeryou cannot be accused on that score. He is clearly not racist, and while Slanderyou may consider him politically incorrect he clearly is not.

I'm sick of hearing about AIDS and dunny seats. Would correspondents who write in such terms please think of something better to write about.

Anonymous said...

looks like landeryou associate darren ray may be up on some hefty criminal charges

found this over at makelanderyoupay

Thought you might be interested in this information I have found:

County Court Homepage -> Court Connect -> Criminal/Appeal Hearings -> Type in Ray as last name and Darren as first name

12/21/2006 07:37:37 PM

He's due in the county court early next year does anyone know what he's been charged with

Anonymous said...

looks like landeryou associate dean sherriff may be up on some hefty criminal charges

found this over at makelanderyoupay

Thought you might be interested in this information I have found:

County Court Homepage -> Court Connect -> Criminal/Appeal Hearings -> Type in Sherriff as last name and Dean as first name

12/24/2006 10:31:07 PM

Anonymous said...
The Sherriff matter is his road rage appeal version 3.

In December 2005, Sherriff pleaded gulity to road rage charges in the Heidelberg Magistrates Court. The Magistrate convicted him and sentenced him to a four month suspended jail sentence, a $1000 fine and suspended his licence for 6 months. He was also instructed to undertake psychological counselling.

Sherriff has managed to defer his appeal hearing twice during 2006.

In the latest instance in September, Sherriff did not front the court. In a letter to the court Sherrif said that he had taken ill at the very last moment due to some mysterious illness.

Sherriff's problem is that if the conviction stands then he is disqualified from being a Banyule Councillor or elected official for seven years.

Expectations are that Sherriff will try and stretch the appeal process further in order for him not to drummed out of public life in disgrace. However, the Magistrate last time was underwhelmed by Sherriff's antics and Dean runs the risk of copping a custodial sentence if he persists. This is also a second offence.

Most dispassionate observers agree that Sherriff got off rather lightly from the original Magistrate.

Sherriff may attempt to overturn the Magistrate's conviction due to incompetent representation, that there was an organised police/political vendetta against him (apparently there were a number of police witnesses that gave evidence at the original hearing) or he may turn up without representation to further confuse and delay the matter.

Even if the conviction stands then Sherriff can seek relief under the Local Government Act to restore him to his Council position.
Ultimately, the Minister for Local Government decides. However, there is a long convoluted process of Appeals which will keep the the matter boiling perhaps right up to the next Council elections in 2008 and beyond.

This public scandal of being able to manipulate court processes indefinately is somethig that should be addressed and curtailed by the State Government.

The only saving grace in the matter is the old Larry Flynt cry, that if the system protects the rights of an arsehole like Sherriff, then it will certainly protect the rights of the general citizenry.

You be the judge!

Sherriff has a link with Darren Ray and organised his unsuccessful campaign in Banyule CC elctions in 2003 against now popular local Bundoora member Colin Brooks.

Unlikely that Brooks would have any sympathy for either Sherriff or Ray.

"What goes around comes around"

Anonymous said...

And as all things lead back to the MUSU scandal, the Council election tilts of both Ray and Sherriff were funded by Marbain money as per this attached article.

The salient bits being:

A former president of the Melbourne University Student Union, Darren Ray, has defended the payment of a political debt by the director of a company that was awarded three controversial contracts while Mr Ray held union office.

In February this year, after he had left the union, Mr Ray asked for money and was granted almost $5000 by Mathew Keats, director of Marbain Pty Ltd, to cover an election debt after his failed attempt to win a seat in a local government election.

Mr Ray was president and board chairman of the union in 2002. The money was paid by Mr Keats through his company, Aussie Gourmet Bites, to a mail-out firm to cover Mr Ray's bill for campaign material in Bakewell ward, in the Banyule City Council elections.

For the full article see:

Anonymous said...

the darren ray county court link is here:

County Court Homepage -> Court Connect -> Criminal/Appeal Hearings -> Type in Ray as last name and Darren as first name

Yarra Ranger said...

Anon Tuesday, January 02, 2007 1:36:45 AM

You write: "Shut up Yarra Ranges. Go back to making wine. Stop your defamatory statements about my friend Andrew Landeryou, whose blog is the best on the net."

How come you are such great friends with Landeryou that you are too embarrassed (?) to sign your comments off with your real name? That says everything (Andy!)

Anonymous said...

Well Yarra Ranger I still think you should shut up. Below is a piece from AP today that is really scary. I hope you get scared from UFOs next time you fly. Read on and stop your bile about Andy Landy. A story about UFOs sure beats anything about Banyule. UFOs are real. The Walkely Blog Award is real. The Holocaust is real. Who really gives a stuff about Banyule anyway. UFOs are far more important stuff.

UFO' spooks pilots over Chicago
January 2, 2007 - 8:29AM
Federal officials in the US say it was probably just some weird weather phenomenon, but a group of United Airlines employees swear they saw a mysterious, saucer-shaped craft hovering over Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

The workers, some of them pilots, said the object did not have lights and hovered over an airport terminal on November 7 before shooting up through the clouds, according to a report in today's Chicago Tribune.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acknowledged that a United supervisor had called the control tower at O'Hare, asking if anyone had seen a spinning disc-shaped object.

But the controllers did not see anything, and a preliminary check of radar found nothing out of the ordinary, FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory said.

"Our theory on this is that it was a weather phenomenon," Cory said. "That night was a perfect atmospheric condition in terms of low (cloud) ceiling and a lot of airport lights. When the lights shine up into the clouds, sometimes you can see funny things."

The FAA is not investigating, Cory said.

United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said company officials do not recall discussing any such incident from November 7.

At least one O'Hare controller, union official Craig Burzych, was amused by it all.

"To fly seven million light years to O'Hare and then have to turn around and go home because your gate was occupied is simply unacceptable," he said.


Anonymous said...

References to AIDS and dunny seats are influencing readers in their contributions to the multiple choice quiz on this blog.

Less than seventy per cent now think they might catch AIDS from a National Library dunny seat. This is down on seventy two per cent just after Christmas in 2006.

Yarra Ranger has claimed on this blog that you can't catch AIDS from a dunny seat. It seems he's influencing the poll, as less and less people are ticking the AIDS/dunny seat/national library box.

You certainly are a good barista Yarra Ranger, even if it's true that I heard you applied for a job as a barista at Totos and they turned you down. Actually they are closed for renovations so I suggest you reapply in a week or so's time and they might have a vacancy for you. Personally I wouldn't employ you as you say nasty things about my friend Andy Landy but Solomon Lew might.

Anonymous said...

Actually 69.4 per cent of respondents to the four alternatives to the quesiton on this blog believe they might catch something if they visit the National Library.

There is no mention of AIDS. There is no mention of dunny seats. Only a reference to an unnamed something that could be just a sniffle, and the air conditioning, not the archiving of the Landeryou blog, might be the cause of that.

Grow up readers of this blog. Be factual. Don't let your fixations about AIDS and dunny seats cloud your judgments.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm more interested in ufo's (that is, flying saucers) than I am in the probability that I might catch AIDS from a dunny seat in the National Library. That's in Canberra isn't it? Tell us Lyle (or is it Delia?).