Thursday, December 14, 2006

"I’m generally very wary of linking to Andrew Landeryou’s blog because it’s so full of material that appears to be seriously defematory (sic)"

Club Troppo writes, "I’m generally very wary of linking to Andrew Landeryou’s blog because it’s so full of material that appears to be seriously defematory (sic). "

So very true.

But the point that appears to have been missed is that Landeryou is directly claiming that unnamed "VEC sources" are revealing to him exclusively detailed and confidential information on the conduct of the election recounts.

First, let us say that we do not believe Landeryou when he quotes these unnamed sources.

However, if there are VEC officials directly communicating with Landeryou (on an off-the-record basis as implied by Landeryou), is this not a contempt of the electoral process and threatens to corrupt the election?

24 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

The best journalists have good sources. Andrew Landeryou does have good sources. That's why his blog is the best blog on the net. That's why he won the Walkley blog award. That's why Rev Nalliah (will you be covering the decision of the Court of Appeal in his racial vilification case this morning Mr Slanderyou?)said that his award was God's work. That's why when we want information the first place we look at is the Landeryou blog.

Go and jump in the proverbial swamp Mr Slanderyou. That is, Diane Anderson and Eric Locke. Partners in slime, like Carbone and Money.

The Observer said...

There is a difference between sources and outright lieing Anon 4:35:54 AM

At best Landeryou took a couple of obvious assumptions, pus news from the papers and cobbled together a story and then claimed he had some sort of special 'access'

at worst, he is involved in corrupting an election

which is it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.35 ends his little rant with the line "Partners in slime, like Carbone and Money"

No guesses that this post was written by Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Any journo can tell you that you take public information and say that it came from "a source close to XYZ" or "a senior XYZ official" etc and then you have something that sounds like inside information that only you are privvy to. That's what Landeryou does all of the time, and most of the time he's just dealing in lies he's invented so it doesn't matter who he attributes them to. Everyone knows he is a serial liar.

Anonymous said...

have heard a rumour landy has skipped town again?

Yarra Ranger said...

The VEC is going to have to investigate Landeryou's claims about his 'unnamed sources'

Landeryou will have to reveal names, and if he won't (because there aren't any) then he will surely face a penal sentence!

Anonymous said...

Carbone and Money must have good sources too 'cuase their barbs really seem to sting. Don't they, "Glass Jaw" Landeryou.
And please don't rabbit on about this "Walkley blog award." It just doesn't exist - no matter how often you keep saying it, it won't magically appear.
Skipping town would be a good idea. Your reputation is too well known so no-one will hire you.
Go to Darwin. They like eccentrics.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a good and ethical journalist. Not like the journos at The Aged. His blog has all the news and it costs nothing. I still subscribe to the Herald Sun but I get most of my real news from the best blog on the net, the Andrew Landeryou blog. And stop your crap denying Landeryou won an award. He did, and I read it myself on the web. Also the Rev Nalliah confirmed it, and he's no friend of Andrew Landeryou. But he does have genuine forgiveness.

Landeryou should charge for his blog like Beecher (he made Mayne a millionaire) does, and his blog is a much better read than Nameless.

Yarra Ranger said...

Anon 2.07 "Landeryou should charge for his blog"

are you serious?

landeryou a business manager - you have got to be kidding.

remember MUSU or IQ Corp?

Anonymous said...

Mr "Glass Jaw" should take a leaf out of Nalliah's good book and turn "The Other Cheek" to The Age's Carbone & Money, Wood et al, McVeigh, Thornley, Mayne, Loewenstein and Lew among others.
Who knows he may be able to sleep at night instead of slobbering, scribbling and dribbling on the Net.
"Good and ethical" would suggest a modicum of balance in his "reportage." Gutless and cowardly is a better description.
Subscribe? It's fun to watch him shoot himself in the foot daily but I am not willing to pay for the privilege.
As for the "Walkley blog award" - seriously, mate, you're only embarassing yourself.
Andrew, it must be kinda sad and lonely to be the one and only member of your cheer squad.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is scum.

He must be prosecuted. Go to:

Anonymous said...

Here is some tools that maybe Andrewandy can use in turning the other cheek

Recognize and admit that you are a bully, and that your actions are hurting people. Talk to an adult or school counselor to learn how to ditch your bullying ways. Don’t worry about getting into trouble – adults will be proud of you for wanting to change your ways.

Look within yourself. Find better ways to deal with anger and be happy such as keeping physically active, getting involved in extracurricular activities, developing positive friendships, and talking with an adult.

Form healthy relationships. Form positive relationships with people your age, as well as adults. Learn about having healthy relationships.

Put yourself in their shoes. How do you think being bullied would make you feel? Try to understand how your actions make them feel.

Make a change! Change your actions and be friendly to others.

Anonymous said...

all nice but i suspect andy is being paid by someone to bag certain people

take it from me -it's not personal its political business

Anonymous said...

to me andrew landryou is imply another member of the ex labor group who have been burnt by the feminist pro abortion movement

he knows that labor is controlled by a bunch of socialists and is doing his best to rid them of that

long live mr landeryou and may his distractors get what is coming to them

we are glad that they havent suffered the same fate as all those other left wing aborted babies who's mothers will burn in hell!

god bless him

Anonymous said...

You buzzards should just go away

Andrew is the sane one and knows what the true course of life is

It is just as God preached it to you

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24:13 PM
Didn't your god say something about liars and wife abandoners too?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:24:13 PM
Didn't your god say something about liars and wife abandoners too?

Anonymous said...

love this blog!

Anonymous said...

Kimberley Kitching to The Herald Sun about Landeryou (19 April 2005).
"My husband told me he was going to Sydney on a business trip. He has not returned. I have not seen him since," she wrote in a statement.
"Over the last couple of months, I have been forced to accept that my husband has gone. I have no indication of his whereabouts or whether he intends to return.
"I fully trusted my husband and accepted his word that he would meet the financial commitments he had asked and advised me to enter into."

Dear, oh dear. There's a special circle in hell for that sort of behaviour.

melbcity said...

Sorry but this post is extremely misleading.

Whilst I agree that the conduct of the State Election was corrupt, the information commented on Andrew Landeryou was not confidential, as you have implied.

Public elections must be open and transparent and the detailed progressive results of the election should also be in the public domain. If anything the VEC is at fault by not publishing accurate information or details of the election results.

In my assessment every comment made by Andrew Landeryou in respect to the conduct of the State Election was true, correct and of public's interest.

the Victorian Electoral Commission and Steve Tully, Chief Electoral Commissioner was actively engaged in a cover-up crisis management as a result of their monumental stuff-up. ten explanation provided to the media is false and does not give the full picture or facts behind the stuf

I am informed that the conduct of the State Election and Steve Tully's management will be reviewed by the State Parliament in 2007.

There is a lot issues that need to be considered such as the VEC accessing illegally the results of the e-voting system prior to the close of the November 25th poll without any scrutineers present. Mr Tully's refusal to provide relevant statistical details in relation to the number of ballot papers issued, detailed preference data and concerns that the VEC data-quality was not the best (And that is putting it mildly)

based on the limited information provided by the VEC ballot papers have gone missing and remain unaccounted for. The VEC failed to publish detailed polling place breakdowns of the upper-house vote as is normally the case (2004 Senate election provided polling place results).

I suggest that you consider this issue further before falsely making claims of wrong doing. In this respect Andrew has acted in the interest of free speech and public accountability.

More information...
click here and here

Anonymous said...

Melb City

Lots of "I"s in your post

You write: "In my assessment every comment made by Andrew Landeryou in respect to the conduct of the State Election was true, correct and of public's interest."

So who are you? what credibility do you have?

Landeryou was ascribing comments to unnamed Electoral Commission officials. If Landeryou indeed did have these sourvces then according to your argument about being open and transparent he should then name them

But he won't because these unnamed sources don't exist

Anonymous said...

As far as electoral fraud is going, Don Nardella is still being investigated for Bribery.

Andrew Landeryou is not wrong with his info, over time it appears to be proven right.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Landeryou is not wrong with his info, over time it appears to be proven right."

Bet you can't prove it that Andy was ever right

Anonymous said...

love this blog!