Friday, December 01, 2006

Beazley vs Rudd (vs Andrew Landeryou) & Weekend Forum

Ok, the challenge is on.

Who do you think should win, and who will win.

AND who do you think Andy Landy will support, obviously duplicitously.

And what other issues should be discussed over the weekend?

9 Truth On Comments:

slanderyou said...

We think Beazley deserves the Leadership. Sure the last few weeks have been problematic, but not terminal.

Rudd is smart, and an efficient politician. But we remain unconvinced.

Anonymous said...

Landy seems to be backing Beazley too?

God help us!

Anonymous said...

Beazley is the better candidate whether Andy Landy supports him or not.

The observer said...

Andy will support whoever Hawker Britton is backing

Anonymous said...

Ruddie just!

Melbourne scribe said...

I'm surprised that your blog hasn't been drenched with comments supportive of Landeryou

sort of suggests that most of the comments on his blog are written by himself, and he hasn't got the time to post here, and his claim to having 'real' supporters is false

Anonymous said...

I am not Andrew Landeryou and I am not posting this because he asked me. Andrew is good.

Also the previous post is unfair. Andrew Landeryou is one of the best journalists in Australia. He has just won a Walkely Blog award and justly so. Below is what the Walkley award page says. I know Andrew is too humble to publish it himself but I am as I think all blog readers ought to be aware why he won the award. He won it for excellence and the award is well deserved:

This award is given in recognition of the best and most well informed election commentator/blogger during the 2006 Victorian State Election.

The number of award winning news breaking stories published on Andrew Landeryou's web site is unsurpassed in quality and quantity. Andrew has set down the challenge taking on the main media and online media and surpassing both in news and content. His editorialising is funny, witty, amusing, and informative. One of the best reads on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can be believed on the Slanderyou blog. Erik Locke and Stephen Mayne are both behind it. Both are disreputable.

Andrew Landeryou is a patriot and has the finest blog on the internet.

Who was first with the news of the Queenslander winning the Labor leadership? Kim was the better man but he got done and Andrew correctly and accurately printed the result, without vindictive. Congratulations to Andrew Landeryou for being first with the latest news, as always.

Remember, you heard it first on the Landeryou blog.

Andrew Landeryou, a fitting winner of the inaugural Walkely Blog Award.

Anonymous said...

Anon above writes "Andrew Landeryou is a patriot"

well, partriotism is the refuge of scoundrals, and Landeryou is a scoundral