Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anyone in Costa Rica Ever Come Across a Dude named Andrew Landeryou?

Andrew Landeryou is famously known as an online gamining spiv. The reference goes back in time to his running of IQ corporation (and how he turned it into another insolvent company).

But it seems, in 2005, on his return from Costa Rica, members of Australia's wagering and gaming community were raising serious questions about Andy.

A number of forensic questions and comments were asked.

- "If he is in CR (Costa Rica) I am sure he not using the name Andrew Landeryou".

- "He disapeared in CR for five months while every was looking for him. He started a gaming software company and was soliciting business in CR."

- "BTW, hearing his (Andy's) blog is called the Other Cheek .... does not bring pleasent images to mind. "

Lots of questions Andy that you still have to answer.

Truth on!

21 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

This is serious!

Attacking Mothers! said...

"Who else would publish this detail but the OC? Andrew Landeryou's blog is the best on the web. That's why it was awarded the very first Walkley Blog Award.

Great work Andrew."

More evidence of ANdy's narcisism here Slanderyou!

And now, he is attacking someone's mum.


Anonymous said...

This all looks sily compared to the decreasing price of bananas

Anonymous said...

At least Bananas are healthy. Andrew is toxic.

Anonymous said...

the noose is tightening!

Anonymous said...

Those links seem to be broken.

Anonymous said...

not broken
just need log in information to access

Anonymous said...

they worked for me - took me to a forum where all the issues in the post were discussed

well down slanderyou for tracking this down

Anonymous said...

This blog writes defamatory material and nonsense. Andrew never attacked Stephen Mayne's Mum. He said that Mayne writes sob stories under his Mum's name. I'm more interested in the price of bananas than I am in this cretinous blog.

Andrew Landeryou remains the best blog on the web, and tough luck if you disagree.

It wasn't awarded the Walkely Blog Award for nothing.

Andrew attacks Mums said...

Anon or is it Andrew, why do you keep coming back


Anonymous said...

Please read the story below from the Inaugural Walkely Blog Award winning Blog. It appeared today and some of Andrew's unfair and defamatory critics on this bogus blog that wasn't even considered for an award should take notice. That so Mr Mayne? That so Mr Locke?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
BOO HOO STEVIE: Australia's Defo King Threatens To Sue // The Coward Doesn't Have It In Him

From today's Nameless, politically disgraced insolvent trader bully-boy thug-pig defamer Stephen Mayne continues to talk about his favourite subject, himself:

To sue or not to sue
Date: Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Australia's Tallest Loser Stephen Mayne writes:
The emails have been pouring in from various people calling for legal action (OC: ie, Mummy from Templestowe) against Glenn Milne and News Ltd for their multi-platform physical and editorial attacks over the past four days. (OC: They are so mean to Stevie, it's enough to make us feel sympathy for someone who made a million dollars from the business of slagging people off. Then again...)

The Australian’s Strewth column managed a brief item today pointing out that Milne assaulted the wrong bloke (OC: Perhaps he shouldn't be assaulting anyone at all Stevie), which was the least they could do after running a cut down version of Milne’s outrageous Sunday column in Monday’s paper. (OC: How dare they! How dare they be loyal to their own! Stevie can't relate to that at all)

However, there doesn’t appear to be anything in the News Ltd tabloids so I’m still rocking up to kinder and explaining to the mums that I had nothing to do with what Milne claims triggered the attack. (OC: Oh yes you did Stevie, remember the other claims he made about you targetting his friends and family, he was talking about you and your filth-rag. No wonder Eric and Christian are talking about you moving on to a post-Nameless phase...)

The lawyers reckon it is an open and shut case (OC: ROTFL, you'd think they might want some of Stevie's non-hard-earned or soemthing) and the blood does boil (OC: That's where all his hot air comes from) when you read contributions such as this one from Sunday Telegraph columnist Rebecca Wilson, an old drinking buddy of News Ltd CEO John Hartigan:


We don't normally condone misbehaviour on the booze but our Saint this week is colleague Glenn Milne for shoving Crikey's Stephen Mayne off the stage at the Walkleys. Milne simply did something many others have wanted to do for years.

(OC: This is quite an incorrect view to take. Violence is violence and shouldn't be encouraged or praised. But Mayne is hated within News Limited for the same reason as most people hate him, he worked there for years then systematically burned every mate he ever had there. The lot. No one defends him in there. No secret was safe from his publication, every confidence betrayed. I've asked many of them, there has probably been no more hated person in the industry. That said, it's much better shining the harsh light of scrutiny on him than thumping him. But the fact that Milne has got away with it can only be explained by the depth of feeling against Mayne, a putrid turn-coat born-again leftist snot-rag)

Surprise, surprise, Wilson has been criticised in Crikey over the years, just like SMH blogger Jack Marx, who came off second best in a flood of postings after pushing a similar line yesterday.

Marx perhaps should have read this Dylan Welch piece in the SMH online yesterday before launching his spray.

The Nameless debate about Marx being sponsored by a liquor brand can be seen here. If Marx really wants a stronger response, then he should clearly be advocating litigation not violence. (OC: A typical non story from Nameless)

There are plenty of people saying don’t litigate and I’m the first to argue that journalists who sue are hypocritical because they have a platform to reply. (OC: Poor Stevie is finally confronting a bigger, badder enemy and like every schoolyard bully he is cryin' to mama. He can't handle it.)

However, you have to remember the history here. When shock jock Steve Price attempted to destroy me (OC: Note the psychotic concepts of "destruction", the guy is a loon) in 2001 with a Supreme Court blitzkrieg (OC: Called one writ in fact and some minor ancilliary matters) that spanned a defamation action, a civil contempt of court action and an injunction freezing the sale of our house, he was cheered on by the Murdoch tabloids. (OC: And by a grateful nation)

Indeed, Price used the Herald Sun’s lawyers and rather than criticising a clearly excessive legal assault, the paper’s editor, Peter Blunden, rewarded the abusive shock jock with a well-paid weekly column. (OC: Everything is always about Stevie you see)

Given this venomous history, can you imagine the reaction if I’d assaulted Milne? The cops would have already been called, just like The Daily Telegraph did when Mark Latham smashed their camera. (OC: And I'd suggest about one thousand journalists, male and female alike, would have descended on Mayne and tore him genetically mutated freakishly long limb from limb. It would have been the highest rating show on SBS since the World Cup)

Any decision on suing will depend on what appears in the Murdoch tabloids next Sunday.

Anonymous said...

getting desperate for an audience Andy, that you have to resort to posting on this blog

what a sad, fat little joke you are!

Anonymous said...

Heres' more proof that the Landeryou blog was justly awared the inaugural Walkely Blog Award. Where else whould the ABC be exposed for its false and fraudulent election coverage? Read on:

UPPER HOUSE: Down To Wire Count Drives Candidates Crazy // ABC Making Dodgy Calls?

According to a member of the OC Investigations Unit, ABC Radio is calling that Labor's Elaine Carbines will lose out to the DLP and Labor's Evan Thornley will narrowly win the last position in Southern Metro.

This seems a very strange thing for them to do as no one really can be sure of anything with the VEC not releasing crucial stats. The VEC itself has written to the parties telling them that it's very early days:

CIRCULAR No. 24/2006 5 DECEMBER 2006

Upper House Count
The plan for completing the Upper House Count remains on track with the proposed provisional result to be calculated on Tuesday, 12 December at 5.00 p.m. If a recount is necessary for any Region there will be enough time to conduct one (or more) before the return of the Writ.

Proportional Representation Counts are time consuming and the result cannot be calculated until all formal ballot papers are entered into the computer program. It is therefore essential that the formality of ballot papers is correctly determined.

This election has produced 10 close Lower House seats requiring attention. Regional ballot papers for these districts and some others are still being checked and processed along with unenrolled votes and returns from overseas and interstate.

It is anticipated that by Friday, 8 December, all formal above the line votes received by Election Managers would have been checked and that all below the line votes and informal votes will be at the Count Centre, Southbank. Indeed there is a planned schedule of below the line data entry for each district today.

Monday and Tuesday morning next week will be dedicated to reconciliation of ballot papers in the count.

Results on the Commission's web site will fluctuate as rechecks occur and as declaration votes are added but the final data for below the line papers will not show until the button is pressed. For tight contests it is these papers that could determine the result.

Proportional Representation Counts can test our patience but cannot be rushed and by any standard Victoria's count is progressing efficiently. I ask for understanding and acceptance that we will all have to wait until 5.00 p.m. next Tuesday 12 December.

A control schedule is being maintained at the Count Centre.

Steve Tully
Electoral Commissioner

posted by Andrew Landeryou @ 1:37 PM

Anonymous said...

the only positive comments on Andy's blog are posted by Andy or his many "friends"

I think he is getting desperate for recognition

i'm gonna tell the Walkely Foundation that Andy is using their name without permission

Anonymous said...

The Landeryou blog is a great source of information. Like this contribution that appeared this morning. A great expose of Labor Councillors. Landeryou didn't write this. A former Batman resident got the blame by another contributor on the Landeryou blog. Whether it was him or not I don't know, but it is factually accurate. I suspect Landeryou did win a Walkely Blog Award. Possibly because he seems to have good sources.

Bullying by local Councils isn't new, and Labor Councillors are among the worst offenders. The old Northcote Council wouldn't allow children to borrow books from its library if they were under the age of fourteen.

The Council's City Librarian in the 1950s, named Myrtle Fletcher, didn't do a bad job in spite of her formal lack of library qualifications, but she misread the regulation, which said that it was at the discretion of the librarian. Books in the library said, wrongly, that the library was only for ratepayers (residents had to be approved by a ratepayer - discrimination against tenants by a so called ALP Council)who were over the age of 14. The local Mayor suggested children ought to borrow from the children's library. He thought books by Enid Blyton and about Biggles were good for local children.

A woman named Graziella D'Amico formed a Library Apology Committee. It wanted the Council to apologise for the actions of itself and its employees.

One Councillor, the Mayor and a local Lions Club member, told an ALP meeting that the rule was justified as only dagoes, commos and poofters read books.

Graziella is not related to the streaker at the 1982 grand final named Helen D'Amico but it was claimed by the local Lions Club, one of her opponents, that she was the streaker's sister and therefore her views were not worth listening to. Nick Kotsiras, a member of the Northcote Lions Club at the time and now Liberal MLA for Bulleen, was not present at the meeting when that outburst took place, which is fortunate for him as he wouldn't want to be associated with such racist (and also homophobic) behaviour.

Wonder if the Darebin Council is any better? Probably not. An apology would be a good gesture. Same with the Lions Club.

Anonymous said...

There is no Walkley Blog Award. The "disgraced gaming spiv" is making it.

Anonymous said...

The Landeryou blog is a great source of information, as has previously been suggested by another contributor. That piece on bullying by Northcote Councillors has been put on several other blogs, with appropriate attribution.

Too many nitwits get elected on local Councils and they get put there by the Socialist Left. Thank you to the Landeryou blog for exposing this reprehensibe action by the dregs of our society.

Andrew's winning the inaugural Walkley Blog Award is a fitting tribute to the finest blog on the net.

As others have said and I concur Andrew Landeryou is a true patriot.

The Observer said...

be worth seeing Andrew's travel itinerary in Costa Rica

why did he spend so long there?

Anonymous said...

I took your advice Slanderyou and returned to your earlier articles

got to say, this one is a ripper

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting.

I wonder if these questions were fully resolved?

Lots more investigating needed.

Attacking Mothers! said...

"Who else would publish this detail but the OC? Andrew Landeryou's blog is the best on the web. That's why it was awarded the very first Walkley Blog Award.

Great work Andrew."

More evidence of ANdy's narcisism here Slanderyou!

And now, he is attacking someone's mum.