Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Error Message: Andrew Landeryou attempts to infect this blog like he did with the Australian National Library

This blog was subject to a persistent attack from Andrew Landeryou on Tuesday, with the comments section infected by pro-Andrew comments. He attempted to infect this blog like he did with the Australian National Library.

Doesn't it seem strange that Andrew loves commenting on this blog, but vigorously deletes reader's comments and discussions on his?

Hopefully, the XP update soon to be retailed by Microsoft includes this error message.

(Right click into a new browser page to view larger version)

14 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

This is all crap. Andrew Landeryou did not infect this blog.

The information provided on the Landeryou blog is magnificent. If contributors to this blog have their entries removed by Mr Landeryou it is only because of their poor quality. Only Carbone and Money print anything like as bad as this blog.

An example is the contribution that appeared yesterday morning on the Landeryou blog exposing Labor Councillors in Northcote. When Carbone was not amourously engaged with one such Councillor she wrote about them in the local rag but never exposed anything about the Socialist Left Councillors, for her major source was then one of them. Only Landeryou is game enough to take them on.

The Northcote Council was never much good as the contribution correctly suggested. Graziella D'Amico, who founded the Northcote Library Apology Committee, is a true patriot and the dirt she has had to put up with is only equalled by the anti-Landeryou dirt on this blog, as well as by the likes of Leonie Wood, Lawrence Money and Suzanne Carbone.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I was on the inaugural Walkely Blog Award selection committee. The Landeryou blog is so good it beats all other blogs hands down. We had no other option than to declare it the winner and it was a unanimous decision. Diane Anderson was an applicant, and I can reveal her entry was not up to the Landeryou blog standards. All I can say is better luck next time Diane.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, will you fuck off and stick to passing off lies on your own blog

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is deluded. He's a bankrupt, dodgy and failed businessman who skipped the country and left his wife to pay his debts. His reputation in business and politics is shot but somehow he thinks his infantile slagging will rebuild it. His attacks on Lew, Thornley, Mayne and others are sour grapes because they are successes and he's a "disgraced gaming spiv."
Game over.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, I've noticed that the comments on your blog have dramatically reduced, and the comments on this blog have grown exponentially in number

what's it like writing crap that no one is paying any attention to

Anonymous said...

Well Andrew, why aren't you posting this information on Landeryou and Company?

Oh, that's right, you can't spin your bullshit when the evidence is clear for all to see.

Anonymous said...

the fact that Andy is spending so much time posting on this blog is a compliment to slanderyou for their coverage of the Landeryou fiasco

well done slanderyou

Yarra Ranger said...

Will the Walkley Trust take action against Landeryou for infringement of copyright for his claim to have got an award for his blog?

I will be emailing them to highlight this

I commend everyone else to do the same!

Anonymous said...

this blog is great fun

keep it up

Anonymous said...

ditto from me!

Anonymous said...

"I was reminded recently the Toorak Times used to regularly slag off my old man. I have no plans to emulate such a publication I assure you." - Landeryou @ Club Troppo.

Pull the other one, Andy.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has done himself no favours with his ridiculous "Walkley Blog Award" yarn.

Instead, he has revealed his modus operandi - tell blatant lies and repeat them again and again in the hope it will make them true.

Anonymous said...

I still find the fact that the Library has archived Landeryou's blog, so utterly unbelievable

Anonymous said...

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