Friday, December 01, 2006

'Journo' Andrew Landeryou not at Walkleys - Again

While all the attention this morning is on Glenn Milne and his drunken lurch at Stephen Mayne at last night's Walkley Awards ceremony, our focus was on 'faux-journalist' Andrew Landeryou not being invited again to the most prestigious night in Australian journalism.

Why wasn't Landeryou invited?

Is it because he is a lapsed member of the AJA? Or perhaps event organisers were worried that he would eat all the food?

Or is it that Landeryou isn't a journalist? To quote Milne: "“You are an absolute disgrace”.

6 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Tickets cost $175. That would have priced out Slanders.

Anonymous said...

Milne probably couldn't push Andy over - more like roll him over!

Anonymous said...

Andy would have sat on Milne and squashed him

btw, they wouldn't have let Andy anywhere near the place

he would have eaten everything in sight

Anonymous said...

Our sources tell us that Andrew did try to purchase a ticket, and try and grandstand Stephen Mayne.

However, once the organisers released who Landeryou "was", he was politely refused entry

Anonymous said...

Who was paying for Landy's ticket? Have the bankruptcy administrators been informed?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Andy couldn't attend as he couldn't sell any PBL shares in time to buy a ticket!