Monday, June 29, 2009

Tool used when reading Vexnews

Patriots, we are enjoying the first official day on holiday. We came across this important tool, to help patriots when they read Vexnews. Avoids all known germs, cookies, shit-sheets and IP tracking problems.

We will still be back on 20 July, with infrequent broadcasting until then.

82 Truth On Comments:

Spider Pig said...

I'll order ten!

Lateline's continuing decline said...

I'm watching ABC Lateline which is becoming as irrelevant as Vexnews. There is a high staff turnover at Lateline which has resulted in softer and silly items. The show has become a climate change propagandist. Tim Flannery is a nice guy, but I'm watching Tony Jones feeding him goals on the program tonight.

Staff changes can result in shifts in a program's outlook. Tony Jones is a great interviewer but he needs to think about whether he has noticed this deterioration.

Vexnews has no staff and all the libels it offers are attibutable to only one person - Landeryou the MUSU Mafia boss, corporate asset stripper, stalker and cyber criminal.

Lateline recently used a grab from him.

I rest my case.

Bubba at Barwon Gaol said...

We intend disinfecting Landeryou when he arrives at Barwon with a fifty litre Dettol enema. Dettol will be squirting out of his ears by the time we've finished.

I have a special daily punishment in mind for the vexnews malware cookie. Landeryou will have to eat a soggy biscuit, specially prepared by me, everyday he is here. My recipe, revolting as it may be, has many secret ingredients. You could call them Bubba's '11 secret herbs and spices'.

Cait Catt said...

Some people who read Slanderyou must think I'm stupid. I received the communication below on my Facebook entry. The author claims to have looked at my web page, which is only accessible via my blog page through a link on Slanderyou. I'm not stupid enough to fall for it. What do other readers of Slanderyou think?

Principal Contact:Barrister Etienne Eku Mawulolo Esq.Education: Diplome Lome,BA(GH) LLB(France)Msc London.Specialization: International law Publication: Experience: 25 years.

Dear Cait Catt,

With due respect,trust and humanity,I write this letter to you seeking your help and assistance,though it seems difficult since we have not met before.I got your good contact from your member site when I was searching for a reliable person whom God will use to assist me in this business,and I believe that you are capable and reliable enough in handling this urgent international transaction of this sort,I am Barrister Etienne Eku Mawulolo as explained above,a solicitor at law,personal attorney to Dr.D.J.Catt,A national of your country who died with his next of kin in car accident in the year 2007,when coming back from a holiday with the family from Benin ( Cotonou ) to my country Togo where he live and work together with his family.

Since the death of this deseased client,I have made several enquiries here to locate any of my clients extended relatives from your Embassy here in my country in other to pass info's about his fund left behind in a bank here in my country without any success,.After these several unsuccessful attempts,I decided to track his last name from your members site to locate any member of his family as my spirit mind directed me,i was inspired to consult you for this business oportunity which I do hope you might be a relative to this deceased client because you bear the same last name with him,and i also hope that this business will be of great beneficial/interest to both of us as you seems to bear the same last name with the deseased client.

the bank firm here has issued me a notice and mandated me to provide the person to whom they will release my client's fund to.Therefore,I should be concerned in assuring you that the claim of this fund will be executed successfully and legitimately without any problem now or in the future either from your side nor mine.

As the attorney of the deceased and witness of fact of this subject matter,i hereby seek your help to present you as the next of kin to the deceased client since you are a foreigner as well as the deceased client, and also bear the same last name with the client,i will need your immediate response via my bellow private email adress privately please,and your possitive committed efforts to facilitate the remittance of his total fund,$10 million ( Ten million United States Dollars Only ) into a safe account overseas before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank where this amount was deposited by the deseased client.The said Bank has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin to the deseased or have his account confiscated within the next 36 office working months.

Upon your positive response to this mail,i will make all necessary commencement steps informations of this deceased ,and also modes of transferring the fund to you over there in your country in any of your nominated bank account,and the full name of my late client that deposited the fund in question to the bank here before his death known to you.

I will need your urgent reply on my below email address for more clarifications/guidelines regarding on how the transfer of this fund will be made.( .

I await your consent to proceed with this transaction immediately with every good intention for our mutual benefit.

Thank's and God bless,

Barrister Etienne Eku Mawulolo Esq.
05 Rue Avepozo Agodeka Lome Togo.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Cait don't fall for it. If you give them your bank details they will clean you out. My mother told me some good National Party members in Queensland fell for it. It's called a Nigerian scam.

Anonymous said...

Next think people on this blog will say Landeryou is responsible for it. He's not. He's not on Facebook

catter8 said...

Andrew is a decent man. He will expose the Nigerian scammers on Vexnews. It is disgraceful that people who hate cats on Slanderyou should support this scam. It is un-Australian as well as stupid to support Nigerian scammers. I think Singapore has the right idea. In Singapore Nigerian scammers face the death penalty. We should do the same here.

Deep fat fryer said...

I usually take a dose of penicillin after reading Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

The Comfort Wipe is great for people like Landeryou who can't reach round to wipe their own arses. Up until now he has had to rely on rimming by Sergenat Sasha to clean away the dags.

Landeryou will start using the Comfort Wipe if he can get one with an extra long handle for the extra fat -- and if using it is more enjoyable than the Sarge's ministrations.

Fraud squad said...

So... Bernie Madoff has got 150 years.

Fat Man Landeryou must face at least half a century behind bars.

Deep fat fryer said...

Not content with Andy contributing something like 65% of turnover in Australia KFC is planning expansion in China .
The KFC chain aims to open a number of new outlets in China through 2009 in a bid to drive growth in this emerging market...

Anonymous said...

El Gordo has funded KFC's China expansion. The Colonel's beancounters love him. He eats as much of their fatty food as a billion Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone made it through the four Landeryou comments the fat crim posted between 1:28 and 1:49 am Melbourne time today? Bizarre! The shameful sot was even drunker than usual.

Anonymous said...

Buddha Boy must have got really stuck into the hard stuff after the Bernie Madoff sentence came in.

He knows he will be going to jail for a long, long, long, long time.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou will cop a long sentence, but we don't reckon he will be with us Hot Rodder boys for long.

We reckon that once he learns what we have got in store for him he will take the coward's way out.

That means we are going to have to cram a lot into a very short time. Know what I mean?

Prison visitor said...

I fear Brutus Beefcake is right. The Hot Rodders' jailhouse loving would strike terror into the hearts of strong men, and we all know Andrew Landeryou is a coward, like all bullies.

I believe that if Landeryou survives his first few encounters with the Hot Rodders he will suicide too. It will be an anguishing death. Barwon Jail has no hanging points. He will be forced to agonisingly painful extremes.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

Unlike this blog of filth, Vexnews is running hard on the revelations concerning The Australian hiring admitted cocaine and ecstasy addict Christian Kerr.

How standards have fallen. What next? Leonie Wood being referred to as a journalist? Paula Rizutto as the next MP for Moreland? I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Henderson, Vexnews' expose was first class.

Ben Mohammed said...

The only ones who should traffic drugs are the Muslim bikie gangs in Sydney!

Brutus Beefcake said...

What's this talk about drugs? Landeryou will be shooting smack in Barwon within days of his arrival here. He will need to dull the pain; the psychological and physical pain.

It might be his way out. An O.D. in his cell. A shameful death but less humiliating than death from rectal bleeding.

Cait Catt said...

Regarless of who you think I am Mr Slanderyou please please take heed of my comments about the Nigerian scam. Don't remove comments supportive of me on this topic. Regardless of who you are or your attitudes to the great man please read my Nigerian scam comments. Be forewarned. Do not give Nigerian scammers (or in my case a Togo scammer). One giveaway even Brutus Beefcake should have noticed (he's not a thick person) is the reference to the Australian Embassy in Togo. There isn't one.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is drunk again, spewing his nonsense onto the web as he sits at his keyboard in his fat ladies' dress. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

A true Comfort Wipe would wipe out Fat Andrew.

Law-abiding, hard-working, sober-living, patriotic people across the land not given to furtive transvestitism would take comfort from knowing the fat freak and fraudster was no more.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Let's hope Andrew washed his hands when he made his pork halal sausages.

baillieu premier 2010 said...

I am not a supporter of Andrew Landeryou but I think that the advice of Cait Catt re the Nigerian scam is good. Cait has a nice name. Whether or not she is Andrew I do not know, but a lot of people who write for Vexnews think she is. This can mean, unfortunately, that on the rare occasions she writes something sensible people do not take any notice. They should take notice on this occasion and read carefully her posting. I've received such an email myself and I wondered if it were genuine but I asked the police and they told me it was a scam. Cait for once is right.

Stop standing on my toes said...

Big Ted Bailleau had to take over as Transport spokesman because Terry Mulder is completely incompetent. It was on Mulder's watch that the Melbourne public transit system hopelessly broke down.

Bailleau has recently been doing what Mulder failed to do - speaking out strongly on one of Labor's most catastrophic failings.

Landeryou has mischieviously been promoting Mulder for two years as an alternative opposition leader. "Choo Choo', GTM Express", blah blah, rubbish!

For God's sake let Mulder slumber, collect his grossly generous parliamentary Super - and quietly fade away!

Inspector Clousseau said...

Cait Catt (Landeryou's) warnings about Nigerian scammers is sort of ten years out of date and another obvious diversion. Phishing scams, as commenters here will have noticed, have recently concentrated on the Commonwealth and St George's Bank.

A couple of Landeryou's former MUSU mates were IT savvy and it wouldn't surprise me if their names suddenly popped up again sometime in the future. The Commonwealth Bank has mounted a very strong counter-offensive to the criminal hackers.

Bernie Madoff said...

The vexnews malware cookie is just another indication that Landeryou is a malicious cyber-criminal and stalker who still doesn't get it!

McAfee and Google security are taking a very close look at vexnews as there may be several other problems and issues on that Hate site.

The voice of reason said...

It is curious that Mr Landeryou should raise the subject of drugs.

I have given deep consideration to his miserable existence, his dismal life full of failure and fear, and to the increasingly incoherent nature of his writings both on his Vexnews site and this blog.

Mr Landeryou is clearly taking refuge in alternate realities.

I have been forced to conclude that along with his vast consumption of southern-style deep fried chicken and fortified wine he is also ingesting large quantities of lysergic acid, or LSD.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Voice of Reason.

Mere drunkenness cannot explain Landeryou's increasingly weird and sporadic output.

Anonymous said...

So fat cunt is going tripping.

Here's hoping the obese crim leaps out of the window of his CBD apartment shouting "I can fly, man! I can fly!"

Anonymous said...

When we heard Landeryou was tripping we thought he had headed off to Costa Rica again

Stacked Up said...

No new names for nominations for federal ALP preselections in Victoria.

A stack or what?

Anonymous said...

Your name should be "Stacked Out", not Stacked Up, Stacked Up.

A patriot said...

Fat failed loon in his cups Andrew Landeryou has something on his hate blog today about someone nobody has ever heard about seeking a mail order bride.

Why doesn't he write a first hand account of his own "marriage" to a man dressed as woman?

Brutus Beefcake said...

I forgot that Landeryou married a man dressed as a woman. That means he will have no complaints when I make him my jailhouse "wife".

Chief Justice Barwick's number one fan said...

ASIC has highlighted a number of areas on which company Boards and those responsible for the preparation of financial reports should focus in the upcoming reporting period.
It has identified going concern (solvency), valuation of assets and off-balance sheet arrangements as issues for concern.

Too late for MUSU, IQ Corp etc, Vexnews.

Bubba said...

There is going to be a kind of reverse polygamy in Barwon jail. Andrew is going to be my "wife too.

Anna F said...

Didn't Landeryou get caught out advertising Muslim and Filipina dating websites on Poxnews?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou also advertised a Russian bride scam called Anastacia International on his Blog of Sleaze.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

The seedy Left are at it again. Thank God, Vexnews polices the dirty world of left wing politics.

Take for example Sean Spencer who cynically exploits women and whose intention is to obtain a “mail order bride” from Eastern Europe.

Plus he is a lonely and divorced Buddhist militant.

The Leftards would do well to turn to the Christian God and repent before it's too late. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

Well argued Henderson. Vexnews' expose was the stuff of Pulitzers.

Ben Mohammed said...

Remember, Muhammad (PBUH) preached his faith with the sword in one hand and the Quran in the other.

So long Buddhists.

The Tool that wrote the paper said...

I hope Team Slanderyou NEVER EVER publishes a picture of the tool used when editor-in-chief Landeryou writes vexnews.

Yes, I know it would require a microscopic lens. But I have always admired Landeryou's ability to jerk-off while writing libels and misleading gobbledegook.

Weak Old Pullet said...

It seems highly unlikely that Landeryou's Halal Chicken P/L would ever meet Shar'iah Law requirements. You (and Landeryou) can find out what these requirements are by clicking through the link.

Landeryou seems incredibly negligent in his understanding of the Qu'ran and of Halal procedures. His ignorance is best exemplified in the irrelevant pronouncements of his fake commenters 'Ben Mohammed' and others.

Politicians in recent years (beginning with Al Grassby) have turned Australia into a diaspora, a faceless concoction. No-one today would defend the White Australia policy. But suddenly the nation is being increasingly confronted with impossible racial and religious problems that never existed before. The treatment, perhaps, was right. The dosage was wrong.

But Landeryou's contribution, as usual, has been malicious and counter-productive. Australia needs solutions and not more problems.

History Repeats said...

OMG - Australia's corporate crooks have learned nothing from the financial crash. Suncorp Medway have appointed a former British soldier as CEO on a two million a year salary. Ludicrously, Patrick Snowball, said that when he was a soldier "poeple died" if he made a mistake. He didn't go on and say that if he made mistakes at Suncorp Medway, people's wallets would be dead.

It wasn't Sun Tzu on the Art of War, it was a snowball's chance in hell. What a complete twit!

It all sounded like a drunken rave by sgt Sasha Uzunov, Landeryou's right hand man.

Kev should have sent a lot of the crooks, who caused the crash, to the slammer. Now, a year later, they're all preening themselves and awarding each other million dollar salaries AGAIN!

A proper journalist said...

"Vexnews' expose was the stuff of Pulitzers."

No it wasn't. It was the stuff of pullers. Dick pullers.

It was a load of wank.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Guess what, Andrew? A big, big stash of black market Viagra has arrived here in Barwon Jail.

I've put some aside for when you turn up here. I'm going to be able to keep pumping for hours and hours and hours. Bet you're looking forward to it too.

And guess what? There is plenty to go around. Bubba and all the other Hot Rod boys will be rock hard and ready.

A physician said...

Andrew is clearly attempting to kill himself ahead of his imprisonment. It is amazing that any blood can make it through his arteries with the amount of fat that must be lining them. It is a desperate gamble against the clock, that he will have a massive cardiac arrest before Brutus and Bubba get him.

Anonymous said...

Is this why Landeryou's Poxnews output has been so sporadic of late? Has this (and the drinking and the porn) been taking up most of his time:

Grieving Michael Jackson fans are the targets of a new online computer virus.

A mass-mailing worm is using Jackson's death as bait, computer security company Symantec has discovered.

The worm sends out spam emails with the (misspelled) subject ``Rememebring (Rememebring) Michael Jackson'' and an attachment named ``Michael songs and''

The .zip file contains another file called ``MichaelJacksonsongsandpictures.doc.exe'' which is a copy of the worm.

When opened, the worm automatically downloads onto the user's machine, then spreads through its email program and also onto removable drives such as USB sticks...

Anonymous said...

I heard today that Brutus Beefcake has been complaining all day in Barwon that a Michael Jackson malware infected his outside boyfriend's computer. Possibly picked up from Vexnews!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Bernie Madoff said...

The vexnews malware cookie is just another indication that Landeryou is a malicious cyber-criminal and stalker who still doesn't get it!

McAfee and Google security are taking a very close look at vexnews as there may be several other problems and issues on that Hate site.

Fraud squad said...

So... Bernie Madoff has got 150 years.

Fat Man Landeryou must face at least half a century behind bars.

Anonymous said...

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