Friday, June 19, 2009

A ready made astronaut?

A new study suggests long-duration space flights could make astronauts shorter, fatter, balder.

We know Andy visited online gaming spivery haven Costa Rica, but space too?

Happy weekend patriots.

42 Truth On Comments:

Dr Who said...

Need a hell of a rocket to get fat Andy into space. I should know

A patriot said...

All of the Fat Andy's behaviour and all of the context of Poxnews and his old Blog of Sleaze suggest he has been on another planet for years.

Daleks said...

How does one get a tonne of lard into space? The Doctor could use his sonic screwdriver.

We would have to resort to our plungers.

Count Von Zeppelin said...

Landeryou isn't a space vehicle. He is an old BLIMP!

Cait Catt said...

Thank God for Vexnews, Australia's greatest news source.

Now McGills in Swanston Street has closed I can't get anything comparable. Please stop your complaining Mr Slanderyou. Vexnews is great.

A message from the Premier said...


I am writing to you to inform you that on Thursday I wrote to the National Executive of the Australian Labor Party requesting that they terminate the current process for Victorian Upper House pre-selections and re-open nominations, with a ballot to be conducted by the Executive.

National Executive has endorsed this request.

My decision to seek Federal intervention was not taken lightly. I have always been of the view that pre-selections should afford Party members a local vote.

This has been the case for the pre-selections for the three by-elections held since I became Premier.

However the issues facing the ALP highlighted in recent internal and external debate pose significant challenges for the ALP in Victoria.

While it is important to acknowledge that some of the issues raised have been by our political opponents (and should be viewed accordingly), there are matters that require our attention.

I have publicly called on the Party to address these matters and I note and support the steps being taken to date.

While these issues are being resolved it is clear that it would be particularly difficult to conduct Upper House pre-selections with a local ballot component. This is in no small part because of the scale and complexity of the proposed ballots as well as the timelines involved.

I am committed to working with the organisational wing of the Party to address these issues and will at all times be guided by the best interests of Victorians, the Government and the Party.

The pre-selections for Legislative Assembly and House of Representatives seats will take place with local ballots in the practice long established.

I am confident that these pre-selection arrangements will enable the ALP to take to the people of Victoria the best possible candidates for the November 2010 Victorian State Election.

Yours sincerely,

Leader of the State Parliamentary Labor Party

Brutus Beefcake in Barwon said...

I promised recently to turn Landeryou into the world's biggest Whoopee Cushion when he arrives. I planned to use the prison workshop's air compressor.

However, in relation to this blog, I've realised that Landeryou could make a daring escape by igniting this mixture of gases that are byproducts of the digestion process. Landeryou's flatus are likely to be highly explosive and could project him, if not into space, at least as far as Geelong.

Bubba thinks concrete shoes should keep Landeryou earthbound.

Joe Pulitzer said...

Landeryou keeps on proving he isn't a real journalist's rectum. Vexnews says:

"CLEARED: Suleyman’s surprise vindication by independent inquiry, dodgy Ombudsman’s flimsy report repudiated.

"The Ombudsman stands accused of producing claims without evidence, lies without foundation and destroying reputations without reason. Any decent man in his position would resign now".

The "Independent" report that Landeryou quotes says nothing of the sort.

Landeryou himself continually produces claims without evidence, lies without foundation and destroys reputations without reason.

Stick to crime and libel Landeryou!

Online Comedy Carnival said...

ALP right propagandist and cyber-libeller Lord Haw-Haw Landeryou's blog of hate is becoming the national in-joke.

Japesters look at Vexnews for a quick chuckle at the mad antics of the Web's biggest buffoon.

Everyone laughs at Landeryou's smug pretentiousness and outlandish lies. His bullying and stalking activities are breathtakingly stupid. His writing style is tortured and incomprehensible.

The funniest bit is when Landeryou is threatened with legal processes. Then the horrible coward whimpers about his rights and liberties, and puts on apologetic airs.

Sophies' stable of stallions said...

Nothing on Vexnews about the young Lib babe who accused another of Ms Mirabella's staffers, Brendan Rowswell, of "nuzzling" his head into her chest at a party function in 2006.

Nothing on Vexnews about lovely Housing Minister Tanya Plibersek being groped by sleazeball Anthony 'Tits' Scrinis.

I'm ditching Vexnews from my Favorites list...

Anonymous said...

Sophie might be surrounded by Mammary Gland Fans and at least one 'lone funman', but she is still the hero who brought Melbourne University Student Union Mafia President Landeryou unstuck.

A World of TITS said...

Parliamentary boobs have been a much neglected fetish among the raincoat brigade.

There are a number of sizeable contenders. Senator Coonan has a nice set. So does Joe Hockey.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou on his godforsaken hate blog Vexnews has belatedly corrected his exaggerated account of the Scrinis tit groping episode. His original claim was that twelve women were groped. After active revisions by the sicko would-be journo a day later, he now doesn't know how many were groped.

Give us news addicts a break, Landeryou. We want facts, not guesses.

Cait Catt said...

I find it unnecessary for the Premier to comment on this blog of filth.

Those who condemn Brimbank patriots have got what they deserve. Preselections taken out of their hands. The choice will be made at a national level, with no local involvment. Shame.

Stacked Up said...

What Brumby has done is disenfranchise the membership.

The stackers now get free reign.

A Cronulla Shark said...

Wot is a free reign?

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse said...

I think Landeryou ('Stacked Up') meant a "free rein".

Anonymous said...

Mal Turnbull might be able to give Landy a job writing fake emails and comments for the Opposition.

Landy has years of experience with the black arts, and fake comments roll off his nimble, pudgy fingers effortleely.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

6.44 you ought to be aware that Malcolm Turnbull in Wentworth achieved the Australian record for branch stacking. My mother told me that he learnt well all the lessons taught to him by the most commo members of the ALP.

Wait until my mother gets elected to the Senate. She'll show you all what a disgraceful and dirty party the ALP is.

Shonk Award 2009 said...

It's a bit rich for Landeryou to be calling the Ombudsman a "Shonk" on Vexnews, when Landeryou is a corrupt corporate crim, asset stripper, fraudster, cyber-libeller, stalker, and a blogger who deliberately misled and deceived electors during the Kororoit election last year.

If anyone is a complete shonk it is Landeryou.

Throw away the key said...

Lachlan McCulloch, Adam Shand, and many other police and journalists (including the copy boys at Lateline and the Sunday Herald Sun), should ring their police contacts to ask why the many outstanding Landeryou prosecutions seem to be stalled.

Landeryou and all his fake commenters should be safely locked up at Barwon Gaol--well away from any access to the internet--for as many years as the law allows.

Cait Catt said...

Another Vexnews scoop. Frydenberg has won Liberal preselection for Kooyong and you read it first on Vexnews. Read on:

JOSH WINS: Second round triumph for the man most likely in Kooyong
By VEXNEWS ⋅ June 20, 2009

bigjosh Josh Frydenberg, a man whose ego may transcend Liberal factionalism but who enjoyed strong backing from the Krogerite patriots, has emerged triumphant in the Liberal preselection for Kooyong.

This means the Krogerites have stolen the federal seat previously considered the nerve centre of Baillieu faction power in the eastern suburbs, held by that most irritating of Liberal leftist preachtards Petro Georgiou. It sets the stage for an epic struggle in other seats, including the state seat of Kew.

We understand Frydenberg - armed with an impressive CV and a personal reference from former Prime Minister John Howard - won in the second round by a margin of 283 votes to 239 received by Baillieu faction man and solicitor John Pesutto.

Neutral observers noted that Pesutto performed very strongly in terms of his presentation but that Frydenberg had some very strong support among members that wasn’t about to be shifted by a better speech.

Also noteworthy was that 130 members who’d registered to participate did not attend. Baillieu faction people tell VEXNEWS the venue - in the city - was a big factor in keeping uncommitted members from participating in the all-day contest. They thought many of them would have swung to Pesutto ultimately because he came across so positively, setting him up nicely for a state seat perhaps should he want that, one insider told VEXNEWS.

Older members - the average age of membership is said to be 60 - were no doubt put off by the cold and the long drive into the convention centre.

The venue was chosen to enable everyone to be seated and also to allow smaller groups to interview the candidates on certain issues. The ongoing pretence that all these highly political decisions are based on merit is perhaps the charming and old-fashioned aspect of the Liberal party’s processes. It certainly relies on the patience and endurance of participants, with today’s meeting occupying most of the day.

In the first round of the ballot Peter Johnson and Jason Thomas received 31 votes, the VEXNEWS favourite who claims super-human powers Andrew Rixon did not receive many votes at all with sources suggesting the number might be zero (we look forward to his explanation of this on his illuminating website) and Paul Nettlebeck received 16 votes.

But it was always going to be a battle between the hyper-organised Josh Frydenberg and the family man John Pesutto. Frydenberg won and his challenge is to now use this “leadership” seat to do what its long-time incumbent never did, lead.

We think he can.

He could hardly be worse than Petro.

Rita Randles said...

Thank you Cait. That's a great scoop Andrew. You beat everyone. The Vexnews Investigations Unit is world class. That's why, as your ex-boyfriend Cait keeps telling us, both ASIO and the CIA use Vexnews as their news source of choice. Their spooks just are not up to class. The Vexnews Investigations Unit beats them hands down.

Great work Andrew. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

The dead hand of Rita Randles congratulates the abominable nazi crim blogger Landeryou. How disgusting!

little The said...


Barwon Gaol is out in the sticks and farmers there have access to fertiliser and other explosive things.

I don't want to be blown up or be sent into orbit by Bubba or Brutus Beefcake. In negotiations with the Hot Rodders, can you be sure to indicate that we would willingly donate any explosives they have to Landeryou. He deserves to be sent far into hyper space.

catter8 said...

Little Theo is disgusting. Us cats are fearful of him lest he runs amok at our cattery.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I would be more fearful of Brutus Beefcake. I hope my mother never had to suffer from anyone as sleazy as that when she was falsely imprisoned on trumped up charges by the Bananaland constabulary in cahoots with the obnoxious party of Labor.

Anonymous said...













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catter8 said...

Little Theo is disgusting. Us cats are fearful of him lest he runs amok at our cattery.

Count Von Zeppelin said...

Landeryou isn't a space vehicle. He is an old BLIMP!

Anonymous said...

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