Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cait Cat has just read Vexnews

Another busy week ahead Patriots, so please comment away.

In the meantime, possible evidence of Cait Catt just after having read Vexnews.

116 Truth On Comments:

Nutty said...

Cait Catt(Landeryou) reminds of the dumb blond on the Healthy Choice TV Ad who gets bossed about while wearing an asinine smile.

I guess that what happens when you have Landeryou's hand up your butt while he makes you say nasty things.

Revolt Cait! Kick the nasty bugger in the nuts.

Anonymous said...


Are you suggesting Cait Catt is a ventriloquist's dummy?

The only time Landeryou moves his lips is when he's lying or if he is munching a KFC Family Feast.

Dummies for dummies said...

Landeryou has so many dummies:

Cait Catt
Henderson Ross and his poodle
Voodoo woman Rita
Ben Mohammed

...and so on, and so forth...

Dickie Knee said...

Ventriloquism has had a bad rap in the last few decades. And that’s because the dolls or dummies are thought of as creepy. And they are creepy.

By clicking through the link you will find a real scoop - the first photograph of HENDERSON ROSS ever published!

I'm trying to find a pic of Henderson's poodle "Anonymous' who follows him around yapping.

Lamb Chop said...

Why does Landeryou spend so much time and effort leaving fake comments on his own blog and this one.

The reasons I guess are obvious even if contemptible and childish.

On Vexnews, he enjoys provoking even more outrageous posts than his. Here on this blog he is trying to neutralise criticism of Vexnews by trolling and diverting our attention from the main issue here - the demise of Landeryou.

Gerrie Gee said...

Landeryou may well employ an army of fake commenters - but the fool hasn't realised that he is my puppet.

I've got a wooden head, but I am still heaps smarter than Landeryou.

Kororoit, Brimbank, Theo and Newnham will be his undoing.

World Exclusive said...

Now it can at last be revealed. Dead Voodoo woman Rita Randles was the model for the original Gerry Gee dummy. Rita apparently had the dumb, sassy looks great Aussie ventriloquist Ron Blaskett was seeking.

You can view Rita Randles, the faceless fake commenter that plagues this blog, by clicking the link.

It is always wise to know the face of the enemy when attacked by the forces of Evil.

Mark my words said...

My bet is those images of 'Henderson Ross' and 'Rita Randles' discovered here will be recycled by Landeryou through his vile Photoshop daubings to denigrate and libel innocent Aussies.

He is a great image thief for his repulsive blog. He thinks royalties refer to him.

Those images will reappear. You wait and see...

Catter8 said...

Andrew is very clever at locating and borrowing good stories and images from the interwebs.

He always acknowledges them. Well, almost always.

Well, OK, he nicks them. But they are there for the taking.

You will have noticed that Andrew never copyrights his scoop stories and illustrations on Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

The poxy Vexnews Crim has begun blocking and editing comments on his appalling blog AGAIN!

Landeryou, you can't have freedom's bell clanking, or protest when you imagine your rights are being abrogated, when you shut down, block off and ban real comments.

You, Sir, are an utterly vile human being!

A patriot said...

I hear that in the final days before IQ Corp went down the toilet and Landerfat fled overseas that he attempted his most bizarre and audacious fraud yet.

In a desperate bid to raise funds Landerfat attempted to sell Dimberley to white slavers.

They soon discovered Dimberley was really a man dressed as a woman.

Some people say Landerfat fled to Costa Rica to escape the furious white slavers rather than because he had stolen millions from Solly Lew.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

It's uncanny - I get the very same reaction as this cat whenever I read Vexnews.

Why would that be?

Anonymous said...

Theft, fraud, stalking, libelling, drunkeness and tranvestitism. Landeryou is a nasty odd piece of work.

Anonymous said...

I have had much less spam in my computer since I stopped visting Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

I visited Vexnews once in its very early days. After then my email was filled with bizarre gay white supremicist tracts. They only stopped when I completely stripped down and rebuilt my system.

Concerned said...

I kept on getting emails headed "The NIGRA LIES the WHITE MAN is HUGELY HUNG" after I visited Vexnews. They were most distressing.

Andy is a Snark said...

Its strange what spam I receive after visiting Vexnews. For a while I kept getting emails about penis REDUCING drugs. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

For months after my first and only visit to Vexnews I kept getting emails with pictures of a nude blonde youth with a massive penis holding his erection in his hand captioned "The sword of the Ayrans".

They stopped when I deleted all the cookies from my web browser and got new security software.

Anonymous said...

Fat freak, fraud amd failure Landeryou claims to hate the age, but I bet he/Cait/Jenny/Rita etc lapped up last weeks item on sex changes and drooled over this story:

Transsexual takes to the footy field

Jill Stark
June 7, 2009

LIKE many young Victorian males, Will loves his footy. He dreams of joining the thousands of men who lace up their boots every weekend and play in amateur competitions. He's just like them in every way but one — he was born female.

When the 25-year-old takes to the field he will become Australia's first female-to-male transsexual to play competitive football in a men's team...

Anonymous said...

Just when you think Landeryou could not be any sicker he really, really amazes you.

Family Values said...

So Landeryou uses and promotes gay white supremecist pornography. Sick! Just sick.

Anonymous said...

Henderson Ross (June 07, 2009 3:12:00 AM) looks even sillier than he sounds. Great scoop photo of a complete imbecile!

Now whenever he posts here I will just shrug and giggle - and remember the photo of his idiotic face.

The photo of Rita Randles 40 years ago was a revelation too. Since passing away, I somehow imagine that her skull still possesses the same expression of idiocy.

Congratulations to the Patriot who discovered these photos. You deserve a Walkley Award for research!

Theo and the temple of doom said...

Landeryou has turned one of his recent blogs into a Temple for Theo. Most of the comments are his. They are too absurd to cut and paste here.

Theo was one of the laziest Bracks / Brumby ministers. He is facing a very serious charge and, appropriately, resigned his ministry.

He is a very slow learner though. The Ombudsman's Brimbank report (which Landeryou tried to rubbish) accused him of inappropriate interference in Council affairs. What on earth was he thinking?

The Silence of the Damned said...

A long, long deafening silence too on Theo's $10M lawsuit in Greece to shut his victim up.

That overkill claim comes up in Greece on 27 June when the woman has the highly unenviable task of meeting with Theo's big time legal team to discuss a possible settlement.

Theo hasn't only been interfering at Brimbank Council, he has been interfering in the course of justice. He has, through nefarious means, traced, contacted and menaced the primary witness against him in the rape case. A $10M claim against an unemployed person is, of course, abominable.

If the alleged victim somehow manages to survive this monstrous injustice and refuses to settle, she will appear in a Kalamata Court in October.

Sickening, verminous and probably illegal!

Anonymous said...

Victoria Police should have applied for orders to the Magistrate to prevent Theophanous contacting witnesses in the case. That was a bad slip.

But, I'm informed, the Parliament House records evidence is rock solid and that there is another corroborative witness.

Let's see how it all turns out!

Anonymous said...

Theo is probably protecting his undeserved multi-million dollar parliamentary superannuaion payout.

Instead of monstering his victim, he should have quietly paid her a million as compensation and closed down the rape claim. But he is way too stupid for that. He is probably getting free legal advice from Vexnews.

Laura Norder said...

Jail looms for Landeryou: jail; bashing and pack anal rape.

Anonymous said...

Incredible. Landershonk went through a mockery of the sacrament of marriage with a man dressed as a woman then attempted to sell his "special friend" into prostitution when confronted with the consequences of his theft from Lew.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt (Landeryou) keeps coming here to blether about how great a news source Vexnews is, So I went there this afternoon expecting to see the David Carradine 'Thairath' photos there.

Hah! The lazy prick hasn't updated for days, and wouldn't know a good news story if it came up and bit his knackers.

Joe Pulitzer said...


There are a few problems with the above post. Landeryou has never had a balls. He goes to water the moment legal processes are mentioned.

As for Bangkok Daily 'Thai Rath', he would never get a job there - even as a cleaner - because of his BO, complete ignorance of journalism, and mainly because no-one would feel safe leaving any money, taxi vouchers or car keys around.

The One Man Media Army said...

I took the Carradine snuff snaps!

One day I hope to take a similar set of Landeryou suspended in the nude. But there is nowhere in his luxury apartment that would bear his weight.

Anonymous said...

Andy Landy loves "David Carradine" style activities.

Anonymous said...

Small change by Fat Boy's standards:

Greens leader Bob Brown could lose his Senate seat over an unpaid $240,000 Forestry Tasmania bill...

Deep fat fryer said...

When Bob Brown goes broke, he could learn from Landeryou how to have a luxurious inner city apartment, and not work for a living.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Running up bills that you can't pay is never a good idea. Where has all the money gone? Shameless.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Cait is very upset at the depiction of her on this blog of filth.

I told her not to worry. Very few people read it and it will do her reputation no harm. She is a fine and erudite lady.

Not so Slanderyou who publishes filth, as my friend Rita keeps telling me.

I read in The Australian that Kevin Rudd is thinking of holding a double dissolution election if Steve Fielding and Malcolm Turnbull give him a trigger.

My mother is a shoo in for election in Queensland if he does. She's a good person and will be good for Australia as well as for Queensland. Unlike that Anna woman she is not a bitch and unlike the Daily Telegraph who pasted fake nude pictures purporting to be my mother she is not a bastard.

Please Andrew come out and support my mother. She's good.

Cait Catt said...

Thanks Jenny. I'm pleased at least someone is supporting me. Almost all the comments so far are suppporting filth. I think a client of Fatt at the Daily Planet submitted both the naughty video and the majority of comments. Good Catholic girls like myself don't talk or write like that.

Do you want to spank me said...

Landeryou is the Tony Zappia of Blogging. Landeryou presides over endless gaffes on Vexnews. He lies. He cheats. He wriggles. he lies. He cheats

No one has suggested Tony Zappia of the Cronulla Sharks is also a fraudster. But the cops in Sydney should get on the case. He seems to have done nearly everything else.

Perversion in Management said...

Landeryou's soft feminine-side fake commenters would love to work for Tony Zappia. His way of apologising after giving his staffer a black eye was to offer to let her spank him, and to show her porn from his computer.

The Cronulla Sharks are better wankers than players, as demonstrated in Christchurch. Their CEO is a disgusting piece of shit.

Landeryou made a lame attempt on Vexnews to excuse the pack-rape Sharks in Christchurch because he is a vile misogynist.

Landeryou should be in jail, like Tony Zappia should be, because they are both dissolute, immoral vermin.

Bertrand Russell said...

I've been examining this blog for a very long time!

Patriots on this blog have shown remarkable patience dealing with the holocaust of Landeryou's sickening libels, stalking and frauds on Vexnews.

I don't know if I could have shown such restraint. I would have roamed the CBD of Melbourne searching every alley and every street. If I had seen him, I would have run up and strangled him on the spot.

Jack the Ripper said...

Me too!

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

I too feel like this cat after reading Vexnews.

No wonder Andy has so much fun writing this crap.

Stacked Up said...

Andy is a muppet.

Much like this cat.

Vegan Chicken said...

This may well explain Cait and Andy

Poor diet may lead to mental problems

A Western diet may have an impact on mental health, a researcher says.
Natalie Puchalski
June 9, 2009

Children with poor diets are more likely to have mental health problems as adolescents.

Dr Wendy Oddy, from the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Western Australia, found that a typical Western diet increased a child's chance of developing emotional and behavioural problems.

In her study of 1600 14-year-old adolescents, Dr Oddy identified two distinct dietary patterns that influenced the wellbeing of an individual.

The Western dietary pattern was associated with hamburgers, pies, sausage rolls, confectionery, red meat, refined grains, full-fat dairy food, as well as dressings and sauces such as ketchup.

Meanwhile, the healthy dietary pattern consisted of red, yellow and leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit and legumes, wholegrains and fish.

"We then adjusted the analysis to take into account things you would expect to be associated with mental health, like family functioning, family income, single mothers, biological fathers not living at home, parents who smoke and parents' education," Dr Oddy said.

The Western diet was found to make an individual more likely to be withdrawn, anxious, aggressive and delinquent.

Dr Oddy said that although teenagers were generally getting enough of the "good" foods from the healthy diet, they were also getting a lot of the other less healthy foods from the Western diet.

"There's a lot of snacking that's going on in between meals and a lot of drinks that are readily available and are being consumed as snacks," she said.

Dr Oddy said many children were not very mindful of their snacking habits and it was not uncommon for some "to eat a whole packet of chips while watching TV and not even realise".

Laura Norder said...

Are the police closing in on Landeryou? I hear officers have been summonsed to a KFC in Melbourne's unpleasant suburban fringe where a drunk and obese man clad in female attire has attempted to obtain more than $1,000 worth of fatty fried food through fraud.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea there were such people as gay white supermecists until the patriots of Slanderyou alerted us to Landeryou's oddest oddball political perversion.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Yawn - sorry, just read Vexnews.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

I think the cat must have eaten some of Landeryou's halal chicken.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

When did you get into the halal business Andy? Did you slaughter the chooks yourself?

little Andy said...

Unfortunately, I know the answer to the above question...

little Andy said...

I phucked them, and Big Andy plucked them.

The MUSU Goon Squad said...

Landeryou is not the kind, benevolent, clever, media baron as frequently suggested here by his fake commenter Cait Catt.

He is an appalling THUG, stalker and standover man.

McVeigh asked to Victoria Police to Investigate the frauds. Victoria Police never did.

A coutroom pussy cat said...

Landeryou has a very big mouth outside court - but is a craven, forelock tugging wimp when in the witness box.

Suddenly all the thuggish swagger is gone. He is quiet enough to be barely audible, can't answer any questions due to amnesia, and inappropriately mentions 'privilege'.

Big time thug to whimpering fool...

Entertainment Tonight said...

The ABC is planning a new and dramatic legal series named "Landeryou's Law".

The script has been written by a copyboy admirer at ABC-TV's Lateline.

The series begins with classroom clown Andy Landeryou 'studying' law at Melbourne Uni. He is a disruptive, immature student who asks daft questions and cusses in class. He threatens a distinguished professor, "I will do you slow", seeking an overrule of an 'F' score to an assignment.

Elsewhere Kimberley Kitchen qualifies as a lawyer. Her's is a dramatic, theatrical and bombastic presence. Some call her a Drama Queen.

Inevitably, Landeryou and Kitchen are destined to meet. It is an erotic carbomb of emotion, knicker tugging, tonguing and horniness. But suddenly, Landeryou makes a shocking discovery about his new love. "What is this thing called, Love?" he asks the panting Kimberley.

[To be continued]

Rita Randles said...

I'm hotter than a wombat in a bushfire! I can't wait for the next episode of Landeryou's Law!

I wonder if the series later includes Landeryou digging me up, breaking into my coffin and giving me a good xxxxing. You can imagine my surprise in being so vilely treated...

Mary Hart and Mark Steines said...

Stop spoiling the plot, Rita!

"Landeryou's Law" leaves no stone unturned. The Landeryou family / Kitchen scandals are examined minutely. Never has there been such a exciting story of legal ineptitude, gaffes and pratfalls. There are with scores of rib-tickling denouements.

In a shocking episode, the Cronulla Sharks make an unexpected appearance at the nuptial bedstead of the Landeryous on their wedding night. In a memorable scene, Landeryou admiringly says "they are much better wankers than me"!

There are cameo appearances by billionaire tycoon fiddler Solomon Rieu and a weird kind-hearted nemesis called Lord Tewntytonneguts who strikes terror in Landeryou's heart.

That's all that Entertainment Tonight can reveal!

Spider Pig said...

Chicken tycoon and 'inveterate liar' gets life
posted on June 10, 2009 08:24

By Warwick Stanley of AAP

A West Australian chicken chain millionaire has been handed a life sentence for the murder of his gay lover and business partner.

Gerardus Heijne was sentenced to life and will serve a minimum of 13 years and six months for murdering Frank Ciancosi, 51, a co-owner with Heijne of the WA Lenard's chicken master franchise.

Heijne, 45, had been found guilty of the murder by a Supreme Court jury on Monday.

He faced a minimum 10-year sentence after being convicted of the strangling murder of Ciancosi in the bedroom of their East Perth apartment on January 3 last year.

It emerged in sentencing submissions on Tuesday that Heijne had turned down a plea bargain in which he was offered a lesser manslaughter charge, carrying a maximum 20-year sentence and no minimum term, in return for a guilty plea.

Giving evidence in his defence, Heijne had told the court he was provoked and did not mean to kill his partner when he grabbed his throat and punched him.

He said the pair had argued over Ciancosi's failure to go to work and tend to business matters.

But Justice John McKechnie on Tuesday agreed with the contention of the prosecution that Heijne had become obsessed with a 19-year-old lover, and the obsession had played a large part in his murder of Ciancosi.

Sentencing Heijne, Justice McKechnie described him as "an inveterate liar" whose evidence could not be trusted, as evidenced by an initial willingness to blame the teenager for the killing.

He said Heijne had done "a terrible thing" in killing his partner of 25 years "while trying to do him injury".

Heijne, a thick-set balding man who sat impassively throughout the three-week hearing, showed no emotion as Justice McKechnie told him Ciancosi's family had been brought "into despair by your betrayal".

"You took away the most precious thing - the right to life," Justice McKechnie said.

"You have already destroyed your own life."

He said the evidence of the 19-year-old, whose name has been suppressed, was to be believed over that of Heijne.

"In many respects your story is as old as time itself," Justice McKechnie told Heijne.

"A middle-aged man feels unattractive about himself... takes up a new young lover and spurns the old."

He said no one but Heijne would ever know exactly how and when Ciancosi had died, and that he could pay no regard to Heijne's evidence of the actions he had taken following his partner's death.

He said Ciancosi had been a private man, and that with his life now exposed to public attention, "this has been another part of the damage your actions have caused".

Delivering a victim impact statement, Ciancosi's sister Diane Stefani said her brother's death had been "the most shocking, terrible news anybody could receive".

Her sons had become withdrawn, their schoolwork had suffered and they had been subjected to TV coverage of events surrounding "the turmoil they are going through", she said.

The franchise business had collapsed despite the best efforts of her husband Gino, who had struggled to save it while trying to keep his own business afloat.

"We knew the accused for 27 years and accepted him into our family," she said.

"He has left us scarred for life."

Heijne's sentence was backdated to January 4 last year, the day he was detained over Ciancosi's killing.


Rita Randles said...

18.00 under my name is an imposter.

I never criticise the great man. I do criticise Slanderyou and his blog of filth.

This topic is the filthiest ever, and it has upset Cait.

You don't even know how to spell Cait's name. It's Cait Catt not Cait Cat.

Anonymous said...

Rita, why does your necrophiliac lover Fat Andrew peddle gay white supremacist porn on his hate blog Poxnews?

Concerned said...

Andy, what have you done to this poor cat?

Five o'clock shadow said...

This blog has already published scoop photos of Henderson Ross and Rita Randles.

Now - an even bigger scoop - Kimberley Kitchen!

Cait Catt said...

This disgusting and filthy spoof of me is intended to deflect readers from serious issues. Like Brian Burke, the great former Western Australia Premier. Brian is up with the very best WA Premiers. His performance tonight on the 7.30 report battling for the small man is indicative of this. Brian has been ill treated, and Labor MPs are the very worst.

Just Walking the Dog said...

(In Landeryou's own words) during the sale of former Andrew Landeryou mansion 'Wardlow':

"Glen Morley, Solomon Lew's real estate agent, apparently told a highly impartial journalist Sunday Aged's Paul Heinrichs (Socialist Left associate) that I attended the auction of the Wardlow property today.

"Just as he lied and underquoted the property for sale, which could jeopardise his real estate licence, he lied about that too.

"I was walking my dog Ronnie (named after the Greatest Ever American and Defender of Freedom Ronald Reagan) in the glorious Southbank precinct during the auction although returned to update the OC blog after it had concluded.

"During the walk we popped into Southgate for an inner-city lefty cafe latte and savoured reading all of the non left-wing daily newspapers".

catter8 said...

What filth. How about some serious news Mr Slanderyou? The more intelligent readers will turn to Vexnews. So do all our cats. They are cleverer than almost all Slanderyou readers.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Slanderyou and many of his readers have very little intellect when they find funny the spoof about Cait (with her surname mis-spelt. You can't even proof read Mr Slanderyou).

I am not a supporter of Andrew, for he wouldn't support my mother, but he is a lot more of a decent person than Slanderyou and any of his lackeys.

Landeryou's Law - Part II said...

[The story so far] Fledgling lawyers Andy Landeryou and Kimberley Kitchen begin a passionate affair. Landeryou goes the grope and finds flashy Kim is not all she seems...The story continues...

After marrying, the Landeryous concoct a plan to take over Melbourne. They both begin political careers. Andy takes on the posh world of Melbourne Uni student politics. Kim fires up City Hall. But it isn't all the cut and thrust of backstabbing, there are tender moments too.

It is a typical Sunday evening at the palacial Landeryou mansion. Ronnie is busily trying to shag Kim's leg. Andy is in a world of his own. He is fantasizing about imaginary pubescent schoolgirl Cait Catt. She is showing her hooha to a noisy crowd of schoolboys. 'Can ya make it wink?' yells young Henderson Ross.

Andy is keeping a frightening secret from Kim and Ronnie. He has become addicted to KFC herbs and spices. The addiction has got to the ridiculous stage where Andy hides pieces of KFC in a handkerchief and pretends to sneeze. Kim confronts him one day with a pile of hankies covered with greasy brown stains. Andy claims 'privilege' and refuses to answer her questions.

But Andy has a far darker secret. He is quietly milking funds from the student union to fund his KFC addiction.

[to be continued]

The Bland leading the Blind said...

Local Government Minister Richard Wynne said Brimbank was under close scrutiny by a recently appointed municipal inspector and the latest indiscretion was not a trigger for the council to be sacked.

"All of the recommendations of the ombudsman in relation to Brimbank Council are being implemented in full," he said.

"We have in place the proper processes, we have in place investigators who are dealing with all of the recommendations of the Ombudsman, we should let them get on and do with their work."


Anonymous said...

Vexnews said the Ombudsman's office needs review. The Brimbank Scandal is just a storm in a teacup.

As usual, madman Landeryou has misread his tea leaves.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou doesn't use tea leaves for his divinations. He grabs handfuls of his own belly-button lint, and 'reads' that.

He used to cast Rita Randles's bones to forecast good news stories. But Ronnie (when he was alive) snaffled some.

Landy's Southbank apartment said...

DIARY'S heart skipped a beat upon hearing internet loony Andy Landeryou and estranged wife Kimberley Kitching may have rekindled their epic romance after several sightings of her scurrying from his Southbank apartment in the morning. Alas, it isn't so. Kimbo begrudgingly pays Andy a visit to drop off pooch Ronnie when she ventures interstate for her Drake job in government and corporate relations. Plus, she'd rather have the dog. Andy can stay in the doghouse.

- The Age, May 16, 2006

A Dog's tale said...

99.99% of normal people would prefer associating with 'Ronnie' rather than Landeryou.

Unfortunately, as Patriots here already know, Landeryou 'accidentally' dropped Ronnie - Man's best friend - into his industrial fryer late last year. The giant feral swine later snacked on the poor little pet!

Anonymous said...

A snippet from The Age in June 2006 that I couldn't follow:

... and non-singing ex-MCC councillor Kimberley Kitching, estranged spouse of bankrupt butterball Andy Landeryou, who told Diary she is "writing a book". ...

THAT'S a book I would buy!

Anonymous said...


It must be tough when the voices in your head start sending you emails.

It is even worse when they send so many fake comments here.

Loose 17 kilos of ugly fat, Landy - chop off your head!

Light blue fuze and retire said...

Non-entity and chocolate teapot Landeryou is a very poor excuse for a human being.

Yes, he has clocked up a few big frauds. And Yes, his Vexnews blog today libels lots of everyday Australians. And Yes, he stalks some of his victims right to their front doors. And Yes, he dabbles in politics and misleads and deceives voters in important bye-elections.

I'd like to stick a big two dollar bunger up his phatt Ass and ...

Anonymous said...

As a cat lover I detest the treatment of that poor cat.

It is disgusting and has no place in a civilised blog.

catter8 said...

Thank you 3.52. Slanderyou is the pitts.

Anonymous said...

Fatt Catt at the Daily Planet told me business is brisk and her establishment have bought a nice little pussy.

She said she normally agrees with Slanderyou, for after all he is a good paying customer and none of the working girls there ever criticise clients, unless they weight twenty eight stones and the you know what that is compulsory for all men coming in for a session won't fit because it's too big.

She will breat that rule on this occasion because she hates cruelty to cats.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo. The word is break not breat.

Literary type said...

Are any patriots on the Slanderyou blog admirers of the British novelist Martin Amis? The criminal Landeryou reminds me of the anti-hero of his masterpiece "Money", a character called John Self.

Self is fat, balding, deluded, addicted to alcohol, fast food and pornography and finishes the book bankrupt, unemployed and facing a string of criminal and civil court proceedings.

Incredible, hey patriots?

He's at it again said...

Disgraceful turd Landeryou is STALKING AGAIN!

He has published the name, photo, address and telephone number of an Age journalist on the Vexnews Blog of Hate. He invites his handful of readers to 'phone the journo and abuse him. Surely this is criminal behaviour?

I hope the journo calls in the police.

Anonymous said...

In the accompanying rant, Landeryou pontificates about the rules of journalism.

As if he would know!

Landeryou is just an angry fart in an elevator.

(Oh, and I'm still banned from leaving comments on Vexnews - the Blog of Freedom, Hah!)

Anonymous said...

A Vexnews commenter (probably Landeryou) has already left a threat:

Lets hope Royce is stocked up on some good soft cheeses and coffee to make alot of lattes because he will be having some visitors.

Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009, 14:00

The Truth be Damned said...

"Fortunately, VEXNEWS is an independent news reporting agency (1) committed to speaking truth (2) to all forms of power, particularly when that power is abused. And Royce Millar knows he has crossed the ethical line by shifting from journalist to left-wing factional stand-over man (3). Indeed so outrageous have been his tactics that while some have blamed the Mammarella clan for providing Millar with the stolen list, they vehemently deny it and have emphatically expressed their love of unity".

(1) No, it is not. It is a boring blog by a mischief maker, crim, stalker, liar, thug and libeller.

(2) Vewsnews rarely tells the truth. Landeryou deceived and misled Kororoit electors, libelled candidate Twentyman daily for a month, stalked him until an intervention order was issued, and produced misleading pamphlets that wrecked Twentyman's campaign. Every week here are new libellous blogs about ordinary and extraordinary Aussie.

(3) If you say so Landy. But you present no evidence for this daft assertion as usual.

GPS technology said...

No contact information for Vexnews though.

You can ring the rabid madman on his mobile, of course. But he then has YOUR 'phone number too.

The Police can trace him, but most of us can't. His mobile is trackable. Hmmnnn, I know a coupla friendly rozzers. Might give them a call...

Anonymous said...

Two possible stories about Landeryou in The Age today:

Man in woman's bathers arrested.

A Japanese law lecturer who bared her bottom to a judge will apply for bail pending an appeal against her recent convictions for threatening to kill court officials. (She was probably one of his lecturers as a law student).

Yoko Yoni said...

I am Japanese version of Cait Catt.

Cait Catt said...

Yoko Yoni is not related to me.

Simon W said...

Vexnews appears to be incoherent garbage.

It is however full of messages for Andrew's fellow gay white supremacists.

What might appear to be a rant about some non-entity 17 year old Trot at a Dawkins university actually says "There is a beat in Brunswick that caters for us strapping stormtroopers of Sodom."

Likewise with an attempt to intimidate a respected journalist at the Age. It is a coded message that say "The fat bald drunk man in a dress who hangs out at the Bourke Street KFC will let you do anything, but anything, to him if you are Ayran looking. Heil Hitler!"

Publish your address said...

The Patriot at June 11, 2009 6:13:00 PM warned that 'phoning Landeryou on his mobile would reveal YOUR number.

Landeryou is now providing a 'secret' fax number on Vexnews. Of course, the same warning applies. YOUR fax number would show up at his end.

Come on Landeryou! Your address is required.

Rita Randles said...

Andrew is Australia's best journalist. To denigrate him the way this blog of filth does is disgraceful. Andrew is justifiably frightened of Slanderyou and his cronies. If I was him I wouldn't want Slanderyou to know my address. Of course Slanderyou gives his address as care of the Daily Planet at 5 Horne Street in Elsternwick. Fatt told me. We don't know Slanderyou's address so he is a hypocrite for chastising Andrew.

Cait Catt said...

You ought to be ashamed of yourself Slanderyou. My sister Fatt told me the same thing as she told Rita. Decent people don't give their address as care of the Daily Planet.

Anonymous said...

Loquacious long-dead Voodoo Woman Rita Randles (Landeryou) is completely wrong as usual.

Slanderyou does not purport to be an 'independent news reporting agency' and therefore is not required to provide an address.

On the other hand, Vexnews laughably does claim to be a news source and therefore is required to provide a publisher's address.

It's time to provide an address, Landeryou!

Ronin QC said...

Former MUSU crime boss and IQ Corp fraudster Landeryou nowadays has turned to Grub Street 'journalistic' crimes.

Today's vile, undemocratic attack on Age reporter Royce Millar was typical of toxic blog Vexnews. Landeryou stalked his victim, publishing his name, address, photo and phone number. Landeryou urged his tiny readership to harass and menace Millar.

But Landeryou (via his fake commenter Rita Randles) says of himself: "Andrew is Australia's best journalist". A hollow claim.

Publish your address Andy so that you can sue and be sued according to accepted modern practice.

Dept of Public Health said...

Brimbank, Newnham, Theophani and Cronulla Sharks pack-rape apologist Landeryou might be feeling the noose of public revulsion tightening around his morbidly obese neck.

Crim turned blog scribbler Landeryou is becoming Victoria's biggest 'in joke'.

Landeryou's Vexnews blog is a cesspool of libel, misleading nonsense, fake comments, hate and bile.

Vexnews needs to be quickly and permanently shut down in the public interest.

Reckitt and Colman said...

In the public interest, we are prepared to donate 10,000 megalitres of DETTOL antiseptic and other anti-bacterial products to disinfect the Vexnews site, Mr Landeryou's constant comments on other blogs (such as this one) and in case the 'Fat Cave' is discovered in Southbank. We have anticipated that Landeryou's apartment may need several years to properly cleanse.

Another Vexnews non-story said...

Looks like Landeryou's Vexnews attack on Age reporter Royce Millar just fizzled out.

Even though Vexnews is only populated by Landeryou's fake commenters and some passing loafers, this was a pathetic effort.

The comments quickly dried up.

Just another Vexnews non-story!

Joe Pulitzer said...

Mr Landeryou hasn't learned the basics of journalism yet. Most of his blogs are incomprehensible and impossibly complex. There are layers of hate that readers can't understand. He keeps revisiting themes in a way that confounds simple understanding. Many of his blogs are so long they are like taking a bottle of Mogadon sleeping tablets. Boring, tiresome and overdrawn.

Cait Catt said...

I have another sister (not Fatt) and she used to work for ASIO and she told me that Vexnews is their preferred news source for Australia and that the CIA (the American CIA that is and not the South Korean CIA. The latter can't read anything in English) is also a great fan of Vexnews.

The vile comments about Vexnews on this blog of filth are a disgrace. Vexnews is edited by Australia's best and greatest journalist, is internationally recognised, and should not be subject to the abuse it receives from this blog.

What a lot of crap said...

If Landeryou (who is fake commenter Cait Catt) really believes he is 'Australia's best and greatest journalist, is internationally recognised', he is certifiably insane.

Vexnews is frequently completely wrong in its coverage of sub-news - that is dross and claptrap about village pump politics and union bashing.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt has warned people on this blog about dealing with Jenperson real estate agents. This is one subject Vexnews has never covered. Jenperson has revealed on his website that he is being sued for defamation by a "spruiker." Jenperson has also revealed there are many liars in real estate. Cait Catt says Jenperson real estate agents are in this category. Below is Jenperson's side of the story, with his comments about liars in real estate. It could also apply to some bloggers.

How to survive it.

by Neil Jenman.

Anyone who gets involved in the property market - whether as a seller, a buyer, (and even an agent), has probably wondered why so many people tell so many lies.

As one buyer recently (and typically) remarked, "Why do all agents lie to me?". The feeling is often mutual. There's a well-known saying among agents, "All buyers are liars."

As for sellers, well, agents have a variety of common labels they pin on sellers which range from the derisive "greedy", "unrealistic" or "stupid" to the more polite, but no less common, "They are not prepared to meet the market. They're bloody time-wasters."

Everyone can survive the lying game if everyone takes just a little bit of time to think about why the property game is riddled with lies.

Once you understand the system, you'll know how to play it - straight and safe.

Anonymous said...

Brown-nosed arse licker Landeryou is smothering senator mark arbib in drool and wet kisses again today.

Although Arbib has a sense of humour he is still part of the ALP right. That makes him part of the neo fascist 'New Labor' that are happy selling off national assets, and couldn't care less about the needy.

Why don't they start their own party, because they are out of step with Labor history and sentiment?

They could call themselves the DWALP - Dollar Worshipping Assholes' and Layabout Punks.

The Truth be Damned said...

"Fortunately, VEXNEWS is an independent news reporting agency (1) committed to speaking truth (2) to all forms of power, particularly when that power is abused. And Royce Millar knows he has crossed the ethical line by shifting from journalist to left-wing factional stand-over man (3). Indeed so outrageous have been his tactics that while some have blamed the Mammarella clan for providing Millar with the stolen list, they vehemently deny it and have emphatically expressed their love of unity".

(1) No, it is not. It is a boring blog by a mischief maker, crim, stalker, liar, thug and libeller.

(2) Vewsnews rarely tells the truth. Landeryou deceived and misled Kororoit electors, libelled candidate Twentyman daily for a month, stalked him until an intervention order was issued, and produced misleading pamphlets that wrecked Twentyman's campaign. Every week here are new libellous blogs about ordinary and extraordinary Aussie.

(3) If you say so Landy. But you present no evidence for this daft assertion as usual.

Anonymous said...

Rita, why does your necrophiliac lover Fat Andrew peddle gay white supremacist porn on his hate blog Poxnews?

Perversion in Management said...

Landeryou's soft feminine-side fake commenters would love to work for Tony Zappia. His way of apologising after giving his staffer a black eye was to offer to let her spank him, and to show her porn from his computer.

The Cronulla Sharks are better wankers than players, as demonstrated in Christchurch. Their CEO is a disgusting piece of shit.

Landeryou made a lame attempt on Vexnews to excuse the pack-rape Sharks in Christchurch because he is a vile misogynist.

Landeryou should be in jail, like Tony Zappia should be, because they are both dissolute, immoral vermin.

Anonymous said...

Incredible. Landershonk went through a mockery of the sacrament of marriage with a man dressed as a woman then attempted to sell his "special friend" into prostitution when confronted with the consequences of his theft from Lew.

Gerrie Gee said...

Landeryou may well employ an army of fake commenters - but the fool hasn't realised that he is my puppet.

I've got a wooden head, but I am still heaps smarter than Landeryou.

Kororoit, Brimbank, Theo and Newnham will be his undoing.

Anonymous said...

A dear Old ALP stalwart from Northcote is Andrew's chief apologist. He spends his days being Cait, Jenny and Caroline (one sock talks to another sock). But he needs to spend some time in the garden. We know who you are Lyle!

Anonymous said...

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