Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What question would you ask Andrew Landeryou?

If you had the chance, for example you bumped into Andrew Landeryou at your nearest KFC restaurant, what question(s) would you ask him?

Let's play a little game of twenty questions this week Patriots.

95 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

If I met Andrew at my local KFC outlet I would be humbled. He is such a great man. I would ask him about his health, and how he copes with the constant vile filth on this blog of filth.

catter8 said...

Well said Cait. Here at my cattery we adore Andrew. He is a great cat lover. I tell him that if I wasn't beyond it I would ask him out.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

I would ask Andrew to support my mother Pauline. Andrew so far has failed to do so but he should. My mother will make a great Senator from the Pineapple state at the next federal election.

Rita Randles said...

I too would love to ask Andrew out. He is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I think Rita has reported this blog to the Rev. Nalliah for all the filth and bad language it contains. I think Rita should report Brutus Beefcake to the Victoria Police.

Anonymous said...

I would ask Andrew aren't you deligted someone like 12.55 is so concerned about your welfare. You run a wonderful news site. How do you do it? Your scoops are world class.

Rita Randles said...

ASIO and the CIA think so too. I would ask Andrew don't you feel proud that your news site is taken so seriously by our spoofs?

Sam Speyed Catt said...

My question is simple:

'Where's the loot, you big galoot?

Ian Nuendo said...

Dissembling prats Landeryou and his fake commenters Cait, Rita, Jenny, Henderson and his yapping poodle 'Anonymous', catter8 and the offensive Arabic gentlemen should all be sent a bill for wasting our time here.

Malware Cookie said...

To all of Landeryou's other malefactions, the crime of time wasting must be added. Vexnews is a stagnant trough where Ignoramuses gather for a poor feed of irrelevancies, claptrap and libels.

Puerile Piffle said...

Vexnews is the site of shite!

Ronin QC said...

In courtroom situations Landeryou tends to suffer from total amnesia.

He also tends to rely on the defence of 'privilege' to avoid answering questions. Landeryou imagines there are circumstances in which the public interest may dictate that a statement should be protected regardless of whether it is true or false. Hence its name - "privilege".

I would pay good money to hear Landeryou's explanation of why he sometimes claims privilege in legal proceedings.

Anonymous said...

"Why are you dressed as a woman -- and trying to hide behind that potted palm?"

Charlie Chan said...

My Question: "Who is Vincent Yu to you, Landeryou?

Dimberley Kitchen said...

With great respect to my learned friend Ronin, Landeryou was perhaps referring to statements made between spouses.

Ronin QC said...

The defence of absolute privilege protects communications made in the marital relationship.

Landeryou told the court the marriage was "strained" and the pair were barely communicating.

Was it therefore 'barely privelege' or barefaced privilege?

I am Henderson Ross said...

Mr Landeryou considers he is on the Victorian public payroll thanks to payments from his good mate Newnham. As an official of government acting in the course of his official duties, Landeryou is of course entitled to absolute privilege.

Cold Case Investigator said...

Sick voodoo woman Rita Randles [June 02, 2009 12:53:00 AM] by saying "I would love to ask Andrew out. He is wonderful", is soliciting Landeryou to commit the digusting act of Necrophilia.

Since this Blog empirically analyses and disects Landeryou's weird personality, his continuing association and usage of a corpse for his own vile purposes demands fuller investigation.

Rosman and Resnick (1989) reviewed information from 34 cases of necrophilia describing the individuals' motivations for their behaviors: these individuals reported the desire to possess an unresisting and unrejecting partner (68%), reunions with a romantic partner (21%), sexual attraction to corpses (15%), comfort or overcoming feelings of isolation (15%), or seeking self-esteem by expressing power over a homicide victim (12%).

The last group worries me a lot. Was Rita Landeryou's first victim? After all, the circumstances of Rita Randles's passing have never been properly investigated.

The Silence of the Chooks said...

Cait Catt and other fake Landeryou commenters have said this Blog never delivers news (which is not its purpose anyway).

However, the Advanced Medical Institute is in the news again including SMH, and was on Media Watch tonight.

AMI are shonks and rip millions off Aussie men who have premature ejaculation problems.

Well, guess what, Patriots here on this Blog unloaded AMI weeks ago. What a scoop! They pointed out AMI's TV adverts are misleading, because the product does not work, according to a High Court decision in 2003.

Not a word on Vexnews about AMI of course.

The Silence of the Chooks!

AMI's Dr. Doolittle said...

Unfortunately, Landeryou has premature ejaculations whenever he sits down for a KFC Family Feast snack.

This is well beyond our purview. This is not what AMI is about. We treat erectile problems and normal premature ejaculations.

Don't laugh, we recommend a nasal spray to help cure premature ejaculation.

If you stop and think about it, of course our treatment works. If you have to stop at a pivotal moment to have a snort of nasal spray you're not going anywhere are you?

Anonymous said...

Who is Kris David Knauer?

Anonymous said...

How much money has Stephen Newnham passed on for your upkeep and who from the ALP approved the payment? The Premier? Conroy? Did you tell your trustee in bankruptcy about the money?

Anonymous said...

3.52 should have listened to a program that's just ended on ABC Radio Melbourne 774. It was on Men's issues, and dealt with premature ejaculation. As the program was near to its end it was stated that men with this problem should see their GP and not rip off merchants like AMI. There will be more information on the ABC 774 web site later today. Should be of interest to Slanderyou readers. Hope they take the advice and don't go near the AMI's Dr Doolittle. I did not read this on Vexnews.

Andy is a Snark said...

I would ask Andy, who shaves his underarms? Because they are always very untidy and in need of a good trim.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou needs the journalistic equivalent of AMI.

He cannot get a hard news story.

Felons' Apprehension Act said...

AMI is a most interesting company. When cornered by watchdogs it UPS the ante!

At the moment, it is using saturation advertising (including in my local rag) probably to move the product before it is belatedly banned.

Who can forget the 'Want longer lasting sex' billboards on major freeways in Melbourne. They were banned years ago by the Advertising Standards Board. AMI's response? - it just left the billboards in place until early this year.

It is the sort of thing Landeryou does. He ignores criticism, bleats about freedom, ups the ante by devising even greater libels on poxy Vexnews.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

I would like to ask the obvious question: so how does an unemployed bankrupt blogger, financially support a luxurious inner city apartment and resulting lifestyle. The maths don't add up Andy!

Dick Droopy said...

The deplorable company AMI earned about $35M two years ago and has spread to NZ, the UK and probably many other countries.

Not bad for a product that doesn't work!

And it's not me saying that. The High Court of Australia said so in 2003.

On the Nose said...

Dysfunctional, lawless leeches AMI prey on men's biggest secret fears - getting it up, and keeping it up.

There are, of course, no real doctors at AMI. And you can't get a proper diagnosis on the phone anyway.


Mrs Alice Idris said...

I would like to ask Mr Landeryou, why does my postman continue to deliver mail addressed to him, to my house?

Mrs Alice Idris

Anonymous said...

A Patriot recently revealed that Landeryou was trying to learn to play piano with his 'choo choo' so that he could join AMI's Stiff and Stiff in a new late night tv ad featuring a trio of piano playing dickheads.

An abject failure! All Landeryou could do was drop his guts on the ivories in noisy discordant crescendos. #%*&!@%#$^&!!!

Philip Glass he ain't!

Back to Vexnews you Bum!

Anonymous said...


WHY did you eat poor little Ronnie?

little Theo said...

I want you to admit in a public forum that I am at least a centimentre bigger than 'teenie weinee Andy'. Go on, I dare you!

Deep fat fryer said...

Yeah, where is Ronnie?

Anonymous said...

How can you lose A$3 million from a business that you claim had sales of between A$500K amd A$1M a year?

Why did you tell the wife you were heading to Sydney, disappeared for months and reappeared from Costa Rica?

Why do you post comments posing as multiple women in the wee small hours of the morning?

Concerned said...

Landeryou’s bent dad got the last Labor government in Victoria into trouble.

Now Landeryou and his bent friends, supporters and sources have landed Brumby in the poo:

Minister to face no-confidence motion Censure


A high-profile Victorian minister will become the first in the state government's 10-year term to face a no-confidence motion on Wednesday.

Planning Minister Justin Madden will face a censure motion which opposition MP David Davis plans to move in the upper house.

If it succeeds, it will be the first successful no-confidence motion brought before the Victorian parliament for 20 years.

The last was against the then local government minister Maureen Lyster, in September 1989, according to Legislative Council archives.

Mr Davis' move follows a controversial Ombudsman's report into Melbourne's Brimbank council.

The report, tabled in parliament in May, outlined a series of behavioural issues among Labor-aligned councillors, including misconduct, bullying and conflict of interest.

Central to the opposition's concerns was the employment of Hakki Suleyman as an electorate officer in Mr Madden's office.

The report found Mr Suleyman exerted undue influence over the council and had previous assault convictions.

Mr Madden has since removed Mr Suleyman from his office but that has not appeased the opposition, which has repeatedly called for the minister to resign - or be sacked.

Mr Davis plans to suggest the upper house censures Mr Madden for failing to answer questions relating to the report and that he knew about political corruption in his office and failed to act on it.

With 40 MPs in the upper house, the Liberals need the support of the three Green MPs and one Democratic Labor Party (DLP) member for the motion to pass.

Even if it does, Mr Madden is not required to stand down. It is, however, a sign of the Legislative Council's disapproval of his actions.

During a rowdy debate during the lower house question time on Tuesday, Premier John Brumby refused to sack Mr Madden, repeatedly saying the appropriate action had been taken by the minister and the government.

The last no-confidence motions to be moved were by the then-Labor opposition against the Liberal government in 1995. Both failed.

Anonymous said...

What would I ask the thief, freak, fraud and failure Fat Andrew Landeryou?

The sicko has said on this site, under the name of Rita Randles, "I would love to ask Andrew out. He is wonderful."

Rita Randles, as all patriots know, is dead.

So I would ask Fat Andrew: "Fat Andrew, why the necrophiliac fantasties?"

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is into necrophilia? Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I too want to know why Landeryou ate his poor little pooch Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

The State Government is going to outlaw hate crimes.

I bet there will be a provision that protects the libels on Vexnews and its porky, deluded editor-in-chief!

Concerned said...

The house you bought in Parkville. Was that bought with Sollie Lew's money, that he expected was to be invested in IQ Corp operations?

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

I'd like to ask Andy out. I respect his integrity.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Concerned, it must have been, how else do you explain Sollie's enthusiasm in having the house put up for sale!

Porkchops said...

After the appalling failures of business and politicians leading to the present financial crash, I'm amazed there is never any 'big picture' financial 'news' on the Vexnews Blog of Hate.

Why not, Landeryou, you giant feral pig?

Dettol said...

Slanderyou did not award prizes for the best caption for the photo of the spooked Landeryou caught in police headlights at an ATM.

I sincerely hope there are prizes now for the best Landeryou question - even if it is only a date with cadaverous Rita Randles. If there is a second prize, I suppose it will be TWO dates with Rita Randles.

The Mad Rooter said...

On second thoughts, I would prefer dead looney Rita Randles...

little Theo said...

Wise choice 'Mad Rooter'!

Dead meat Rita, despite being dead, is far more vigourous in the sack than the other person you mentioned.

How do I know all this?

A little birdie told me.

Anonymous said...

Choo Choo little Theo!

Anonymous said...

Simon Overland,

It long past time to totally shut down the lawless, knife wielding rats that now infest Melbourne Streets. These cowards attack people in packs. It is un-Australian, utterly vile and negligent.

Another issue where Vexnews has nothing whatever to say.

Spider Pig said...

If I was GM I would ask Andy how he does it. Both are now bankrupt, so how does Andy earn an income without doing anything in return?

Anonymous said...

There are many interesting comparisons between Andy and GM.

Both produce products that nobody wants.

Both are supported by the state.

Both have only really survived because of political patronage.

Is this Andy? said...

Click the link.

(Too much hair and not fat enough I fear.)

Corruption Rules, Ok said...

More crookedness!

The Fitzgibbon Brothers are shonks like the Theophani!

Joel is a dunderhead with amnesia. His brother used the funds of a private health fund to provide Joel with an enhanced, pampered lifestyle of luxury.

Corporate and political corruption that would get a big tick from fraudster Landeryou.

Nothing on poxy Vexnews, of course.

Media Watch said...

The drunk and delusional cross-dressing crook Andrew Landeryou keeps showering praise on The Punch. Could he be hoping that in return they will put up a link to his hate site Poxnews? As if! Rupert Murdoch has deep pockets, but he does not want to empty them! Linking to Landeryou's cesspool of lies, smears and sleaze could expose News Ltd to defamation claims.

Landeryou will be infuriated to see who The Punch is linking to: his old friends at Crikey and former Crikey colleague Christian Kerr's blog at The Australian.

Anonymous said...

NIB subscribers must be livid about the Fitzgibbon corruption.

I am too!

Anonymous said...

Will NIB fund Landy's forthcoming lap banding and sex change?

Concerned said...

What is the betting Landeryou gets a mention?

Debate on Madden no confidence motion begins Censure


Debate has begun in the Victorian parliament on a no confidence motion against a senior minister embroiled in a Melbourne council misconduct scandal.

Planning Minister Justin Madden is facing a censure motion over allegations he turned a blind eye to his electorate officer Hakki Suleyman meddling in affairs at the Brimbank council.

Mr Suleyman has been stood down after a damning Ombudsman report found he had undue influence in the Labor-dominated council's business.

Mr Madden denies having broad knowledge of the complaints against his staffer.

Opposition upper house leader David Davis moved the censure motion in parliament on Wednesday, saying the minister should ``face the music for years of inaction''.

If it succeeds, it will be the first successful no confidence motion in the Victorian parliament in 20 years.

The government has 19 seats in the 40-member upper house. The opposition needs the support of the three Greens MPs and the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) member for the motion to pass.

Victorian Premier John Brumby said he had complete confidence in his minister, even if the motion was successful.

``These are matters for the upper house and obviously if all of the non-government parties vote against the government, then my understanding of the numbers (is) they have a majority,'' he told reporters.

``You'll see that debate today but, you know, I have full confidence in Justin Madden and I think the issue here is whether the public has confidence in the opposition.''

Bruta Bulldyke said...

If Landeryou thinks getting a sex change will keep him out of Barwon Jail, he is right.

If he thinks it will keep him safe in jail, he had better think again.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm from the wrong side of the street, but Les Twentyman has always stood up for me and my family and friends.

He still comes to check on me here at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre out at Deer Park.

I hate Landeryou for what he did to Les in Kororoit.

My name is... Bruta Bulldyke.

Gravy Train said...

What part of the present disastrous financial crash (caused by crooked corporates and lazy politicians) don't Joel and Mark Fitzgibbon understand?

My son has been unemployed since mid-January and hates Centrelink.

Joel as a politician is living off the fat of the land. Thanks to him, as defence minister, taxpayers are going to spend billions of the second class joint strike fighters.

Mark is typical of today's dodgy CEOs who think their companies' assets belong to them. "NIB's 2008 annual report shows that chief executive Mark Fitzgibbon could earn more than $2.3 million this year, up from $870,000 last year".

And that was while share prices were toppling.

The Fitzgibbons are nasty people not batting for the national interest.

Typhoid Mary said...

I am Bruta Bulldyke's cellmate. I got my name because I never wash my hands - no matter what I have been doing!

I am going to make Landeryou play the part of "Cait Catt", the spoilt, toffee-nosed, rich lady. I have a XXXL large strapon buttplug with nails in it!


Chris Richardson said...

I hear it was Landeryou's spending on KFC and plus-plus-plus-sized women's clothes that kept us out of recession.

Bubbette said...

I am a cellmate of Bruta Bulldyke and Typhoid Mary at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

After may has made Landeryou play the part of "Cait Catt", a toffee nosed girl who isn't used to taking it rough, I am going to make Landeryou play the part of "Rita Randles", a corpse.

Saul Eslake said...

It was Stephen Newnham's spending on Landeryou (via the fat man's old partner in online spivvery Ed Dale) that kept Australia out of recession.

I am Henderson Ross said...

Since Landeryou is also a necrophiliac, that kinda makes me one too.

So I bags first go at his bloated cadaver when Bubbette has finished.

Ghost of Ronnie said...

I bags second!

Woof Woof!

Anonymous said...

Give the dog a bone.

Anonymous said...

Adam Shand did another great reporting job on ACA tonight - eat your heart out Landy!

That's what real journos do!

Cait Catt said...

Bubbette said

After may has made Landeryou play the part of "Cait Catt", a toffee nosed girl who isn't used to taking it rough, I am going to make Landeryou play the part of "Rita Randles", a corpse.

I can't understand the grammar in the first part of this, but I'm far from toffee-nosed or supercilious. The nuns at Loreto, a fine Catholic girls school, taught us to be kind and caring, as well as generous to those in need.

That also includes Rita, a lovely lady and a true good spirit.

Why can't contributors to this blog say something kind about people for a change?

Post Trauma Counsellor said...

My question for Landeryou is:

"With all your cross-dressing and bizarre surgical procedures, are you becoming a hermaphrodite?

"In future, when addressing you, will we have to say 'Dear Sir and/or Madam'?

Skidmark said...

Cait Catt (Landeryou) says of himself. "He is such a great man". [June 02, 2009 12:49:00 AM].

If he put that on Vexnews, it would all be over. The Ignoramuses that graze there would die laughing!

Cyber Criminal said...

If you have been receiving Commonwealth Bank phishing scam emails recently, you should click through the link. This is a far more sophisticated fraud than anything previously encountered.

It makes me wonder how sophisticated the Vexnews malware cookie is becoming. Landeryou had several mates who were accomplished in this type of cyber crime.

Not Happy Jan said...

Mal Fraser isn't everyone's cup of tea but he had a moral political spine: "The penalties in public office are high," Fraser declared. "The appearance and reality of integrity are indispensable parts of our system of government."

In 1983, for instance, Labor premier John Cain forced one of his senior ministers, Bill Landeryou, to resign over a conflict of interest relating to a union loan of $19,000. Landeryou famously complained that he had been "executed for a parking offence", and Cain's uncompromising stance cost him dearly among his cabinet colleagues. But it was the right thing to do and it sent the right message. As Cain told The Age this week: "It was asserted that I was unconscionably harsh in the standard that I required from Landeryou, but the message got through and the government never had any problems from then on with issues of conflict of interest at any level."

Anonymous said...

The blockbuster TV advertising blitz for the crooked Australian Medical Institute continues tonight. Channel 7 and Channel 9 are the worst offenders. The Australian High Court ruled AMI's premature ejaculation cure didn't work in 2003. The 'free to air' channels love advertising dollars even if the product doesn't work.

There is a huge scoop story here. Googling will reveal how far back this disgraceful mess goes. Plenty of bureaucratic negligence, the complicity of the commercial TV channels...

It's sorta like the history of Vexnews in microcosm.

Anonymous said...

I repeat: Landeryou needs the journalistic equivalent of AMI as he cannot get a hard news story.

Anonymous said...

Not Happy Jan is a patriotic type who clearly wants to help the Labor cause.

John Cain realised he could show the party and the voters he was tough on sleaze by making an example of slush-fund king Big Bent Bill Landeryou.

John Brumby needs to make a similar gesture.

He should sack state secretary Stephen Newnham for giving $50,000 of party funds to sustain Fat Andrew Landeryou's sleaze.

Brumby should also make it crystal clear to all MPs, staffers and office holders that contact with Landeryou means dismissal.

The Dodgy Brothers said...

Click through to read more about the dodgy Fitzgibbon brothers. NIB wants Defence dollars now.

The Fitzgibbons just don't get it!

Still nothing about this scandal on Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

All the more strange that Vexnews is silent when the Fitzgibbons represent two of Landeryou's biggest bete noires - 'leftards' with a CFMEU background.

Whatsa matter? Cait Catt got your tongue, you giant feral pig?

Anonymous said...

All the more strange that Vexnews is silent when the Fitzgibbons represent two of Landeryou's biggest bete noires - 'leftards' with a CFMEU background.

Whatsa matter? Cait Catt got your tongue, you giant feral pig?

Concerned said...

The house you bought in Parkville. Was that bought with Sollie Lew's money, that he expected was to be invested in IQ Corp operations?

Felons' Apprehension Act said...

AMI is a most interesting company. When cornered by watchdogs it UPS the ante!

At the moment, it is using saturation advertising (including in my local rag) probably to move the product before it is belatedly banned.

Who can forget the 'Want longer lasting sex' billboards on major freeways in Melbourne. They were banned years ago by the Advertising Standards Board. AMI's response? - it just left the billboards in place until early this year.

It is the sort of thing Landeryou does. He ignores criticism, bleats about freedom, ups the ante by devising even greater libels on poxy Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

"Why are you dressed as a woman -- and trying to hide behind that potted palm?"

Anonymous said...

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