Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jon Faine interrogates future Vexnews editor

Patriots might wish to cast their minds back to May 2005, when Patriot ABC Radio presenter Jon Faine, at great risk, interrogated Andrew Landeryou.

Patriots are reminded of Stephen Mayne’s in-depth coverage of the interview, which an independent media analyst described as Faine shooting fish in a barrel.

TS presents edited highlights of Mayne’s report.

Landeryou slugs it out with Jon Faine

By Stephen Mayne

“ABC Victoria’s Jon Faine took a risk this morning and invited fallen ALP powerbroker and failed businessman Andrew Landeryou into the studio for a vigorous 15-minute live exchange before an audience of almost 200,000. Faine was certainly a little apprehensive about defamation and Landeryou did manage to plug his blog and land a few blows on Solly Lew, Melbourne Uni Student Union (MUSU) liquidator Dean McVeigh, The Age’s Leonie Wood and a few other players in the soap opera that is his life.

Landeryou sailed close to the wind… Faine really put him through his paces about allegedly doing a runner, failed ventures and his credibility.

Landeryou then went to Costa Rica and attempted to pick up an online gaming business that he hoped to float on the ASX in an “arbitrage” play that would raise enough funds to clear the debt to Solly (Lew) – a debt that seems to have been incurred in very curious circumstances involving threats of more embarrassing public disclosures.

Landeryou said that his business associates knew where he was but he didn’t tell his wife as there were problems in his marriage that he wouldn’t be elaborating on publicly.”

Mayne concludes his report with: “We tried to call Landeryou this morning on the mobile number displayed on the home page of his blog (0415 993 326) but we just got the theme song from the original Spiderman.

Patriots will remember that Landeryou was last seen in mid 2008 in his Spiderman suit.

Mayne made no mention of Landeryou writing as Delia Delegate for Crikey.

This will be the last TS report for two weeks.

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Little Bubba from Corio said...

Doubt that Jon Faine will be too keen on having Mr Landeryou as his interviewee on his program any time soon. Others possibly banned from his program are a lady from Higgins named Diane Anderson (Mr Landeryou loves writing about her) and that relative of Jacinta and Lyle from Whitehorse named Peter Allan (Mr Landeryou also loves writing about him).

Anonymous said...

Jon Faine should interview Cait Catt, when she is finally allowed out of her Fatcave cattery.

The Judas Touch said...

Landeryou's government cheques have suddenly dried up, so now he is publicly attacking Premier Brumby on vexnews.

The Premier will shrug philosophically because vexnews has a tiny readership of tossers. But this is a traitorious backstab from an ALP Right stalwart (albeit also a crook, corporate asset-stripper, internet libeller and stalker).

Landeryou also gleefully 'reports' the departure of the Premier's principal spin doctor (a non-entity whose name I did not recognise). The Premier's doorstops and speeches recently have been so lamentable, it was probably time for this speech-writing albatross to move on.

Will Landeryou now suck up to Red Ted - the next Premier of Victoria?

The Taiwanese Parliament Rocks said...

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he is deeply disturbed and troubled by the alleged domestic violence attack on Tasmanian MP Jodie Campbell.

So am I.

Hmmnn. But, slack politicians have utterly buggered my Super by deregulating the corporate criminals and causing the world financial crash. At a personal level, they over-legislate and treat us like children.

I used to think the Westminster system worked. No longer. Too many slackos. Too many timeservers. Too many dimwits.

Choo Chewed said...

Landy's malevolent support of dreary Colac carpet scrubber Terry Mulder as alternative Opposition Leader crashed when Terry himself declared his unending devotion for future Premier Big Ted!

Melbourne Mayor Doyle put his finger on Big Ted's problem. The shadow ministers are mere shadows. They have no policies, no ideas and no personalities. Doyle was right that they need to stop f*cking around and get on with the job. Well, that's not exactly what Doyle said, but that's what he meant!

Even with a solid whipping, Terry Mulder couldn't manage a trot. He might, with a lot of carrots, prodding and kicking, be able to manage a good-natured, gentle shuffle.

Wakey! Wakey! said...

"One of five men charged over an alleged suicide terror plot to kill soldiers at a Sydney army barracks hates Australians and anyone who does not follow Islam, a court has been told", The Age.

So why is he here in Australia?

Detailed answers for the nation please, Department of Immigration.

The Taliban seem to be running the Department these days.

Ungrateful Sods said...

I dread going to Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne to pick up a relative, there to be surrounded by weirdly garbed people, swarthy faces and the babble of foreign languages.

Suddenly, I am the minority.

That's not the Australia I ever voted for.

Thanks for nothing, social engineering political nutters and weirdos! Now we have to try to co-exist with people who end up hating us and wanting to destroy us.

Suddenly we are faced with thousands of 'foreign' problems in this country, where before there were none.

Go figure.

Drowning in immigrants said...

Our biggest problem is that Australia is far 'too soft'. Howard's Tampa solution disgusted me personally. But the nation is now irretrievably locked in with refugee immigrants who do not fit here, or don't want to fit in here, or who exalt in not fitting here.

Of course, many newcomers are happy and grateful to be here. But too many seem to be unhappy with us.

Which brings us back to whether the Department of Immigration is batting for the nation, or batting for other interests.

Spider Pig said...

Let's be clear, I have nothing to do with Landeryou's Spiderman fantasies

Mrs caroline Yuile of liverpoo nsw said...

Mr Landeryou he dress as fat Spiderman

Concerned said...

The Jon Faine interview with Landeryou was a classic. It clearly demonstrated that the Fat Man's bluster and lies would stand up for all of 20 seconds in court in the face of cross-examination. It showed all of Melbourne that Landeryou is nothing but a crook and coward.

Anonymous said...

Is this one of Landeryou's local government friends?

"A MAYOR has stepped down after being accused of breaking into women's homes and parading around in their bra and knickers..."

Mrs Alice Idris said...

was the pork substitution in the chicken halal sausages known then?

A patriot said...

Jon Faine did ask Landeryou about pig anuses sold as chicken halal sausages but he started drooling so much that the microphone shorted.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Patriot, are you referring to Mr Faine? I always thought he practiced vegetarianism.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

I remember that interview as if it were yesterday. Landeryou shrieked about how he was a citizen journalist, and Faine just summarily dismissed him.

A patriot said...

It was Landeryou who drooled, Mrs Idris. Faine, reliable sources say, was deeply nauseated and spend 25 minutes in the shower after getting off air.

Anonymous said...

Fat cunt also had to wash after the interview cause he both pissed and shat himself

MD said...

Anonymous - Landeryou shits and pisses himself all the time thanks to his gross intemperance. His all-fat diet does not help him keep control of his bowels.

Anonymous said...

Why does El Gordo come here late at night and post bizarre racist rants in the comments threads? Isn't that why he has Poxnews?

Brutus Beefcake said...

It took eight wardens with tear gas and cattle prods and a fire hose to subdue me after I heard that interview.

Anonymous said...

Who else has noticed that Landershonk was too drunk to update his hateblog today? He has only been sober enough to update Vexnews 40% of the time since Friday.

Vexnews Revealed said...

Hey Anon

I also assumed Andrew was too drunk to update Poxnews today then Fat Cave insiders told me a different story.

Andrew wanted to wear his favourite dress from a couple of year back today. Unfortunately he only weighed 400 kilos then as opposed to the 500 kilos plus he now weighs.

He got stuck in the dress and could not free himself until after several hours of frantic wriggling it finally burst at the seams.

Dittohead said...

Poor Landy. It must be hard dressing as a woman when you weigh more than six healthy men.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou may weigh more than six healthy men, but would weigh even more if he had a brain!

The Continuing AMI Scandal said...

Slanderyou readers were warned about this ongoing scandal months ago and often since. Patriots may have had trouble seeing the connection. Landeryou often complains this blog provides no news. But, this is a GIANT scandal, missed by vexnews...

I wrote to the TV Advertising watchdog ASB a year ago complaining about AMI and the way channels Nine, Seven, Ten and SBS happily ignored 2003 and 2004 legal descisions that the AMI nasal product didn't work. I got fobbed off! Stiff and Stiff, the TV Ads pianists who played duets without using their hands, played on...

Today The Age says: THE company notorious for its "longer lasting sex" advertisements has faced a barrage of accusations from some of the country's most renowned sexual health experts.

Yesterday an injunction taken out by the Advanced Medical Institute in June was partially varied by the Supreme Court to enable coverage of a House of Representatives hearing last Friday.

AMI's chief executive and founder, Ukrainian-born medical entrepreneur Jack Vaisman, was silent during the five-hour hearing as the standing committee on health and ageing heard a litany of allegations over predatory tactics and unethical medical practices in his erectile dysfunction clinics, known for their nasal spray treatments.

Chris McMahon, the director of the Australian Centre for Sexual Health, told the hearing that AMI was ''concerned with its balance sheet rather than patient need'' and that the practice of prescribing medicines over the telephone was a ''casual, cavalier, careless and expedient'' approach.

David Handelsman, Concord Hospital's ANZAC Research Institute's head of andrology, said AMI's advertising was pernicious and destructive, and its claims of efficacy for its erectile dysfunction treatments were a carefully constructed legal fiction.

Kim said...

Landy hasn't had an erection for yonks! Is he in the queue for the class action against AMI?

That'll be a mighty long queue. A hell of a lot of flaccid guys with things stuck up their noses.

Landy will look a bit outa place with Sol Lew's ___ atuck up his nose - and a bomb stuck up his cavernous backside.

Anonymous said...

"Landeryou said that his business associates knew where he was but he didn’t tell his wife as there were problems in his marriage that he wouldn’t be elaborating on publicly."

Were the problems related to the fact that he was married to a man dressed as a woman?

tony said...

What about El Gordo's own cross-dressing. He weighs 420 kilos. Where does he find female attire that fits?

Sasha Uzunov told one of his fellow inmates in the secure mental health unit where he lives that El Gordo's dresses were "gaudy". Where do they come from?

Ray's Tent City said...

Mr Landeryou is often here purchasing large six person tents.

Concerned said...

I have heard there is a sweatshop in Preston where Hmong women have been working 18 hour days sewing thousands of Swarovski crystals onto large six person tents for just pennies a day.

I wondered what was going on there. Now it is clear. This is where Landeryou gets his frocks.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou sometimes wears a tent festooned with lights he stole from a circus, but as he gets fatter and fatter it is getting tighter and tighter.

Anonymous said...

Diane Anderson is the subject of a substantial part of Landeryou's story about Eric Dearicott.

It is interesting that Dearicott will not place Anderson on the so called non-aligned ticket. Anderson claims she is the only delegate to Conference (before her defeat last year that is) who did not belong to a faction. Dearicott might have his faults, he might be a zealot, but he sure knows a nutter from Michigan when he sees one. There is no way he would ever give her a non-aligned (now called Independents)position on a ticket.

Landeryou should give Dearicott credit for this. Probably the only thing Landeryou and Dearicott would agree on.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Cait Catt gets elected to Conference this time if Dearicott will support her candidacy for Admin.

My suspicion is he won't. He's too clever again. Cait Catt is always promoting Vexnews as the best news site on the net and never says anything critical of Landeryou.

Where is she? I haven't seen a contribution from her for a couple of weeks.

Perhaps Landeryou has given up contributing to this patriotic blog.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Newnham is answering for his Kororoit dirty tricks this evening.

Bye bye, you undemocratic sod!

Jesse the body Ventura said...

Greenie friends of mine operate a policy regarding their domestic toilet. If it's yellow let it mellow; if it's brown flush it down.

Reading vexnews is like taking an almighty dump. Flush it down. Save the environment.

Has Brumby gone mad said...

Victorian Premier John Brumby says booze is too cheap, as Melbourne reels from escalating street violence.

Is he mad? Why should the whole community be punished for the activities of a handful of pathetic cowards who attack people from behind for no reason.

The Age continues "A federal Preventative Health Taskforce wants to slap a sin tax on alcohol and introduce stricter controls over licensing hours and marketing".

More tubby bureaucrats dreaming up new taxes. If you drink and smoke and drive, you must be multi-millionaire Robert Richter!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou drinks like a fish! He must be incredibly rich!

The prices go up every three months thanks to CPI creep that governments now build into all taxes and charges. Thanks for nothing you greedy twats!

Hugh Jarse said...

Andrew Landaryou enjoys therapeutic Bergundy wine enemas several times a week. This is a vile, disusting waste of Bergundy wines. Filling Landy's ass is like trying to fill Sydney harbour. Millions of gallons of Bergundy wine are involved.

The way he is going, the North-South pipeline may need to be diverted. Does the world have enough cheap wine to fill the pipeline?

Foxtel and Vexnews said...

Vexnews is the internet equivalent of Foxtel - endless repeats of the same old tired stuff...

We have basic Foxtel. I watch NatGeo and Discovery when desperate enough. I have learned a lot about Insuranceline and funeral insurance by watching these advert infested shows. We are paying for Pay TV - and still getting Ads. Is Foxtel SERIOUS?

Is Vexnews SERIOUS!

Brutus Beefcake said...

I will give Landeryou enemas of a different kind. Meat enemas.

Bubba said...

So will I.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

Us to.

Patriotic lawyers said...

I haven't seen the floorplans for the Acacia unit at Barwon, but is there be enough physical space to accommodate "the fat one".

Brutus Beefcake said...

He will be ripped apart within days of coming here, so it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Hello patriots of Slanderyou

I saw something distressing on Collins Street tonight. I saw a grotesquely fat bald man wearing a dress limping along the street carrying a vast array of KFC and swigging from a flagon of some cheap fortified wine. He kept whinging that “leftards” had made it hard for him to walk, but I suspect his difficulties were more to do with drunkenness, obesity and what appeared to be the symptoms of gout.

He was accompanied by a demented looking rat-like creature with an Alfoil lined colander on his head who wore army disposal store camo gear, Loyal Lodge of Oddfellows medals from a pawnbrokers all over his chest and more cameras strung about his person than the Dennis Hopper character from the end of Apocalypse Now who jumped and shrieked and wet his pants at every loud noise.

Was this Landeryou and Sasha Uzonov off researching one of their exclusive stories that have given Vexnews the reputation for being unparalleled shit?

Anonymous said...

I hate to add this but while I was reluctant to look at the very fat man because he was such an affront to humanity as far as I could tell he tried to pick the pockets of everyone he staggered past.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou says he will give a prize of coffee at Gloria Jeans for the best two entries with suggestions for a brothel to be run by Diane Anderson, should she return to Melbourne.

There are only two entries so far.

The first is from "tigger"


and the winner is….
‘Madam Tongue Lashings’
As the one and only entrant send the Gloria Jean vouchers to me.

Posted by tigger | August 28, 2009, 0:58

The second is from "pimpin":


“Racy Di-lights”

Door-bitch- Diane Anderson
Book-keepers – Her Mum & George Droutsas
Chief Pimp – Bill Albon
Pimps – John Pandazopoulos and Dale Wilson and George Seitz (also Landlord)
Travel Agent – Dr Andrew Theophanous
Mattress Provider – Craig Langdon and Jake
Staff Recruitment – Hong Lim and Khalil Eideh
Distributor of Bribes – Nick Reece & Yorick ‘Bung’ Piper
Bouncer – Garth Head
Taxi Driver – Robert Ray
Prostitutes – Minstaff
Taste testers – Theo Theophanous, Councillor Peter Allan, Jeff Jackson and David Feeney
In-house counsel – Robert Richter QC

Posted by pimpin' | August 28, 2009, 1:24

The winner is between

Racy Tongue Lashings


Racy Di Lights

I hope Andrew will honour his promise and shout the winner to a coffee at Gloria Jeans. Should be an entertaining coffee.

Nitser said...

Fat Andrew will not be shouting the coffee. Solly Lew will. Landerfatandtwsitedcriminal stole $3 million from him. Or maybe Melbourne University students will be paying. Landeriliketodressasawoman stole millions from them too.

Anonymous said...

This is what Wikipedia says about tigger, whoever he or she may really be:

Tigger is a fictional tiger-like character originally introduced in A. A. Milne's book The House at Pooh Corner. He is easily recognized by his orange and black stripes, beady eyes, a long chin, springy tail, and his bouncy personality. As he says himself, "Bouncing is what Tiggers do best." Like other Pooh characters, Tigger is based on one of Christopher Robin Milne's stuffed animals.

Warden Smith said...

I do not believe Landeryou has any comprehension just how violent, painful, brutal and degrading the attacks upon and violations of his person Brutus, Bubba and the Hot Rodders have planned will be.

Vexnes - the blog of crime and hate said...

On Vexnews, Landeryou acts as pimp, puppetmaster and Master of Ceremonies to Young Libs lured to his toxic blog by artful, misleading and deceptive 'stories'.

The pampered rich kids have no idea they are in the presence of The Beast - a fraudster, serial corporate asset-stripper, internet libeller and stalker. Being dumb and unsophisticated, they don't realise Vexnews is busily downloading a malware cookie on their computers, or that their IP addresses are being recorded and perhaps passed on to third parties.

Landeryou promises anonymity to whistleblowers. What a disgusting liar. Many of his whistleblowers have ended up centre-stage on vexnews much to their horror and disgust. Ultimately Landeryou is a bumbling, failed bureaucrat figure who lies while he is lying.

Moby Dick said...

Executed Chinese criminals unwittingly have been donating their organs to the medical profession there.

Cait Catt says Vexnews is read by the CIA and ASIO, but that is because they are planning to make Landeryou 'disappear' and to sell his bloated carcase to the Japanese as a whaling-offset. They have calculated that Landeryou represents thirteen tons of whale blubber.

Are the Japs ready for KFC flavoured whale sashimi?

Halal Chicken Marketing Dept said...

We'd better hurry up then! We were planning to make Mr Landeryou disappear before he got rid of us due to the global financial crash.

We we thinking of selling him off as 'Bile Bites', 'Blubber Rings' or Halal Whalemeat.

little Theo said...

I'm still sunning myself nude in sunny Cyprus thanks to Theo's sick leave. I look like a fried party frank on steroids! YeeHaa!

More importantly, Theo found where those sneaky locals had hidden their womenfolk and daughters. Theo and I have been steadily working our way through those that are unemployed nutters ever since. There are quite a few in that category fortunately.

I don't know what Theo sees in this type of woman. It can't just be a power thing, can it? As usual, I just lurv a good root!

The Cypriot people seem to have a fascination for sausages like Loukanika, which makes me rather anxious while nude sunbathing. I can't afford to nod off in case a local creeps up and nicks me for dinner.

Theo was very relieved when his mate Newnham narrowly survived two nights ago. But he was purturbed that Shorten and Conroy were fence-sitting. "I feel another fortnight's sick leave coming on" he said philosophically.

Snip snip said...

Brumby is very pissed off that Newnham hasn't been fired yet. Landeryou, and Newnham both said Brumby had OK'd the Kororoit dirty tricks too. If Newnham can be surgically separated from the ALP, that big fat link won't exist, will it?

Anonymous said...

It won't be a good look having the state secretary in the dock for aiding and abetting Landeryou in the lead up to the state election.

Anonymous said...

Fat Andy has not updated his hate site since Thursday. Drunk! Drunk! Drunk! Drunk! Drunk!

Concerned said...

I saw an immensely fat woman completely covered by a burqua on Sydney Road at Coburg today hawking what she called halal chicken sausages to the faithful. Oddly enough she had a very deep, manly voice.

Could this have been Landeryou, dressed as a woman yet again, attempting to fan the flames of racial hatred by selling Muslims sausages made of pigs anuses (steeped in alcohol too to add insult to injury)?

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Concerned, are you suggesting that that the pork meat that was substituted into the chicken halal sausages was marinated in alcohol?

Do you think Andrew used a red or white wine for the marinade?

Concerned said...

The fake vodka from the club in Geelong owned by friends and supporters of his and Richard Marles, Mrs Idris. That is what Landeryou marinades his pork "chicken" halal sausages in.

Kindergarten Cops said...

THE Australian Federal Police has quit its investigation into the AWB kickbacks in Iraq, after a legal review decided there was virtually no hope of prosecuting criminal charges against any of the board's former officers.

But senior lawyers believe it highly unlikely that even ASIC will pursue criminal charges against the former AWB executives, who helped funnel almost $300 million to Saddam Hussein's regime in breach of United Nations sanctions.

The scandal severely damaged the former Coalition government and saw then prime minister John Howard and two of his cabinet ministers called to the witness box in a judicial inquiry led by commissioner Terence Cole, QC., says The Age.

Why is it ALWAYS so difficult to prosecute high-flying corporate criminals? I suppose the coppers are frightened of the expensive lawyers these scheming millionaires can afford.

And why isn't Landeryou in jail yet?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, the world's laziest and sleasiest blogger, can't be bothered updating Vexnews which is becoming increasingly moribund - except for the union-bashing and Young Liberals blogs that harass those unfortunate organisations. What a horrible libellous stalker and crim!


tigger said...

Dear slanderyou afficiandos,considering my entry is possibly the only one not from landeryou's hand -or brain?- it is a clear winner.I await those Gloria Jean vouchers. HOW LONG IS LANDERYOU GOING TO HOLD OU!.

Il Duce Landeryou said...

I have nominated Mrs Alice Idris for a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate because of her fearless, in-depth investigative reporting of Landeryou's vile attempt to start WW III with his 'Halal Chicken' which she has demonstrated to be (in fact) pig anuses steeped in alcohol and cooked according to kosher practices. What could be more provocative to our Muslim friends that this concoction of profanity?

Lucky for Landeryou that his address is still a well kept secret. Yes, it's illegal to publish political comments on Vexnews without an address for service, but Landeryou has done so for many years. One day, the Fat Cave will be besieged by thousands of angry people. Landeryou will be hung from the nearest lamp-post!

Joe Pulitzer said...

If Mr Landeryou had modelled his Vexnews investgative reporting on Mrs Alice Idris instead of Jack Pacholli, Vexnews might have been able to survive.

For decades Pacholli continued to publish whatever he liked in a string of suburban papers, apparently unperturbed by writs and threats of legal action. Labor politicians John Cain, Clyde Holding, Steve Crabb and Tom Roper were targets of his newspapers and he was sued by prime minister Bob Hawke and royal commissioner Frank Costigan, QC.

Because Pacholli was bankrupt and had not registered his businesses, ruined investors or people defamed in his scurrilous publications had difficulty finding anyone to sue.

He was bankrupted in NSW in October 1957 and remained undischarged for decades.

Mr Landeryou appears headed in that direction!

Theo in Cyprus said...


Pigs anuses marinated in vodka. That's a very tasty culinary mix!

Prison visitor said...

One of the Barwon Jail Hot Rodders has finished his term and been released, unrepentant and unrehabilitated.

Brutus Beefcake has given him his orders: "Find Landeryou. Give him a taste of what he has coming to him. You will be back inside and part of the welcoming party when he finally arrives."

I fear for Andrew.

Anonymous said...

These people have clearly never heard of Andrew Landeryou and his hate blog Poxnews with its “No nigras in the White House” and “Make our Town Hall Asian free” campaigns.

Or they might have some standards and exclude the rantings of drunken loons.

Peruvian journalist wins ‘Most Racist Article’ award
Posted by Martin Dominguez on 28 August 2009 at 13:12

Peruvian writer Andrés Bedoya Ugarteche has been named by charity Survival as the winner of its Most Racist Article of the Year award.

The 13 June article headlined “The poor chunchos and other idiocies” is condemned by Survival as “offensive rubbish” - although Ugarteche himself has denied he was being racist.

Describing indigenous people as “ignorant, primitive, violent chunchos from the pre-agricultural age”, the column in Peruvian daily Correo also called the government “butchers and assassins” and the opposition “communist excrement”.

Referring to the police killed in a clash with indigenous protesters in Northern Peru, he wrote that “if the “natives” didn’t shrink the heads of the policemen they killed and eat their remains, it was only because there wasn’t time.”

In the penultimate paragraph of his article, the writer implies a solution to the issue of indigenous people: “I don’t know what keeps Alan [Garcia, the president] from providing the air force with all the napalm necessary.”

Further epithets in the piece described Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as “dung with ears” and opposition supporters’ opinions as “brothel lies.”

Asked about his “win” by Lima newspaper El Comercio, the writer denied he was being racist, saying that it was in fact Peru’s indigenous people who are racist.

He said: “They’re the ones who are racist and I was just drawing attention to it.”

“To be a racist, I would have to be a pure blood and I’m not one,” he said. “I hope they give me a medal, a diploma and a special ceremony.”

The original article is still live on Correo’s website, but Spanish-speaking internet users have formed a Facebook group called “Against Correo and Bedoyda Ugarteche” which today reached 892 members.

Survival was founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK’s Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia.

The London-based charity spends over £800,000 a year on charitable projects including education.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Thank you for the kind comments about my investigative work on exposing the alcohol drenched pork meat substitution in Andrew's chicken halal sausages.

I'd like to claim I'm a citizen journalist, but I am too humble for that.

Anonymous said...

What evil is the fat man planning for this week in his gross and criminal obesity?

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Alice, great work. Slanderyou should offer you a writers credit

Worshipping a Bum said...

Mrs Idris is a charming, wholesome, concerned, citizen on patrol. Excellent investigative reportage!

What a contrast to scheming crim, corporate asset-stripper, serial internet libeller and stalker Landeryou and Vexnews.

My heart sank when I read on this blog (not in a story by Mrs Idris, but another patriot) about how southern African tribespeople have been duped into worshipping a giant poster of Landeryou's vile nether regions. I hope they realise the error of their ways soon and stop buying his sickening offal products!

Pig's Arse said...

SS and Gestapo leader Heinrich Himmler was a former CHICKEN FARMER!

This is a very frightening portent for Landeryou's foray into selling alleged chicken products. Mrs Alice Idris has shown that Landeryou's Halal Chicken products are fraudulent. Her discoveries, disgusting as they are, are included on this blog.

Is Landeryou growing pork?

A patriot said...

Like the alchemists searching for a way to turn base metals into gold, obese lunatic Andrew Landeryou is questing for knowledge that he believes will let him turn pork, beef, veal, lamb, mutton, goat, kangaroo, horse, dog, cat, rat and witchety grub into chicken that he can then dust down with an approximation of the Colonel's secret herbs and spices and put in the deep fryer and eat.

Landeryou sells the by-products of his insane experimentation as halal chicken to unsuspecting followers of the Prophet.

Deep fat fryer said...

Whatever did happen to all the excess sausages?

Square Eyes said...

More bad news for Andrew Landeryou.

Not only did just 467 people read his hate blog Poxnews in all of July, but his hopes to be the subject of a reality TV program Ten Kilos Heavier in Ten Minutes appear doomed going by this story from the Courier Mail...

Fat shows attract big hugs in America, but given wide berth in Australia

• Shows about fat people go large in the US
• Same shows not rating well in Australia

HAVE a sandwich, Twiggy. In fact, go ahead and down a six-foot sub. With extra cheese.

Fat is suddenly fabulous, at least on American television, a realm once thought to be the exclusive stage for stick figures.

Drop Dead Diva, a dramatic-comedy series about a rail-thin model reincarnated as a plump lawyer, is scoring the highest ratings for a new lifestyle series in the US since Army Wives debuted in 2007.

However Australians are less impressed.

The series debuted on the Nine Network on August 3, with ratings six points down on ratings-winner Seven, despite a big thumbs up from TV critics.

Even though Diva had only screened in Sydney and Brisbane, the network wanted to immediately axe it from the Monday lineup, but has left it where it is for the meantime.

Dance Your Ass Off, in which massive contestants shake their jiggly bits to wild applause, hit ratings gold in the US although it was a flop in Australia and so derided it was taken off air after one episode last month.

Go Tim! said...

I'm hoping Tim Holding is safe. I don't like what he has done to us in rural Victoria near Melbourne with new water charges. But that is separate - and irrelevant - during this crisis for him!

Having said all that, why can't Theo take up adventure hiking in the hills?

Vindictiveness Rules, OK said...

Theo couldn't take up adventure hiking in the hills because he can't find his scrawny butt using both hands?

The Age yesterday said he is still planning to crush the woman who alleged he raped her which led to the recent presentment in Melbourne that failed.

little Theo said...

Theo could never get lost in the bush. When erect, with a magnet stuck up Theo's backside, I usually point unerringly to the north.

Providing Theo had a map, we could easily get out of any dangerous situation.

On this occasion though, I would not fancy getting frostbite. Brrrrww!

Anonymous said...

All joking aside, I hope Tim Holding is secure and warm tonight in the Alps.

I am what Landeryou would call a Leftard, and Tim is a Rightist. I wish him well of course, and want him to proudly walk out tomorrow!

Snowman said...

Less charitable mean folks have invaded vexnews with comments about Tim Holding that Landeryou wisely has deleted.

A person lost on a mountain in a snowstorm deserves the empathy of EVERYONE.

Is Landeryou gradually becoming human? That's a very frightening thought!

C'MON TIM said...

The Age coverage on Tim Holding is less optimistic overnight.

I don't want a bad outcome. That would be too awful. He deserves a much better outcome than that.

Anonymous said...

FACT: Landeryou ate Tim Holding.

Once Landeryou finally regains consciousness today and after he has his enemas and finally gets round to updating his little read hate site the headline will read: "LEFTARD AGENT PROVOCATEUR SNARES BELOVED DELLA"

Miss Elizabeth said...

I think Landeryou will feel quite emboldened by the Della news.

He will put on his sauciest spring frock, tip three litres of Miss Dior over his obese frame and go and stand outside some smart bar somewhere in the CBD making eyes at all the young executives who pass by.

Anna F said...

And Della Bosca is married to Belinda Neal!!! Scarey stuff...... for Della

Randy Macho Man Savage said...

Andy might empathize with Della.

After all, Andy did have a long affair with one of his pork halal sausages. Andy called the sausage Mohammad.

Anonymous said...

Onyer Tim! Now back to the fray!

Chop Chop said...

Belinda won't be happy!

My bet is that Belle will put his member through a mincer.

Anonymous said...

Unlike a certain former Victorian minister, Della is into consensual sex.

Concerned said...

For the sake of public safety Belinda should do to Theo (and Little Theo) what she is going to do to her hubby.

A patriot said...

Have patriots seen Poxnews' coverage of Della Bosca today. It can be summed up in five words: 'It's all the woman's fault'.

For someone who dresses as a woman, Landeryou really doesn't like them.

Anonymous said...

landeryou is jealous

he wants to have a cunt but doesnt so he just acts like one

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Great to see you safe Tim.

Vegan Chicken said...

If Andy was lost in the bush like Tim - how long do you think he would survive?

Given the tonnes of fat that dress his frame, I reckon he would have food/fat stores for about 7 weeks.

Mussulman Curry Pork said...

I reckon Andrew would survive about seven months

Entertainment Tonight said...

The Poxnews coverage of Della Bosca come from a Young Liberal who now lives overseas. That is beyond parody.

Lateline Business said...

I have sent hundreds of hiking brochures to Landeryou and Theo in hopes they will discern publicity possibilities for Vexnews, and business opportunities for Theo's flagging career.

Theo has apparently invested heavily in Landeryou's Halal Chicken products. His major investment was in 'Green Halal Chicken' which is pigs anuses in springwater. Another, smaller investment, was in 'Halal Chicken Exxon Valdez' which are pigs anuses in oil.

little Theo said...

That's not what Landeryou told us.

He said his Halal Chicken is "ultra premium" Aussie chooks prepared according to Halal ritual.

I would be very surprised if he is fobbing us off with pig anuses as chicken. That's a really disgusting rumour.

Theo, as everyone now realises, doesn't take kindly to being rooted himself.

Red Velvet Couch said...

Hey, when if ever, is Theo going to actually represent his constituents?

He is the Louise Asher of the Labor state government - disappeared, inactive and a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

Theo was as lazy a Minister as Landeryou is lazy in updating his blog of hate.

Not Proven said...

I hope Theo plans to resign from Parliament pronto! I hope he isn't going to show his face there as a representative of the people ever again.

The recent outcome of his committal proceedings for an alleged rape years ago was not equivocal but nor was it a not guilty verdict. The magistrate simply said the necessary evidence was not there.

Many since have suggested a jury trial would have produced a fairer outcome for both Theo and his accuser. In that case there would have been a 'guilty' or 'not guilty' verdict - and not the 'maybe', 'maybe not' decision of the committing magistrate.

Theo was not committed for trial which means he is technically innocent now, but with a question mark thanks to the 'lack of evidence' addendum!

A patriot said...

Are there many hiking trails in Costa Rica?

Real Editor Pans Vexnews said...

I’m surprised to see you, of all people, attacking someone for having an opinion. If we removed the opinion from your blog what would be left?

In future I ask you to refrain from calling our journalists grubs. They’re not. It isn’t Inga who should be apologising.

Posted by Stephen Acott, mX editor | September 1, 2009, 15:09

Another Vexnews Critic said...

This tragic situation is not about winning points. The only win is if Tim Holding walks out of the bush safe and sound. Your grubby attempts to make this a political statement and besmirch my good name and professional credibility is a cheap shot and more reflective of your uninformed lack of moral judgement, and the gossipy trash you peddle. Give my regards to Wally.

Andrew Dwyer
Diamantina Touring Co

Posted by Andrew Dwyer | August 31, 2009, 21:46

Anonymous said...

Landeryou a gossipy trash peddler?

Andrew Dwyer was being very polite.

Ask Sam said...

Poxnews has not been updated since yesterday.

We all know that the fat man got inspired by Della's luck and went out yesterday to try and get laid.

Heaven forbid but perhaps he got lucky.

kevin of southbank said...

I read that " EXPERIENCED hikers yesterday questioned whether Water Minister Tim Holding was properly prepared for his ill-fated climb up Mount Feathertop.

Bushwalkers said he was ill-equipped for the climb without snowshoes, crampons, an ice axe and an EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indication Radio Beacon). He also broke the bushwalkers' rule of walking in groups of at least three."

Landeryou, in the same way, is ill equipped to be a journalist that he claims to be

Press corps said...

Interesting point about the "group of three", Kevin. Landeryou must believe that by weighing the same amount as eight healthy male journos of his age and height he has eight times the credibility. His reasoning is as flawed as his claims to be a journalist.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Me and my hot rodding men will make Landeryou wish he was naked on a ridge on Mt Feathertop in a raging storm in the middle of winter.

That is not pleasant but at least unlike an encounter with us Barwon boys that would not cause severe internal injuries.

Anonymous said...

The Editor of mX was right - Landeryou is an opinionated BORE!

Dead parrot said...

I wonder if why Andy didn't join Timmy on his trek was because there wasn't a KFC handy.

Deep fat fryer said...

DP you might think that the helicopter guys would have been relieved by Andy's absence. The helicopter would have surely crashed trying to winch him up.

So I guess, Andy did us all a favour, by not requiring the state to buy a replacement helicopter.

Media Watch said...

No Poxnews today. Yesterday's was nothing but Hallmark Cards- style saccharine sentimentality about Tim Holding. If it manages 267 readers this month I will be amazed.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Landeryou will get sentimental when his ravaged bowel is removed.

Dr Who said...

The Government will establish a Resource Sector Employment Taskforce to help secure up to 70,000 skilled workers required to build and operate major resource sector projects over the next decade.

Poor Andy, as an unskilled unemployed spiv, he misses out.

Anonymous said...

Booze sodden transvestite criminal Andrew Landeryou finally updated his little read site earlier this evening.

He posted a picture of roast ducks hanging up in a window in Chinatown.

Perhaps the obese freak has deserted KFC.

Spider Pig said...

So Andy confirms he is a liberal party blogger.

No surprise there.

Weak as piss said...

Several more nasty anti-Tim Holding comments on Vexnews. It is sometimes really hard to read what Madman Landeryous is up to. Tim is a rightwinger laborite (whatever that means) and therefore entitled to the toxic support of Vexnews. But that support has not really eventuated.

It is sort of like the lukewarm support on Vexnews of Theo during that worthy's recent rape committal proceedings.

Law and Order said...

Police charged with preventing violence in the city have a terrifying tale to tell of Tuesday night.

As Tuesday night turned into Wednesday morning reports came from the King Street nightclub precinct that patriotic Hells Angels members on ice going about their lawful business of assaulting surgically augmented strippers were disturbed by a grotesquely obese bald man in a dress who reeked of fortified wine and rancid chicken fat.

"I'm Andr... Ellen," it said. "You can do anything you want to me as long as I can call you Tim."

The police officers say that it was pure luck all those approached in this way were too shocked to respond with violence.

Concerned said...

Typical Landeryou! He steals millions from Solly Lew, establishes a fake charity and loots the MUSU to fund his KFC fixation and obsession with plus sized women's clothes.

Now he risks causing another CBD shooting rampage as he pursues sick sexual gratification.

RSPCA said... reports

ANIMAL rights activists today released a film in which thousands of discarded male chicks are shown being ground up while still alive - cruel treatment which they said is typical of the modern poultry industry.

"These young animals are sorted, discarded, and handled like mere cogs in a machine," said the animal activist group Mercy For Animals.

This sort of casual brutality is an everyday occurrence in the Fat Cave as Landeryou seeks to replicate the recipe for KFC.

It's raining pig's bums, Abdul said...

Landeryou has apparently approached the Australian Defence Force with a ludicrous plan. He wants the ADF to buy crates of pig anuses from him that can then be dropped on Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan as "psychological warfare". He supplied what he described as authoritative, supportive reports from well-known military expert, Sgt Sasha Uzunov.

A patriot said...

Interesting news. Does this mean that Landeryou is finally admitting that alcohol-marinated pigs anuses are not Halal?

Masterchef Australia said...

Slanderyou, I am interested in your introduction to this patriotic piece. "Patriots might wish to cast their minds back to May 2005, when Patriot ABC Radio presenter Jon Faine, at great risk, interrogated Andrew Landeryou..."

Do you mean there was a chance Landeryou might have dunked Faine in his deep fat fryer and eaten him?

Anonymous said...

From the Australian -- "THE 89-year-old white supremacist accused of shooting dead a black security guard at Washington's Holocaust Museum is too dangerous to be free despite his advanced age, prosecutors argued overnight."

That other racist Andrew Landeryou is too dangerous to be free because of his weight.

sandgroper said...

Landeryou's fellow criminal and expert in destroying other people's money or spending it to indulge himself Brian Burke is back in court today for a hearing to set dates for trial on charges of disclosing official secrets

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Masterchief the "risk" issue referred to Faine being scared that landeryou might sit on him and crush him.

Would have made for awful radio.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

Do you think the Malaysians were concerned with Andrew's pork substituted chicken halal sausages.

Click through my name for the link to an interesting story.

The dates do coincide.

Concerned said...

Interesting story, Mrs Idris

I suspect the criminal Fat Andrew Landeryou was attempting to sabotage the Malaysian halal export industry by spiking its products with pork to ensure market dominance of his own halal chicken (pork) sausage.

Mark my words this dangerous man will stop at nothing in his efforts to incite global jihad and total war between Islam and the West.

Entertainment Tonight said...

Buddha Boy's vile misogyny is on display again as he attacks the woman toyed with by John Della Bosca, Kate Neill.

It is clear. Not only does Buddha Boy hate all women. He is gnawed at by the most terrible envy that he wasn't fucked by Della too.

Brutus Beefcake said...

Don't worry Landeryou. I'm going to fuck you.

Bubba said...

Me too and violently.

The Barwon Jail Hot Rodders said...

And so say all of us.

Brutus Beefcake said...

I will fuck Andrew more violently than you can Bubba. There is such a thing as a prolapsed anal cavity, but the surgeons see one rarely. This will be their chance!

Anonymous said...

If the news from Barwon Jail wasn't bad enough, thinks have just got worse for El Gordo.

Overweight boys less likely to shed weight as adults: study

Boys battling obesity are less likely than girls to shed the excess weight before adulthood, preliminary findings of a study have found.

Boys and girls who remain overweight or obese longer during adolescence will have little success in shedding extra kilos, but social stigmas give girls the upper hand, the researchers found.
Dr George Patton of the University of Melbourne's Centre for Adolescent Health presented the study's preliminary findings on Thursday at the Obesity Forum 2009 in Melbourne.

The study included 2,000 young Victorians aged from 16 to 24.

Young people who have been overweight less than 12 months and increase their physical activity and reduce their calorie intake will halve the likelihood of still being overweight or obese by age 24, the study found.

``Whether you're male or female, the longer you're obese as a teenager the worse the outcome,'' Dr Patton said.

``The message is, if the weight gain is not too severe as a teenager, if it doesn't last too long, then these things work.''

``The difference is that between boys and girls, girls do a lot more.''

Females are told at young ages that being thin is preferred, Dr Patton said, but most of that pressure comes from other women and could be disastrous.

``They are the ones who are at risk of developing eating disorders - so it's a double-edged sword,'' he said.

``And it could be that boys don't get that kind of feedback from their peers in the ways that girls do.

``It's a less important part of their self-concept of identity than girls.''

The difference means boys are at a disadvantage when trying to shed the kilos as young adults.

``Lifestyle changes do not work and if you're obese, and the longer you've been obese, the worse it gets.''

Shrink to the Stars said...

Andrew Landeryou hates and fears women and yet he wants to be one. No wonder his life is one massive self destructive spree. Everything from his shameless criminality as a business person to his gluttony, drinking and drugging shows someone who wants to completely destroy their reputation and themselves as spectacularly and publicly as possible.

Go Sophie, Go Go Go said...

Landeryou will be quaking under his reinforced bed next Thursday night when Sophie Mirabella holds forth on ABC-TV's Q & A.

Sophie years ago was first to finger Landeryou and the Melbourne University Student Union mafia scams, frauds and asset-stipping that bankrupted MUSU and rocked Melbourne Uni to its gold-buckled shoes.

But Sophie has moved on, and is probably unlikely to mention smalltime, leftover Landeryou or his new metamorphosis as the Vexnews Blog of Hate, Libel, Stalking and general nastiness!

I've got a whole week to devise a question for the program that will draw her into a detailed comment about the misuse of the internet by people like Landeryou to libel people you don't know.

Patriots should ensure that they contribute to the program and help unmask the criminality of Landeryou on national TV.

Could be fun said...

The questions about Landeryou for Q & A should be Vexnews-centric, and refer to his misuse of internet technology to libel honourable Aussies like Les Twentyman - and, of course, Sophie herself.

A reminder to Sophie about the MUSU scandles would focus her mind on the abominable Vewnews blog.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Q & A site to see how to frame questions! There are several formats for questions...

Anonymous said...

I will ask Sophie if it is true that Landerfat was selling computers that did not belong to him when he was at university.

MUSU surfaces again said...

Same shit, different day on Vexnews. Another rant about a lefty at today's Melbourne Uni Student Union. If true, things haven't changed much since Landeryou was acting like a crim and standover man at MUSU.

MD said...

Andrew Landerfatdrunkcriminaltransvestite won't be seen in the NT soon:-

Cask wine could be banned across the Top End, with the four litre sacks of bargain booze blamed for aggravating problem drinking.

If the measures to curtail grog-fuelled violence and crime get the green light, Darwin could become the first capital city in Australia to blacklist goon bags.

``These casks each contain 30 standard drinks,'' Licensing Commission chairman Richard O'Sullivan said of the four to five litre boxes.

``At a price of $12.95 each, for any person seeking bang for their buck with alcohol that it 43 cents per standard drink.

``That compares to beer purchased at a bar at $2 or $3 per standard drink or take away beer at around $1.30.''

Anonymous said...

In the above post, another fat public servant was to punish everyone for the excesses of a minority. Grog with all the taxes is far more expensive than petrol already. Premier Brumby had the 'bright' idea a sew days ago to up taxes on grog to cut down on street violence. Again punishing all because of a few lamebrains.

Get real!

Another Vexnews Critic said...

Landy is taking a few solid hits in the commentaries to his Blog of Hate these days. His fake commenters must be on strike:

"What a badly written piece.

are you trying to break the world record for most adjectives used in a sentence?

maybe this site shouldn’t solely contain articles which flagrantly defame young women in the most vicious, sexist ways concievable.

this doesn’t even make any real points. it’s just nasty".

Posted by gerdel | September 4, 2009, 16:40

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Masterchief the "risk" issue referred to Faine being scared that landeryou might sit on him and crush him.

Would have made for awful radio.

Weak as piss said...

Several more nasty anti-Tim Holding comments on Vexnews. It is sometimes really hard to read what Madman Landeryous is up to. Tim is a rightwinger laborite (whatever that means) and therefore entitled to the toxic support of Vexnews. But that support has not really eventuated.

It is sort of like the lukewarm support on Vexnews of Theo during that worthy's recent rape committal proceedings.

A patriot said...

Have patriots seen Poxnews' coverage of Della Bosca today. It can be summed up in five words: 'It's all the woman's fault'.

For someone who dresses as a woman, Landeryou really doesn't like them.

Moby Dick said...

Executed Chinese criminals unwittingly have been donating their organs to the medical profession there.

Cait Catt says Vexnews is read by the CIA and ASIO, but that is because they are planning to make Landeryou 'disappear' and to sell his bloated carcase to the Japanese as a whaling-offset. They have calculated that Landeryou represents thirteen tons of whale blubber.

Are the Japs ready for KFC flavoured whale sashimi?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou drinks like a fish! He must be incredibly rich!

The prices go up every three months thanks to CPI creep that governments now build into all taxes and charges. Thanks for nothing you greedy twats!

Ray's Tent City said...

Mr Landeryou is often here purchasing large six person tents.

Vexnews Revealed said...

Hey Anon

I also assumed Andrew was too drunk to update Poxnews today then Fat Cave insiders told me a different story.

Andrew wanted to wear his favourite dress from a couple of year back today. Unfortunately he only weighed 400 kilos then as opposed to the 500 kilos plus he now weighs.

He got stuck in the dress and could not free himself until after several hours of frantic wriggling it finally burst at the seams.

Spider Pig said...

Let's be clear, I have nothing to do with Landeryou's Spiderman fantasies

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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