Monday, May 04, 2009

Vexnews in StormFront Shitstorm

Vexnews, the financially strapped pet project of serial wealth destroyer and professional bankrupt Andrew Landeryou, is embroiled in another fascist controversy, involving StormFront.

StormFront is a fascist internet talk shop for race haters.

StormFront participants have pinpointed Vexnews as a primary source for hate information.

The relationship between StormFront and Vexnews was established some months ago.

The disturbing developments have been compounded by the 50,000 plus readership of the StormFront website.

A range of independent, fair minded patriotic commentators have stated that this is a huge “shitstorm” for Vexnews.

Given that Vexnews’ readership ratings have collapsed, forging an alliance with 50,000 fascists is a worrying development.

Patriots will not only be alerted, but alarmed.

106 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

An connection between Stormfront and Vexnews is a concoction.

How could a neo-Nazi site possibly support Vexnews, given the patriotic anti-Nazi record of both Vexnews and of Andrew Landeryou.

It is disgraceful that Slanderyou should peddle such filth.

Rita Randles said...

It is obvious that at least one contributor to Stormfront looks at Vexnews, and describes Andrew as far right.

In fact that contributor was commenting on the fact that many leaks from the Liberal Party go to Vexnews first, and then the daily newspapers take it from there.

Robert Doyle, when he was Opposition Leader, could not get the media to look at his press releases, so he put them on the blog run by Erik Locke, an AlP figure, and frequently the dailies picked them up from there.

The fact that an obnoxious anti-semitic rant looks at a blog doesn't mean that that blog is anti-semitic. Stormfront probably looks at Slanderyou too.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Landeryou adopted the "Jenny Jensen-Hansen" persona we have noted the shift to the far right of politics. Landeryou uses this guise to express his deep hatred of the labour movement and the ALP. This new connection between Landeryou and Stormfront is not surprising given thew context.

kevin of southbank said...

What's the matter Andy - embarrassed?

Iceberg said...

I've always said that
Landeryou is a NAZI!

Anonymous said...

That explains the buttplug I guess.

Dr Phil said...

I believe the Stormfront Stormtroopers feel a deep affinity with Jenny and Cait, not Andrew directly. "I am Henderson Ross" has also become an admired figure among the neo nazis with his unswerving obedience to his master, Andrew. The model they like.

Andrew's paramilitary operation on slanderyou, with the imagination figments queuing up to defend the "great man" also has a fascist edge.

Rita Randles said...

StormFront will not like this story on Vexnews tonight. No wonder with stories like this Vexnews is Australia's premier news site. It's no wonder the CIA and ASIO regard Vexnews as their Australian news site of choice. It's no wonder Vexnews is in line to win a Walkley. Read on:

MAKING NEWS: Rising tide of anger over State Library Nazi attack on Kennett
By VEXNEWS ⋅ May 3, 2009

sunhsun The Sunday Herald Sun, Victoria’s most popular newspaper, has embraced and extended the VEXNEWS story on the shameful State Library of Victoria Nazi art attack on former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett.

Our story from earlier this week is here.

The piece was made in the mid 90s yet not purchased by the SLV until 2000, months after Kennett’s surprising defeat in the 1999 election.

The Sunday’s James Campbell managed to extract possibly career-ending statements from the SLV’s spin-doctor who denied the swastikas were swastikas and attacked one of his colleagues who runs the Library’s Collections saying he wasn’t qualified to comment on the art. (He’d described the swastikas as swastikas).

Matthew Van Hasselt comments were not unreasonably described as “bizarre” by the Sunday Herald Sun. In a spin, the poor dude said they weren’t swastikas, they could have been anything, perhaps cacti:

But the State Library hit back, with spokesman Matthew Van Hasselt bizarrely saying there was no evidence the artist meant the trees to be swastikas - even though the exhibition’s program notes said the trees are “shaped into swastikas”.

“People are free to interpret it any way they like,” he said. “They could just be cacti.”

matthew van hasselt fool Certainly van Hasselt’s colleagues might think him something of a cactus prick after slamming the head of Collections:

Mr Van Hasselt also took a swipe at Shane Carmody, the library’s director of access and collections, who wrote the program notes.

“He’s explaining the work as he sees it, but I don’t think he’s qualified to speak to the artist’s intention,” he said.

Carmody is in charge of the cataloguing and classifying of everything in the Library so you’d think he’s probably one of the best qualified people in Victoria to “comment on the artist’s intention”. His duties include:

* the State Collection
* information services and resources
* acquisitions, digitisation and cataloguing
* collection conservation
* storage, retrieval and reformatting
* exhibitions and events.

That’s just his job. He buys and classifies everything that is in the Library, no doubt with plenty of left-wing librarian staff to assist him. Laura Bush was the exception who proves rule about librarian being lefties, some have said. What about the “unqualified” chap’s academic qualifications?

Shane has an honours degree in History from the University of Melbourne with a second major in Fine Arts and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in History and Historical Urban Geography. Shane undertook his studies in Toronto as a Rotary Foundation Graduate Scholar.

Oops. Looks reasonably well qualified with his Fine Arts major and multiple Arts degrees to spot the difference between a swastika and a cactus.

It’s perhaps the SLV’s spin doctor who might not be up to his job. Not exactly Alistair Campbell is he?

Back to the artiste, whose swastikas have rightly caused considerable outrage, he is clearly a shock jock with a paint-brush and a pot of taxpayer gold from the adopted nation he seems to hate so much.

In this work, Davilia presents famed Aussie explorers Burke & Wills as gay outback lovers “Burke and Willis” with an image we’d best not describe in case we “misunderstand the artist’s intention.”

Cait Catt said...

I have no feelings towards the stormtroopers Dr Phil. Perhaps you have.

Mad Cow said...

Landeryou, if he intends to continue to publish the failing Poxnews must do an ultra basic journalism course.

His story 'DISGUSTING: State Library exhibition labels Jeff Kennett a Nazi' is a nonsensical beatup.

The State Library purshased an art print, now on exhibition, that 'depicts Jeff Kennett as a cow in a blasted landscape with trees shaped into swastikas'.

Self-proclaied editor-in-chief Landeryou (also an art critic it seems) pronounces that the print 'portrays former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett as a Nazi'.

It does no such thing.

Landeryou is a tiresome nutcase.

Anonymous said...

The fat freak, fraud and failure has not updated his Poxnews hate blog since Wednesday.

This is clearly a sign of the toll the virulent chicken flu is taking on his already alcohol-weakened system.

I am Henderson Ross. said...

This is utter sleaze and filth. All you are doing is prosecuting guilt by association. Shame. I am Henderson Ross.

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you Henderson.

Zonga Ali said...

Just referring to the Koran about what you said Henderson. Mohammed (PBUH) said that was fine.

Dr Phil said...

Landeryou back to being a boy: Zonga, Henderson Ross. I have noticed Andrew's feminine side comes out over the weekends.

Now it's time for him to become a man. A much more difficult task for Andrew.

Concerned said...

If Fat Andrew is going to be a man, it means having to take responsibility for his own incompetence and criminality.

That is an impossible ask for the fat man.

It is much easier for him to insist that, no, he really is Pauline Hanson's daughter.

Anonymous said...

Why would I bother reading Poxnews when all it does is repeat A DAY LATER what newspapers report?

Anonymous said...

Poxnews is a day behind the newspapers but only on the days the drunken loon behind the slop is sober enough to type.

Chopper said...

Re the State Library / Jeff Kennett brouhaha on Poxnews.

Landeryou's pot shots at all and sundry have earned him an interesting new enemy in Shane Carmody. Shanee is well connected and an operator. I'm putting an tick beside his name.

When the guillotine blade finally falls on Landy's fat neck, Shane will be nowhere to be seen. Never is...

Anonymous said...

Clearly Andy's Nazi friends don't know he is a cross dresser.

Madam Defarge said...

So many enemies!

So few friends - and all of them are imaginary!

I'd be happy to help pull the lever on the fat crime tycoon!

Anonymous said...

Why would a serial corporate asset-stripper, stalker, internet pest, and fool turn his hand to libelling honest folk like Shane Carmody, Les Twentyman, OAM, Victorian of the Year and various hard-working treade union bosses?

It's because he is an E S C A P E D MADMAN!

IDIOTS said...

Landeryou has been left looking like a total tool. Nazi Hunter he ain't. The Jeff Kennett 'Nazi' story was laughable rubbish. The Sunday Herald Sun reporter who followed up on it looks like an even bigger tool! He would have been smarter to avoid anything that appears on Poxnews. It's all low grade, childish nonsense, written by a rank amateur.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's real crimes have yet to be prosecuted. The shocking asset stripping of the Melbourne University Student Union (MUSU), via the "Instititional services" and Marbain scams resulted in direct losses to MUSU of over $1.2 million (money that went into Landeryou's overseas accounts). The $40 million Optima property scam exposed MUSU to such a liability and risk that it was liquidated. Again, another Landeryou scam. THe crook Landeryou has much to answer for in a court of law.

Spider Pig said...

Let me get this straight.

Apart from Landeryou claiming the story about McLucas - when the News Corp ran it first - Landeryou is nonetheless upset that "... McLucas pretends to be a "Cairns-based" Senator while actually living full-time in Canberra".

So where abouts do you reside Landeryou? Address unkown? When will the AEC investigate?

Concerned said...

How come Andy hasn't publicly denied this story?

Looks like he is guilty of this too.

catter8 said...

Slanderyou be fearful. We will get you. Read all about it in today's Fairfax footy web page:

Next week, the feared Cattery

Michael Cowley | May 4, 2009

WIN one at home, lose one on the road, win one at home … it's become a pattern for the Swans, and they will have to produce something special if they are to buck the trend next weekend.

Flying to Perth to play at Subiaco against West Coast used to be the most arduous and feared trip in the AFL - now it's the trek down the highway from Melbourne to Geelong that makes all teams and their supporters shudder.

Sydney head to the Cattery on Saturday to meet a team that is "probably 25 per cent better" than any other in the competition, according to Paul Roos.

"Next week?" he joked when asked how much better they would need to be after their performance against Richmond. "Who do we play? Oh, Geelong at Skilled Stadium. Did they win today?"

The Swans "probably [need] a fair bit" of improvement, he said. "[Geelong] are 10 to 15 per cent better than any team in the competition at the moment. Down there [at Skilled Stadium] they are probably 25 per cent better than anyone else.

"It's a good experience for our young guys to go down there. We saw last week a different experience for them to see a team under siege - in Fremantle - so a professional team, on their home ground, a seasoned team, it's going to be a good experience for guys to test themselves against the absolute best."

Since he began coaching in 2002, Roos is yet to win a match at the venue, having lost all four clashes at the Cattery with Geelong.

The last time the Swans hit the highway back to Melbourne from Geelong as winners was on May 16, 1999, when they beat Geelong by 41 points, with Tony Lockett booting six goals. They also won there the year before - and in that team, playing his final season, was Paul Roos.

Anonymous said...


Cait "Andrew" Catt bores us again.

Not a sock puppet said...

Landerdrunkanddressedindrag writes more on this blog that he does on his own sleazy site. It is amazing that he is so embarrassed by it.

Health reporter said...

SWINE flu infections in Mexico and the US have peaked but could return with a vengeance in the autumn, senior international health officials said yesterday.

But Australian authorities have no respite as they try to track a Melbourne man suffering from chicken flu.

“Andrew L”, as he is known, is showing all the symptoms of the deadly disease which shatters the psyche and destroys the minds of its victims.

He has fled health officials and remains in hiding, communicating with the outside world through rambling messages posted on the internet.

“Chicken flu could kill more people than the Spanish flu of 1918,” Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop said.

“Andrew L poses a terrible threat to the community.

“It is too late to save him, but if we can place him somewhere safe where he can do no more harm, millions of people will breathe easy.”

Phoenix said...

Channel Nine News had a piece about the miraculour recovery of Les Twentyman. Luckily Landeryou's whereabouts are unknown. Otherwise I would have gone around and strangled the useless fat prick.

Les has slimmed down a lot. Fom now on I going to refer to Landeryou as Twentytonneguts!

New Horror Movie said...

The Prince of Darkness

A research team finds a mysterious giant cylinder in a deserted church. If opened, it could mean the end of the world.

CFMEU radiologist Jesse Dean says she has been "carbon dating the corrosion on the lid" of the cylinder, and "we're talking about 7 million years".

The contents are utterly vile. Landeryou drowned in his own bile. His corpse is giving off radiation and is riddled with various diseases including Ebola, swine flu and gonorrhea. Overall, there is a sickening stench of rotting chicken and vomit.

The horror accumulates as the camera zooms in on the rotted face of Landeryou. A nostril is seen twitching.

How will it all end?

Anonymous said...

New Horror Movie, how could Landeryou have gonorrhea? He is too repulsive for even the weirdest chubby chaser to f*ck.

Anonymous said...

One possible ending:

Godzilla sniffs the radiation and races to the scene. He tries to f*ck some sense into the Landeryou corpse.

Nuclear fission takes place and, as the audience groans in disgust, thousands of Landeryou clones emerge in crowds from the inferno.

Anonymous said...

11:52:00 PM - Ask Catter8!

Anonymous said...

11:52:00 PM - Ask Catter8!

Film Critic said...

Kimberley Kitchen, the female star of "The Prince of Darkness" said that the ending of the movie is shocking. "Scientists work against the clock to head off disaster. Governments spend trillions setting up new dettol factories. Efforts to disinfect and stabilise the putrid Landeryou cadaver sends the whole freakin world broke".

As the final credits roll, Landeryou the Monster is seen to mouth the words "I told you I'd bankrupt the lot of youse"...

Anonymous said...

Andrew fucked Ronnie the dog -- or at the very least used him in Richard Gere and the gerbils style activities.

If he didn't wash Ronnie before he ate him that might explain all the different diseases he suffers from.

Catter8 said...

Seems like ABC-TV's Lateline and the Sunday Herald Sun shouldn't be hanging around rubbish dumps like Poxnews. Don't the junior journos know that Landeryou is poison, makes up libels and is a deceitful crook and serial corporate asset-stripper?

The trouble with the internet is that scum like him can be made to appear legitimate.

Genuine insider said...

I raised the issue of Landeryou on "Lateline" when I spoke with Tony Jones at a boardroom lunch we both attended the week before last.

It is most unlikely in the future that Landeryou will be treated by the program as anything other than a seedy criminal.

Cait Catt said...

I'm proud to say that starlet Kimberley Kitchen played ME in The Prince of Darkness horror movie. Rita Randle's skeleton was used as an extra. She played a radiation victim that got too close to the rotting Landeryou. His decomposition is in the first stage of self digestion. Landeryou obviously likes 'eating himself' even in death. The film soundtrack was a bit too graphic for me with all the belching and farting sounds. Henderson Ross got a good bit part as a passing necrophiliac
who falls for the Landeryou cadaver. Atounding camerwork from Sasha Uzinov too. A tour de force!

Concerned said...

No denial from Landeryou about this story. And StormFront is silent.

The nasties have gone quiet folks.

Film-maker Sasha Uzinov said...

Following the success of The Prince of Darkness in art cinemas, Channel Nine is thinking of a new crime series called:


It is going to be an expose of Landeryou's crime links to the Melbourne University Student Union asset-stripping and the IQ Corp fraud.

Starlet Kimberley Kitchen again plays Landeryou's love interest Cait Catt. Apparently Channel Nine script writers are going to follow the story factually. His weird upbringing in the shadow of political powerbroker Big Bill kicks off the tale. Landeryou's sudden disappearance to South America with the loot, and his arrest when he returned are all faithfully chronicled. His further fall into Abyss of Internet libel and blogging, and his serial stalking and fascination with the houses and accomodation of his victims warrant the chilling dark scenes and sombre music.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is generally a failure even as a fraud. He was exposed after pulling in just $7 million (excluding the $1.7 million Solly Lew clawed back from the IQ Corp scam after taking possession of Wardlow, Landeryou's Parkville mansion).

A link to a real professional in the scamming game:

Truth almost as sordid as the lie

Timothy Johnston scammed $100 million.

Madge of Benalla, you should bring Johnstone up to the CWA Auxiary Committee meetings, not Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Blunderbelly brilliant!!!!

Landeryou's Optima scam was exposed because he couldn't even put a due diligence financial projection together in Excel format to identify future income on the non-existent development. You would imagine that Landeryou would at least enter in a few bogus numbers. But Blunderbelly Landeryou only had the wits to project the development at 100% occupancy, something that drew the suspicions of Union then University administrators which led to the unravelling of the whole scam and the final court revelations of Landeryou's involvement. The crook was never good on detail.

It will be the series of the Year, the Fawlty Towers of the crime scene.

Herald Sun copy boy said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

I've read the script of the new Blunder Belly show about the 'Kokokrate bye-election' which will lead to political fallout. Landeryou is seen plotting with political boss Stevie and premier Johnno to bring about the downfall of popular candidate Des Fiftyman.

Was Landeryou a Lee Oswald-type patsy for the character assassination of Fiftyman? Or was he in fact the composer, orchestrator and conductor of the foul un-democratic plot?

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Catter8 and Cait Catt in recent posts are written by imposters. Ask my mother.

Landeryou's fake commenters said...


Cait Catt said...

We are not fake commentators. We challenge Slanderyou to reveal his true identity. We have revealed ours.

Cait Catt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rita Randles said...

Fatt Catt, Cait's sister (and she is NOT one of the defence team, once told some goss about Slanderyou on this blog and it was deleted soon after. It was too close to home. Fatt's existence was in fact outed by a contributor favourable to Slanderyou. So too were all the other members of the Catt family.

The recent contributions have nothing to do with Stormfront but are personal attacks on the defence team. Shame Slanderyou Shame.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cait could tell us if any stormtroopers visit the Daily Planet?

Cait Catt said...

I have no idea. You would have to ask my sister that. If they did the Daily Planet would probably see a big decline in business. Stormtroopers are not respectable businessmen. If it became known they were visiting the establishment my sister works at it would be all over the local newspapers and it would lead to a very big decline in business.

Anonymous said...


ABC Spin Doctor said...

Margaret Pomerenz and David Stretton of ABC's At The Movies panned 'The Prince of Darkness' as "crass, gross, drivel" that embarrasses film-making. For the first time a film was awarded a negative overall summary. Marg said that 'the Landeryou character is too revolting to be believable. He is a sickening imbecile and the storyline is laughable. He is the only horror in this horror film'.

Dr Phil said...

Cait "Andrew Jenny" Catt back to inventing a family tree replete with prostitute sisters and other strays. 'She's' a good 'Catholic girl' she claims.

Further support for my theory that Andrew would prefer to be anyone other than himself.

The "Jenny" identity very quiet lately. Perhaps the Stormfront story a little too close to home.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog of truth for many years and have just one question for Patriots: Why hasn't Mr Creosote exploded yet?

Cait Catt said...

Dr Phil whatever you think of me and the defence team the remarks about my sister Fatt and the family tree are not our inventions. They were placed on this blog by others.

Anonymous said...

Sober up and get an honest job, you fat buffoon.

Spider Pig said...

Hey Andy, consider this, and take some of your fat fascist friends with you.

FatPacking - This is probably the greatest idea in the history of EVER. Fatpacking takes overweight people on backpacking adventure vacations to get in shape, shed
pounds and alter body composition. Participants lose an average of five pounds (not water weight) in a typical week of backpacking, while having fun
and learning the secrets to continued good health and exercise.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice idea, Spider Pig, but fat cunt gets his fun by sitting in a filthy room by himself getting drunk, pretending to be a woman and spreading smears and lies online - not from anything well-adjusted people might enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Spider Pig

Call it Strength Through Joy and Landeryou might come along

Bounty Hunter said...

I saw this headline and thought it might offer a hint to Buddha Boy's whereabouts:

Cockroach found in loaf sold by north coast bakery

kevin of southbank said...

The Patriot at Tuesday, May 05, 2009 12:41:00 PM asks why Mr Creosote hasn't exploded.

I'm sure Public Health officials have their fingers crossed that that environmental disaster never happens.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou and his seven dwarfs have a free run here. Not so on Poxnews, the highly censorious, foolish Blog of Libel. Step out of line there and your comment simply disappears.

Concerned said...

Rudd has delayed the ETS because he still hasn't worked out how to deal with that enormous human emission, Andy Landy.

Anonymous said...

Back to the main point here patriots.

This is an amazing story. Poxnews has no readers so the fat man is hoping neo-fascists around the world can bump up his hit rate.

He is getting desperate. It looks like his mate Ed Dale is threatening to start charging him rent or the money Newnham gave Dale for Andrew's upkeep has run out.

Anonymous said...

Not much heard from Blunderbelly today.

Long may it last...

Anonymous said...

With $7 million of stolen loot sitting offshore, Landeryou doesn't need Ed Dale's money. Of course, a bankrupt dropping assets under 'associates' names isn't that unusual. Maybe the Fat Cave belongs to Andrew via Eddie Dale. More alternative identity issues here.

Andrew's biggest issues remains bringing all that loot back onshore. The endless waddle to ATMs is a bit onerous for the fat boy.

Anonymous said...

The bank charges Andrew pays at 4% commission via MAESTRO / CIRRUS, plus the lousy exchange rates if he holds the loot in foreign currency plus the ATM charges must be putting a dent in Andrew's offshore holdings. Withdrawing these type of funds via anonymous debit and credit cards isn't cheap.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou is a mad fat drunk cross-dressing criminal.

Pete of Boronia said...

Wow, I reakon Landeryou's pretty successful if he pinched $7 million and gotta away with it. That's orright.

Better than shoplifting kit kats!

Stop calling him a failure. Ya just jealous.

Pete of Boronia said...

I worry about the Nazi connection tho. Nasty lot them Stormfront bastards are.

Anonymous said...

Next we know Pete of Boronia will beat Cait for the biggest contributor award. And Dr Phil is sure catching up. He's ahead of Jenny and catching up on catter (pardon the pun).

Prison visitor said...

Pete mate, Landeryou won't look so successful when he's lying semi-naked on a jail floor with his face smashed in and blood streaming from his arse.

Dr Phil said...

Andrew, I'm not competing with you or your "Jenny" identity, or you dressed as "Cait Catt" in a dress or Henderson or Zonga Ali or any other of your fake identities. This is not a competition. We are all here to help you get better (excluding your fake identities which are part of the problem).

You are a sick man and need treatment. Still, I acknowledge that a successful cure is unlikely. The prognosis is too awful.

Anonymous said...

Brutus Beefcake's, Bubba Boy's and the rest of the hot rodder crew's hot beef injections are the closest fat Andy will get to a cure

Dr Phil said...

Sometimes you've got to be cruel to be kind.

Bubba, your cure might be just the thing. Standard therapy has failed to put Landeryou back together again. The identity fragments are running wild.

Brutus Beefcake said...

We will be very cruel/kind to Landeryou when he joins us.

Dr Phil said...

You guys out at Barwon are a regular hoot. Treat Andrew gently. He has a fragile ego ;-)

Brutus Beefcake said...

Thanks Dr Phil

Us Hot Rod boys are regular hoot and we will give Landeryou regular treatment too.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...


Slanderyou tonight is the filthiest it has been for weeks, and that is saying something.

Dr Phil said...

"Jenny" above a case in point.

How's your "mum" Ms. Landeryou?

On the issue of filth, last night was definitely filthier. The horror movie and Blunderbelly story plots quite filthy and very entertaining.

Tonite has merely been about a bit of buggery.

Anonymous said...

1.Cait Catt (241)
2.I am Henderson Ross. (178)
3.Rita Randles (157)
4.catter8 (101)
6.Jenny Jensen-Hansen (87)
7.Al haji Abdullah (47)

6 of the top 7 commentators on Slanderyou are Landeryou fake identities, with their comments blubbling up from his fractured and insane mind. In total, they have made an astonishing 811 miserable, inane and otherwise crazed comments on the Slanderyou blog. This is a staggering number given the purpose of the Blog is to criticise Landeryou and expose his crimes. Plus hundreds of other comments from Landeryou via minor personality ruptures or anonymous comments.

It is clear that Landeryou devotes more time to this Blog than he does to the crap OC and Poxnews sites. He constantly clicks the refresh button on his browser to check whether there have been any further updates.

It is a sad and miserable existence for Landeryou but certainly well deserved.

The behaviour is definitely fascist. Lie, lie a lot and lie and again and again. We see this day to day on Slanderyou in the comments of Andrew's fake commentators.

Cait Catt said...

Does Dr Phil know the meaning of the term buggery that he has just used?

It has been an Australian slang term to say I'm tired, or an exclamation of tiredness or exhaustion, but my dictionary gives a different meaning.

Buggery means anal intercourse. As you are an American Dr Phil I suggest a look at an Australian dictionary before you use terms you are not familiar with. When we were short of teachers in Victoria in the early 1970s the Hamer government brought in lots of Americans to teach in our schools. They were given lessons in Australian slang. One example is to root for your team. In Australia we say barrack. To root in Australia means to have sex. Several people have propositioned me on this blog but remember, as you pointed out Dr Phil, I am a good Catholic girl.

Rita Randles said...

Your numbers are inflated 4.42. What about the imposters who claim to be Cait and catter? These imposters inflate the numbers of the alleged sock puppets or what you term fake identities.

Surely the use of imposters is not a good thing from your point of view. Surely you don't want the defence team to be getting even more credit?

Anonymous said...

Blunderbelly Landeryou (Cait Catt) lecturing us on the meaning of buggery. Holy Shit!

In my dictionary Poxnews is defined as journalistic buggery.

Anonymous said...

Someone on The OC kept reminding Landeryou how repugnant were, and are, the war criminals of Croatia. Being a Nazi himself, Landeryou kept on censoring comments on this topic.

The Age tomorrow says: 'HE HAS been described in court as a multiple rapist and feared paramilitary commander who mistreated prisoners and ordered a massacre during the Balkan wars in the early 1990s.

'But yesterday, a defiant Daniel Snedden, known in the Balkans as Captain Dragan, took the stand to defend himself against war crimes allegations during his defamation case against Nationwide News, publisher of The Australian'.

I hope, for Landy's sake he doesn't end up sharing a cell with Captain Dragan. His throat and various other organs would be slit into vermicelli. Croatians in WW II far exceeded the Nazis in depraved genocidal activities. Despite Landy's denial, the vermin are still with us today.

Dr Phil said...

Imaginary friend of Andrew Landeryou, I was indeed referring to anal buggery to which several references we made earlier in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Imposters of fake identities. Only in the insane world of Andrew Landeryou could such a thing make any sense.

Trivia King said...

Old Landeryou fake commenters we rarely hear from these days:

1. Landerhoudini - the magician who makes cash, assets, and commonsense dissapear!

2. Andrew Mugabeyou - the wacky Zimbabwe version of Landeryou.

3 Count Draculabeyou - a Trans Sylvanian blood sucker.

4. Dr Frank N. Steinbeyou - who managed to bring Rita Randles back from the dead.

5. Herman Goeringbeyou was a famous cross-dresser who gave Landeryou his present dress sense!

Barwon Spin Doctor said...

A GREAT picture of porky crimeking Landeryou behind bars where he belongs!

The Barwon Hot Rodders will be downloading this photo for cell posters and 'personal relief'.

They already call him 'Beach Ball'.

Anonymous said...

That photo should appear on all Team Slanderyou blogs. It ranks with the photo-journalistic scoop when Sgt Sasha Uzinov got told in no uncertain terms by Vic Pol to ditch his digital stalker pix of Sherie at the Sunshine Court last year.

Ha Ha Ha! Landeryou, I can mention Sherie - but you can't because you gave an undertaking not to mention her name to the Sunshine Magistrates' Court last year.

For all your endless, disgusting libels about the Twentyman family, you will rot in hell forever.

Ronnie said...

And I will piss on your grave!

Zonga Ali said...

So will I.

little Theo said...

If no-one is looking, I might have a quick leak too!

The voice of reason said...

I have given considerable thought to the treatment Andrew Landeryou can expect in prison.

Brutus, Bubba and the Hot Rod crew at Barwon Jail may well bash and bugger some semblance of sanity into Mr Landeryou. On the other hand, they may well leave him an incontinent vegetable.

It is of no consequence. Either way society wins.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo already turns himself into "an incontinent vegetable" every day with his alcohol abuse.

Dimberley was a man said...

Have any patriots discovered who the man was who dressed up in drag as Dimberley Ditching and pretended to be Mrs Andrew Landeryou (as per the link above)? Was it the fat freak himself?

Anonymous said...

You can picture the scene in Barwon Jail. The hot rod crew are advancing on fat Andy, chair legs in one hand, their cocks in the other. He wets his pants and says "Don't hurt me, I'm a lady."

Anonymous said...

The fat freak, fraud and failure has not updated his Poxnews hate blog since Wednesday.

This is clearly a sign of the toll the virulent chicken flu is taking on his already alcohol-weakened system.

Anonymous said...

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