Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam Shand: Patriot

Adam Shand is a journalist with 20 years experience in Australian television and print media. As a cadet on The Australian newspaper in the 1980s, he covered the rise and fall of the entrepreneurs.

Joining the Nine Network in 1991, Adam reported for the Business Sunday program in Sydney and Melbourne. In 1994, he left Australia to become a freelance reporter in Africa for the Nine Network and international media organisations. He covered the rise to power of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda and the corruption of Zimbabwe’s democracy.

Returning home in 1997, Adam joined the Today Show as Melbourne correspondent for three years, before joining The Australian Financial Review newspaper as an investigative reporter in Melbourne and Sydney. He rejoined the Packer empire last year and currently works on The Bulletin magazine and the Nine Network’s Sunday and Business Sunday programs.

He has spent the past nine months hanging out in cafes and bars researching the Melbourne ganglands murders in a joint investigation for The Bulletin and Sunday.

92 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

With a glittering career like that, it's no wonder that the fat fraudster, freak, fantasist and faulure Andrew Landeryou is stalking Shand.

Looney Tunes said...

Andrew's lying again!

Read his new rant against Adam Shand very carefully. I couldn't find any threats against serial corporate asset=stripper Landeryou. Shand certainly didn't say, as Landeryou falsely claims, that he would unleash Channel Nine on the fat fool.

The worst insult I could find about Landeryou by Shand was that Landeryou has no career. That's not insulting. It's true.

Shand seems a very decent, well-mannered fellow. Why has Landeryou gone BERSERK? Why is he Stalking and Provoking Shand?

Ipso Facto said...

Since he has never met Shand before, how can he be sure the mystery caller was Shand - and not someone having a lend of the Phat Phreak?

Wisely, although illegally as a publisher, Landy still conceals his address. By giving out his mobile number, I'm surprised he hasn't received hundreds of hoax calls.

The people he has libelled over the years are too nice to threaten him over the 'phone.

Diarrhoea said...

Overheard on the surveillance tape from the Fat Cave:

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What have I done now? Any minute Tracey Grimshaw will be one the phone asking for an interview.

"Damn! What's that running down my legs? Oh ShiiittTT!

"Oh God! I'd better get this all cleaned up before Sgt Sasha Uzinov gets here to cheer me up.

In his own words said...

Why do so many people detest Landeryou?

"We have been in bars where folks like a trade union secretary’s son and parliamentary aspirant leftard Clancy Dobbyn looked us squarely in the eye and with bad breath aplenty introduced himself by declaring “I don’t like you.” (I said “Likewise” and moved on) A pushy little Herald Sun reporter did much the same just the other week".

The VEXNEWS Empire said...

***As you will see, Shand is threatening to unleash the powers of the financially troubled Nine Network and its ACA show upon the VEXNEWS empire.***

Obviously the troubled madman is taking something a lot stronger than sniffing Dettol.

kevin of southbank said...

I am confused about the Shand thing.

Did he really correspond with Landeryou, or is Landeryou making it up.

Regardless, I hope Shand through ACA puts the blowtorch to Landeryou.

At the same time hopefully he compliments the valour and dedication of Team Slanderyou.

Deep fat fryer said...

I would love to see ACA do a takedown on the faceless man behind the VEXNEWS defamation machine. The show could focus on how someone could for years take unfair and defamatory potshots at everyone ranging from youth workers to jounralists without fear of justice.

Stacked Up said...

Is there a Pulitzer in this for Shand?

Hope so

Anonymous said...

Have any patriots noticed the reports on this Victorian cyber-stalking case? It sets a very awkward precedent for Andy Landy should a victim of his complain.

The offender in this matter has been held in remand since January for her cyber-stalking. She applied for bail but was refused on the ground that she posed an unacceptable risk of reoffending and interfering with witnesses.

That sounds just like Andy, who of course is also a known flight risk after his Costa Rica flit.

Andy may well end up behind bars sooner than the thinks.

Tanya Maree Quattrocchi pleads guilty to stalking Diana DeGarmo
20 May 2009

A MELBOURNE woman has pleaded guilty to stalking a female American Idol contestant – as well as the star's family and friends – over the internet.

Tanya Maree Quattrocchi, who was sent to trial last year on charges of stalking singer Diana DeGarmo, was arrested again earlier this year for similar offences.

The 23-year-old of Oak Park in Melbourne's north pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court today to four counts of stalking.

Police allege Quattrocchi stalked DeGarmo, the singer's mother Brenda and the Tennessee star's housemate, model Donielle Morris.

The charges relate to the time between November 2007 and January this year.

The court was told Quattrocchi had been in custody since January on the new charges.

She applied for bail in the Melbourne Magistrates Court in April but was knocked back on the basis she posed an unacceptable risk of reoffending and interfering with witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou likes to pretend he is being persecuted because it makes him feel important.

Spider Pig said...

Andy did really visit bizarro world with his last rant against Shand.


Puke said...


Like the people in the earlier post (May 21, 2009 8:26:00 PM), I don’t like you either.

One way and another, you have ruined a lot of people.

Your defamatory blog is the pits.

Swinehund said...

Landeryou is a radioactive piece of S H I T.

Why does he continually libel and defame ordinary Australians? What gives him that right?

His own crime binge at MUSU and IQ Corp, and forgery of company documents, seems to preclude his participation in any social activity - least of all a public internet blog where he conceals his identity, his address, and his criminal background.

He is a sicko, a slacko, a crim, a stalker, a libeller, a defamer, an interferer in democracy, a ludicrous amateur 'journalist' - a madman who thinks in terms of the Vexnews Empire, and of himself as an editor-in-chief.

With a pedigree like that, he is in the running for the Dung Beetle Award for the Most Loathesome Blog of 2009.

Slime said...

Contemptible Oaf and Libeller Landeryou is going to get 'done slow'.

His new enemies, a cop and a real journo, could trace him very quickly if they wanted.

Landeryou should consider this carefully. Either his new enemies can't be bothered with him because Vexnews is read by nobody, or that they think his research is pathetic.

Clare from NZ said...

Landeryou. F*ck you too, you piece of shit!

Landeryou said...

Choo Choo!

Anonymous said...

We all knew Landeryou was deluded and deranged, but this self-pitying whine takes the cake:

“We have been in bars where folks like a trade union secretary’s son and parliamentary aspirant leftard Clancy Dobbyn looked us squarely in the eye and with bad breath aplenty introduced himself by declaring ‘I don’t like you.’ (I said ‘Likewise’ and moved on) A pushy little Herald Sun reporter did much the same just the other week.”

Andrew, wake up! You are a fat, unemployed bankrupt with a long, long history of extremely dubious “business” activities and thuggish conduct. You have no visible means of support yet you have been able to devote yourself full time for the last four years spreading lies and smears on the net. You want love and respect? Get another dog -- but don't eat this one.

Stacked Up said...

I have only firmed in my view that Andy wrote the Shand rant - and a few others - just after he bought some cheap lube that made his anus burn.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

You may be right Stacked. Wonder if Dr Phil agrees? A clinician's opinion would be invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks but Landeryou doesn't use lube. He likes to sodomise himself with KFC drumsticks and the grease gives all the lubrication fat boy needs.

Stacked Up said...

I guess that puts another spin on finger lickin' good!

Spider Pig said...

Pakistan pulled fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar out of next month's World Twenty20 tournament in England due to him suffering from genital warts, the Pakistan Cricket Board said Thursday.

Landeryou "pulls out" over the weekends, never publishing nonsense on Vexnews on Saturday or Sunday


Deep fat fryer said...

Here’s a quote from an earlier Vex exclusive:

” VEXNEWS photographer even managed to get a picture of one-time Greens member Dean Mighell behind the wheel of the biggest 4WD you have ever seen that wasn’t in a Hummer show-room. But that’s another story.”

Now Vexnews doesn’t actually have a team of photographers, it’s all done by Landy.

Therefore, Landy you have confessed to stalking. Now that’s a story!

Deep fat fryer said...

While you have some fun Council bashing, you should get your facts right. Your claim that:

“This would provide a necessary check/balance on the already immense and growing power of council CEO’s to exponentially increase the money they have to play with via rates and valuation increases.”

is totally misleading. Point 1. Councillors do have to vote on the budget, including the rate in the dollar-not the CEO. More importantly, Point 2. Revaluations do not increase the total rates collected but merely redistribute the rate burden according to relative property values.

Deep fat fryer said...

Andy misleading? Are you suprised?

If you were to check a dictionary for the definition of liar, misleading, or fabrication. You will probably find a picture of Andy’s pudgy and pallid smiling face.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Anyone else noticed that odd smell that appears when you log into Andy's blog?

A very tricky smell.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Shand non-stories have gone on the backburner of the Vexnews industrial strength deep fat fryer.

It's possible, though unlikely, that Landeryou realised he was being too shrill and hysterical.

Tracey said...

Either that, or Shand has turned up at the Fat Cave with a camera crew.

***Live Transmission*** said...

From the Fat Cave surveillance tape:

Knock! Knock! KNOCK!

"Nobody is home. Please go away".

Knock! KNOCK! "A Current Affair here. Can we have a moment of your time, please?

"There is no-one here by that name. Go away or I shall call the police"!

Anonymous said...

Live Transmission, the fat cunt would RUSH to open the door if ACA came knocking because he'd hope the crew was his takeaway delivery.

Cyclops said...

"Now Vexnews doesn’t actually have a team of photographers, it’s all done by Landy". (May 22, 2009 6:22:00 PM)

Nearly right, but you are fogetting Sasha Uzinov, the one man Media Army. He turned up at the Sunshine Court and got told to delete all the photos he had just taken of the Twentyman family by a cop.

Landeryou has published a few of Sasha's photos on Vexnews but probably didn't pay him for them. Landeryou usually just steals stock images or photographs TV news. What a crook!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is so loathsome he gets a mentally retarded piece of shit like the Sarge to commit his contempts of court for him.

Sasha' blog said...

Landeryou is spawning blog imitators. It seems that one man Media Army, Sasha Uzunov, is an expert on eveything too - and doesn't mind exaggeration either:

"It was a TEAM UZUNOV blog that first revealed the worsening relationship between the Minister and his own Department when an outsider, Mr Tim Holding, was being floated as go-between or trouble shooter in Afghanistan.

"Later, TEAM UZUNOV revealed that because of the war between Mr Fitzgibbon and his Department that the only honourable thing was for him to fall on his sword".

Phatt Catt said...

I am a Hispanic nephew of Cait. I'm from South Los Angeles and run a street gang called 'The Clause". We are rogue accountants. I used to manage an account for Mr Andy Landeryou. I made small monthly withdrawals, which I sent to Mr Ronnie Landeryou c/o a post office box in Brunswick. Andy recently closed down the account and I am thinking of coming to Melbourne to do a drive by shooting of the Fat Cave. Does anyone actually know where it is?

Responsible gun owner said...

It worries me that someone as clearly mad as Uzunov was allowed into the army and taught to handle weapons.

Adam Shand should investigate that scandal once he's put the fat man behind bars.

Concerned said...

What a lovely boy. I’m sure Andy's mother is so proud of him.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Whatever did happen to Uzunov? Andy doesn't write about him much any more. Did they have a falling out too? Andy fleece him too?

Deep fat fryer said...

Andy today wrote this today "Liberal women have been on the top journalists' tongues today"

So utterly offensive, the only tongue he'll experience is Carl Williams'.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Perhaps Shand could start his investigations here:

Landeryou faces union damages bid
By Leonie Wood and David Elias
May 25, 2005
Page Tools

The student union's liquidator says Andrew Landeryou and two former presidents benefited from dishonest schemes.

The liquidator of the Melbourne University Student Union has launched a multimillion-dollar damages claim against businessman Andrew Landeryou, three former student presidents and four former employees, alleging they conspired to defraud the failed student union.

One of the former employees, Dean Sherriff, is a Banyule City councillor, while another former employee, John Gunn, was a former chief of staff for Melbourne Lord Mayor John So.

Mr Landeryou and one of the former student presidents, Ben Cass, are due to appear in the Victorian Supreme Court this morning to answer more questions from the liquidator about their roles in the collapse of the student union in late 2003.

In a statement of claim filed at the Supreme Court yesterday, the liquidator, Dean McVeigh of Foremans Business Advisers, alleges that Mr Landeryou and former presidents Ben Cass and Darren Ray benefited from dishonest and fraudulent schemes.

He claims that the student presidents and the employees used their positions to engineer deals that gave a "secret and inordinate financial advantage" to their friends and mentors, namely Mr Landeryou and Mr Cass.

He has also sued companies associated with Mr Landeryou, Mr Cass and Mr Ray, alleging they benefited from dishonest and fraudulent schemes by the student union presidents and the former employees.

The damages claim starts at $3.4 million against Mr Landeryou, Mr Cass, Mr Ray, Mr Sherriff, Mr Gunn and Scott Crawford, a former president who has nominated as a candidate in Banyule City Council elections this year.

The sum includes more than $1 million to cover Mr McVeigh's own fees and investigation expenses and more than $933,000 of related legal expenses.

It also includes $1.2 million the liquidator claims was denied to the student union when, in late 2002, a company secretly owned by Mr Landeryou and Mr Cass sold leases for a bar and food outlets in the student union building to third parties.

As well, he is suing Mr Cass, Mr Ray and two former student union executives, Peter Marczenko and Tim Lisle-Williams, for $450,000 for devising contracts between the student union and Global Tertiary Solutions, a company owned by Mr Cass that acted as returning officer in student union elections.

Mr Landeryou said last night that the legal action was "a joke", a "highly speculative, high-risk, high-cost, legal action designed to achieve nothing more than headlines", and "a publicity stunt designed to justify his (Mr McVeigh's) existence, his multimillion-dollar fee frenzy".

"There is absolutely nothing that evidences any impropriety at all," Mr Landeryou said.

Mr Cass said he was "extremely pleased to finally have an opportunity to meet the accusations head-on", but denounced the liquidation and the investigation as "highly politicised".

Anonymous said...

What about Landeryou's baby-faced partner in crime Darren Kenneth Ray?

He is out of prison following his jailing for fraud last year, but still on a good behaviour bond.

It would impress the authorities no end and truly say that he has turned over a new leaf if he told Adam Shand all he knows about Landeryou's lawbreaking.

Anonymous said...

From the Australian in October 2004. It sounds as if the Fat Man taught Baby Face all he knows....

TWO former presidents of the failed Melbourne University Student Union are accused of setting up companies and creating false identities to win lucrative business contracts from the union.

A Melbourne court was told that Darren Kenneth Ray, president of the union in 2002, and Benjamin Cass, president in 2000, had used the names "Marcus Kemp" and "Duncan Fisher" to win or maintain the business contracts for running student elections.

Court-appointed liquidators questioned the pair yesterday as part of a three-day hearing and have issued dozens of summonses in relation to the misappropriation of tens of thousands of dollars.

The hearing comes nearly a year after a liquidator's report recommended police investigate the union over the altering of records, awarding of contracts, rigging of elections and travel schemes. Nobody has been charged with any offences.

Anonymous said...

Ray was jailed after using the names of eight individuals without their knowledge or permission as part of a fraud.

Who does that sound like?

Hint: He is fat, deranged, deluded and drunk and goes by women's names.

Anonymous said...

From the Commonwealth DPP's annual report:

Identity theft and fraud

Darren Kenneth Ray

The defendant, using the names of eight individuals without their knowledge or permission, registered four entities with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for Goods and Services Tax (GST) and obtained Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) for those entities. He also set up accounts with two financial institutions in the names of two of those individuals, again without their knowledge or permission.

The defendant was able to obtain the details of the individuals, including name, address, date of birth, drivers licence details and Tax File Numbers in most cases by placing false advertisements on an employment internet site. Following initial enquiries from applicants for these positions, the accused would send a template in which applicants were asked to provide details including identity details as well as information relevant to non-existent employment positions.

The defendant fraudulently lodged a total of 33 Business Activity Statements (BASs) with the ATO in the names of these entities and received refunds of GST credits totalling $182,281.42 in relation to 31 of those BASs and attempted to obtain a further $10,753.00 relating to two BAS where the ATO did not pay the refunds. The total fraud, including attempts, was $193,034.42. The BASs were completed to result in refunds being issued by including significantly greater purchases, upon which GST credits can be claimed to sales upon which GST is ordinarily payable to the ATO.

The defendant was convicted of four offences of contravening the Financial Transactions Reports Act 1988 for opening and operating an account in a false name, and six offences of contravening the Criminal Code by attempting to or dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

The defendant was sentenced to a total effective sentence of 20 months imprisonment to be released after serving 6 months upon entering into a recognisance in the sum of $1,000 on condition that he be of good behaviour for a period of 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ancients

Are you justified AND ancient?

Anonymous said...

Adam Shand is on ABC-TV's Talking Heads on Monday at 6.30 pm. It's a great interview program. No doubt Landeryou will be taking notes for his Blog of Hate.

Cait Catt said...

Phatt is not related to me.

The Three Amigos said...

Landeryou, Ben Cass, Darren Ray et al managed to milk MUSU dry. No-one has managed to explain how or why these privileged young men turned to fraud and crime with devastating results for Melb Uni and its students.

A sickening, shocking, depraved story...

Marcus Kemp said...

We have been negotiating, without success thus far, with VEC to subcontract state bye-elections such as Kororoit last year.

Anonymous said...

Michael Kroger on Lateline has shown he is a complete airhead. Like Peter Costello, he is yesterday's man. The Liberals are shot.

Anonymous said...

My ABC contacts say the Adam Shand interview on Talking Heads on Monday show him to be an astute journalist and all-round nice guy. Why did Landeryou go ape over his book, send pestering emails to him, and besmirch his august reputation on the net?

You owe the guy a HUGE apology, Landy!

Clare from NZ said...

Me too, you sickening pervert!

My lips get in the way said...

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. Landeryou can't utter it, despite four years of repulsive libels on scores of Aussie people.

You are an abject disgrace, you detestible crim!

Anonymous said...

To get on ABC-TV's Talking Heads, you need to be a big time someone. So many famous people. Landeryou has bitten off more than he can chew by attacking Adam Shand!

You idiot, Landeryou!

Shand in the end is going to do you slow, one way or the other.

You could, of course, always apologise!

Anonymous said...

The only reason Andy Landy slams John Cain is that he is the only one who stood up against his dad Bill Landeryou.

A bigger branch stacker than George Seitz or Simon Madden.

Why did Bill Landeryou leave politics so quickly?

Why did Steve Bracks leave so quickly?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is currently 79,403 on the Talking Heads list of important Australians. We should get around to him in 2027. Peter Thompson thinks he is a waste of space.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

Adam Shand ought to be ashamed of himself. He is targetting the wrong person. He should be targetting this blog of filth. He should be targetting the Daily Telegraph who peddled such lied and fake nude pictures about my mother. He should be targetting Slanderyou as well as the Daily Telegraph, for lies by both were responsible for the defeat of my mother and Rosa earlier this year in the Pineapple poll up north.

Pauline for the Senate.
A great Australian.

Anonymous said...

Sex pervert Landeryou has been drooling over the Young Liberal girlie galleries.

I bet he wishes he could find his penis under all those folds of flab and have a good old tug.

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Considering what Andy has and continues to be up to, we are thoroughly "Justified".

Stacked Up said...

Darren Ray??? Click through my name

Deep fat fryer said...

"Sex pervert Landeryou has been drooling over the Young Liberal girlie galleries."

Andy has got to do something in his Fat Cave!

Ancients of Mu Mu said...

Andy,you should read this

The Million Dollar Question said...

Wot happened to the police investigations of MUSU recommended by Dean McVeigh?

ATO nabbed Ray and got him jailed - but the Victoria Police investigation is somehow still stalled.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Recycler said...

Crime and Libel blog Vexnews continues with more predictable nonsense about Ted Baillieau - How Low can He Go, etc., etc.

Y A W N!

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are on a winner if they condemn the activies of Minister Jennings and his EPA Stasi dob in operation.

Landeryou is a Fat Stupid Lying Cunt said...

Landeryou is a fraud, and a liar.

There was no call from Shand (and hence, no media file to listen to). The transcipt is fake.

Shand has no interest in Landeryou (I asked him directly), and he hasn't been leaving messages "all over the interwebs" as Landeryou claims.

Another bullshit, made up, concocted load of lies and deceit.

Sasha Uzunov said...

I will tell you why I disappeared.

Andrew Landeryou hired me to take photos of the Twentyman family, but he didn't tell me that moments before he had agreed not to, and not to get anyone else to do it.

Because I got caught stalking Mr Twentyman, people started imitating me and posting my photos all over the internet.

So I am now laying low and staying away from Andrew Landeryou. he is poison.

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice that Sargeant Sasha doesn't link to PoxNews from his blog anymore??


Dr Faustus said...

Landeryou continues with his abominable stalking of Lachlan McCulloch in his Vexnews cesspit today. Like last Sunday's scoop, it is based on a Sunday Herald Sun article:

Vexnews: "NABBED: Ombudsman faces probe by Parliament over McCulloch scandal"

Why, for God's sake isn't Parliament probing Landeryou and Vexnews which libel politicians, councillors and others on a weekly basis? Landeryou is a disgraceful stalker, publishes victims private addresses and causes commotions within the union movement.

Why hasn't Victoria Police begun its MUSU investigation of Landeryou as recommended by liquidator Dean McVeigh?

For that matter, why shouldn't the Ombudsman and Auditor-General investigate Landeryou for his mad online behaviour insofar as it relates to political machinations (Kororoit, Theo, Newnham, Brimbank, allegations about the Ombudsman's office, councils, unions)?

Someone's not doing their job. This is starting to stink!

Hogwash said...

Vexnews is a Pandemic of Pious Piffle, but with a dangerous subtext of venom, misogyny, bile, fraud, mischief-making and hatred.

Landeryou is a boring blether said...

...empty talk, empty head, empty life...

Gutter politics said...

I'm trying to figure out what Landeryou's gripe with Lachlan McCulloch and the Ombudsman is about.

It is unlikely the Ombudsman interviewed McCulloch. Whoever did was probably more interested in his investigative skills than his gifts as a previously published author.

His books are probably part fact and part fiction. Undercover police mostly likely can't tell the full story. Publishers these days want heaps of added spice.

Surely, the only measure of McCulloch's work is what he did after he joined.

So far, the only criticism of him has come from anonymous voices within the beleaguered Brimbank Council and its hangers-on. Maybe the Theophani didn't like being questioned at all. Of all the players, they are the ones most likely to be whispering in Landy's pudgy ears.

Landy usually has a real target. On this occasion, he is gunning for the Ombudsman as payback for the Brimbank Revelations.

Shitstorm said...

Landeryou isn't smart enough to realise that in a real shit fight his many enemies can throw far more shit, in bigger smellier clumps, than he could ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

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