Monday, May 18, 2009

Landeryou the comedic horror story (UPDATED)

It looks like Mr Creosote is just ahead. Though he may have to lose some weight to play the part.

The Beaconsfield mine tragedy and rescue is soon to be made into a film.

Which got us thinking: if a film were made of Andrew Landeryou's life, who would play Fat Andy?

All suggestions gratefully received.

41 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Andrew Landeryou is possibly Australia'a top journalist. Vexnews is Australia's top news site. Many leading journalists have been the subject of films. Randolph Hearst for example. Rupert Murdoch perhaps. Andrew Landeryou perhaps.

I think a documentary about Australia's top journalist and Australia's best news site would be a very good idea. I doubt that the CIA and ASIO would want to go public, but there are plenty of examples where both of the world's top two intellignece organisations have used Vexnews scoops. My only difficulty is that they would use their influence to keep the credit for their own spooks and ignore their real source of information, the Vexnews Intelligence Unit, Australia's most patriotic and best.

catter8 said...

Andrew is great, but don't forget us cats.

Rita Randles said...

I think the gathering of news by Australia's foremost news site would make an excellent documentary. Would beat anything appearing on Sixty Minutes and the other commercial docs. The Ombudsman story, for example. There lies one of Vexnews's greatest scoops.

Jenny Jensen-Hansen said...

My mother would be a better subject for a documentary. If it were made quickly it might influence the next Senate election, and ensure my mother Pauline rightfully wins a seat.

It is disgusting that the Sydney media used fake nude photos in the recent Queensland state election. These, plus the evil influence of Slanderyou, caused my mother's defeat.

Anonymous said...

What about Jeff Sparrow to play Landeryou? On second thoughts he might be too far to the left. Possibly Cait Catt's brother, but not the Feral one.

Anonymous said...

In the old days, some journalists were born but nowadays come with reams of Uni certificates. Of course, Landeryou has none of these. He is an armchair investigative reporter who picks over people's autobiographies to find the most slender evidence to convict them on his Blog of Bile - Vexnews.

All his non-productivity today on Poxnews is examined in the previous blog.

Cerberus said...

An ACA report on Landeryou is long overdue. He is a horrible crim, protected by ALP scum, and continually libelling honest Australians on his vile internet blog, Vexnews.

The Australian media is not very good at unmasking criminal behaviour on the internet, coupled with stalking and libels. It's becoming a gigantic scandal!

Wake up, oafs! And send the loathesome crook off to jail where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

I am prepared to do a doco on Landeryou. But it will be rather short. His skills as a journalist are non-existent. He is an incompetent crook who got caught out, but only after he had sent the cash offshore. He now runs a libellous blog and pretends - even here - that he is a 'top journalist' and his wretched blog as superior to Sixty Minutes. Sixty Minutes is irrelevant shite, but demonstrates that Vexnews is a very much inferior copy.

Anonymous said...

Vexnews was voted last year's worst blog - yet we have several Landeryou fake commenters telling us that the CIA and ASIO read his pathetic piffle.

If those agencies are at all interested, it is probably because they are concerned that Landeryou seems to have some political protection. But with all the current activity, the horrible truth soon will out!

kevin of southbank said...

Would Chopper Reid stoop so low to play Andy?

Spider Pig said...

Good choice Kevin, but Chopper has better things to do!

But how about Willie Mason.

Click through my name for a relevant story.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Fat Boy's filial loyalty over the weekend. He attacked John Cain for sacking his bent old man from the ministry more than quarter of a century ago.

Big Bent Bill like his fat son decades later believed he was above the law. He got what he deserved.

And Fat Boy might like to let us know why, if he is such a loyal son, he bankrupted his old man.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter who plays Landershonk in the film as long as the fat suit used for Mr Creosote in The Meaning of Life is still available.

Anonymous said...

If a film of Andrew Landeryou's life is made he will receive no royalties under laws that prohibit profiting from the proceeds of crime.

Andy loves Ajay said...

We can expect El Gordo to leap into print today to defend his fellow fat fraudster after these reports:-

CHANNEL Ten has parted ways with controversial Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester and is looking for someone new to helm the weight-loss reality show.

In the Shit Again said...

Looks like Landeryou has made another new enemy:

...And we certainly do put our name to this publication, as I suspect you well know. If not, we suggest you get out more.

Posted by VEXNEWS | May 18, 2009,

12:03 Unless you have changed your name by deed poll to Vex News, there is no byline on this article. C’mon front up!

Posted by Adam Shand | May 18, 2009, 12:44

A Truckload of Shit said...

Adam Shand is not impressed by the Blog of Hate. Here's what he had to say to Landeryou earlier:

"What a vicious, inaccurate self-serving rant. Clearly, he has hit the mark again, hence the thin miserable whine. I hope he sues the promoters of this disgraceful site. I am proud to say Lachlan was a fine upstanding courageous officer who sincerely tried to make Victoria a better place. And still does. He was not always right and of course made mistakes but at least he always put his name to his mistakes unlike you Mr VexNews. I would back Lachlan Mc over a truckload of you.

Posted by Adam Shand | May 18, 2009, 9:52

And so say all of us said...

... And so say all of us!

Anonymous said...

Is that THE Adam Shand; Adam Shand the proper journalist, as opposed to Andrew Landeryou the obese and drunken cross-dresser who whiles away the hours waiting for his arrest and imprisonment posting lies and smears on the internet and calling himself a journalist?

Note to Myself said...

I've just visited Poxnews. I must remember to run Anti-virus and Malware checks immediately.

***Remember to delete Landeryou's malware cookie too***

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's official address as publisher is still missing too.

His details should also be in the metatags.

Anonymous said...

My work IT department does not let us visit Vexnews.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou DID blog under his own name at one stage. He stopped when it became synonymous with lies, smears, bile, distortions, irrelevancies and pettiness and Vexnews was born.

Crimtrack Australia said...

The crazed and sozzled criminal Andrew Landeryou posted the rant below on his ill-regarded and little-read Vexnews site this afternoon.

It demonstrates the depths of Landeryou's delusions that when he suggests someone wanting to know who is behind Vexnews that they "perhaps read the about us page of our website".

That particular page lists absolutely no names whatsoever.Hi Adam

My name is Andrew Landeryou, the Editor-in-Chief of VEXNEWS. My name and those of other contributors are reasonably freely accessible on the About Us page of the site.

When articles are the product of a number of contributors we usually don’t use a single by-line and our system’s limitations prevent listing all.

Thank you for your comment on the Lachlan McCulloch story.

In light of our expressed support for Mr McCulloch and your excellent work in journalism generally - and crime reporting in particular - we’d like to get your response to a few questions:

What a vicious, inaccurate self-serving rant. Clearly, he has hit the mark again, hence the thin miserable whine. I hope he sues the promoters of this disgraceful site. I am proud to say Lachlan was a fine upstanding courageous officer who sincerely tried to make Victoria a better place. And still does. He was not always right and of course made mistakes but at least he always put his name to his mistakes unlike you Mr VexNews. I would back Lachlan Mc over a truckload of you.

1) How is the article inaccurate? It’s sourced almost entirely from an article written by a business partner and friend of McCulloch’s and from his own book?

2) Do you normally encourage people to sue other journalists? Do you think the laws of defamation should be used to shut down discussion of what people have admitted to in their own books? Do you admit to these views at cocktail parties with brother/sister journalists?

3) We don’t disagree that McCulloch was courageous, as our article noted. Any undercover police officer who obeys the law deserves our great respect. Our issue is whether he’s an appropriate person to be investigating cardigans in the public service and reasonably sedate folk on local councils. You obviously had dealings with him that lead you to think otherwise, could you detail your association with McCulloch?

4) When you say he made mistakes, are you referring to the serious issues raised in the article or to other issues? If the latter, what?

5) The only thing secret about VEXNEWS is the identity of our sources, which we keep absolutely secret. Our identity is hardly a secret, but I am pleased to know hasn’t penetrated the segment of journalism that focuses on organised crime. You can call us anytime on 0415 99 33 26 or perhaps read the about us page of our website. If that still doesn’t help, why not try Google, I hear it works quite well these days.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Landeryou

***Sent by email, just before, will he respond?

Posted by VEXNEWS | May 18, 2009, 13:50

The voice of reason said...

I am firmly convinced that Vexnews is not a news site. Instead it is a phishing scam designed to plant malicious cookies in the computers of those foolish enough to visit it that enable their online banking details to be stolen.

Landeryou nul points said...

Did any other patriotic people watch the Eurovision Song Competition final last night?

Malta's representative was curious. The singer looked like a fat man dressed as a woman: suspiciously like the alleged Dimberley Ditiching, the man in drag Landeryou went through a mockery of marriage with.

There is a video up on The Age's site (click on my name to be taken to the page) showing drag-queens being arrested at a protest outside the Eurovision.

I have watched it but did not see Landeryou. That is right and proper as undischarged bankrupts are prohibited by law from travelling overseas and Landeryou is a flight risk.

More trouble for Landy said...

Inquiry into cyber crime to be held

May 18 AAP

A parliamentary inquiry has been launched into cyber crime and its impact on Australian consumers.

The inquiry, to be conducted by the House of Representatives Communications Committee, will cover the nature and prevalence of e-security risks and their implication for the wider economy.

It will also investigate current measures used to mitigate e-security risks, and emerging technologies that may be used to combat cyber crime.

The committee has called for submissions from consumers, businesses and experts in the field, as well as state and territory governments.

Anonymous said...

Is Michael Danby on that committee?

Anonymous said...

Tried to leave a helpful comment in the discussion on Vexnews involving Adam Shand. It got 'spiked' as we real journos say...

All I said was:

Adam, Google Landeryou for the big picture.

Anonymous said...


Freedom's mouthpiece is at it again. Blocking, editing, censoring and banning real commenters.

Landeryou's bell of freedom has a huge crack, and sounds a bit tinny!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou despises McCulloch as he has brought criminals to justice.

Landeryou hates anyone who exposes or fights criminality, corruption and sleaze, so it comes as no surprise he is attacking Adam Shand.

Landeryou has the protection and patronage of the Victorian Centre Unity machine and believes he is above the law.

Still, this may well prove to be a very foolish fight for him to pick. Patriots will recall how Jon Faine ripped Landeryou to shreds in a matter of minutes on 774 a couple of years ago. Shand could do an even more effective demolition job.

An expose of Landeryou on TV would be hard for the law to ignore and seriously embarrassing for his keeper Stephen Newnham.

Square Eyes said...

Such a pity the Sunday program isn't still around. Shand did some great work there. You can just imagine the job he could do on Andy. There is a great story just waiting for a decent journo prepared to do the digging needed to expose an undischarged bankrupt sitting on a great big swag of stolen loot defaming whoever his political masters tell him to defame. It would rock Victorian politics and damage a few federal Labor careers too.

Anonymous said...

The media is reluctant to report on anything to do with Landeryou, even his criminality, as they dislike his attention seeking.

John Candy said...

Dig up John Candy, he's the only actor dead or alive that is fat enough.

Anonymous said...

Adam Shand had a good story on Nine's ACA tonight.

Might appreciate a few calls from us!

Anonymous said...

Imagine my shock on seeing this headline on the Age site:

Chicken mogul strangled lover in penthouse, court told

...... had been having an affair with a man more than 20 years his junior.

At first I thought it must have Halal Poultry CEO Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

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