Monday, April 14, 2008

Andrew Landeryou: Interngate Scandal – fair minded patriots shocked

Scandal prone bankrupt and Liberal Party blogger Andrew Landeryou has been implicated in a developing imbroglio involving questionable employment practices.

Landeryou has advertised on his Bog of Sleaze, for an “intern” to join him on his Sleazy Blog endeavours.

The advert raises a number of significant questions.

Is Landeryou so lonely that the needs to advertise for ‘friends’ with mutual benefits?

Where is Freedom Freddy?

Where is Joe Klein?

Where is Cait Catt or Catter8 for that matter?

If all of the above are real, why not just appoint them?

And how can an unemployed bankrupt pay the intern for services rendered?

The picture of Monica Lewinski accompanying the advert clearly reveals his real motivations for the intern. As identified by reader Anna:

“If you notice the Landeryou's accompanying picture, it's of Monica Lewinski. Landeryou clearly wants an intern who will give him head. Isn't there some sort of law against that? I for one am sickened. This goes to the very heart of Landeryou's loneliness' complex.”

Andrew Landeryou is not new to sexual scandal. He has a history of heavily featuring photographs of footballer’s penises and those of political candidates. Though with the second example, the jury of public opinion is still out on whether the photographs were actually of Landeryou himself masquerading as a half naked Family First candidate.

Patriots have recently raised the issue of Landeryou’s loneliness.

Suggestions are that Landeryou’s search for a female intern and his loneliness are connected.

Landeryou ‘s most recent Facebook escapades suggest his is very lonely; but resorting to employing people so they will be your friends has shocked fair minded patriots.

12 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Rita is upset Andrew didn't appoint her, but she shouldn't be. I can imagine no harder job, dealing with all the filth that appears on Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Interesting admission Cait, that you Landeryou reads this blog. Obvious, since no one reads yours.

Anonymous said...

Well said Monica

Anonymous said...

Prima Facie, he has overstepped the Transition to Forward with Fairness Bill

landeryou's oral fixation said...

Interngate is even more disgusting that patriots realise.

Landeryou has revealed the depths of his perverted lust with his Monica Lewinsky illustration.

Remember his comment on the Blog of Sleaze either last year or the year before "some people like breakfast burritos"? A breakfast burrito is a crude expression for getting a blowjob while taking a dump.

This is clearly what Landeryou wants, though. Some lackey who will suck his cock while he chokes a darkie. How disgusting! Just imagine what KFC bogs are like!

None of the Russian girls at the escort service he is involved with, Anastasia International, as desperate enough to demean themselves with this perversion.

His all-night sessions trawling the web for sleaze haven't turned up any willing partners either.

So the sicko Landeryou has been forced to advertise. Yuk!

Anonymous said...

There is a real, serious issue of exposure to defamation actions and other legal risks here.

Fat Andy hides behind his backruptcy and lies, defames, misrepresents and smears as he pleases.

Unless they are also bankrupt, anyone foolish enough to intern at the Blog of Sleaze will find themselves in the dock double-quick.

They would not just be at a great risk of defamation actions but may well find themselves risking prison time for contempt of court.

Journalistic employers indemnify their staff. As a bankrupt, Fat Andy cannot do this.

His past record shows any assurances he gives are worthless.

Interns, beware!

Rita Randles said...

Andy thinks I'm too nice, Cait told me, and that was why he rejected me for an internship, even apart from the fact that he couldn't pay me very much owing to his financial position, which is not very good. I've never found Andrew anything other than decent. The comments on this blog sicken me. Ordinary words and phrases converted into things they are not.

Grow up Slanderyou. Grow up Slanderyou commentators (Cait and catter8 excepted).

Anonymous said...

Rita, you should press on El Gordo your superior communication skills. Communicating beyond the grave is quite impressive. Just how do you connect a ouija board to the internet? And you'll be dead cheap too; no need to eat, all you need is just a few coins for the ferryman.

Anonymous said...

All power to the patriots at Slanderyou>

Anonymous said...

Fat Cave dweller. Where is the Fat Cave Dweller. At least he would have to declare his address for PAYG reasons

Anonymous said...

Rita Randles? Another pseudonym? Another fictitious friend of the lonely Landeryou. Sad, crazy, mad man.

Concerned said...

yes, just had cause to reread this. Where is Freedom Freddy?