Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The lonely Liberal Party blogger

Andy Landy appears to have stopped running 'loneliness' adverts on his insolvent blog. But it still appears that the Liberal Party blogger, who has been favourably compared to Kim Jong Il, is still struggling in the blog rating stakes.

So, let's all sing along with Andy.

I'm So Ronery
So ronery
So ronery and sadry arone
There's no one
Just me onry
Sitting on my rittle throne
I work rearry hard and make up great prans
But nobody ristens, no one understands
Seems like no one takes me serirousry
And so I'm ronery
A rittle ronery
Poor rittle me
There's nobody
I can rerate to
Feel rike a bird in a cage
It's kinda sihry
But not rearry
Because it's fihring my body with rage
I'm the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
But nobody else seems to rearize it
When I change the world maybe they'll notice me
But until then I'rr just be ronery
Rittle ronery, poor rittle me
I'm so ronery

16 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Diane Anderson's Race War on the Landeryou Blog got 300 per cent more comments than the most recent Slanderyou item did.

That's why the Landeryou blog won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award and the Slanderyou blog didn't.

And I'm going to beat the Liberal Party this time.

catter8 said...

I can't be bothered reading Slanderyou's bitchy items. But I love Andrew Landeryou whenever he mentions Diane Anderson, often called the Queen of Higgins. Read the item all about her below from the Landeryou blog:

STUCK ON CRAZY: Dodgy Diane’s Race War

Patriots are always keen to hear the latest from the bitch-fight between Diane Anderson, the obnoxious leftist who maintains a fraudulent electoral enrolment in the Higgins FEA and Labor Unity's own Race Matthews whose exploits include shoe-horning Evan Thornley into a Socialist Left position in the Victorian Parliament through nothing more than kinetic energy of his own bluster.

Most charitably, the former Cain Government Minister was given a right of reply to previous largely forgotten slaggings by Comrade Anderson. Here he is:


Higgins FEA Executive

Rolf Sorensen's account of the recent history of the Higgins Federal Electorate Assembly Executive (Higgins News May 2007) is incorrect. The facts are a matter of record and speak for themselves.

As regards meetings of the Higgins FEA Executive, the fact is that the former FEA Executive met once immediately following its election and failed to appoint office-bearers or meet again until halfway through its second year of office. In marked contrast, the current Executive has already met on seven occasions, and at least three future meetings are likely to be held prior to the forthcoming FEA Elections. Meetings have mostly had all five elected members present, and where necessary meeting dates have been varied to enable full attendances to occur. Disputed recollections of the initial meeting of the former Executive are unsurprising given that no minutes of the proceedings are on file, nor is there any record of their having at any stage been presented for adoption or confirmation.

As regards FEA forums, the former Executive held a single forum – on Refugees and Asylum Seekers – towards the end of its second year in office, and the present Executive has already held three forums commencing within weeks of its election and dealing respectively with Work Choices and Sedition Legislation, Party Reform, and in conjunction with the Kooyong FEA, Mental Health (OC: Wise choice). Up to three further policy forums are scheduled to be held jointly with the Higgins Campaign Committee on topics including climate change and child care. Co-auspicing (OC: one of my favourite words) of forums and other events or programs with other Party bodies including branches and adjacent FEAs makes good organisational sense, and what's needed is not less but more of it. (OC: More fora on mental health desperately needed)

[NB: this is the 200 word limit at which Race would have to stop in his Labor Unity Faction picture review Higgins Voice. It's hard to discuss issues with a 200 word limit, isn't it Race. Fortunately, Higgins News has never censored.] (OC: Perhaps the OC should send in a little piece on self-hating American electoral roll fraudsters and see how far we get testing this doctrine)

As regards fund-raising, the former Executive raised $676 from a single fund-raiser , and the current Executive has to date raised around $700 from its 'An Inconvenient Truth' Watson Film Society screening and the 'Keating' theatre night, with further major fund-raising in conjunction with the campaign committee still to come (OC: Can't wait). It follows that there has been no departure by the present Executive from the previous quantum of fund-raising, the supposed 'pile of money' – i.e. $1972 – in the FEA account at the outset of the current Executive's term of office was not raised by any one previous Executive but by several, and there has been no draw-down by the current Executive other than for modest administrative costs and properly authorised transfers to Campaign Committee accounts. (OC: If you can't trust a former Cain Government minister with your money who can you trust? )

As regards the current Executive's record more generally, appointments as specified in the Party Rules have been made to the three non-elective positions of policy Development Officer (Barbara Norman), Community Affairs Officer (Anne Cox jointly with Matthew Collinge) and Women's Contact Officer (Pippy Watson) which remained vacant under the previous Executive, and additional appointive positions respectively of IR Laws Campaign Co-ordinator (originally Matt Broderick, now Jake Clifton) and Membership Development Officer (Stephen Perryman) have been introduced.(OC: Does that mean he's in charge of "stacking"? Perryman finds them, Diane scares them off, it's a system that will keep everyone busy)

Higgins ALP Voice has been established – and eight issues have appeared – as a resolutely inclusive official Higgins FEA newsletter, which keeps branches, members and the FEA Executive in touch with one another, and welcomes contributions of text or photographs from all shades of opinion within the Party, subject only to the proviso that there is no place in it for vilification, denigration or discriminatory abuse.(OC: That's what Diane's publication is for, Race clearly sought to avoid any passing off claim)

As regards conduct of Executive Meetings, it's unfortunate that insufficiently firm insistence on observance of the Party's Rules of debate has allowed unpleasant and disruptive behaviour to occur culminating at a recent meeting in conduct such as by the account of one of those responsible – capitals as in the original – 'WE WERE unpleasant in the way we put these matters to the trio of do-nothings who constitute the majority on the FEA Exec.' If a less permissive approach to future proceedings is misunderstood or misrepresented as 'Stalinist,' 'intimidatory' or 'high-handed,' so be it, and the remedy is plain. (OC: We prescribe shootings at dawn, although you'll find Diane when she's in the country rises at dawn outside of her claimed electorate)

Meanwhile, it is open to any Executive member who believes an event or activity proposal has been denied a full and fair hearing to identify the omission and revive it for reconsideration. Also, Email provides a necessary paper trail of conduct for Executive business between meetings that is unavailable by phone and more compliant with sound administrative practice. And none of the above should be read as indicating other that much more remains to be done in order for us to become the inclusive, efficient and effective Party of which every member can rightly feel proud. (OC: Yes, more union-banning, fast-buck artist corporate shonks like Evan Thornley, that'll do it)


Diane Anderson – Tooronga ALP

There is another article (OC: Naturally) on the current FEA Executive being held over for next month at the request of the author, but I cannot let Race Matthews's continued campaign of disinformation go unchallenged(OC: There's a surprise)

After losing his seat of Oakleigh in the 1992 State Election, Race moved into Higgins where he remained the invisible man for over a decade. (OC: Starts with low-blow then moves down)

He moved out of the shadows to begin a campaign of denigration against the previous FEA Executive in the lead up to the 2005 FEA Elections. (OC: "Moved out of the shadows", this is good abuse, if only she weren't such a filthy comm., we'd surely find room for her at the OC Investigations Unit feasting table)

His smear campaign was helped along by his abysmal ignorance of the FEA, Race having not been sighted at branch meetings, FEA AGMs, forums or fundraisers during the entire time of his Higgins residency. (OC: Diane by contrast has never lived in the electorate and managed to attend everything.)

With no actual knowledge of what went on, he felt free to disparage the work of those who had kept the Party functioning during his hiatus from participation. (OC: Amazingly, he reached the conclusions that Diane might be a few tiles short)

Race claims to have run successful forums but makes excuses for the lack of any broad based support for them. His idea of fundraising is to attach the FEA Executive to others' functions such as film nights and then get branch executives to do the actual work of getting out the numbers. (OC: High crime and misdemeanours)

The kind of fundraisers that actually bring people together to talk and socialise at a cost affordable to most Party members seems to be off the radar for Race with his generous Parliamentary superannuation scheme. (OC: Oh yes, getting into the super, that's a traditional OC favourite too. Do we have more in common with Diane than we care to admit? You go, girlfriend. But should it come as any surprise that Race is trying to minimise the chances of "talking and socialising" with the ranting monologist Diane?)

By blurring the line between FEA and Campaign Committee fundraising, Race will be able to make claims about funds raised by the FEA when in all probability they will be those of the candidate. (OC: Oh yes, that sneaky old trick)

Race speaks with approval of the nonelective appointments made by the FEA Exec without stating what has actually been done or why these appointments are needed when the elected Exec members have been given little to do. (OC: Old witch Margot Carroll has been excluded. Where will these slights end?)

For those members new to Higgins and/or the ALP, the creation of these non-elected positions coincided with the shutdown of the traditional democratic structures in the Party by Race's Labor Unity Faction.

The policy committees are largely dysfunctional, State Conference has ceased to exist in any meaningful fashion, etc. (OC: Which does make one wonder why Diane strong-arms all those oldies for their vote to get elected to it.)

To create the illusion of democratic participation to fool new members into believing that their views actually matter to the faceless men of the factions, these non-elected local positions were created. All this was made possible by the use of stacks, particularly the notorious Network Group stacks, that handed the Party to the Labor Unity Faction. Race is good at grandstanding at the Fabian Society about Party reform, but he never spoke out or lifted a finger to help deal with the Network stacks in Higgins that gave control to his LU Faction. (OC: The magic mushrooms must be good in Michigan, these "stacks" are people who apparently joined in 1993)

Race also speaks of upcoming FEA forums before the next FEA Elections. He fails to mention that FEA Elections should be held in August. Since the Bracks/Brumby ascendency and domination of the Party machine by their LU Faction, FEA Elections are routinely suspended every time an election is looming. In the past we were quite capable of holding government, running election campaigns and still allowing the Party to hold FEA Elections as scheduled under the Rules. It speaks volumes about the decline in the management of the Victorian ALP that for reasons no LU hack has ever explained, we no longer seem to have the competence to do so. (OC: Let Diane run these ballots faction-free. Huzzah!)

Finally, Race extols the virtues of his "official newsletter." He has never adequately explained the need for such a publication (OC: Diane's own personal newsletter seemingly requires no explanation) and does not allow for meaningful policy discussion owing to the 200 word limit he set for articles. Issue after issue of Steve Perryman and his mates in photos will never take the place of policy debate, something that is anathema in LU circles. This year marks the 28th year of Higgins News, a newsletter known for its policy debates. (OC: Twenty eight years strong.)

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Liberal Party tonight? Have they given up? The quality of the contents of the Landeryou blog far surpasses anything the Liberals put on this blog.

Anonymous said...

We in the Liberal Party are always pleased to hear about Diane Anderson. We read her Higgins News with great interest. We always manage to get a copy soon after it comes out.

We are back again Cait. We had a rest over the weekend and that's why we're a little slow to post.

Our latest media release is from Nick Kotsiras exposing the Bracks government inactivity in the area of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, a body that largely comprises Labor hacks.

Read on:


Author : Nicholas Kotsiras MLA

Yet another report has been tabled in parliament today listing how the Bracks Government has failed those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nick Kotsiras said today.

The Victorian Government Achievements in Multicultural Affairs 2005-06 report reveals the Bracks Government could not even meet its own target of five per cent advertising in ethnic media.

"This Government likes to keep Victorians in the dark when it comes to accessing Government services," Mr Kotsiras said.

The second alarming statistic is that only 57% of Victorians now believe that multiculturalism makes life better in your area. An alarming drop of 10 per cent from the previous year.

"This should send alarm bells through the Department of Victorian Communities and the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC). Regrettably the VMC remains silent and muted when it comes to offering constructive criticism of this Government's performance," Mr Kotsiras said.

"Our culturally and linguistically diverse communities should be skeptical about this Premier and his Government's commitment to Victoria's cultural diversity.

"There is an urgent need for a comprehensive multicultural policy and a vision for the future. Unfortunately this Government is full of rhetoric and short on substance.

"With the number of public servants employed by this inept Government and the numerous political advisers that soak up public money you would have thought that policies and strategies would be put in place celebrating the advantages of Victoria's cultural and religious diversity.

"Unless the Bracks Government is committed to meeting the needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Victorians will not receive their fair share of government services," Mr Kotsiras said.

Media: Nicholas Kotsiras 9625 1426

Anonymous said...

Why does the Liberal Party post on Slanderyou and not on Landeryou? Is it because the real Liberal blog is Slanderyou?

Anonymous said...

Amazing, all five of the above posts are from Landeryou.

He's posting on here more than he does on his own blog.

Anonymous said...

ANon Tuesday, June 12, 2007 2:44:00 PM, can;t agree with you more

Also, didn't The Australian refer to Landeryou as a Liberal Prty blogger!

Interesting that Lnaderyou and the Liberals are posting here. Especially since its been indepndently proven that no one is reading Landeryou's bog (sorry blog!)

Anonymous said...

hey Andy, takes a lot of guts to go after some very minor party hack in Higgins!

Get real!

How was Costa Rica Andy? You never explained why you wment there

Melbourne Scribe said...

Anonymous, Landeryou typically deletes most posts on his blog. Explains why there are more posts on Slanderyou's blog. Slanderyou doesn't appear to be afraid of criticism.

Landeryou on the other hand is simply paranoid!

Anonymous said...

Diane Anderson is not a minor party official in Higgins. John Cain once described her as a very important person in the Victorian ALP. Why does Landeryou write about her all the time?

Anonymous said...

Amazing how similar the Liberal Party blogger's kickers (write offs) are to Andy-Cait-Catter8's.

Also the Liberal Party blogger seems to keep the same noctural hours as Andy-Cait-Catter8.

What a sad fellow Andy is. So lonely and confused. I pity him.

Anonymous said...

I'm so ronery
I'm so ronery...

Anonymous said...

The Landeryou blog didn't win the inaugural Walkley Blog Award.
The Walkely Award committee doesn't give out one for blogs.
Check out its website:

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Cait Catt said...

Diane Anderson's Race War on the Landeryou Blog got 300 per cent more comments than the most recent Slanderyou item did.

That's why the Landeryou blog won the inaugural Walkley Blog Award and the Slanderyou blog didn't.

And I'm going to beat the Liberal Party this time.

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