Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Landeryou caught out again

Kim Jong Il look alike Andrew Landeryou has been embroiled in another breach of copyright controversy.

In January, Slanderyou reported that

Landeryou posted this commentary. It includes references to Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Bankstown City Council, and a YouTube vid. Read Landeryou’s article closely. Then go to Neozionoid’s article which was published EARLIER ON THE SAME DAY. Notice any similarities? The one major stand out, among many, is that Landeryou includes every reference cited by Neozionoid, including the YouTube vid. Coincidence?

It’s interesting that Landeryou would do a cut and paste of Neozionoid, who in the past has written that he doesn’t consider Landeryou’s blog to be well regarded. Perhaps that explains why and how Landeryou thought he could get away with it, thinking that the two blogs shared different audiences, and thus he would never be found out.

Team Slanderyou can now report that in April, Landeryou was at it again, with an Australian vigilent patriot reporting that:

"Andrew Landeryou's rather nasty Melbourne-based, scandal-happy political blog The Other Cheek, needed to make a crude distortion of Juanita Wheeler for a story about a hotly-contested Queensland Greens preselection. So he used this photo, but didn't credit it as he should have under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (you can use the photo as you like as far as I am concerned, but you have to credit it). "

Landeryou has now "struck out"twice.

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

What is Slanderyou telling us about the Victorian economy? It is lagging behind the rest of Australia. We will soon again earn the title Mexico of the South that we did in the years before Jeff Kennett saved this state from bankruptcy. Vote Liberal. Read our latest media release:

Author : Kim Wells MLA
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) March quarter 2007 National Accounts figures, released today, show that Victoria's economic performance under Labor, is entrenching the State economy into second rate status.

Consumer spending, business investment, government investment and exports all clearly underperformed national growth rates in the quarter and over the year. The Victorian economy is obviously facing serious challenges that this Labor Government is refusing to tackle.

Overall, State Final Demand - the total demand for goods and services from households, governments, business investment and exports - grew by only 0.6 per cent in the March quarter the lowest growth of any State, except for Tasmania, and less than half of the national growth of 1.5 per cent.

Private sector investment in Victoria rose by 4.4 per cent over the year, compared with a 7.1 per cent rise nationally.

Victoria's public sector investment fell precipitately in the quarter by over 35 per cent and almost 12 per cent over the year.

Victorian exports fell by 0.8 per cent in the quarter, the second consecutive quarterly fall in export volumes which meant Victoria's exports stagnated over the last year compared to a rise in export volumes nationally of 4.7 per cent. Victorian export volumes fell nearly 6 per cent in the last six months alone. In fact since the Bracks Government was elected in 1999, export volumes have fallen 16 per cent. Our exports are in trouble but all we hear from the Bracks Government is how well the export sector is doing.

Even consumer demand is starting to fall behind national growth, rising 1.2 per cent in the quarter compared to 1.5 per cent growth nationally.

Labor brags about its 'record infrastructure spending' but as yet there is no sign of this actually happening. Labor's renowned inability to deliver public, social and economic infrastructure is revealed once again by the ABS data. There is still no sign of the water projects, the transport projects and the energy projects, Victoria needs to deliver for the future of the State.

High taxes, excessive regulation, an ingrained incapacity to get vital projects up and running is undermining Victoria's economic performance, competitiveness and service delivery.

But don't expect any change soon from the Bracks Labor Government, whose only solution is to treble State debt over the next four years to try and make up for years of underspending and neglect of Victoria's infrastructure

Further information: Shadow Treasurer Kim Wells on 0419 302 413

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the Victorian Liberal Party for posting on this blog. It's great to be informed about the way the Bracksward government is ruining our state day by day. Sheer incompetence. Bring back Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Andy does look like Kim Jong Il

You'd think this would be a nice little earner for Andy on the celebrity look a like circuit

But of course, Andy doesn't need the money!

Is Andy still linked up to the dole?

Silent Majority said...

This is great investigative report AGAIN Slanderyou

keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

Where is Cait Catt?

neo-Zionoid said...


It seems as though either you
(a) do not read comments at your own blog,
(b) are being sloppy with your logic, or
(c) are intentionally being intellectually dishonest.

As I indicated in my comment on your blog (see, my comment was that I had said Landeryou's blog was highly recommended. I had not said that it was highly regarded.

I was correcting your misquote ("regarded" instead of "recommended") of what I had written.

As I indicated in the above comment (and note my words carefully), I did not say that it was highly regarded.

There is a big difference between the following two sentences:

1. "I believe his blog is not highly regarded" (something I did not say), and

2. "I did not say that his blog was highly regarded." (something I did say)

The first makes an assertion about his blog, the second does not - it makes an assertion about what I said.

To set the record straight, I highly recommend Andrew Landeryou's blog, but I cannot comment on whether it is highly regarded by others.

Use of "recommended" here applies to the first person, i.e. me. Use of the word "regarded" applies to the third person plural, i.e. for the wider blog-reading community.

Clearly, it would be impossible for me to capture the mood of the entire audience to see if it was highly regarded.

I believe that I cleared up any ambiguity in the comment.

Unfortunately, you continue to peddle the line that I said his blog is not highly regarded.

I can understand it was a genuine mistake on your part the first time. But after I pointed it out to you, seeing the false assertion appear a second time can only lead one to deduce that you are being intentionally dishonest here.

Do not draw incorrect conclusions or misquote people intentionally. This advice is for your own blog's sake.

It does a disservice to your blog and to your readers.

neo-Zionoid said...

Further to my previous comment, I went back and re-read the relevant article from Landeryou and compared it to mine.

There seems to be more differences than similarities, as well as extra info, leading me to conclude that his research was done independently and his coverage more thoroughly on this particular article than mine.

Anonymous said...

but someone like you would say that Neo-zionoid! Let's not upset Landeryou, in case he goes after you!