Monday, January 29, 2007


Andrew Landeryou is simply a one-man train wreck: the accident is horrific, but you dare not turn away.

The Team Slanderyou Special Investigations Unit has listed Landeryou’s many offences:

- claiming to have won a Walkeys Blog Award, when no such award exists
- claiming to be a journalist, when in fact that is a blatant misrepresentation

- being a tireless promoter of KFC family buckets and single-handedly causing the obesity epidemic

- for services to creative defamation and sleaze

- for services as a clinical case study of narcissism, and

- attempting to shut down blogs.

Now, the Team Slanderyou Special Investigations Unit can add a new one: plagiarism.

Landeryou posted this commentary. It includes references to Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Bankstown City Council, and a YouTube vid.

Read Landeryou’s article closely. Then go to Neozionoid’s article which was published EARLIER ON THE SAME DAY. Notice any similarities? The one major stand out, among many, is that Landeryou includes every reference cited by Neozionoid, including the YouTube vid. Coincidence?

It’s interesting that Landeryou would do a cut and paste of Neozionoid, who in the past has written that he doesn’t consider Landeryou’s blog to be well regarded. Perhaps that explains why and how Landeryou thought he could get away with it, thinking that the two blogs shared different audiences, and thus he would never be found out.

Source of original cartoon is here.

25 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

The usual allegations. Nothing about Cait Catt this time. Does this mean Cait is a real person and not Landeryou as he has even said himself? What about Catter8 exposed in the previous posting? Is there a Masonic connection as was claimed in a posting earlier today? The list goes on and on.

I'd love to know the identity of Cait Catt. The name sounds so cute. Like Delia Delegate. A Lady Delia was lady in waiting to the present Queen in the 1950s so that's a cute name, only Cait Catt is much cuter.

cait catt said...

Cait Catt is getting in early this time. Cait is a real person. Cait is an admirer of Andrew and dislikes the lies told about him on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about the blog neozionoid uses selective quotes. This is the exact quote:

slanderyou said...

Sorry, but Andrew Landeryou's website is NOT highly regarded at all

A case in point is which reveals the partial truth
6:34 PM
neo-Zionoid said...

Thanks slanderyou for your comment.

Firstly, I said it was highly recommended, not highly regarded. It is highly recommended by me.

Secondly, I went your website and had a look. In my view, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with a single blogger. I hope you have more than just this blogsite.
5:07 PM

Read the above carefully. Neozionoid said the Landeryou blog was highly recommended by him. He did NOT say it was not highly regarded. He said he did not SAY it was not highly regarded.

Also neozionoid criticises the Slanderyou blog. He says it focusses too much on one person. With that I concur.

Anonymous said...

I've just done a copy and paste on this blog's poll so I can't be misquoted. Just an extract that is and it reads:

Andrew & the Nat. Library

Andrew Landeryou's blog has infected the Aust. National Library archives: How do you feel about this?

I won't visit the Library in case I catch something 62.1% 218

In other words 62.1 per cent of poll respondents won't visit the National Library in Canberra in case they catch something.

I understand previously this was over 70 per cent and it's coming down.

That suggests more of this blogs readers are prepared to visit the National Library. They are not scared of previous propaganda on this blog by Cait Catt and others that if they visit the National Library they might catch AIDS from a dunny seat there. That's not true. You can't catch AIDS from a toilet seat.

Anonymous said...

Why all this fixation about dunnies? There is even a comment on the Landeryou blog about pan toilets. Isn't there anything a little less smelly to write about? (excuse the pun).

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landeryou - what a stool!
Opps, I mean "tool"

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been hard at work this morning commenting on this blog

Looks like you've been caught out again Andy

Anonymous said...

Looks like Landeryou has given up on trying to be a journalist. Now he's just trying to be Cait Catt!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know who this Cait Catt is. She seems to have gone to ground. People are asking on the Landeryou blog what her views are on this subject or that subject. A brief mention on this topic just suggests she likes Mr Landeryou, but we all know that and the posting tells us nothing.

Please Cait tell us where you are. Where do you live? You seem an intelligent chick and I'd like to go to bed with you.

Your loving admirer.

P.S. I'm not gay.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is in my belief a Masonic code word. If that's the case 12.20.00 you haven't got a hope. In one of the Masonic degrees you take an oath to observe the chastity of a fellow Masons wife and family. I suspect Cait Catt is a freemason, and therefore male, and as you are not gay that excludes you on that count. If you are a freemason you are excluded too because of the oath you took to observe the chastity of the family of a freemason.

eunice nightingale said...

First this blog became obsessed with dunnies. That is, toilets as they are more widely known. The Australian vernacular isn't well known overseas so God help anyone in, say, Newfoundland looking up Landeryou and having to cope with a word like dunnies they've never heard of before. We had Cait Catt I think saying that people might or might not get AIDS from toilet seats in the National Library, which is in Canberra in the ACT. No, as a previous commentator correctly pointed out, you cannot catch AIDS from a toilet seat.

Now this blog is obsessed with freemasonry. Freemasonry is said to rule the world, and Cait Catt and Andrew Landeryou are said to be freemasons. It makes entertaining reading, especially when linked with a bit of conspiracy theory about the holocaust and nut cases like Frederick Toben of the Adelaide Institute and more closely to home John Bennett of the Australian Civil Liberties Union. Then we read about the holocaust denial conference in Tehran. A Conference by and for nut cases and fruit loops. Again interesting reading.

If I wasn't for dunnies and freemasons I think I'd be looking for my entertainment elsewhere. Keep it up. Also Cait Catt is just as nutty as most of the other contributors to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been hard at work again this morning commenting on this blog

Looks like you've been caught out again Andy

Anonymous said...

Andy's efforts to convince us he has boosters (or a multiple personality disorder) has had a severe effect on the rapidly diminishing quality of his blog.
Keep it up, Andy. Like always you're digging yourself into a hole. Can you keep this up? Or will you, as always, fail? Bets anyone?

Anonymous said...

I have been checking out Dean Sheriff and it seems he has interests in the following companies -


Does anyone know what these dodgy companies do? How much money do they make etc?

cait catt said...

Landeryou claims to have won a Walkely Blog Award when no such award exists

The finalists for the 2007 Bloggies (the real Weblog awards) have just been announced

Surprise surprise Landeryou is nowhere to be seen

catter8 said...

The fictitious Cait Catt above is a creep. Slanderyou didn't win a blog award. Get that fictitious Cait

Anonymous said...

and neither did Landeryou

Get that catter8!

Anonymous said...

4.35.00 sounds like she or he has just escaped from the cattery! Same for Catter8.

Andrew did win a blog award. I read it on Slanderyou. Even if you don't believe he won a Walkley he did win an award, equal with Andrew Bolt, for Australia's worst blog.

I think we can both accept that one!

catter8 said...

The fictitious catter8 above is a creep. Landeryou didn't win a blog award. Take that, fictitious catter8.

Anonymous said...

Catty comment by catter8 and anonymous make for good entertainment, but are not very informative.

I only read this blog for entertainment. It's great. Thank you catter8 and anonymous for making my day.

Anonymous said...

How can we tell who is the real Cait Catt and who is the real Catter8?

I think both of them (or all four if they are different puursons)are cretins.

Anonymous said...

Neozionoid is not a cretin but the content of his blog is not particularly intelligent. Neither for that matter is Cait Catt or Catter8.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt, Catter8, Delia Delegate and Andrew Landeryou are all the same person.
Cait Catt and Catter8 were invented (like Landeryou's fictious Walkley Award) to give the impression that Andy has supporters.
Andrew like to plagiarise, especially The Age's photo library.
If it wasn't for The Age, his blog would be pretty empty.
He's just jealous of real journalists such as Stephen Mayne 'cause Landeryou's bankrupt, unemployable and his future is looking bleak.

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