Monday, January 15, 2007

If Proof was needed: Andrew Landeryou is MAD

If proof was needed, Andrew Landeryou today revealed that he was uttlery mad. Today he launched an 'interactive criminal trial' (whatever that is!) of Jeremy Sear.

This all stems from what we reported in November, about how Andrew Landeryou had form for shutting down blogs.

The blog run by Anonymous Lefty is just the most recent blog targeted for special attention by Landeryou. And Landeryou has really decided to ramp up the action on this one.

Bruce carries the story in greater depth.

Having been caught out red handed, Landeryou responded by suggesting that he would seek legal redress from Anonymous Lefty for making the allegation public.

Now let’s consider this for a moment.

Landeryou is a bankrupt. How will he afford this civil litigation? He doesn’t hold down a job. The assumption around town is that he is either living off savings or is on unemployment benefits. If he is on unemployment benefits, then surely it is time that the Social Security Officials cracked down on this. Perhaps Landeryou is claiming some sort of disability allowance owing to his weight problems.

However, this morning Landeryou runs the idea of running an 'interactive criminal trial' (whatever that is!) of Jeremy Sear.

Landeryou’s tactics have become very tired and boring: play the FEAR and SMEAR game as hard and fast as you can. Throw enough mud, and some of it will stick.

Oh Andy, will you ever learn?

37 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is a living, waddling DSM IV textbook exapmle.

Mad is a too board and subjective term so I suggest narcissistic personality disorder - extreme focus on oneself.

- has a grandiose sense of self-importance,
- is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
believes that he is "special" and unique and can only be understood by other special people,
- requires excessive admiration,
- strong sense of entitlement,
- takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends,
- lacks empathy,
- is often envious or believes others are envious of him,
- arrogant affect.

Don't know where masquerading as various women fits in so we might be able to coin a syndrome -
"Transvestite Landeryou Syndrome."

Anonymous said...

Only andy could come up with such crap as an interactive criminal trial

Anonymous said...

Andy! Trials have prosecutions and defences. They consider facts and test allegations. They are in-ter-act-ive. Duuh!

Anonymous said...

Andy doesn't know what facts are

Anonymous said...

andy has finally descended into complete madness

Melbourne Scribe said...

Even Tim Blair is sick of Andy!

Watch how Andy will now go after Tim Blair!

Cait Catt said...

Mayne is a fraud. Read all about it below. Game On:

ADMISSION OF GUILT: Mayne Admits Proxy Scam in People Power AGM Shonkery // Ex Junkie Put In Charge of Party as Public Officer

Corrupt grub and disgraced ex Kindergarten president Stephen Mayne has admitted using dodgy proxies in his beerhall bakehouse putsch of People Power's leadership.

He admitted in today's bankrupt email newsletter Nameless that his "missus" aka Angry Fish-Wife Paula Piccinini attended the meeting with no fewer than sixteen proxies, all of which were exercised in favour of Mayne's puppet President Mike Noske.

Noske's pledge to maintain distance from the disgraced figure of Stephen Mayne hasn't lasted very long with him allegedly plotting to re-admit the expelled member and Mr 1% Stephen Mayne to the ranks of Party membership.

In other disturbing news, one informed source on the People Power executive has already expressed concern that the newly elected Public Officer a Gordon Marriott is a former long-term heroin addict with close links to the gun lobby and a big collection of his own.

With such credentials, the OC wish makes it clear we have nothing but respect for the man and we pledge to take his side of every argument. At all times. WIthout fail. No questions asked. Please don't hurt us.

But without any disrespect intended to any gun owning former smack fiend, it is curious that Stephen Mayne manages to seek alliances with drug addicts so regularly, such as Christian Kerr, a self-confessed cocaine and ecstasy abuser and Liberal wet.

Game on.


Every now and then, being the highly reflective and thoughtful bloke that I am, I sometimes ponder that perhaps I've gone in a bit hard against Stevie "Marfans Syndrome" Mayne. After all, basically I do what he used to do when Nameless occasionally had interesting yarns back in the day, only much better than he ever did.

But check out this hate-filled obituary of the much loved former Federal Minister Sir James Killen that appeared in the notorious Nameless newsletter today and join me in being reassured that we haven't really ever gone in hard enough against the vicious preying (not a spelling error) mantis. Mayne is clearly a very angry, very disturbed, very envious and very mentally unstable chap. Little wonder he struggles to attract more than 1% of the vote in elections. Read on for the proof:

5. Sir James Killen AC – “silly old bastard”
Stephen Mayne writes:

We all know it is impolite to speak ill of the dead, but as one of the 135 people on whom John Howard has bestowed a coveted AC, it is appropriate to assess the performance of Sir James Killen, who died last week and will receive a state funeral. (OC: He receives an Honour, so therefore he cops a Mayne spray, this is what passes for logic in a warped mind)

The obituaries were keen to point out that Killen was admired by people on both sides of politics. Based on Noeline Brown’s memoir, it’s fair to say that Killen also wanted to love people on both sides of politics, as the actress and two-time Labor candidate recounted the following from 1982: (OC: In contrast to Mayne who allegedly acknowledged his own bisexuality on one drunken occasion according to an interstate source)

I was asked to go down to Melbourne for an industry awards night and the Hon Jim Killen, who was once the president of the Liberal Party, Minister for the Navy and Minister for Defence, was also invited.

We were seated together, with his wife and five other people, for what turned out to be a very long night. Dinner and drinks were served and Jim was getting friendly. "My God, you’re a beautiful woman," he said to me several times during the course of the meal. After dinner we both had to go to the backstage area of the function centre to wait for our cues. "My God you’re a beautiful woman," he repeated as he lurched forward. His wife suddenly appeared, and stepped between the two of us, saying, "It’s not your fault, dear. He’s a silly old bastard."
(OC: Would rather be a silly old bastard like the incredibly accomplished Sir James than a bitter old biatch like Stephen Mayne)

You would think that having already been knighted and gonged with an AO, someone who spent the late 1990s on the board of a Townsville casino company wouldn’t be top of your list for an even high honour. (OC: Hasn't Mayne gone all anti-gambling wowser on us? His source of money is inventing lies about people and selling a subscription to it, then selling that unprofitable business to Eric Beecher, an insider trader who has narrowly escaped prosecution. Seems that a casino is infinitely more respectable that the shonky aspects of Mayne's sordid and corrupt life.)

But no, the man who vociferously backed John Howard over Andrew Peacock went up a division in 2004 and the PM even announced his death. (OC: Note unsubtle implication of Gong for Votes, total fantasy)

The obits were even talking up his bulldust, pointing out that for 25 years he perpetuated a myth that Menzies rang and said "Killen, you are magnificent" after he held on to Moreton by 120 votes in the 1961 cliffhanger election. (OC: A myth started by Killen to make Pig Iron Bob look good actually, Menzies was so grumpy about nearly losing the election that he glumly sat at home and didn't call anyone. The myth was in fact a story made up by Killen, and is one of thousands of examples of how much of a gentleman Sir James was)

Killen may be have been a good drinker, joker and sometime old lech (OC: letch is the word, as in Glenn Milne), but that doesn’t make him someone who did fabulous things for the country and deserved to receive an even higher honour 21 years after leaving Parliament. (OC: Oh yes, he only devoted decades to public service in contrast to Mayne who never managed to get elected to anything and was expelled from a party that got fewer votes than it had proxies at this weekend's Party AGM)

He did serve in Cabinet with John Howard for all of the Fraser years but was hardly an inspiring Minister in a reforming government. The ADF is his greatest policy legacy but he’s better remembered for his practical jokes and tomfoolery. (OC: In stark contrast to Stephen Mayne who is remembered for greeting press photographers masked and in costume, attempting loan scams with People Power, being shoved off stage on national television by drunk, stoned sexual predators and ratting on every friend, ally, employer and staff member he's ever had).

Game on.

posted by Andrew Landeryou @ 4:01 PM

Andy you look fat in that dress said...

Hey Cait

do you reckon that Mayne is scared of Andy?

Mayne is ultimately succesful, would appear to be financailly well off after selling Crikey, and has a great family.

Andy is ultimately unsuccessful. His finances are at best dubious, and the rest is public knowledge

Anonymous said...

I think it has got to the stage where Sears should call the police

Spring St said...

landeryou is now pushing 'trial by ordel'!

he is now supporting assualting people!

were will this end?

Cait Catt said...

Sears will justly be found guilty by the people's court. Long live Landeryou, the best blog on the net.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt said...
Sears will justly be found guilty by the people's court. Long live Landeryou, the best blog on the net.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 2:47:20 PM

And his punishment according to Landeryou will be physical assualt

how barbaric!

Yarra Ranger said...

Landeryou must be really under pressure to be promoting physical violence.

call 000

Anonymous said...

Why is the self-appointed "freedom fighter" Landeryou modeling himself on Joseph Stalin and running show trials? Will his next move be to invade plucky little Finland?

Cait Catt said...

Sear is guilty. One Landeryou reader wants him drawn and quartered. Landeryou readers are nice people. That must be a redneck Slanderyouite who posts on the Landeryou blog with the specific aim of seeking to make Landeryou less credible, which it isn't. It's the best blog on the net. Read on:

PROSECUTED: The Case Against Jeremy Sear // Is the Criminal Barrister A Criminal?

Criminal barrister and chinless wonder Jeremy Sear (last known in the heart of middle class suburbia at 1 Sussex Street, Ringwood) faces some serious albeit fictional criminal charges in the new and exciting jurisdiction of the OC People's Court, where you are judge, jury and executioner in the first virtual and interactive trial of its kind in the Free World.

And while some might not unreasonably question the legal authority of the People's Court and even make allegations that there might be some tongue in the Other Cheek, there can be no dispute that Jeremy Sear has a gravely serious set of issues to deal with as this catalogue of crime indicates:

Barrister and Melbourne Grammar boy Jeremy Sear admits to theft in one blog posting. And in his words, he admits stealing here.

Incites theft from the highly honourable Kirby family who own Village cinemas by encouraging BitTorrent downloads of films.

CHARGE: Contemplates Offer of Supply of Prohibited Drugs
In one post on his once anonymous blog, Sear gleefully considers the offer being supplied illegal drugs of addiction by a blogger. While the blogger thought he was joking, Sear took the offer seriously and may well have accepted it but for his Melbourne Grammar education, where of course no one there ever does drugs. At all.

CHARGE: Inciting Assault
Despite being married to a secondary school music teacher, Sear believes that computer software encouraging schoolyard violence is to be commended. It all relates to him being pulverised by school bullies at Camberwell Grammar, apparently. Pathetic. And this bloke decries violence and war when the Americans do it, but when it affected him he wanted to bash the crap out of bullies and put them in their place. Violence is no good at all we think, but sometimes it is necessary in combating evils like Hitler and Saddam. If Sear get this as a victim of schoolyard bullies why does he suspend the same logic when it comes to foreign policy? Simple. See the Racism charge, he blindly hates Americans.

CHARGE: False Reports of Crimes
MrLefty2 proposes that Sear is guilty of the serious offence of making a false report of a crime.

Certainly the evidence is compelling. Sear claimed that he was hacked but there remain serious unanswered questions about whether he was and yet he has been repeatedly talking up the alleged incidents as a criminal attack on his manhood.

CHARGE: Sexual Assault
One anonymous contributor has alleged that at a Grogblogging geek gathering that Jeremy Sear "put his hand up my skirt." The woman - presumably - complained that the incident occurred at the conclusion of the evening and that he brazenly committed the offence while his wife Melanie Sear was in close proximty. Surely not!

CHARGE: Racial Vilification and Iraqi Defeatism
In the same post, pompous ass Jeremy Sear appears to allege that Iraqis are racially incapable of knowing the "names of many of the candidates" in their national election which had a very high turn-out despite terrorists threatening to kill voters.

He separately vilifies Americans, alleging they have no sense of humour and are illiterate, referring to the "average Joe Kentucky" who needs to "stretch his brain around the notion that not everyone has an American accent."

He also hates Indians in call centres, calling them "hopeless" which led to the telco 3 condemning Sear as a "racist".

The alleged racist has also described fake Indian accents as "funny".

Compounding these serious offences is a persistent "talking down" of the situation in Iraq (with implicit racial prejudice), which if practised by an Iraqi would almost certainly constitute treason.

CHARGE: Ratting on the Liberal Party
In another confession post, Sear when he believed that was protected by the coward's cloak of anonymity declared that he was a "conservative at University."

Showing all the club loyalty of David Beckham, Sear admits that he has been a Liberal, an Australian Democrat and is now a Green.

CHARGE: Branch-Stacking
In the Lefty world of coffee shop humbug, there is no more serious offence than branch-stacking. Sear admits being knowingly concerned in branch-stacking in the Melbourne University Liberal Club.

CHARGE: Breach of Water Restrictions
In what is becoming the most serious crime of all in the State of Victoria, where neighbourhood posses of vigilante activism are forming to combat water waste, Jeremy Sear has indicated a contempt for the use of water in his garden, even to the extent of "making a ran for it" in response to the prospect of apprehension. Or is it just misapprehension?

It is alleged that Sear falsely asserted that he was an objective, fair or balanced contributor to a biographical article on popular Herald Sun columnist and much-loved blogger Andrew Bolt.

CHARGE: Blasphemy
While not a charge you see very often these days, the OC Investigations Unit presents this clear case of Jeremy taking the Lord's name in vain. Despite this, he says he walked away from any religious belief in Year Nine and refused his mother's instruction to be married in the chapel at Melbourne Grammar on the grounds that he's an atheist.

CHARGE: Attacks His Parents and Brother
In one post, he expresses "horror" about the prospect of "turning into my parents".

In another he poured scorn on his parents attempts to be included in his wedding, even disrespecting their generous offers to pay the expenses of it. He went on to question the sanity of both his father and mother, declaring that only his then prospective father in law had been the "only reliably snae and reasonable parent involved in the whole sorry saga". He offers other bon mots like "My parents are very often insane" and considers the option of killing both his parents and in-laws.

He later alleges one of his parents threatened not to attend his wedding.

In addition he describes his brother as his nemesis.

He continues his slagging spree against his parents, denigrating them as "Channel 9 sort of people."

The ungrateful beast seems rather obsessed with his folks - other than plotting to kill them:

Anyway, so from being a messy kid with parents tidying up after me, I've gone through the stage of being messy student living in my own filth...

to becoming increasingly inflexible and intolerant of mess around our home now. I'm becoming my parents.

Does this raise a possible insanity defence to all charges?

CHARGE: Dangerous Driving
Jeremy Sear admits and produces clear evidence that he is guilty of driving and taking photographs simultaneously on Whitehorse Road, Mitcham at 9.55PM on Wednesday the 26th of January 2005.

CHARGE: Treason and Firearms Offences
Sear has also indicated a lack of patriotism and a concerning Jihad Jack style enthusiasm for "shjny right noisy things that smell like gunpowder."

CHARGE: Criminal Defamation
In one post he viciously slags a woman whose only fault in Sear's mind was that she had not unreasonably said to his then girlfriend that "for christ sake, get some fu*king self-respect", indicating that she thought she could do much better. No doubt this is true, and Sear responds with a false allegation of theft against her and also calls the truth-speaker "bitchy".

In another, Sear refers to bloggers he has met and explains that - in his experience - "Even if everyone you meet over the internet is a paedophile sex-maniac stalker psychotic murderer. (Or a saucy wench trying to steal you away, depending on whether you're a parent or a partner.)" The OC Investigations Unit understands that Sear may have met bad boy and alleged pederast Aaron Hewett or is it Aaron Hewiitt.

CHARGE: Obscenity and Pornography Obsession
Jeremy Sear has admitted sending obscene emails entitled "FU*K" and containing only the words "Fu*k fu*k fu*k fu*k fu*k".

Sear admitted (boasted?) of maintaining a collection of highly exotic pornography under his parent's house that he claimed to have forgotten about.

In another post, Sear contemplates pornography involving "dehyrdrated women locked in car boots."

His commitment to porn is multi-media and even extends to PC games. He tells the sad story of sexual addiction in his own lustful words:

Finally, it's time to mention Hot Coffee. Hot Coffee is hidden code in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that, er, enables the player to, er, control what CJ does with his, er, lady friend at the end of a successful date. I wasn't going to mention it, because it looked like something only people with a PC copy could unlock - but it turns out to be possible to unlock it on a PS2, as well. Hillary Clinton is very angry about it.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty outraged too. How COULD Rockstar release such a thing? How IRRESPONSIBLE are they? Do they realise how serious the consequences could be, in the wrong hands?

I spent over an HOUR of my PRECIOUS TIME last night tapping in AR Max codes to try to make the damn thing work. And couldn't. All that juvenile, Porky's-level titillation, denied me. DAMN YOU ROCKSTAR!!

CHARGE: Masturbation Obsession
The criminal barrister found a book "entitled 'Games For One'" which he said could "explain rather an unfortunate lot about my teenage years."

In another post, Sear admits a long history in porn downloading on the internet and declares that in the early days of the internet "horny geeks" and "perverts" like himself had to be imaginative.

Sear's interest in porn even extends to sexual images involving the children's toy Lego "with glued-on appendages". Michael Jackson would be impressed with supporting the perversion of an innocent toy into an object of adult lust and smut.

His obsession with porn and masturbation has not been without cost as this photo demonstrates

CHARGE: Conspiracy to Murder
In one blog posting when he believed he was anonymous, Sear boasts of a diabolical plan to run over Sophie Panopoulos (future Liberal Leader) with a steam roller. Is there no limit to the man's perfidy?

Indeed there's not because in this post, Sear considers the option of killing both his parents and his father-in-law and mother-in-law in response to them expressing a view about how his wedding ought be conducted and funded.

CHARGE: Anti-Semitism
Sear has also been guilty of diminishing the suffering of those who survived the Holocaust by comparing President George Bush's Inauguration with this image of a Nuremberg rally.

CHARGE: Whoring
Jeremy Sear admits to being an "attention-whore."

CHARGE: Hypnotising and Denigrating Wife
The notorious criminal barrister also confesses to using hypnosis to attempt to persuade his now wife Mrs Melanie Sear to agree to marry him.

He has also repeatedly alleged that his wife Melanie Jo was guilty of adultery or lusted after other men.

He also is concerned about her "gambling problem". Mrs Sear (MelJo) feistily and rightly tells the domineering Grammar boy where to get off. Go pokies!

He admits being an ego-maniac.

CHARGE: Denigrating a Journalist's Ethics
Sear accused an Age journalist (by no means its most corrupt or sinister) of being a "corporate shill". The shill was even given a right of reply. Who does he think he is to publicly vilify one of my fellow journalists? Is there no limit to his debauchery?

CHARGE: Global Warming Offences
Jeremy Sear - committed enviropropagandist - once said: "Coal could be very useful in the near future. It is useful because it saves money".

He also admits to using a rubbish tip.

CHARGE: Snoring
Not only does this blogger who is prematurely greying Anderson Cooper meets Mr Bean induce snoring in others with his pious hysterical lefty rants on his blog, he is also guilty of snoring himself. For shame.

When Sear moved into Sussex Street, (not the cool one in Sydney where ALP Head Office and Chinese restaurants, he planned to set fire to a mysterious and possibly satanic wooden structure in the backyard of the Ringwood estate
CHARGE: Stalking
Sear confirms that he plans to obtain the telephone numbers of a number of celebrities in order to stalk them.

CHARGE: Impersonating a Human
No evidence has yet been presented in relation to this charge. Pending. Although some are already proposing sentence.

CHARGE: Oxygen Theft
Incidental to the previous charge has followed allegations that by reason of his lack of humanity that Sear is therefore an oxygen thief.

CHARGE: Elitism
Sear appears to believe that only people who agree with him should have their voting franchise protected.

CHARGE: Catholic Bashing
The Melbourne Grammar boy doesn't like Catholics, writing with sectarian venom:

The Roman Catholics surprised everyone by electing a hard-core rightwinger as Pope. The Easter Bunny just couldn't gather enough votes from the cardinals, unfortunately. Meanwhile, a letter in the Australian was the wisest thing I've read on the subject - "Can we go back to ignoring the catholics again, now, please?"

Based on your own examination of the evidence? Is he guilty or not guilty of these charges. You be the judge jury. If convicted, we will enter the penalty phase.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

fuck off landeryou

Cait Catt said...

I wrote this on the Landeryou blog and I reproduce it here for the benefit of Stephen Mayne:

Stephen Mayne thinks I'm Landeryou. On his Slanderyou blog (don't think it's Anderson or Locke this time) he says "eff off Landeryou." He means eff off Cait. I'm a lady and I don't use four letter words in mixed company Stephen.

I can take his criticism but I think it very unfair of him to say I'm someone I'm not. I am a Landeryou admirer but I'm not Landeryou.

Got that Mayne.

Cait Catt | 01.16.07 - 11:27 pm | #

Anonymous said...

I'm not Stephen Mayne and I reckon Cait Catt is Landeryou in drag (ugh, what a horrible thought!).

Cait Catt, who didn't exist a month ago, only exists to boost and defend Landeryou on this blog and his own.
Cait Catt parrots Landeryou's own writing, using exactly the same phases, topics and grammar.
It just shows how desperate he's becoming.

"I'm a ladee, don't you know."
As Landeryou's guru Maggie Thatcher once said: "Being powerful is like saying you're a lady. If you have to state it, then you're not."

Anonymous said...

paranoid schizophrenia all round

Anonymous said...

In Landeryou news just in...

In a private briefing, Centrelink officials have revealed that Andrew Landeryou is on a disability support pension as OH&S legislation prevent him from holding down a job as his extreme weight would pose a threat to the safety of his colleagues and may cause structural damage to any building he worked in.

In a second briefing, law enforcement sources have said that Landeryou remains at large because he cannot fit into any prison facilities as he is too fat.

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