Monday, June 04, 2007

Spot the similarity game: Paris Hilton vs Andrew Landeryou

Long overdue new edition of our popular game.

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This time, we ask what is the similarity between Paris Hilton and Andrew Landeryou?

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Anonymous said...

We enjoy the pictures of Paris Hilton and Andrew Landeryou. Now for something more serious. What is Labor doing about housing affordability? Vote Liberal. Read our latest media release:

Author : Matthew Guy MLC
Today's release of the HIA/Commonwealth Bank Housing Affordability index confirms that the Bracks Labor Government's planned Development Tax must be scrapped.

The figures reveal that in the past five quarters Melbourne housing affordability fell 6.1 points compared with 3.9 points in Sydney.

In Regional Victoria the situation is worse where housing affordability fell 5.6 points compared with a rise of 4.4 in New South Wales, 0.7 in South Australia and a fall of 4.1 in Queensland. Regional Victoria also had the second highest increase in house prices after Western Australia in past quarter.

Shadow Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy identified the following five key issues as major drivers of Victoria's housing affordability crisis:

# The average State Government tax take on a new home is now higher than ever before and further State Government taxes account for over $45,000 on the average $391,000 house in Melbourne;
# The State Government is planning to introduce a development levy on new homes later this year, which will further add to the cost of building a new home;
# The State Government has presided over the increase in Melbourne Water drainage fee charges rising 50 per cent from $21,000 per hectare to $32,000 per hectare;
# The State Government is presiding over the most restrictive land release policies in Victorian history which adds to the commodity value of land and forces up the cost of land; and
# Melbourne's land release policies are now more restrictive than Washington, Chicago, Toronto, and as restrictive as New York City.

"The State Government has done nothing to help solve the housing affordability crisis in Victoria and has no plans to do anything in the future except to introduce a new tax," Mr Guy said.

"You can't solve the housing affordability crisis in Victoria by imposing a new tax on new homes."

Mr Guy said that at a Public Accounts and Estimates Hearing held this morning, Planning Minister Justin Madden confirmed that there was in fact no increase in funding in this year's budget to develop housing affordability strategies.

"Labor does not regard housing affordability as a major issue despite presiding over a terribly high taxation regime and planning to introduce another tax on homes later this year."

Media contact: Matthew Guy: 0400 001 282

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna ring matthew guy and tell him he's wasting his time posting here

wankers every last one of 'em

if their little minds really think that in the grand scheme of things this will win them enough votes to gain government then they're going to be in opposition for a while yet

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Similarities.

Paris and Andy have about the same level of credibility?

Neither Paris nor Andy have ever done an honest day's work?

All the money in the world hasn't been able to buy either respect?

Both are beneficiaries from overseas fortunes (but in Landy's case, that's just geographical)?

Both are just a complete waste of oxygen and water? In that vein, bearing in mind the limited supply of water these days, perhaps we should cut Landy off.

Am I warm?

Anonymous said...

Where is Cait Catt (Landeryou)?

If the going gets heavy she books herself into the cattery.

What have you got to hide Ms Catt?

Cait Catt said...

I find it disgusting that the Liberal who is shamelessly posting to this blog should make so many backhanders about the great man. A decent man and an honest man. Why don't we hear from the Liberals about Evan Thornley? Exposed on the Landeryou blog with a well researched essay on his record as boss of Looksmart, an American computer outfit.
Read on:

SHAMED: Labor MP Condemned For "Dickensian" Workplace By Respected Writer

Legislative Council back-bencher Evan Thornley has been embarrassed over recent condemnation of the employment conditions at Thornley company Looksmart by a former employee who described the company as a "post-modern vision of Dickensian England."

Highly respected journalist Joshua Jaffe briefly worked for Looksmart before leaving, unsatisfied with the cold and drafty office facilities provided by the Labor MP. He left to go The Deal, a famed publication on Silicon Valley business deals. He is now the senior writer for The Deal magazine and the organizer of the Technology Summit for VCs, acquirers, and other investors.

He describes the "Dickensian" scene:

I was seated in the middle of an enormous open room with nothing in it but hundreds of tables, computers and "editors". It looked like a post-modern vision of Dickensian England. The draft was persistent and the work was inane. I was trained on a computer to search for a specific topic on the web and assign it the appropriate classification in the company's index. I did that for a few hours until training ceased. The next morning, I got an offer from The Deal, which I gladly accepted. I didn't show up for "training" the next day or the day after that.

He went on to mock the poor performance of Thornley's company:

That company, LookSmart, went on to a successful IPO but quickly ran into trouble. Its human edited search results didn't catch on against stronger algorithmic based results (Google).

These recent comments on a highly regarded VC Ratings website support the statements in the House of Representatives two years ago[pdf] made by the then Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews who was gravely concerned about the plight of workers in Thornley's company.

Andrews' parliamentary attack played a significant role in Thornley being deprived of any chance at federal preselection and was given state preselection as window dressing to distract media attention from the rather contentious selection of Premier's Chief of Staff Tim Pallas.

Mr ANTHONY SMITH (2.35 p.m.)—My question is addressed to the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations. Would the minister inform the House how the government is upholding the right of workers to join or not join unions and is the minister aware of any alternative views?

Mr ANDREWS—I thank the member for Casey for his question and his support for the government’s Work Choices legislation. The Work Choices bill maintains and strengthens the prohibitions against discrimination and dismissal of employees on the grounds of whether or not they are a member of a union. In fact, it also remains unlawful for employers to victimise employees who are not union members. That is clearly set out in the legislation. I was asked about some alternative views and I came across a firm that does not seem to support the engagement and employment of union members.

Indeed, in its original prospectus, when it was floated, it boasted:

‘None of our employees is represented by a labour union.’

Its annual return for 1999 boasted:

‘We have never had a work stoppage and none of our employees is represented by a Labor union.’

Indeed I understand the practice of this firm is that it only employs people on individual contracts. The 2000 annual report of this firm is interesting because it says, in part:

We had approximately 690 employees as of December 31, 2000. However, in January 2001, we implemented a restructuring plan that resulted in staff reductions of 172 employees.

They are boasting of having slashed the work force between 31 December 2000 and the beginning of January 2001. The very interesting thing is that this 2000 annual report goes on to state:

Our future success depends, in part, on the continued service of our key management personnel, particularly Evan Thornley, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Tracey Ellery, our President. Mr. Thornley and Ms. Ellery are husband and wife.

These are the people who boast about not employing union members that the Leader of the Opposition appointed to his Knowledge Nation task force back in the year 2000. This is what the Federal Secretary of the ALP, Mr Tim Gartrell, said about Mr Thornley:

He is a great supporter of the Labor Party.

He said:

The Labor Party has an obligation to weed out any existing duds and replace them with the next generation of leadership, the thinkers, the reformers, the persuaders.

He says that Mr Thornley is:

... an energetic highly intelligent guy who understands industry policy and economics and can argue his case at any forum. They are the sort of people that we need.

I wonder what the member for Scullin thinks about that. This bloke will not employ a unionist in his business. So here we have the modern face of the Labor Party in Australia. One of its up-and-coming stars will not deal with unions, will not employ union members, engages in a mass sacking of staff and prefers individual contracts. This is a man who is practising the very thing that the Labor Party says is exploitative. I assure members of the Labor Party and the other members of the House that we, at least on this side of politics, will stand up for the Australian worker.

Game on.

Click here to Read More on this post...

Anonymous said...

Please tell us there aren't videos of Landeryou giving blowjobs out there on the net.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe that Andrew landeryou is a real person.

Surely, he is just a fictional character!!!!

Like Homer Simpson, but not as smart!

Anonymous said...

Andy's just jealous because Evan's business got to the point where it could have an IPO. Andy had looted IQ and Solly Lew of all cash, then shredded the books, before the company actually turned over a red cent. The only contract IQ ever had was with The Age on sports stats, and it failed to provide anything of worth and got the chop. Hence the absolute hatred of anything to do with The Age. Of course, Lawrence Money had done a couple of pieces on Andy during his disasterous Precidency of MUSU in 1991 where he got the sack, so Money comes in for special attention & buckets of vitriol.

Andy, in business you have to provide something of value (besides connections) to make an on-going income. Outright theft is not a long term, on-going & viable commercial proposition.

I think Evan Thornley is a corporate wanker, but he is not a crook. All Andy has demonstrated is this piece is his jealousy for Even, and some mild hypocrisy on the part of Thornley. Jail Andy now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Landerful is quite real. Offensive as it is, he does actually exist. This entire blog has a purpose. Celebrating the demise of the sad, bloated one. What a failure in life! What a sad example of a human being flopping about, bent only on revenge, friendless and hunted by the ATO. It is only downhill from here as Andrew's mental health deteriorates and his psyche spilts into a cast of characters invented to defend him on other peope's blogs. Cait Catt, Catter 8, Delia Delegate, Freedom Freddy and all those others than Andrew made up to speak on his behalf. What a freak!

Anonymous said...

from landeryous own blog

When will you get over it? Do you think many are fooled into thinking your Evan bashing is anything more than jealousy and bitterness that you weren't taken along for the ride? Please don't act like you speak for any of the people who worked with Evan at LS, as I am one of them, and have the utmost respect for both Evan and Damian, whom you also regularly trash.

You claim also to know quite a lot about LS, but you don't know that the Australian operation was called LookSmart International or that Tim Pethick was widely regarded as an enormous waste of space both at LS and then later at Nudie, and yet you quote him! Do you have any idea what he even did at LS? We're all dying to know as those who worked with him and really only saw him kiss BT ass and release the most ridiculous marketing campaign of all time ("We take out the garbage"? Genius.)

Other things you discuss which you know nothing about:

1. The Microsoft deal - please tell us the companies you have run and how you did things differently.
2. Evan selling shares - it was well-known that Evan sold them regularly so as NOT to influence the market. You make it sound so nasty, but you know that you are twisting that. No one who worked closely with Evan begrudges him one dollar. Did you know that Evan went into serious debt at the beginning of LS to be able to pay his staff rather than letting people go when times got tough?
3. Union membership. Yes, Evan was proud that his staff weren't members of unions, because they didn't need to be. We all loved working there. We believed in what we were doing & were very sad when the tech crash caused things to go sour.
4. Cruel retrenchments. I was one of the retrenched and was paid at least six times what I was owed, offered letters of recommendation, and was helped to find another job. And I was not alone.

You know, it isn't an accident that many ex LookSmartians still keep in contact with Evan. We don't need your voice, Andrew. Find your own issues to worry about instead of ostensibly speaking for us.

I'd also love to know: what have you done, Andrew? What international company did you launch? What ideas of your own have you had? All you do is sit and fire shots at the people who were successful around you, because YOU WERE NOT. And never will be, from the looks of things, unless you call having a home on the www dedicated to your peurile vitriole a success. You don't realise that most of us are attracted to this the same way you would be to a train wreck. It's just so pathetic.

How about finding someone more useful to do with your time, like for example, doing something to help the Australian social situation rather than just sitting in judgement on others who are trying.
for the record - re: ls. | 11.10.06 - 3:07 pm | #

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Ms Catt tell us how badly the Victorian economy is performing under Mr Bracks. Read the latest Liberal Party media release below:

Author : Kim Wells MLA
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) March quarter 2007 National Accounts figures, released today, show that Victoria's economic performance under Labor, is entrenching the State economy into second rate status.

Consumer spending, business investment, government investment and exports all clearly underperformed national growth rates in the quarter and over the year. The Victorian economy is obviously facing serious challenges that this Labor Government is refusing to tackle.

Overall, State Final Demand - the total demand for goods and services from households, governments, business investment and exports - grew by only 0.6 per cent in the March quarter the lowest growth of any State, except for Tasmania, and less than half of the national growth of 1.5 per cent.

Private sector investment in Victoria rose by 4.4 per cent over the year, compared with a 7.1 per cent rise nationally.

Victoria's public sector investment fell precipitately in the quarter by over 35 per cent and almost 12 per cent over the year.

Victorian exports fell by 0.8 per cent in the quarter, the second consecutive quarterly fall in export volumes which meant Victoria's exports stagnated over the last year compared to a rise in export volumes nationally of 4.7 per cent. Victorian export volumes fell nearly 6 per cent in the last six months alone. In fact since the Bracks Government was elected in 1999, export volumes have fallen 16 per cent. Our exports are in trouble but all we hear from the Bracks Government is how well the export sector is doing.

Even consumer demand is starting to fall behind national growth, rising 1.2 per cent in the quarter compared to 1.5 per cent growth nationally.

Labor brags about its 'record infrastructure spending' but as yet there is no sign of this actually happening. Labor's renowned inability to deliver public, social and economic infrastructure is revealed once again by the ABS data. There is still no sign of the water projects, the transport projects and the energy projects, Victoria needs to deliver for the future of the State.

High taxes, excessive regulation, an ingrained incapacity to get vital projects up and running is undermining Victoria's economic performance, competitiveness and service delivery.

But don't expect any change soon from the Bracks Labor Government, whose only solution is to treble State debt over the next four years to try and make up for years of underspending and neglect of Victoria's infrastructure

Further information: Shadow Treasurer Kim Wells on 0419 302 413

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