Friday, June 22, 2007


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Anonymous said...

We of the Liberal Party look forward to reading your Monday Mania. Of more immediate interest is the fate of Geelong's water supply. This deceitful government has decided to ignore the local community, and to put the future of Geelong at risk. Read our latest media release:

Author : The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MLA
Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Development, Denis Napthine, has accused the Bracks Labor Government of tearing up a 50-year plan to secure Geelong's water after just nine months.

In October 2006, the Government announced its $100 million plan to secure Geelong's water supplies for the next 50 years.

However, this plan only lasted nine months.

"This is the third plan to secure Geelong's water in two years - this Government is making policy on the run."

"In 2005, the Bracks Labor Government trumpeted their plan to divert Geelong's share of the Lal Lal Reservoir to Ballarat to solve their water problems and Labor promised to find new ways to secure water for Geelong's future. Then in October 2006 we get the 50-year plan!"

The 2006 plan included a range of water savings using a combination of water conservation, recycled water and ground water to 'meet the future needs of Geelong'.

"The pipeline was not part of the 50-year plan for Geelong in October 2006," Dr Napthine said.

Dr Napthine said the Premier had promised that taking water from new groundwater sources, including the Jan Juc and Newlingrook Aquifers, as part of the 50-year plan.

"Not only has the Premier forgotten about this, Steve Bracks and his Minister for Water, John Thwaites, have now decided to connect Geelong to Melbourne's water, via an expensive pipeline.

"It will be the residents of Geelong that will have to pay for this pipeline - they will have to pay $60 million of the $80 million project! They didn't ask for it, but now the Government will make them pay through their teeth when cheaper options are available."

In his press release, dated October 17, 2006, Premier Bracks announced the 50-year plan was the result of extensive community consultation over an 18-month period.

"This new plan has come from nowhere. Why wasn't their any consultation with community groups and water users?

"How can anyone have faith in the Government when it comes to water issues when in the lead up to the election it promised a 50-year plan to secure Geelong's water supplies, but dumped it after just nine months?

"No wonder the people of Geelong are confused, frustrated and angry when they are continually being misled by a deceitful Government," Dr Napthine said.

Media enquiries: Denis Napthine 9625 1445 (pager)

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that he Liberals never criticise landeryou.

Must be true that his blog is a liberal Party blog

Anonymous said...

More likely, the Libs aren't posting here. It's Landeryou, attempting to deflect the focus.

Seriously, they've got no reason to post press releases here. The readership isn't extensive. No-one's going to pioneer their cause. And let's face it, if they're not critical of Landeryou, it's obviously Landeryou posting as has been proven in the past...