Saturday, June 16, 2007

MUSU in Liquidiaton v Darren Ray

Our Thursday "blogosphere" exclusive instigated considerable debate.

As we close for the weekend, we bring you a legal opinion of the MUSU mess.

Happy weekend.

12 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Slanderyou tell us more about bad decisions by Victorian government Ministers. Like Mr Hulls. His failure to act to change outdated laws means a loss of some of Victoria's best bookmakers. Vote Liberal. Read our latest media release:

Author : The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MLA
Lack of action by Racing Minister Rob Hulls is killing off Victorian bookmakers.

Shadow Minister for Racing Denis Napthine said that Victorian bookmakers were at a significant disadvantage in their fight against interstate bookmakers and betting firms due to archaic Victorian laws.

"Victorian bookmakers are being forced to fight against their competitors with both hands tied behind their backs by Minister Hulls and outdated Victorian laws," Dr Napthine said.

"The recent announcement by Minister Hulls of yet another working party to review these issues was weak and totally inadequate.

"Victorian bookmakers need urgent action not another review.

"The issues are simple and the answers clear. We need action from Minister Hulls or Victorian bookmakers will continue to be an endangered species," Dr Napthine said.

"While interstate bookmakers and betting companies can provide a 24-7 race betting service to their clients, our major Victorian bookmakers can only accept bets, in person or on the phone, if they are actually on their stand at a race meeting.

"This is a ludicrous situation that is absolutely unfair to Victorian bookmakers who simply cannot compete with these enormous odds stacked against them."

Dr Napthine said these outdated Victorian laws forced Victorians to bet interstate and drove local bookies to Darwin.

"This is taking jobs and money away from Victoria and the Victorian racing industry.

"It is impossible to explain or understand why the State Government allows sports betting to operate 24-7 in Victoria but has failed to extend the same approval for betting on races, leaving Victorian bookmakers well behind their interstate competitors," Dr Napthine said.

"The recent decision by another leading Victorian bookmaker Alan Eskander to leave Melbourne and set up in Darwin highlights the impact of these ridiculous outmoded laws on the Victorian racing scene.

"Victorian racing cannot afford this continued exodus of leading Victorian bookmakers."

Dr Napthine urged Racing Minister Rob Hulls to act quickly to change the law in Victoria to give our local Victorian bookmakers a fair go and to keep Victorian punters money in our great State.

Media enquiries: Denis Napthine 9625 1445 (pager)

Anonymous said...

We in the Liberal Party thank Slanderyou readers for their encouragement and messages of support. We're happy to oblige you with our media releases and here's another one. The ALP are hypocrites when they claim to support freedom of information yet they apply the gag on government contracts. Read on:

Author : David Davis MLC
Melbourne's new Convention Centre project will be bound by an extraordinary government gag that prevents the tenderers or builders speaking publicly without the say so of the Bracks Government.

This gag takes government control to a new level of detail and intensity. The Bracks Government's Public Private Partnership (PPP) partners will also be subject to a range of intrusive controls.

One clause requires that the project company will "provide the State a draft of any proposed media release relating to the Project (48 hours prior to the planned release where practicable) and must obtain the State's approval of the media release before distribution."

In the case of media interest the project company "must respond promptly to queries from media representatives. Intended (or draft) responses are to be approved by the State."

The tenderers are caught in a Catch 22 where they cannot criticise the Bracks Government without seeking the prior approval from government spin doctors.

Where Bracks' spin doctors disagree with the successful tenderer they have the capacity to gag the company. This level of control is not about securing the public interest, it is about maximising the spin for the Bracks Government and stifling any criticism.

"Nobody has a problem with an agreement that seeks to build co-operation between government and a partner in public-private partnership projects, or with an agreement that seeks better co-ordination, but to gag outright a private group from comment raises all sorts of serious questions," Mr Davis said.

"Suppose the tenderer needs to expose government activity that is illegal or corrupt?"

The level of micromanagement in this contract is extraordinary. There are 17 pages devoted to communications strategy and media management. The onerous gag and other spin provisions are replicated in at least six other sections of the contract where public disclosure and publicity clauses tie tenderers and anyone they contract with.

There are agreed lines and statements - so called "key messages" - that must be used and incorporated in public statements.

# The document says the "State will necessarily drive key messages...The fundamental message of the project will be that it is delivering economic and operational benefit to the State. Here they may include that the project will: Boost the economy by $197m each year over 25 years;
# Create 2,500 jobs plus 1,000 jobs during the construction period;
# Position Victoria as a leading business tourism destination;
# Help build Melbourne's global reputation as a great place to work, live and do business;
# Create a contiguous South Bank river frontage - the last, and most crucial, urban renewal of the Yarra's edge, linking South Bank to Docklands."

Expect to see these points appearing again and again. They are the lines and Bracks will force his PPP partners to push them. This is Labor and its spin doctors at work manipulating public opinion through its PPP partners and its detailed gag-contract.

Media: David Davis: 9888 6244 or mobile 0419 000 212

Anonymous said...

Our third media release for today. Bracks is to "triple dip" on new water charges. Read on:

Author : David Davis MLC
Steve Bracks' plan to increase the water rates paid by Melbournians to cover the cost of a new sewer linking the CBD and Docklands is an example of 'triple dipping' given he has already clobbered Melbourne Water and Docklands developers hundreds of millions of dollars over the last eight years.

The rise in water bills mooted by John Thwaites to pay for this project will hit householders and businesses who in effect are being asked to pay for a third time.

There is no doubt this project is necessary and overdue. The $150 million-plus project will fund the 2.4 kilometre new sewer and will have three times the capacity of the old pipe.

# Labor will slug residents in three ways; Increased water rates like those announced today
# More water dividends to add to the more than $1.7 billion gouged out of the water authorities by Labor over the past eight years, including $589 million from Melbourne Water alone.
# General development charges levied on developers over the last eight years at Docklands and elsewhere which Labor has recently ramped up to further slug new home buyers, as developers pass on the costs levied by government.

There is no doubt that Steve Bracks is a 'triple dipper' and will hit Victorian households with increased taxes and charges for sewage infrastructure in three ways.

Why should Victorians pay for infrastructure over and over again? What has Mr Bracks done with the development contributions paid at Docklands? Will this be the last hike to pay for delayed infrastructure and maintenance?

If Steve Bracks had not gouged so much money out of the water authorities over the last eight years these charges may not have been necessary.

This is an example of the infrastructure that is required to handle the growth in population under Labor's 2030 plan that will see an additional one million people in Melbourne by 2030. Labor has been slow to build the required infrastructure and now will have to lift water rates for households to catch up.

This is the first of many hikes in water rates to be paid by Victorians as Labor tries to make up for nearly eight years of infrastructure neglect.

Media Contact: David Davis (03) 9888 6244

Anonymous said...

Where are you Cait Catt? The Liberal Party have got in first, second and third. I'd much rather read from you Cait. Beats that awful Slanderyou who doesn't even know what day it is. He wants to win a Walkley but me thinks he has as much chance as Bronwyn Bishop becoming Prime Minister.

Cait Catt said...

I sympathise with you 3.27 but I haven't been well lately. I caught the flu when I went with my friend to the cattery a week or so ago. If other posters beat me so be it so be it. At least I post newsworthy news.

The latest I noticed this morning is an attack on Pauline in Bananaland. That lady might even get elected to the Senate. At least she's more entertaining than Diane Anderson.

Only the Landeryou blog posted the news. Thanks Andy. Here it is:

Australia remains racist, says academic

Australia remains a racist society, allowing governments to erode many of the gains made since the landmark Mabo decision, a leading Aboriginal academic says.

"A key barrier in achieving social justice for Aboriginal people ... is the prevalence of racism in Australian society," said Professor Larissa Behrendt said.

The author was in Brisbane delivering the Mabo Oration - a speech in honour of Eddie Mabo and the decision by the High Court in 1992 which recognised native title.

Prof Behrendt said racism had enabled governments to get away with eroding indigenous rights, including those gained through the Mabo decision.

"Studies increasingly show that Australians are resistant to the notion that they are a racist society and resent the use of the term 'racism' to describe their attitudes and actions to any sector of the community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders," she said.

"But it explains why it is that the government can loosely and misleadingly assert that 'they are not going to throw any more money at the situation' and many Australians agree.

"The notion that 'too much money' has been spent on Aboriginal people and communities feeds into the prevalent negative stereotype that Aboriginal people are dole-bludgers, shiftless, indolent and lazy."

She said legislation since Mabo had enabled governments to "claw back" native title rights.

"Overall, this trend can been characterised as a consistent attack on the intent of the Mabo decision, and while native title rights have been eroded we are asked to celebrate indigenous land use agreements as the primary outcome of the native title regime."

Prof Behrendt said the land use agreements were "ad hoc and do not create a consistent framework or benchmarks for other indigenous communities".

There also had been attempts to "blackmail Aboriginal communities" to sign land back to the federal government in exchange for basic services such as schools or home repairs, she said.

Prof Behrendt also was scathing of media reporting of indigenous issues.

"When Aboriginal people gain recognition of a right, they are seen as getting something for nothing rather than getting protection of something that already exists," she said.

"Native title is often portrayed as being 'unAustralian'."

Prof Behrendt said Prime Minister John Howard had often publicly backed pastoralists over indigenous people.

Mr Howard had expressed his commitment to the "ideology of the white man on the land" in a landmark 1997 speech at Longreach in western Queensland, she said.

The prime minister said at the time: "We knew the right to negotiate was a licence for people to come from nowhere and make a claim on your property. Well, let me say I regard that as ... un-Australian."

"There is no such concern for indigenous people who clearly do not fill this same sentimental, nationalistic ideology," Prof Behrendt said.

But she said there was a "simple formula" for governments to address indigenous disadvantage.

"Overcoming indigenous disadvantage means governments at all levels have to take responsibility for the provision of three things as a matter of right: adequate standards of essential services; adequate provision of infrastructure; and investment in human capital," she said.

She said the Mabo case and the legacy of Eddie Mabo reminded all Australians that the fates of indigenous and non-indigenous people were tied.

"It is also a testament to the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have weathered under-resourcing, human rights abuses and government neglect and yet remain unwavering in both their tenacity to maintain our cultural identity and rights," she said.

"Even if it takes decades."

catter8 said...

I'm not responsible for your flu Cait. Please don't blame me. It was Slanderyou's pet cat that did it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is leakable to Mr Money!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Libs.


Kennett was Victoria's greatest Premier ever. We need him now.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair Slanderyousists, the reality is that white collar fraud inquiries in this Stae move very slowly.

Police resources tend to be devoted to such things as gangland murders and the pursuit of Tony Mokbel.

The MUSU matter, while important, does not have the same priority, but progress continues.

Just when certain people think that they have put things behind them is likely to be the time when their past will catch up with them.

Cait Catt said...

The OC Investigations Unit has done it again. Alex Hawke has won preselection in a landslide.

Well done OC Investigations Unit.

Remember. You read it first on the Landeryou blog.

Read on:

Saturday, 16 June 2007
MITCHELL: Alex Hawke Wins In Landslide

The OC can exclusively report that Alex Hawke has won the Liberal Party preselection with a thumping 75% of the vote, bumping off long-time incumbent Alan Cadman, once named "Araldite" by Paul Keating because he was so attached to his seat. The seventy year old Cadman was first elected in 1974, some four or five years prior to Alex's birth.

We can expect the Fairfax/ABC mafia to try to thump Hawke. His crimes include once championing voluntary student unionism (now the policy of both major political parties), roughing up political opponents (the press of course never does that) and not listening to JJJ. No doubt he'll cop a brutal caning for being a yoof elected to the Parliament while declining to wear Doc Martens.

Congratulations to the OC Investigations Unit once again for being first with the latest and indeed to bright young thing Alex Hawke who'll probably do quite well in Club Fed.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Delia Delegate under her real name has an item on Nameless yesterday. About Bronwyn Bishop and her greatest initiative while a Minister. The National Toilet Map.