Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paris Hilton's prison diary - where's Andy's


Paris is released from gaol/jail; still serves more time than Andy.

Andrew can't be serious - or is he?

He is now criticising the Young Liberals and 'botching' $10,000. Why is the Liberal Party bogger doing it? I guess, he thinks people have forgotten how he turned $4 million according to Landeryou's own words "...a comic" total of just $13,000.

Paris Hilton is writing a prison journal. That other former inmate, Andrew Landeryou has yet to release his diary of his experiences in gaol, even though he said he would!

6 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou readers may wish to read the Parliamentary Statement by our State Leader, Hon. Ted Baillieu, in relation to the Kerang Rail Accident:

Date : Wednesday, 6 June 2007
Author : Ted Baillieu MLA
Mr BAILLIEU (Leader of the Opposition) (By leave) - Just a little over 24 hours ago the bells starting ringing and the lights started flashing at an otherwise pretty and peaceful part of northern Victoria, some 6 kilometres north of the very beautiful Kerang and a couple of kilometers north of the Loddon River. This is a community that is tied together by road and rail. But what occurred was a truly horrendous event. The crash of a north-bound fully laden semi-trailer and a V/Line passenger train from Swan Hill was simply horrific. Many lives have been lost, families have been devastated, and others are fighting for their lives in hospital now. The trauma and grief is enormous.

As the Premier said, I visited the site this morning with the Leader of The Nationals. We both gained a much better understanding of the circumstances, and we were able to at least acknowledge the trauma and pay tribute to all of those now dealing with the aftermath. We join the Premier in extending our condolences to the victims, their families and friends, and other loved ones.

As the Premier said, there is an extraordinary display of good spirit and goodwill on site. That runs through the police led by Noel Ashby; the local inspector from Swan Hill; the Gannawarra Council, which is running the emergency relief centres and recovery processes; V/Line; the train staff themselves - and there are staff members who were on the train and are dealing with this issue - VicRoads; the Rural Ambulance Service; the emergency helicopter service; medical teams; hospital staff in a range of hospitals; and the Northern District Community Health Service, which is working overtime with families at the relief centre, where you could not help but be moved.

There are also Department of Human Services staff, the Red Cross, the Country Fire Authority, State Emergency Service volunteers - and spare a thought for those volunteers who as we speak are dealing with the trauma of removing bodies from the train - and, of course, local property owners, other passengers on the train who assisted and other motorists. They are Good Samaritans, one and all, who have come together to deal with the tragedy. They have come together from far and wide: from Kerang, Cohuna, Swan Hill, Bendigo, Mildura, Melbourne and obviously other cities and towns around about.

There is little we can do to stop the hurt. There is nothing we can do now that will undo this tragedy. But we can help communities rebuild. We can support those who are suffering. And we can do whatever is possible to prevent it from ever happening again. Now is not the time to speculate on the cause, and we will not. As the Premier said, there will be three investigations: by the coroner, by the police and one into transport safety - and we trust the government will take up the offer by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. We should not be shy about those investigations. They should be thorough, and I am sure they will be. But if we need to look more closely at broader issues concerning transport safety, then let us do that too. And if we need to make that a public process, then let us do that. We owe that to all those who have been involved in this tragedy, all those who are dealing with it now.

We know from having been there this morning - as, I am sure, the Premier discovered last night - that the lights are still flashing there today. Let us calmly and professionally heed their warning and do whatever we can to prevent it from happening again. For today our condolences, our thoughts and our prayers are with the families and friends of all those who have suffered and are suffering. There will be many tears yet and a lot of comfort to give - let us give it.

Anonymous said...

The principal concern of the Bracksward government in its transport policies has been ticket inspection, terrorising passengers who have faulty tickets or have had no opportunity to buy a ticket or are just unfamiliar with how the ticket system operates. Then there's the midget, whom even Batchelor supported after he was booked by a ticket inspector yet unable to reach the ticket machine. The Bracksward government should be concerned with passenger safety, not revenue. Terrorising passengers means less revenue in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Anon Thursday, June 07, 2007 6:37:00 PM - wasn't the midget in question Andrew Landeryou? He is at best only 4 foot tall!

And he would prefer to be called a Dwarf!

Anonymous said...

Anon, 8:03:00 PM, Midgets and dwarves like Andy prefer to be called "little people."

Anonymous said...

Andy is not a dwarf or midget.

He suffers from cranial gigantism, which explains why his head is so big, and his body so tiny - except for the fat bits

Anonymous said...

More important than Andy is the speed at which the truck driver in the Kerang rail accident has been charged with culpable driving. Police normally take weeks before they lay charges in this sort of accident. No comment about the likely guilt or innocence of the truck driver.

It sounds like a conspiracy to detract from criticism of the Bracks government failure to upgrade rail safety at level crossings. The media will be reluctant to cover this now charges have been laid.

Why so quickly? The previous poster about ticket inspectors I took to be some sort of a crank. Now I think he or she may be on to something.