Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A patriotic and honest reader of this blog commented that Landeryou's blog is "Not even in the Top 100 Australian Blogs Index".

We checked, and of course our reader was right! (as usual).

And we did a little more work on this issue and found that, according to the prestigious blog traffic rankings provider, Alexa, Landeryou is ranked a staggering 11,019 in Australia. (see bottom of page of the link)

Were we the only ones who thought that number was too high?

11 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Your blog index is wrong. The Landeryou blog is rated by all responsible observers as Australia's best blog. Also there is clear evidence on the web that it won a Walkley Blog Award, the inaugural one.

Stop the nonsense. Look at a qualitative blog index for a change. Landeryou must be rated number one.

Anonymous said...

fuck off Andy

Anonymous said...

Clear evidence on the internet Landeryou's blog is not in the Top 100.
No evidence whatsoever on the internet Walkley Blog Award exists.
Get some sleep, Andy-Cait-Catter8-Delia, and stop lying.

Cait Catt said...

Landeryou is Australia's top journalist. Why does Paul Austin not credit Andrew with first breaking the news that Jenny Matic has resigned her position in the Liberal Party? Another first for the OC Investigations Unit! Read on:

COPYCAT: Paul Austin Is A Week Behind The OC and a Weak Behind

The OC reported exclusively the resignation of Jenny Matic from the Liberal Party Vice-Presidency nearly a week ago. Paul Austin is a bit slow on the uptake and unwisely neglects to credit us with the shock revelation.

He feasts so much at the OC Dining Table that you'd really expect he'd tip us occasionally.

OPPOSITION Leader Ted Baillieu has suffered a blow with the surprise resignation of one of his key supporters in the Victorian Liberal hierarchy.

OC: It was no surprise to OC readers of course, who include many dozens of readers coming from Fairfax domains. Let's take a wild guess that Paul Austin might be one of them.

But The Age has learned she told party officials last week that she had decided to quit for family reasons.

OC: Yeah, learned from reading the OC.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Well done Slanderyou for pointing this out - puts Landeryou's lack of influence into perspective

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is "Australia's top journalist" outside the top 11,018 blogs!
Does "OC" stand for "organized crying?"
"Boo hoo, no-one's reading my blog," cried Andy-Cait-Catter8-Delia. "I'll post my stories on Slanderyou."

Anonymous said...

tis a sad state of affairs indeed when Andy is forced to post on a blog set up to parody him becuase no one reads him anymore

Anonymous said...

Why does Andy always point out the weight of others and morphs pictures to make them look stouter when he's grossly obese but he never picks on balding men when his thatch is clearly thinning? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Andy has a type of body dismorphia that clouds his judgement of his own obesity

He looks in the mirror and sees a svelt trim adonis, when we all know the reality is that he is a kfc binging jabba

Fortunately for Andy his body dismorphia doesn't extend to his hair and he can truly see the balding pate in the mirror before him

And that is Andy's life
Fat, bald, bankrupt, online gaming spiv living it large from secret income streams overseas

Anonymous said...

In the 'secret income streams from overseas' bit you forgot to mention that that money was first stolen from the shareholders of IQ Corp (Solly Lew etc) -- where Andrew shredded the records -- and members of MUSU (where Andrew benefited directly from fraudulent contracts). He then flipped the loot to HK, then on to Cyprus, then onto whereever the cash is currently stashed. Now he is reduced to bringing it back under false names...

Andy, remember that the ATO is onto you. Gathering evidence day by day.

Sad little paranoid man.

Anonymous said...

I agree, he ripped of Solly bad time. Whether you like Lew or not the facts remain the same and he knows it. He just couldn't beleive that Lew stood up to him in the end and would not be blackmailed the way tha Landy has managed to silence all of the others he and his father have hit up.

This family is 'big' trouble and it the truth will eventually emerge.

There are decades worth of stories to tell and more skelentons in the closet than anyone could believe - the truth will come out because Andrew has been stupid enough to put himself in a glass house and invited inspection. He has created more enemies than was necessary and his father , previous political allies and former wife should have a word to him before it ends in more tears.

No wonder anyone who ever really knew him is running pretty fast and those who he praises on his blog would really rather he didn't.

It could just be the kiss of death they didn't really need.