Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend venting session

It's the weekend, dear readers.

Another week, gone.

Here is your chance to vent about what Andy Landy has been up to this week.

Here is a conversation starter: our sources in the exclusive Sentinel building tell us Andy may have taken delivery of a very shiney European vroom vroom. (Aparrently Andy loves making the noise the engine makes to his friends over drinkies).

26 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

oh great
I slave away trying to earn a freaking buck whilst that bankrupt on line gaming spiv gets to gallavant around in a flash new motor

where is the justice?

Cait Catt said...

Another first for the OC. Dean Sherriff has won his appeal and will continue as a Banyule Councillor. Read on:

RELIEF: Labor Moderate Councillor Cleared in Appeal Triumph

Defying leftist naysayers and salivating local newshounds, popular Banyule Councillor Dean Sherriff has been cleared of a charge of criminal damage stemming from a traffic incident several years ago.

This means the Labor moderate can continue to serve the community in his unique way for years to come.

The Councillor has taken a real beating in the local press since the decision of a suburban Magistrate to record a conviction after the incident which would have had the effect of booting the Bundoora patriot off the local council. This decision seemed to offend even his political foes in the northern suburbs with many saying it was an absurdly strict penalty for a traffic related matter.

He enjoys quite a following in his local community it seems. Even after his conviction on these charges, he was re-elected to his local ward with an increased majority.

That strong backing encouraged him to pursue an appeal in the County Court which was delivered today. A remarkable triumph shared by the patriot and a very noble friend of his who refused to let him wave the white flag at any time. Whoever said winners never quit and quitters never win perhaps said all you ever need to know about life, the universe and everything.

Quite an amazing story but lest the patriot be encouraged by our supportive words to drive in such circumstances again, we offer this Youtube video as a reminder that you don't have to drunk on the road to be a bloody idiot:

Game on.

Posted by Andrew Landeryou at 10:54 AM

Anonymous said...

For once Cait Catt (probably aka Andrew Landeryou) did get a scoop on the daily newspapers, rather than copy from them. The Dean Sherriff story yesterday was original. Probably Cr Sherriff told Landeryou and he scooped the Herald Sun as a result. Below is the story in the Herald Sun this morning by Shelley Hodgson. A much more comprehensive story than the one by Landeryou which was also posted on Slanderyou by Cait Catt.

Dean Sherriff career saved

Shelley Hodgson

April 21, 2007 12:00am
Article from: Herald-Sun

A JUDGE has saved the political career of a suburban councillor after overturning a conviction against him for criminal damage.
Banyule councillor Dean Sherriff, 34, appealed his sentence for assault, careless driving and criminal damage charges in the County Court. He also sought to be punished without conviction.

The charges relate to an incident in which Cr Sherriff chased his victim, ran up the back of his car and then smashed his windscreen at Epping on October 18, 2004. The attack happened in front of the victim's sons, aged 1 and 4.

Defence lawyer Con Heliotis, QC, said Cr Sherriff had been a Labor Party member since 1991 and had ambitions to enter state politics. He was elected to the council, in Melbourne's northeast, in 2000, and re-elected in 2003 and 2005.

Cr Sherriff pleaded guilty at Heidelberg Magistrates' Court in 2005 and received a four-month suspended jail term, a fine and driver's licence suspension. Yesterday, Judge Frances Millane set aside the orders of the magistrate.

On the charge of criminal damage she sentenced Cr Sherriff, without conviction, to a community-based order with 250 hours of community work.

He was convicted and fined $1000 on each of the assault and careless driving offences, and his licence was suspended for six months.

Under the Local Government Act, a person is not eligible to be a councillor if convicted of an offence punishable by more than five years' jail. Criminal damage falls into that category.

The County Court heard that at the time of the offences, Cr Sherriff was suffering extreme paranoia brought on by strong medication. He said late yesterday he was "80 per cent happy with the result" and was considering appealing the assault conviction.

Anonymous said...

There is also a story in The Age on the Sherriff matter too, so to be fair Landeryou scooped both Melbourne dailies (The Australian and the Fin Review wouldn't run a story about Sherriff as it's too local and does not have a national focus).

Of most interest in The Age story is a quote from Dick Wynne, the Local Government Minister and former Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Mr Wynne just quoted the law about disqualifications for criminal offences and sensibly left it at that. He's too smart to say anything that might influence Cr Sherriff to sue him. Smart Dean also refused to comment. He'll be hoping the matter goes away so he can get on with his career in local government. We can't see him entering state or federal politics but given the paucity of talent in the ALP that's a possibility.

Mr Sherriff, as he was then, once worked for George Seitz, the veteran Labor MP. Wonder what happened there, but Landeryou is fulsome in his praises for Mr Seitz, so he must have left on good terms.

Where is the denial? said...

Interesting that Cait/Landeryou didn't deny the new car story!

Anonymous said...

"Smart, Dean is not", as Yoda once said.

Dick Wynne does not have to comment. He can act. The demise of Banyule Council cannot be far away.

Anonymous said...

The Victorian Electoral Commission Representation Review Preliminary Report recommends more of the same for Banyule.

There are only two options. One says 9 single member wards. The other says 7 single member wards. Cr Sherriff was reported in the local rag advocating single member wards. He is a smart operator, and usually gets what he wants.

This time he's convinced the VEC. According to their report they have a closed mind on Banyule and will not consider multi member wards with proportional representation. Sherriff doesn't want that for it means he has to work to get elected.

Dick Wynne doesn't have to accept the report. Candy Broad, his predecessor, always accepted even flawed VEC reports. Lets hope Dick Wynne can see the Sherriff infuence on the VEC and refuse to accept it.

Anonymous said...


Anyone who thinks Dean can influence anybody or anything is totally deluded.

The challenge is for you to point to anyone of substance within the ALP or the broader community that would support anything Sherriff said.

Anonymous said...

The VEC were and are influenced by Dean Sherriff and his comrade in arms former Liberal MLA and Mayor of Banyule Wayne Phillips.

Both favour single member wards. The VEC did exactly as they are asked and the VEC recommendation says they will not consider any proposal that is contrary to the one proposed by Sherriff and Phillips.

The VEC must act to rectify this mistake or Minister Wynne, if he has any balls, will do it for them.

Anonymous said...

Nether Phillips or Sherriff made independent submissions to the VEC about boundaries, so your assertions about their alleged personal influence on the VEC are horseshit.

Banyule Council did make a submission which is on the VEC web site. Effectively, it asked for the retention of the status quo of seven individual Councillors, with a few minor variations to boundaries.

Phillips stated position was that the whole process was a waste of time and money.

The preferred model of the VEC is nine individual Councillors. Three of the current Councillors (Mulholland, Melican and McKenna) would now live outside the Wards they currently represent (and are "not happy, Jan") if implemented.

If you are not pleased with the proposed boundaries or voting system, please articulate your preferred alternatives.

Anonymous said...

This is what Cr Sherriff said in the Diamond Valley Leader in February this year. The VEC take keen interest in local newspaper comment and file all this away and use it. Dean Sherriff did have an influence. The VEC gave him exactly what he wanted.

Diamond Valley Leader
Edition 1 - WED 21 FEB 2007,
Electoral review is `nonsense'

RATEPAYERS will foot the bill for a review of Banyule Council's electoral wards which councillors claim they don't want.
The Victorian Electoral Commission plans to undertake an electoral representation review of Banyule that will cost the council $33,700.
The Local Government Act 1989 requires each council to have an independent electoral representation review every eight years to examine the number of councillors and electoral structure to ensure voters are being adequately represented.
With 90,000 voters in Banyule it is likely the VEC would recommend increasing the number of councillors from seven to nine.
This could mean a change in ward boundaries or having more than one councillor to represent each ward.
But councillors said any changes to ward boundaries would cause confusion and upset ratepayers.
``I certainly hope we don't have multi-member wards, which would only lead to a dilution of power in the wards,'' Cr Dean Sherriff said. ``It would also cause confusion for voters. They would be upset, after living for years or decades in one ward and abruptly find themselves moved to another one.''
Councillors Tom Melican and Jenny Mulholland also voiced their opposition to any change, while Mayor Wayne Phillips told the council ``an issue should be made of this''.
``There'll be a cost to the community, the council and an additional cost with extra councillors,'' Cr Phillips said.
``It's just a nonsense. Not only are we being fobbed off, we have to do a nonsensical review.''
Despite their criticism, councillors will give the VEC permission to undertake an electoral review.

Anonymous said...

Another factor is the Banyule Council recommendations. Sherriff and Phillips were key players in this recommendation. Unlike in Knox, where the VEC ignored the Council recommendation, the VEC in Banyule accepted the Sherriff Phillips recommendations in total.

Anonymous said...

Banyule needs multi member wards and proportional representation. Not the Sherriff Phillips proposal of single member wards.

There is still time. Put in a response submission by Anzac Day to the VEC (see their website)and advocate they adopt similar electoral structures they proposed in their preliminary reports for Darebin and Knox. That is, three three member wards.

I think it very likely Minister Wynne will consider refusing to accept any VEC final report that adopts the Sherriff Phillips proposal for single member wards. Alternative structures at the moment are not even being considered for Banyule. We must ensure that they are.

Anonymous said...

Banyule is the only Council in the present representation review where single member wards are being proposed. I wonder why?

Quite obviously it is the influence of Sherriff and Phillips.

Anonymous said...

So in the end, your whole argument is that your preferred model of representation in Banyule did not get up and you are looking for some conspiracy theory to blame.

Tough titties and please grow up.

Anonymous said...

My preferred model did not get up in Banyule. That is true. But it was the recommeded choice everywhere but Banyule. Why?

The VEC have been influenced by bigwigs in the past. Malcolm Fraser in Mornington Peninsula, Nicola Roxon in Maribyrnong, Brad Matheson (despite his disgrace) in Hobsons Bay, Daryl McLure in Bendigo. It's not unreasonable to think that the VEC might have been influenced by Sherriff and Phillips in Banyule. Its a disgrace if they have.

The VEC preliminary report for Banyule offers only two alternatives. These are single member wards. The preliminary report suggests they will not consider other options.

Is this Sherriff and Phillips at work?

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I am no apologist for either Sherriff or Phillips. However, both have a perfectly legitimate right to voice an opinion in public forums about the the matter.

It is neither sinister nor inappropriate for the VEC to listen to anyone's opinion on this matter, let alone Sherriff or Phillips.

As said earlier, I doubt whether any of the incumbent Councillors are satisfied with the VEC proposed outcome.

Basically, the VEC will decide what the VEC wants. If you have any evidence as opposed to a personal disagreement with the outcome, please present same. What you have put up so far is horseshit!

Anonymous said...

8.06 accuses me of horseshit.

I am not going to go to that level.

I agree with the comment that the VEC will do what the VEC wants. I hope that enough people will make a response submission telling the VEC that the recommendation of the Banyule Council, approved by both Sherriff and Phillips, is not in the best interests of Banyule.

The evidence is plain to see. In every other preliminary report by the VEC this round of representation reviews the alternative recommendations include multi members wards, with the proportional representation voting system.

Only in Banyule is this option not provided. Banyule must choose between seven or nine single member wards.

This may be in the interests of Sherriff or Phillips. It is not in the interests of Banyule.

Anonymous said...

The Independants Mulholland and Melican oppose proportional representation because they believe it gives the major parties an advantage given their mass membership and ability to cover a wider territory.

Liberal McKenna has the same view but is universally regarded as a fuckwit!

Nine single member wards of 10,000 with about 70% voting means that to get elected you would need 3500 votes after prefences are distributed.

Personally, it does not worry me either way.

Convince me why it should and please, don't rely on your unbelievable conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

12.02 I think the VEC made an error in Banyule. Proportional representation has been good everywhere it has been used. This includes Glen Eira, Wyndham, Stonnington, Frankston, Whittlesea and a large number of rural councils including Mildura.

PR reduces politicisation. It does not increase it. Look at Darebin. There are nine councillors and although there was no ALP endorsement all nine are not only members of the ALP they are members of one faction of the ALP, the Labor Unity or Right faction. It would be better if Darebin had a little bit of diversity like a token Greens Councillor and perhaps a genuine independent. I can't see the ALP losing control of Darebin in the near future as it's a Labor stronghold.

Banyule has got a mixed bag of Councillors, unlike Darebin, but this doesn't mean it would not be better under PR. It would. People do not have much to choose from in individual wards, and several Banyule Councillors, like several in Darebin, got there because they ran dummies. Under proportional representation the people of Banyule would have more choices, and dummy candidates which both parties use would be less effective.
I'm glad this blog has resorted to a more intellectual level of debate, and thank you to the contributors who have helped raise a number of issues and I'm sure these will be very helpful when people make response submissions to the VEC. Remember that in Darebin they close on Tuesday and in Banyule I think they close on Thursday. There are also public meetings and these should be attended by those who are interested in the debate.

vroom vroom said...

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Anonymous said...

Banyule may be a case where PR is not the best answer and where ideology meets reality and reality wins out.

Under a PR system you would be trying to create communities of interest. This is quite difficult to do in Banyule e.g. Ivanhoe and its multi million dollar riverside mansions and West Heidleberg with its lower socio economic status. What do these areas have in common?
Under a PR system they would probably be grouped together because of geographic proximity.

Also, there are clear distinctions in outlook between the old City of Heidleberg and the outlooks of the ex Diamond Valley and ex Eltham residents.

Perhaps in the end the VEC found it too hard to come up with 3 distinct but homogenous areas of equal population.

Anonymous said...

6.45 is professionally written, probably by an officer of the Banyule Council. No Councillor at Banyule is sufficiently literate enough to write like that. A compliment for the Slanderyou blog that it has attracted such attention.

Grammatically it sure beats the conspiracy theorist who sees a Sherriff Phillips plot in everything the VEC does, and the VEC apologist who says the conspiracy theorist writes horseshit, and then goes overboard and names all the Councillors who support the VEC proposal.

PR would be good for Banyule, and I hope the VEC will not be influenced by the cretins who write to this blog and see that special circumstances exist for them to adopt PR in their final report.

Anonymous said...

With due respect 9.53, your last paragraph argues for both PR for Banyule and not PR.

If you are trying to be funny, well done!

If not, please clarify your position.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 10.04. I am serious. I am not trying to be funny. Thank you for correcting my grammar. I didn't go to a posh public school like most of the council officers did.

I meant to say:

PR would be good for Banyule.

I hope the VEC will not be influenced by the cretins who write to this blog. That includes the conspiracy theorist who can only offend the VEC and ensure that PR is not introduced.

The VEC say they will not go beyond their alternative submissions, and that is nine or seven single member wards, unless there are special circumstances.

I hope the VEC will see that there are special circumstances and will adopt PR in Banyule.

Hope this satisfies 10.04, even if 10.04 disagrees with PR in Banyule.

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