Monday, April 30, 2007


The Victorian Parliament’s Electoral Matters Committee has been established to inquire into the conduct of the 2006 Victorian State Election.

The Committee is set to report back to Parliament by 30 June 2007.

Immediately following the election result, Andrew Landeryou was vociferous in his claims about all manner of incompetence by the Electoral Commission in its handling of the election count.

Will Landeryou make a written submission to the Inquiry? Will he back up his comments with documented allegations?

Team Slanderyou looks forward to reading the submission; but why do we doubt that there ever will be a submission?

11 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou needs to be probed by the Victorian Parliamentary Electoral Matters Committee.

Every entry on Slanderyou is nothing but a slur on the credibility of a great man, the inaugural winner of the Walkley Blog Award, and the presenter of Australia's greatest blog.

It is to the discredit of Slanderyou that he only ever bags Landeryou. How about some praise for a change. What about the OC Investigations Unit, that gets to the truth and exposes corporate criminals like Solomon Lew and journalistic hacks like Leonie Wood.

Game off Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

"OC Investigations Unit"

you are kidding right? Can a unit consist of just one person?

Anonymous said...

Hitler's henchman Herman Goering I think said during World War 2 that the bigger the lie the bigger it will be believed, and the more you repeat a lie the more it will be believed.

Cait Catt is either a disciple of Hermann Goering or a defence criminal lawyer in her vile continuous repetition of the lie that Andrew Landeryou won the inaugural Walkley blog award.

Then again there is the liar who presents himself as Cait Catt, who does not exist.

A contributor to this blog looked at every Australian state electoral roll. No Cait Catt is enrolled anywhere. Of course Cait might be one of those people who refuse to put their name on the roll, she might be under 18, and she might be a non-citizen. More likely Cait is a fictitious person.

No Cait there is no Santa Claus. Neither is there a Walkley blog award. Neither is the Landeryou the best blog on the net. Neither is Cait Catt, like Delia Delegate, Freedom Freddy and Catter8, a real person.

Anonymous said...

Circle May 23 on your calendar - first anniversary of Landeryou's bankruptcy.
Stripped of his financial credibility, spineless Andy didn't bother turn up in court and the papers whistled through unopposed after the runaway husband accumulated debts of more than $2 million.

More here said...

Anon, Slanderyou wrote more here: reporting that Landeryou turned $4million into just $13,ooo.

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between being successful in business and being a good writer. Bill Farrow couldn't run Pyramid Building Society, but he was a good spin doctor. Alan Bond, too, as bad in business and lost a lot more than Andrew ever lost, but he was a good business teacher in jail, so the crims say anyway. Frank De Stefano couldn't win at the casino, and his accounting practice went bally up, but he was reputed to be a good Mayor of Geelong, although I wouldn't vote for him and I'm a Liberal voter.

Andrew is not a bad businessperson. He has benn conned by the greatest corporate crooks, including the likes of Solomon Lew. He does, however, write well and that's why he won a Walkely Blog Award, and that makes Stephen Mayne jealous.

Anonymous said...

Anon Monday, April 30, 2007 1:31:00 PM

Are you serious. You make Landeryou out to be the BIGGEST (not just in fat/weight terms) LOSER.

Every realtionship he has been in he has stuffed it: Lew, Thornley, MUSU, IQ Corp, and now his blog.

Its about time Parliament did probe Andy Landy

Anonymous said...

What relationship did Landeryou have with Thornley? Landeryou bags Thornley on his blog as much as he does Solomon Lew.

Anonymous said...

Anon., 1:31PM. How did Solomon Lew, who lost money investing in IQ Corp., "con" Buddha Boy?

Debt Man Walking "lost the books," turned A$4 million into A$13K and lived large (socially) briefly and is he's still living (stoutly)large.

Stephen Mayne can't be in any way be jealous of Fat Boy Grim. He has readers, made money from the internet, is not bankrupt, has a Walkley or two and lives for the future.

The Balding Hippo is ranked 11,019, is broke, has to invent fake awards and continues to fight battles that were decided a long time ago such as his dismissal at MUSU.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt, 1.31pm (really 'coz no-one else is the perpetuates Walkely Blog Award myth.)
Are you suggesting a jail term will improve Landeryou's writing and business skills?
It probably would. He'd have time to reflect on his disasters as a poor businessman, student pollie and husband.
The evidence is out there - sacked MUSU president, belly-up IQ Corp., dodgy Marbain transactions, unmasked as Delia Delegate, ill-fated flight to Costa Rica, abandoned wife, embarrassing court appearances and now a blog that boring its diminishing readership with its repeative bile.
Landeryou's just like his Walkley Blog Award webpage - a shoddy fake.

Anonymous said...

Great question Slanderyou - will Landeryou put in a submission!