Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dark Arts

Four corners on Monday night ran a frightening report on Brian Burke.

In March, Team Slanderyou exclusively revealed:

"...Andrew Landeryou has been linked to the developing scandal involving Brian Burke and the ALP.
The scandal is ever deepening. Burke’s lobbying of senior politicians has accounted for the political death of a number of WA ALP Government Ministers, plus one Federal Liberal Minister, and pressure is growing on Kevin Rudd. Significant attention is now focusing on Andrew Landeryou.
Last year, Andrew Landeryou confidently asserted, based on a very red hot tip he exclusively received from a senior anonymous West Australian source, that Alan Carpenter was to become the succeeding WA Premier.
Given the scandal involving Burke, will Landeryou come clean and disclose who was the source for his original tip? Senior investigators have yet to reveal who provided the tip.It’s not as if Landeryou and Burke don’t have a relationship of sorts!
Team Slanderyou calls on Landeryou to come clean, and reveal what he knows. Given the speed with which events are unraveling, it is patently clear that Landeryou must now provide full disclosure and resign his fake Walkleys award winning blog to the rubbish bin of history."

Game (set and match)

18 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

a fake award for a fake journo!

Cait Catt said...

Slanderyou once again is a disgrace and is making disgraceful claims.

Brian Burke is a good man who has been denied justice. He has been and is a good man in the West.

He should have been Prime Minister. Carmen Lawrence should be utterly ashamed of herself. She complained of bullies on Four Corners tonight. She is the bully. Like Slanderyou, only worse.

catter8 said...

The leftista bias of the ABC once again. I support justice for Burke. ABC lies once again. Doctored phone calls. Brian never did anything unless it was for the good of the people of WA. Lay off Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been full of tales about corruption in the Young Liberals and the evil deeds of Solomon Lew that Four Corners ignores, with the leftistas in that crazed outfit preferring to go after honest businessmen instead. The Young Libs are even up to their tricks in local government, and below is a story from a recent Yorkshire Post that suggests the British equivalent of the Young Libs are up to their ears in it too. Read on:

Yorkshire Post 28 April 2007
Democracy lost in the post

THE Government has championed postal voting as a quick-fix solution to the problem of low turnouts, particularly in local and European elections. The result is a growing sense of unease about the integrity of the democratic process.

Councils have been flooded with requests from people who wish to vote by post in the run up to the polls on Thursday. In an era when convenience is everything it is likely that most of these applications come from well meaning people who wish to ensure their voice is heard.

However, the growing popularity of postal votes also fuels a suspicion that in a significant number of cases all is not what it should be and a real threat of fraud exists.

Such has been the collapse in confidence in the electoral system in recent years that the Council of Europe has considered adding Britain to the list of countries who require external monitors during elections, joining an illustrious club that includes Serbia and Ukraine.

In response, new measures have been put in place to try and ensure that the postal votes cast are genuine but these rely heavily on new computer software which many authorities are only just testing and at least one in Yorkshire has
already abandoned in favour of a manual count.

The failure of these computer systems will almost certainly lead to delayed election results and, even where it works, some authorities are only checking a fifth of the postal votes against their records for evidence of fraud.

There is a simple solution, a return to polling booths and ballot boxes. With the exception of groups like the elderly and infirm, it is not unreasonable to expect people who wish to exercise their right to vote to make the short trip to their local polling station. Postal voting should be an exception to the norm afforded to the minority only where no reasonable alternative exists.

If that leads to a fall in turnout so be it. Low numbers of people casting votes should encourage politicians to examine why they are failing to inspire people to offer their support, not to meddle with the democratic process.
Last Updated: 28 April 2007

Anonymous said...

The Victorian Parliament Electoral Matters Committee should discuss this. Dean Sherriff saw the badness of postal voting in Banyule, and that Council still has attendance voting.
Great work Dean, a true patriot.

Anonymous said...

Andy can't get anyone to read his blog so he posts on this one!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Slanderyou

I came across your blog via the 4 Corners episode you referenced

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree, Slanderyou produces great work and should be praised

a true patriot - unike that shyster Landeryou who calls himself but only copies real journalists

and he claims to have won an award that does not exist

Slanderyou on the other hand - a true patriot

Anonymous said...

Anon Tuesday, May 01, 2007 3:03:00 PM

well said. I am in 100% agreement

Anonymous said...

No wonder less people are reading Landeryou's blog. It's really deteriorated from its previous poor standard to the same rehashed bile about same targets - boring!
I don't even have to read it now since in his Cait Catt and Catter8 guises posts items here he's lifted from somewhere else.

University Melbourne Model question said...

Slanderyou, here is a question for you.

IS the new Melbourne Uni model a direct result owing to the financial milstone that was MUSU?

In other words, because of the dire financial position the collapse MUSU placed on the Uni of Melbourne financial resources, the Uni has had to change its entire operations.

Anonymous said...

Anon Tuesday, May 01, 2007 4:50:00 PM


Cait Catt said...

The OC has exposed an vile attempt by the Socialist Left to crudely besmirch patriot MLA Telmo Languiller. The Victoria Police will most likey examine this and lay charges. Game on:

Tuesday, 1 May 2007
FORGED: Left Line Up Telmo But Might Be Going Down

Victoria Police are going to be called in to probe the production of a fabricated leaflet which falsely represented Labor moderate patriot Telmo Languiller as offering "free membership" of the ALP in breach of the party's rules.

Western suburbs left militants are believed to be responsible for the distribution of a leaflet in a continuing campaign to besmirch the MP who they have proven utterly incapable of defeating using legitimate means. Early indications are that those involved were unwise enough to leave fingerprints on the offending material which might leave them with very sticky fingers indeed.

Shamefully misappropriating the image of Uncle Sam, a national personification of the United States, the forged document claims to offer free membership, presidency of ALP branches, free rides to polling places and other perks traditionally offered by Socialist Left branch-stackers of old, Adrianopoulos, Sidiropoulos, Sgro, Micallef and the newer generation Vamvakinou, Mikakos, Griffin, Andrews, Carli and Eideh.

Game on.

catter8 said...

Disgusting. The dirty tricks those leftistas get up to.

Anonymous said...

and once again catter8 follows up cait catt with a quick comment

couldn't possibly be the same person could it?

the dirty tricks those Landeryou supporters get up to...

Anonymous said...

The news item below is from a link from the Landeryou blog. It is something I'm certain Cait Catt and catter8 would not publish. What I'd like to know is why Landeryou put a link to it on his blog, given his size and stature -

By CARLA K. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer Tue Apr 24, 7:17 PM ET

CHICAGO - Overweight workers cost their bosses more in injury claims than their lean colleagues, suggests a study that found the heaviest employees had twice the rate of workers' compensation claims as their fit co-workers.

Obesity experts said they hope the study will convince employers to invest in programs to help fight obesity. One employment attorney warned companies that treating fat workers differently could lead to discrimination complaints.

Duke University researchers also found that the fattest workers had 13 times more lost workdays due to work-related injuries, and their medical claims for those injuries were seven times higher than their fit co-workers.

Overweight workers were more likely to have claims involving injuries to the back, wrist, arm, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot than other employees.

The findings were based on eight years of data from 11,728 people employed by Duke and its health system. Researchers found that workers with higher body mass indexes, or BMIs, had higher rates of workers' compensation claims.

The most obese workers — those with BMIs of 40 or higher — had the highest rates of claims and lost workdays. BMI is a measure of height and weight. A 6-foot, 300-pound person, for example, has a BMI of just over 40.

Study co-author Dr. Truls Ostbye said the findings should encourage employers to sponsor fitness programs.

"There are many promising programs," Ostbye said. "We'd like to see more research about what is truly effective."

James Hill, who heads the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado, said managers will pay attention to the findings because injuries mean more immediate financial losses than the future health-care costs of diabetes and heart disease.

"When you see that claims rates double, I think that's going to get people's attention," Hill said.

But there isn't enough good information about employer-sponsored programs that work, said John Cawley, an expert in the economics of obesity at Cornell University. Employers don't know whether paying for nutrition counseling, obesity surgery or anti-obesity drugs through health insurance makes economic sense, he said.

"It's now apparent to everybody that obesity is a big problem," Cawley said. "But the research isn't there to know where to get biggest bang for the buck."

Cawley noted that BMI does not distinguish muscle from fat and can equate a buff body builder to a couch potato. Although BMI, a measure of height and weight, is used in most obesity research, Cawley's research has found that blacks are particularly likely to be misclassified as obese by BMI.

New York employment attorney Richard Corenthal cautioned employers not to overreact with discriminatory policies.

"Employers need to be careful not to view this study as a green light to treat obese or overweight workers differently," Corenthal said.

The study, appearing in Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine, got funding from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


Anonymous said...

Links from Andy Landys blog are about as credible as his walkley award.

Look at the links he has to the apparent news site 'digg.com'

What he doesn't tell you is that he wrote and submitted the headlines himself and then linked back to them as 'news links'.

very pathetic but you check out his profile it's a giggle.


Should rename his site to 'andrew landeryou - blog of fricken fiction!

Just shows how easy digg is to manipulate and why they will never even compete with slashdot

Anonymous said...

Makes sense

Faux Journalism writes Faux news and wins Faux award