Monday, March 05, 2007


Today, Paul Keating come out strongly defending Kevin Rudd, and by default dismissing the influence and political signficance of Brian Burke.

Interesting, that Keating did not offer the same defence of Landeryou! Maybe, its because Landeryou is after all politically insignificant too?

Also interesting, Keating referred to Brian Burke and his lobbying partner as Arthur Daley and Terry.

Which comic character does Landeryou remind you of?

The Team Slanderyou Special Investigations Unit can exclusively reveal that Andrew Landeryou has been linked to the developing scandal involving Brian Burke and the ALP.

The scandal is ever deepening.

Burke’s lobbying of senior politicians has accounted for the political death of a number of WA ALP Government Ministers, plus one Federal Liberal Minister, and pressure is growing on Kevin Rudd.

Significant attention is now focusing on Andrew Landeryou.

Last year, Andrew Landeryou confidently asserted, based on a very red hot tip he exclusively received from a senior anonymous West Australian source, that Alan Carpenter was to become the succeeding WA Premier.

Given the scandal involving Burke, will Landeryou come clean and disclose who was the source for his original tip? Senior investigators have yet to reveal who provided the tip.

It’s not as if Landeryou and Burke don’t have a relationship of sorts!

Team Slanderyou calls on Landeryou to come clean, and reveal what he knows. Given the speed with which events are unraveling, it is patently clear that Landeryou must now provide full disclosure and resign his fake Walkleys award winning blog to the rubbish bin of history.

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Anonymous said...

This is a load of crap. Andrew Landeryou has no relationship with Brian Burke. If Cait Catt were still posting I'm sure she'd expose you Slanderyou for the dirty rotten liar that you are.

Anonymous said...

Brian Burke is a good bloke. The Premier of WA is a dickhead. The only people who will benefit from this skullduggery are the Libs. Brian Burke was hounded and vilified by the media. He has done nothing wrong. He is an honest man. True, he is a lobbyist, but what is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

I love Brian Burke

I love Landeryou

I love Freedom Freddy

I love Cait Catt

Anonymous said...

Yawn! Andrew, you have your own blog for this drivel.

Yarra Ranger said...

Well done Slanderyou

another in a fine tradition of exposes of Landeryou

looking forward to landeryou's rebuttal

Anonymous said...

Great headline Slanderyou: says it all

Yarra ranger said...

Anon Monday, March 05, 2007 1:13:00 AM - if as you claim Landeryou doesn't have a relationship with Burke, then he should publicly say so. If he doesn't say aything, then the public can only think that Landeryou has something to hide.

And slanderyou doesn't appear to be making any suggestion as to the realationship. he/she states: "Given the scandal involving Burke, will Landeryou come clean and disclose who was the source for his original tip?"

I agree with Slanderyou that Landeryou must 'come clean' on this right now!

Anonymous said...

Brian Burke is a great bloke Yarra Ranger. He'd still be a great bloke even if Andrew despised him, which of course he doesn't.

Brian Burke is one of Western Australia's greatest Premiers.

Anonymous said...

Why should Andrew resign his Walkley? You claim it is a fake Walkley. How can you resign a fake Walkley?

Andrew did win a Walkley blog award. The inaugural one. Get real Yarra Ranger.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour that Yarra Ranger got demoted from his job as a ranger at the Banyule Council and now he's cleaning dunnies at the Banyule Council offices.

Will we be seeing postings under Yarra Dunnies? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Oh Andrew, give it up.
Nobody believes you won a Walkley.
There's no record of the non-existant award and you have never offered any proof.
Wishful thinking and repeating the same lie on and on won't make it so.

yarra ranger said...

Anon Tuesday, March 06, 2007 12:07:00 PM

of course Landeryou can't resign his FAKE walkley - the Walkleys have never credited such an award

though he should, as suggested by Slanderyou, 'resign' his blog

Has anyone elese noted how forthright Landeryou has been in defending burke! Where there is smoke there's fire?

PS Anon, cleaning public conveniences is done by working class people, honest and ethical - you should try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Why does Slanderyou publish such lies. Andrew Landeryou is a great blogger. He's my main source of information. He's so well read. I don't need to read the daily newspapers any more. Andrew does it for me. He convinced me that The Age is not worth buying, with all those naughty authors like Leonie Wood, Suzie Carbone and Lawrence Money, who write such crap.

Anonymous said...

Some people are easily led. Next you'll be telling us Andrew won a Walkley.

Anonymous said...

He did win one. The inaugural Walkley blog award, whatever crap Yarra Dunnies (sorry Yarra Ranger) writes.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt Please come back. We miss your purring. We love you Cait. We want to hear from you about your beloved Andrew. You are dedicated to him and you deserve a medal for that.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Freddy writes for Landeryou. But Cait Catt has been sent to the cattery for too much purring. We love you Cait and we miss you. Freedom Freddy below will have to do:

Tuesday, 6 March 2007
ANDY: It's About Quality, Not Quantity

Mr Landeryou recklessly sprays quotes of the Great Man like confetti at a wedding. It is a shame that he chooses to use the words of this dearly departed leader for the forces of evil, rather than for freedom. Evil the devil can quote scripture.

A free democracy should not require lobbyists to advance the cause of special interests.

However, as a mere mortal, I could never express myself as eloquently as the Great Man:

Special interest groups set up offices here [in Washington], hire some energetic staff members, make it a point to get to know the right people, and then use their influence to win special treatment. The accumulation of all these special privileges -- and the tax code is the best example -- frequently leads to a tangle of confusing laws and chaotic regulations. It's the public interest that suffers. And the ones who have to try and make sense of all the rules and regulations, not to mention footing the bill for the special privileges, are Americans like you who can't afford to hire a lobbyist in Washington.

He was fond of saying that as President, he was the lobbyist for the most important special interest group of all - the people he was elected to serve and represent.

Posted by Freedom Freddy at 8:17 PM Comments (2) |

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if Cait Catt might not be Landeryou after all.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou has been prasing Burke again! - how very "same old" of Landeryou.