Thursday, March 15, 2007

Team Slanderyou is on
and will report back on 10 April 2007.

In the mean time, avail yourselves of the other stories on this blog, comment away. Also make use of the Labels function.

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Cait Catt said...

I hear you are going to Costa Rica. You would do us all a favour if you stayed there.

Anonymous said...

Forget Catt Slanderyou

all the very best on your important investigation

Anonymous said...

The Slanderyou Team is correctly named. It writes nothing but SLANDER about the great man.

Long live the loving Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

"loving Landeryou."

are you kidding!

Anonymous said...

Hasta la vista, Slanderyou baby

Anonymous said...

Diane Anderson, notorious in the United States, where she is feted as the first person ever expelled for heresy from the Unitarian Universalist Church (as the Unitarian Church is known in the United States), and only the second person ever to face a heresy trial, is I understand on her way to Costa Rica.

We missed you at the last ALP Conference Diane. We understand the great job you are doing looking after your mother, so lets hope your mother improves so you may grace us with your presence.

Forget Costa Rica. Leave that to the other Slanderyous. We know you've never bagged the great man in Higgins News and we are sure you won't from Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

The great man has bagged Diane. He has called her a fruitloop.

Crikey even devoted a column once bagging Diane. Said Diane was incorrect when he said in Nameless that Diane was telling fibs when she claimed he was really a Lib.

Anonymous said...

Diane you should bag Landeryou in Higgins News. He bags you.

Anonymous said...

I read in the Landeryou blog that Diane was crowned the Queen of Higgins and that Suzy Carbone attended her coronation and that Lyle Allin wasn't invited.

I wouldn't invite him either after the crap he wrote for Crikey under the name Delia Delegate.

looking for lyle said...

Why does Lyle write so much about Diane Anderson. Is he infatuated with her? Like Andrew Landeryou, Evan Thornley and Race Mathews?

Melbourne Scribe said...

Lovely touch equating Landeryou with Alan Jones - the Parrot.

Only thing wrong with it is that Jones is successful.

Anonymous said...

All of the Slanderyou Team going to Costa Rica should be tested for illicit drugs. NSW MP Fred Nile is to be congratulated on his support for random drug testing for Greens MPs, who are Australia's biggest supporters of the illicit drug industry. Rev Nile is remiss, however, in not also applying his advocacy of drug testing for Greens MPs to the Slanderyou Team as well.
Read on:

Nile singles out Greens MPs for random drug testing
Thursday, 15 March 2007.

Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile believes all New South Wales MPs should be subjected to random drug testing because he believes a minority of them are using illicit drugs.

He singled out the Greens, saying its MPs and candidates should be tested straightaway.

"The Greens, because of their soft policies on drugs, should submit themselves to testing, the whole 21 members of the Upper House team," Mr Nile said.

Mr Nile says he will take a drug test himself tomorrow and is concerned about a move to install disposable syringe containers at Parliament.

"And I don't think that's because they're all diabetics," Mr Nile said.

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon says it is blatant politicking on Mr Nile's part, but has agreed to the challenge.

"I'm happy to be drug and alcohol tested," Ms Rhiannon said.

"I don't take drugs or alcohol."

Meanwhile Ms Rhiannon has also hit back at criticism of her party's drug policies.

Labor and the Liberals have condemned the policy of decriminalising drug use.

But Ms Rhiannon says the policy has great merit and is already being used in Western Australia.

"There is a diversionary program for small time drug users to put them into drug counselling and it is actually supported and funded by the Federal Government," Ms Rhiannon said.

"There is a massive double standard going on here between what goes on with some programs supported by the Labor Government at a state level and the Federal Government federally, but they don't talk about it particularly coming into elections, so they go back to the law and order agenda."

Anonymous said...

I can't find Costa Rica on the map. I found Thailand and Burma, and I assumed it must be near there as I presume it's where a lot of drugs come from. After reading the previous posting I'm sure Team Slanderyou wouldn't be going there unless there were drugs there.

Please tell me where is it?

Anonymous said...

It's in central america you moron.
Nicaragua is to the north and Panama is to the south. The capital is named San Jose.

You must be a member of the tooronga branch of the alp. They're all stacks or morons in that branch. Diane Anderson in that branch probably knows where it is but I'm damn sure no one else does.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the intelligence of the Tooronga alp branch. They are genuine members, not stacks. Remember this is Higgins and we don't stack in Higgins. Haven't done so since Joe Cerritelli left the area, and why he wasted his money on stacking I don't know. Diane got elected as a conference delegate anyway.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the alp branches in Moreland were full of morons. Like Paula Rizzuto who says on her blog she ate her husband Stephen Ho.

Paula stood for Moreland Council and her percentage of the vote was even lower than her IQ.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Landeryou a member of the Nuff Nuffs branch?

But I heard he was thrown out, as he was too much of a Nuff Nuff even for them.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the tooronga branch and I do know where costa rica is but I'm damned if I know where nuff nuffs is. I suspect it's made up. I have an old list of alp branches and it's not on it.

It's you who are the moron 10.48.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is going rabid and foaming with his postings (again). What do you have to hide, Andy-Delia-Cait?

Anonymous said...

I could not find Cait Catt on the electoral roll or in the phone book anywhere in Victoria.

I'd like to date her. Cait could you please tell me who and where you are?

I know Paula Rizzuto is a real person but I don't want to date her. She might eat me like she did her husband Stephen Ho.

Anonymous said...

Forget about Cait and forget about Paula. They are both bad news.

Also forget about Delia. She's bad news too.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to take up a collection to buy an airline ticket to send Cait Catt on a one way ticket to Costa Rica. No doubt she would end up working as a pro, but that would be their misfortune, not ours.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is often referred to as a sock puppet on this blog. This is bizarre but puppetry and Costa Rica have an honourable (or perhaps dishonourable) history.

After 1931 the Japanese created a puppet state of Manchukuo, or Manchuria, and made the last Chinese Emperor the Emperor of Manchukuo (and the subject of a famous film).

The then League of Nations considered the state of Manchukuo to be an illegal creation or puppet of the Japanese, but this did not stop some countries having diplomatic relations with Manchukuo. These included, as might be expected, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Vichy France, the Soviet Union (Stalin wanted to protect railway links going through Manchuria, he didn't really support the puppet state and actually won a border conflict with the Japanese in the area in 1939) and the Holy See. Strange bedfellows.

Another country to recognise the puppet state of Manchukuo was guess who? It was Costa Rica.

If Cait goes to Costa Rica to work as a you know what and the Slanderyou Team find her and expose her it will be interesting. Finding a puppet in a country that in the past recognised a puppet!

Anonymous said...

Costa Rica is one of the few countries to still recognise Taiwan as the government of China. Australia dropped such recognition after the election of the Whitlam government in 1972. No government in Australia since has reverted to recognising Taiwan, although Nicaragua did.

Costa Rica, which in the distant past recognised Manchukuo, the Japanese puppet state, has never dropped its recognition of Taiwan, like the Holy See but unlike the United States.

Costa Rica is considering a free trade deal with Taiwan as this news item suggests:

Costa Rica, Taiwan eye free trade talks
Friday January 12, 2007, 6:06 am

Click to enlarge photo
SAN JOSE (AFP) - Costa Rica and Taiwan are considering negotiating a free trade pact, local media reported.

Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian made the proposal at a brief meeting in Managua on the sidelines of Nicaragua's presidential inauguration this week, La Nacion daily reported quoting Costa Rican Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno.

Arias was said to the optimistic about the possibility, the report said, though no time frame was mentioned.

Chen also urged Costa Rica to joint the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, the report said.

Taiwan has free trade deals with Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Six Central American nations including Panama are among countries that recognize Taiwan and not China, which considers Taiwan a breakaway province.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the correspondents who are teaching me a lot about the history of Costa Rica but really, I'd sooner read about the sex life of Diane Anderson.

Anonymous said...

I might be dumb but I always thought that the initials CR stood for Community Radio, who run the radio station 3CR on the AM dial at 855 mhz.

Diane Anderson, who like Cait Catt is always the subject of comment on this blog, used to do a program for the Unitarian Church on 3CR. I think it goes to air at 10.30 am on Saturday mornings. Diane wasn't left enough for the Church overlords, as Lawrence Money of all people used to call the people who run that Church.

Diane hasn't done the program since she got expelled from that Church for heresy.

You are a heretic Diane, of that I have no doubt. And as for that garbage about you being Queen of Higgins. That's about as true as the comments Cait Catt makes that Landeryou won a Walkley.

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather read about Diane's sex life than that crap. Has she got any?

Anonymous said...

Why is Andrew Landeryou so hard on Pauline Hanson? Pauline speaks for all Australians and is rightly called the mother of Australia. She speaks what no one else is prepared to say. She would be a great Prime Minister only the influence peddlers like Landeryou make sure she's sidelined.

Read what Landeryou says about her:

If Pauline Hanson isn't careful she'll give race-baiting ultra-right politics a bad name.

She has written a kiss and tell skankography where she discloses among other things her sexual history with then Tony Abbott staffer David Oldfield.

She makes claims of abuse about many of her husbands and explains on occasion that she wasn't sure who the father of one of her children was. All class.

After the Sundown Motel, Ms Hanson's tongue has got awfully loose about her former bed-bud:

These days, Ms Hanson said, she would only go to Mr Oldfield's funeral to make sure they buried him.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Pauline Hanson is great. Andrew Landeryou is not great.

Anonymous said...

Pauline Hanson joins Cait Catt, Diane Anderson and Costa Rica as the most talked about on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Long live the great man Landeryou.

No comment is made about Pauline Hanson.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt, Delia Delegate, Freedom Freddy and Diane Anderson are diversions. Attempts by Landeryou to get the discussion moved away from himself. That so Slanderyou?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pauline Hanson is a diversion. We have to consider whether we want to vote for her or not and any discussion of her will help us in that respect, just like the late night edition of big brother helps us decide which housemates to evict.

Anonymous said...

Such variety. This blog has gone from Costa Rica to Manchukuo, from Cait Catt to Diane Anderson, from Pauline Hanson to Andrew Landeryou. We've had discussions about the Slanderyou Team's right to bag a so called great man. What else?

Now we are talking about Big Brother.
I thought they'd banned that program after it got too sexy.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou seems to have an awful lot of fans, given the comments on this topic.

I'm interested in Manchukuo, and can recommend the Wikipedia entry on the subject. As suggested earlier Costa Rica did recognise Manchukuo, so the correspondent who wrote that, while I think he or she sounded like a bit of a smart alec, seems to be correct.

Anonymous said...

Comment previously about Stalin may be incorrect. Both the Soviet Union and the United States had consular representation in Manchukuo, but this does not mean they recognised the Japanese puppet state.

Anonymous said...

The OC Investigations Unit has good intelligence on the Liberal Party preselection of Ken Aldred in Holt. As well the OC is running a campaign for the Liberal Party to deselect Aldred.

Game On:

The selection of Ken Aldred as Liberal candidate for Holt has caused a firestorm within Melbourne's Jewish community.

Aldred - seen to have close ties with the lunar right Citizens Electoral Council through people like Pat Byrne - is regarded as a totally unacceptable candidate for public office from any mainstream party.

We again urge members and supporters of all political parties - especially the conservative parties - to make contact with the Prime Minister's office to make their objection loud and clear.

The OC understands that Mark Leibler - a victim of the anti-semitic character assassinations of Ken Aldred - reacted very strongly to being told that the loon had been revived from the political dead.

Leibler has already done what you too should do - register your protest with the PM.

Already, OC informants within the Victorian division have pointed the finger about who else was responsible with many saying Inga Peulich was responsible. Peulich is normally associated with the Kroger/Costello forces so clearly something has gone very, very wrong.

Some Liberals say that the Administrative Committee will fix this problem, but many of them had reassured the OC when Aldred first nominated that he would not do well. Now he's the Liberal candidate and the Liberal brand is being diminished every minute that he remains so.

Game on.


Call the PM today and ask politely that he Kick Out Ken:

Canberra (02) 6277 7700

Sydney (02) 8226 8400

Or if you prefer click here to send the PM an email.


From a well placed member of the OC investigations unit:

Andrew, Inga Peulich has ratted on the faction.

1. Ferntree Gully pre-selection - Costello/Kroger canddiate - Emanuelle Chicello "had the votes", Inga Peulich people voted with Nick Wakeling. Inga professes to 104 her "numbers got confused"

2. Young Libs - went after the Young Liberal leadership and brought with her a firestorm of negative publicity, Costello's office went mental. Inga says "It wasn't intended to attack the leadership, rather the other side"

3. This preselection. Faction's candidate - Chicello. Psycho wins. Inga is trying to align herself to the Kennett forces for 1 reason. They will have the numbers in her Upper House preselection.

And finally, when Inga Peulich attacked Andrea Coote in the party and ran against her for preselection, she ultimately withdrew, quickly realising that Andrea is by far the most protected species of Peter Costello, she being his campaign director since he entered parliament and having established his fundraising group which raises all of his campaign funds and a long-time family friend.

Cait Catt said...

As I've always said, the OC is always first with the latest news.

Well done OC Investigations Unit.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou got it right this time Cait. Not often he does that though.

Anonymous said...

Dear, oh dear. Landeryou drags out the Cait Catt pseudonym for a posting praising himself.
Then, praises Catt in a second posting a minute later.
"More front than Myers."

Anonymous said...

I agree Cait Catt has a bit of Landeryou about her but one can never be sure.

The comment after Cait is not favourable to Landeryou. I couldn't imagine him writing anything critical of himself.

If they were written by the same person Catt cannot be Landeryou, but if she isn't she's certainly close to him.

Anonymous said...

One giveaway though is the fact that Catt is always talking about a Walkley award won by the person she calls the great man.

She seems to have stopped that lately.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are leaking like the ALP apparatchiks used to do on Crikey and the old Slandersyou, only the Libs are leaking to the Landeryou blog.

This could be a positive, only Cait Catt never mentions it.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou loves the leaks, and publishes them, but he doesn't gloat over them.

If he does he expresses his gloating in general terms via a sock puppet, that the OC is first with the latest.

Anonymous said...

If the leaks continue Landeryou might really win a Walkely Blog Award. Catt Catt won't then have to invent a fake one she used to always talk about.

btw is Rev Nalliah she used to talk about for real or another Andy Landy invention?

Anonymous said...

Rev Nalliah is for real, only the title is wrong. It's Pastor Danny Nalliah and he comes from the Catch the Fire Ministries, an AOG Church in Dandenong. Same church as Steve Fielding is an adherent of.

Landeryou bagged him once. Not much mileage in that. Landeryou prefers to bag Diane Anderson!

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is currently seeking justice for Brian Burke, a great WA one-time Premier. He is correct. How can Burke, a respected man, be compared with our sleazy PM, who dines with pornographers and violent men. Read below:

Porn king's meal with PM

Clinton Porteous

March 15, 2007 12:00am
Article from: Herald-Sun

JOHN Howard attended an intimate fundraising lunch with a violent Brisbane pornographer who was then facing charges of torture and grievous bodily harm.
Porn mogul Scott Phillips was among 20 guests who enjoyed a lavish two-hour meal with the Prime Minister at the Sirromet Winery at Mt Cotton, Queensland, in July 2004.

Phillips, who is in jail after pleading guilty to violent crimes, received a late invitation and slipped through the screening net in what amounts to a potentially major security gap.

Guests paid about $2000 each to attend the lunch, which raised funds for Liberal candidate Andrew Laming, who went on to win the seat of Bowman.

But some of those who attended were disgusted that Phillips was present, and spoke out angrily.

"I was not happy to be there," said one.

Phillips' name did not appear on the final guest list, which is usually checked by the state branch of the Liberal Party and the PM's office.

Mr Howard attends dozens of fundraisers each year.

The co-ordinators of the lunch, Mr Laming and former Queensland Liberal Party president Con Galtos, both denied inviting Phillips.

Mr Laming, who is already under a cloud after police raided his offices this month over alleged rorting of electoral allowances, was emphatic.

"I have no knowledge of inviting him. Certainly he was not invited to the lunch by me," he said.

Mr Galtos said he would never associate with "anyone of low repute".

But solicitor Melissa Bongiorno, the partner of Liberal MP Ross Vasta, admitted that she played a role in Phillips' attending.

"It was completely unintentional," she said.

Mr Vasta had invited her to the lunch and she asked along a girlfriend who, in turn, invited Scott Phillips.

"I saw it as quite innocent and invited her along, and I did not know she was bringing her boyfriend," she said.

When Phillips attended the fundraiser he had been charged and committed to stand trial for torture, grievous bodily harm and associated charges over a brutal attack in early 2002.

In April 2006, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years' jail.

A spokesman for Mr Howard said his office did not comment on security, but it is believed the Prime Minister was not aware of Phillips' background.
Have Your Say
Latest Comments:

How does a man with such a violent record manage to just wander in to a function with the Prime Minister of Australia? I thought we lived in a time of heightened awareness of terrorism and everyone took security very seriously. I am alarmed because no one seems to be alert. Someone needs to be held responsible. It might be time to sack Ian Campbell again.
Posted by: Mick of Greensborough 2:30pm March 15, 2007

This is such a beat up (no pun intended) it clearly states, no one knew this guy was coming as he wasn't on the invite list.... how could the prime minister be responsible???
Posted by: Straight talker of Melbourne 2:01pm March 15, 2007

Tampa with that Howard. Time to walk the double standards Mr Howard. You must pay the price...... off you go.....
Posted by: Benno of Clayton 1:47pm March 15, 2007

Cait Catt said...

Andrew Landeryou, winner of the inaugural Walkley Blog Award, is back in his award-winning form.

Leaks from 104 Exhibition Street show the OC Investigations Unit has the runs on the board. Articles about the Holt preselection of Ken Aldred are first class.

It proves again that the Landeryou Blog is first with the latest news, as Cait has always said.

Anonymous said...

Cut the crap Andy (Cait).

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt says:

It proves again that the Landeryou Blog is first with the latest news, as Cait has always said.

Slanderyou says:

The Landeryou blog is never first. It relies on the regular news media.

Also don't forget the oft repeated claim about winning a Walkley. There is no such prize for a blog.



The Andrew Landeryou Patriots League said...

Hey Slanderyou, hopefully you fucking die in Costa Rica.

Best regards from Holland said...

Came across this blog by accident, and must say that I have really enjoyed it.

This Andrew Landeryou character sounds very unsavoury.

Best regards from Holland

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, "a very unsavoury character," doesn't have a Walkley Award.

Anonymous said...

This exchange took place in the Comments on Landeryou. Seems Landeryou doesn't consider himself a suitable replacement for Kelvin Thomson in Wills:

What about Landeryou for Wills? Crikey, the fun would be immense. Kelvin must resign now to make way for Andrew. Mind you, Reverend Rudd might have a bit of difficulty with the results of the background check.
Mardi Gras | 03.21.07 - 1:00 am | #

Gravatar LOL, Mardi how nice of you to think of me for Wills, sadly am not available due to blogging commitments, non Party membership and a run-in with billionaire bad bozo Sol Lew.

Righty, spiv =

Wets =
Andrew Landeryou | Homepage | 03.21.07 - 2:04 am | #

Cait Catt said...

The OC Investigations Unit is scoring again. This time with its expose of Inga Peulich. It's no wonder the Landeryou Blog won the inaugural Walkely Blog Award. Read on:

Wednesday, 21 March 2007
IN THE FRAME: The OC Investigations Unit Exposes The Ways and Means of Inga Peulich, Ken Aldred's Dreaded Promoter

Every drama needs a villain, and we have certainly not hesitated in naming Liberal factional leap-frogger Inga Binga Peulich, upper house member of the Victorian Parliament as being responsible for the Ken Aldred anti-semite preselection scandal.

A member of the OC Investigations Unit friendly with the Kennett/Baillieu forces and familiar with these matters while maintaining a reasoned and relatively neutral perspective has expressed a strong view about the ways of Inga Binga which is useful background for those seeking to understand what could possibly have motivated her to act so grotesquely irresponsibly and stupidly:

One of the core problems of not having a rigid factional system is that few people know where people are at any given time and there is a lot of contradictory comments on the blog. (OC: Yes, please immediately emulate the ALP so we can understand y'all, the question being which faction is the equivalent to the Socialist Left? On second thoughts, perhaps we're better off not knowing) If it will help I can clarify what is accurate:

Inga has always been in the Inga-first faction. Inga was hated by Jeffrey. Inga was part of the Costello/Kroger takeover in 2002. She brought her numbers to them to get Helen Kroger in on the condition she was endorsed for preselection at the next State Election. The Kroger/Costello forces made deals with lots of people along these lines. When it came time to divy up the spoils they had over promised and basically Inga was fuc*ed over. She now sits in her own faction with her own numbers and loosely sits along side the Kennettistas because when it comes down to it, the only thing that unites the Kennettistas is an opposition to the Kroger/Costelloites.

Her Electorate Council is actually controlled by Kroger/Costelloites at the hands of Gordon Rich-Phillips. Gordon is an A-grade nuff nuff. He is a hopeless MP. His Electorate Council Chairman is Cameron Boardman, former Upper House member who has a serial problem with violence (OC: Oooh, be careful, you don't want to get the OC sued. Please call 0415 99 33 26 for our address for service). While Boardman and Rich-Phillips are good friends, Boardman thinks pretty lowly of him because he basically makes no contribution whatsoever.

If it came down to a test of merit, scarily, Inga would win. By the time Inga ran for that preselection her relationship with the Kroger/Costelloites was a rock bottom (which is higher than the subterrainian level it is at now). Had she not won at that preselection she would have run in Southern Metro and she would probably have lost because all the numbers were basically stitched up already. Out of Davis, Coote or Southwick, had Inga won, she would most likely have taken out Coote, and I think everyone acknowledges that is a long shot.

Justin McKeegan is a former Kennettista who rose to any particular fame during the Billett influenced years. When the winds of change came he went with them, including resigning from working in Ted's Office as an EO. Justin is just one of those people who thinks that people have poor memories, he probably also has an over-inflated ego. Since switching he never got what he was promised from the Kroger/Costelloites and is now making overtures to the Kennettistas and trying to rebuild relationships. He also recognises that the Young Liberals will probably fall apart, so there is no future there, and if the Senior Party switches he will be in a difficult position to ask for anything. Foolishly he thinks he can play both sides and no one will notice. It is clear that everyone knows what he is getting up to. He may remain Holt Electorate Council Chairman, but that will be about the extent of it I imagine. I cannot comment on his penis size or sexuality. (OC: I gather and hope that's a reference to some of the feisty action in the OC Commentariat)

Emannuelle is like McKeegan, but left earlier when Conrad Xanthos ratted on Kennettistas in the Young Liberals. Emmanuelle has struggled ever since, because, like McKeegan, once a rat, always a rat. (OC: The Righteous Doctrine of Richo has spread far and wide among patriots.) He is also quite socially conservative which rarely sits well with Liberals in Victoria. Exceptions are obvious, but generally most people are socially moderate.

Ken Aldred is no one's man. (OC: Except Lyndon Larouche it seems) I imagine his endorsement was a fluke. Kennettistas had nothing really to do with it. some may have voted for him, but only out of a loose commitment to stop Emmanuelle, who should have won it easily. Inga was primarily responsible and it was more about local issues and divides than getting him up. I guess Ken can be described as her useful idiot.

OC: Ouch, a no-holds barred account, particularly of Justin McKeegan who we have heard from OC Investigators is rated quite favourably at 104 Exhibition Street as a "talent to be nurtured" who "has seen the light" and who according to one helmet wearing source in the 104 bunker enjoys "our trust and confidence".

Game on

catter8 said...

Well done OC Investigations Unit

Anonymous said...

Landeryou-Cait Catt-Catter8-Delia Delegate, that "very unsavoury character," didn't win the inaugural Walkley Award - it doesn't exist.
As a bankrupt, "ex online gaming spiv" I doubt he can stand for parliament.

Anonymous said...

Why does Cait consistently repeat that Andy won a Walkley?

It's the Goebbels technique (also used by defence lawyers in criminal trials). If you tell a lie often enough it gets believed.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Rev Nalliah say it was God's work that Andy won the award.

Cait seems to have fooled him too.

Anonymous said...

Cait hasn't fooled me. I know it doesn't exist.

To write like Cait did praising the OC investigations unit and then for Catter8 to write praising Cait is the work of a moron.

When I look up Cait's blog details I find Catter8 to be listed also. Catter8 is really Cait. Or are they both the person Cait earier called the great man?

This is what Cait said (referring to Slanderyou) on the very first comment on this topic:

I hear you are going to Costa Rica. You would do us all a favour if you stayed there.

My opinion of that is that you should go to Costa Rica Cait, and don't come back.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon. The OC Investigations Unit has had a great win and this time Cait hasn't bragged about it. It's the deselecting of Ken Aldred by the Liberal Party.

Cait Catt said...

Andy certainly has something to brag about. Singlehandedly he fought the forces of evil and demanded the deselection of Aldred. The Liberal Party listened. Well done OC investigations unit:

Thursday, 22 March 2007
CRISIS: Aldred All Set To Be Axed by Liberals UPDATE Aldred Gone Unanimously

The OC campaign against Ken Aldred is nearing its crescendo with the Victorian Admin Committee meeting tonight.

We hear that the anti-semite loon Ken Aldred has attended the meeting armed with lawyers (no guns and money at this stage although his Larouchite friends could probably oblige) and insisted on being heard.

Bev McArthur was persuaded not to attend by Canberra power-brokers but is believed to have registered some kind of protest against the process in an attempt to position herself for the internal party elections.

There is expected to be an unanimous vote in favour of disendorsing Aldred. We can only hope.

We'll update as soon as we hear the result.


Ted attended by phone, Peter Costello attended in person.Bev McArthur did not attend even though she could have participated via phone link.

The Prime Minister - no doubt moved by the impassioned entreaties of patriots who wrote to him and phoned his office, some speaking to senior staff, some even telling us they got a returned call from the Big Man himself - wrote a letter to the Admin Committee personally asking them to disendorse Aldred.

An ashen faced Ken Aldred read out a prepared statement, believed to have been written by lawyers. He said with straight-face that he was not an anti-semite, offering as evidence the claim that his family GP and piano teacher are Jewish. This is known in the Klan as the "some of my best friends are Jewish" defence.

He claimed to be active fund-raiser in the south-east for the Liberals through the 500 Club.

He resumed his attacks on Jewish community leader and lawyer Mark Leibler saying that he deserved criticism because of unspecified "conflicts of interests" although did not expand on them further. He admitted making a mistake by peddling forged documents around

No questions were asked by Admin Committee members.

He was then deselected unanimously.

Aldred is now gone. Game set match.

There are some rumours that Aldred threatened State Director Julian Sheezel with litigation over the matter but that now seems unlikely.

Members were told not to respond to media inquiries. No one asked whether it was OK to contact the OC, which is probably just as well.


Game on.

Posted by Andrew Landeryou at 8:21 PM Comments (22) | Trackback

Labels: ken aldred

catter8 said...

No wonder Andy won a Walkleys.

Anonymous said...

Well written catter8. At least your contributions are short. I can't be bothered reading the drivel from previous correspondents.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou = Cait Catt = Catter8 = Delia Delegate = No Walkley Blog Award

Anonymous said...

What about Freedom Freddy?

Yarra Ranger said...

Freedom Freddy was exposed by Slanderyou as being just Landeryou, but interestingly this time, not in a dress!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt said...
Andy certainly has something to brag about. Singlehandedly he fought the forces of evil

the only single handed action Andy has going on is the single handed action he gets rubbing his pecker

no one listens to your drivel Cait (Andy)

Anonymous said...

The previous posting says

no one listens to your drivel Cait (Andy)

I am not a friend of Cait but I feel the author of the previous posting contradicts himself or herself.

It may be that no one else listens to Cait's drivel but 7.00 certainly does. If he or she didn't listen he or she would not have known what Cait said.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 7.00 Cait writes drivel. I read her drivel but I ignore it.

Same applies to Catter8 who also writes drivel.

Cait Catt said...

More success for the OC investigations unit. The Andrew Landeryou blog is again first with the latest news, the re-election of the Iemma government in New South Wales. A fitting tribute for an award winning blog. Read on:

ELECTION FUN: Iemma Back in Town And Many Liberals Will Be Sad But Not John Howard

At this stage, it looks like the re-election of Morris Iemma has occurred, an amazing result really given how badly off they were when Bob Carr retired after being shown polling that indicated he was as popular as nasty forms of leukemia.

Kevin Rudd's federal Labor team should take no comfort though. From this day forth, the people of Australia will hear repeatedly of the dangers of "wall to wall" Labor governments. This will be John Howard and Peter Costello's catch-cry from tomorrow onwards, in addition to attacks on Labor's competence in economic management and ability to be trusted on social issues.

Some thoughts, results, gossip:

■ OC scrutineers reporting sporadically that the most crucial stat of the election (as yet unconfirmed though) is the incidence of Greens preference flows to Labor in seats when they did not preference to Labor and more generally given the optional preferential system (many Labor hacks now want an end to that system because it now disadvantages them as much as the Lib/Nats). Essentially they report that the preferences have been coming through - in the words of one bruvver - "nicely, mate";

■ Pru Goward looked like losing in Goulburn early but if the ALP candidate comes second Goward will win, perhaps the only occasion where doing better than expected has a political cost;

■ The Liberals will gain four seats from Independents and Nationals not bad given the polls but none in head-to-head contests between Labor and Liberal;

■ There's been a 25% primary result for the Greens in Coogee, where the local Liberal candidate proudly displayed a Greenpeace poster in his campaign office window in the main shopping strip in Bondi Junction, their inhaling the incense of love in the affluent suburbs;

■ The Greens appear to have failed to make any inroads in the inner-city, despite conditions making it almost ideal for them. Greens Leaderist Lee "Boo Hoo" Rhianon blames Labor dirty tricks and claims that they were outspent 20 to 1; and

■ The NSW Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner said a significant part of the reason for the result was Sussex Street's unprecedented negative campaigning zapping Peter Debnam, there was much cheering among machinists at this point we are told. They are proud of their attack ads up north.

■ The NSW Libs are already talking up the inadequacies of Peter Debnam "Walking". The Group, the faction to the left of the David Clarke conservative tendency of patriots, are believed to be promoting the candidacy of Gladys Berejiklian, the first Australian-Armenian MP.

Game on.

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catter8 said...

This is what Andrew said about the climate change issue and the NSW state election held yesterday. It's brilliant. No wonder he won that blog award. Enjoy:

Sunday, 25 March 2007
RESULT: NSW Full of Climate Change Sceptics

Climate change is happening, while some on the Left say there's no debate that it will cause the end of civilisation and that we are all to blame, many others dispute that. That said, it's good that we're thinking about water in this great brown land and reducing pollution etc.

The Left have hijacked the climate change debate in a way that undermines the credibility of legitimate environmental protection about which all of us should be concerned.

It's worked for the Greens pretty well in propping up their vote. And yet other left groups have not been as succesful. Group F on the upper house ballot was Climate Change Coalition. Their candidate Patrice Newell is Philip Adam's wife and enjoyed much less success than the multi-millionaire's business career.

Climate Change Coalition polls 0.40% of NSW Upper House vote.

Incredibly these NSW sceptics have rejected the direct instruction of all-seeing prophet Tim Flannery who according to the Climate Change Coalition party website declared:

"I wholeheartedly endorse Patrice Newell's bid for election to the NSW's Upper House. I think she will prove Margaret Mead correct in saying 'never doubt that citizens of good will can change the world. Indeed they are the only thing that ever has."

Citizens of good will rock, that's true. But true also is that climate change has been a part of the way the Earth works since God made the thing happen in the first place. Citizens of good will can't change that, nothing can. We can make the world less polluted though and we might start by making our politics less polluted with those willing to exploit environmental hysteria to achieve their own partly obscured anti-capitalist objectives.

Game on.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cait and catter8. Nice of you to put these great works on the Slanderyou blog.

Anonymous said...

I love Cait Catt.

A lovely pussy.

Anonymous said...

Cait and catter8 are great catts. Now I don't have to read the Landeryou blog at all. I can read the best of it on Slanderyou.

Keep up the good work catts.

Anonymous said...

Who did win the NSW state election?

I wanted Fred Nile to win but it seems he only got elected to the Legislative Council and his outstanding team never won a spot in the lower house.

Fred Nile is great. Even greater than the Catts.

Anonymous said...

What about Lyle's friend Diane Anderson?

Anonymous said...

Who is that bitch Diane Anderson?

Anonymous said...

She was expelled from the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church.

Anonymous said...

She's also an ALP Conference delegate from Higgins and she publishes a rag called Higgins News. Diane says it's widely read outside Higgins.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou says she's a fruitloop, and he published a spoof about her being married to Evan Thornley and claimed Race Mathews had a love interest in Diane.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cait Catt could give us all the lowdown on Diane. The old Slandersyou blog did, and claimed Andrew Landeryou is crook on her because she rejected him.

Anonymous said...

I heard she rejected Lyle too, so Andrew is not alone in that.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Diane Anderson expelled from the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church for heresy? A friend of mine in the United States told me Diane has considerable notoriety in that country, being the first person ever expelled from that church for heresy and only the second person ever to face a heresy trial.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of all these comments about the sex life (if any) of Diane Anderson. Haven't contributors to this blog anything better to write about?

Anonymous said...

Diane is very newsworthy. She creates news. Higgins News is the most talked about publication in Higgins. Even Peter Costello reads it. Someone in the ALP leaks it to him, so he says.

Anonymous said...

Peter Costello is right. It's supposed to be an ALP publication. Costello could only get a copy if someone in the ALP sent it to him, unless of course it fell of a truck, but that's just an expression for someone leaked it to me.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks a lot of contributors have too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

methinks a lot of these contributors are Andy with nothing better to do than to comment on other peoples blogs

Anonymous said...

Why would Andy want to contribute to this blog? Surely it would be in his best interest is there were almost no contributors, and then this blog would not be taken seriously. An example of a blog no one takes seriously is Paula Rizzuto's blog where she writes about eating her husband Stephen Ho.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Andy is contributing to this blog, even under the name Cait Catt.

He would have to be a masochist.

After all the abuse Cait Catt gets she must have a very thick hide.

Anonymous said...

What about catter8? Andy or not?

I doubt that catter8 is Andy either. Again catter8 writes nonsensical posts

Anonymous said...

Cait is an Andy lover just the same. All the crap she writes about Andy winning a Walkley.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Mayne won a Walkley. You can verify this from Who's Who in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find Andy's name anywhere in Who's Who in Australia.

Anonymous said...

That's because Andy was never sent a questionairre. Some people don't get in because they don't reply when Who's Who contacts them, but Andy is not one of those.

Anonymous said...

Andy just isn't important enough for Who's Who. Not like Stephen Mayne who is a celebrity and that's why he's there.

Anonymous said...

Jim Cairns was not in Who's Who in the last years of his life. The editor wanted him in but Jim Cairns never returned the questionairre and they left him out. Perhaps Andy objects to being listed in Who's Who on principle.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty obnoxious characters end up in Who's Who. Alan Bond is there and I wouldn't want to be seen in the same edition as him. It denigrates Who's Who. Alan Bond is a convicted criminal.

Anonymous said...

That's why Andy doesn't fill in the questionairre.

Unlike Stephen Mayne he does not want his good name besmirched by association with the likes of Alan Bond.

Anonymous said...

The following attacks on Landeryou can be found on the geelongcoggwatch blog, a blog devoted to exposing the misdeeds of the Labor Right on the Greater Geelong Council. The blog claims Landeryou is fed information by certain Right Labor characters in the Geelong area, like Richard Marles and John Eren. Lisa Neville, new Minister in the Bracks government, is the ex wife of Marles, and Marles supported her preselection. See below for all the goss:

At 7:38 PM, notdumb said...

Truly, those Labor Unity wankers are a comical lot, are they not?

A bunch of congenital liars, they must think the rest of us will swallow anything.

Andrew Landeryou's blog is reporting that 'popular Geelong Councillor' and 'Labor moderate' David Saunderson is appealing to the Supreme Court to quash his recent conviction.

Popular Geelong Councillor? I ask you, Landeryou, where do you get this swill from? Richard Marles? Lisa Neville? John Eren? Well, that would be right.

You have been sadly misinformed mate. Saunderson is about as popular as as the smell from the Werribee sewerage ponds.

Pull the other leg, you twerp.

At 7:29 AM, Zappy said...

Landeryou is not a journalist, he is a polemicist. He is nothing but a common political stirrer. He is part of the Laboral Party political aristocracy (in good compnay with Marles) so he sees it as his duty to offer gratuitous advice from the sidelines. The only problem is far from having any sense of history (like a decent journalist would) his understanding of contemporary political events extends no further back than the woeful Cain / Kirner administration. I always find it interesting that he never refers to the wilderness years of the Libs under Kennett who were on the nose politically even while Cain and Jolly were running Victoria and especially Geelong into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou attacks Aldred, the disendorsed Liberal, claiming he has links to the LaRouchite group, the Citizens Electoral Council.

I found a copy of a LaRouchite publication today at a shopping centre. On the front page was an article advocating nuclear power.

It seems Aldred may be in the wrong party. Perhaps he should join the ALP, which now advocates nuclear power.

But the ALP won't have him. Seems he is tarred with the brush of anti-semitism. Are the LaRouchites anti-semitic? I found no hint of it in the publication I read today. Extremist yest. That's the reason Aldred got disendorsed. I do however have an open mind on their anti-semitism, although I personally wouldn't vote for an extremist party.

Anonymous said...

Andy Landy must be jealous. We are not up to 103 comments. Don't think he's ever had so many.

Congratulations Slanderyou. People do read your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm scooping Cait Catt with this. Once again the Landeryou blog is first with the latest news. A new anti-rape device that will soon be sold in Australia. Why haven't the mainstream press reported it? They will now, for they copy the Landeryou blog all the time. Congratulations Andy and the OC Investigations Unit. Read on:

Anti-rape Device to Hit the Market

Anti-rape device created by South-African inventor Sonnet Ehlers is about to hit the market after a long time of waiting for patent verification. The female condom-like device called Rapex has fish-like teeth that attach to the penis.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Landeryou blog is again first with the latest news, the re-election of the Iemma government in New South Wales," says Cait Catt (Landeryou in drag).

Don't think there was any doubt the ALP was going to win so is that an achievement.

Landeryou claiming a phoney Walkley devalues the work of real winners such as the late Morgan Mellish.

Cait Catt said...

The Andrew Landeryou blog, thanks to the OC investigation team, has scored mightily tonight. A leak so important that even Nameless in its former glory was never capable of. A leak from the New South Wales Liberal Party that names names. A complete listing of those favouring Debnam, those favouring O'Farrell, and those undecided in the New South Wales Liberal leadership contest.

Stephen Mayne you must be very jealous. No wonder the Landeryou blog wins so many hearts. No wonder the Landeryou blog is the best read political blog in Australia. No wonder the Landeryou blog won a Walkley.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Stephen Mayne is jealous of Landeryou. He had a real Walkley Award and is a successful journalist. He can even stand for office because he's not bankrupt. It is Landeryou that's jealous - that shows in his constant sniping - He has to invent fake awards to build his self-esteem. Crikey has more interesting things to read than Landeryou's self-important rants.

Anonymous said...

Age journalists win Walkely awards
Landeryou is not a journalist
Landeryou does not have a real Walkely award

Hurry back from Costa Rica Landeryou and make sure you bring back the dirt on Landeryou's shady central American business dealings

Anonymous said...

Previous post says

Hurry back from Costa Rica Landeryou and make sure you bring back the dirt on Landeryou's shady central American business dealings
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 9:34:00 PM

Should read Hurry back from Costa Rica Slanderyou and not Landeryou. Rest of the post is OK.

Anonymous said...

9.34 wants Slanderyou to come home with dirt on Landeryou.

Cait Catt wants Slanderyou to stay in Costa Rica. You would do us all a favour if you stayed there she said.

If Slanderyou stayed in Costa Rica Cait would have nowhere to post her comments about her mentor Andy Landy. I enjoy reading Cait. She is even better entertainment than Diane Anderson in Higgins News.

Cait Catt said...

The latest news from the OC investigations department concerns the disupute betweeen FYROM (don't ask me what that means, I'm not a Macedonian)and the heirs of Greek nationalism in Australia. At the centre of this dispute is one Jenny Mikakos. Very fine reporting. The OC has excellent sources. The daily newspapers should employ you Andrew. This expose is one of your finest. Game On:

PRESSED: Mikakos Mate Slurs OC in Greek Press // We Respond With Shouts of "Pusti Malaka!"

The OC receives occasionally favourable mentions in The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Herald Sun while we're accused of being smelly and having some sort of contagion by the "journalists" at The Aged and yet one fine print publication had cruelly neglected to mention our work: Neos Kosmos.

Neos Kosmos is of course the national Greek community newspaper, based in Melbourne.

Its columnist - a known associate of Socialist Leftist Jenny Mikakos - Dean Kalimniou refers to the OC's criticism of Mikakos for engaging in branch-stacking (while sanctimoniously denouncing competitors as stackers):

The vocal presence of Greeks in the Labor Party has long provoked and annoyed many of its members. Despite the fact that Greeks tend to sacrifice the interests of their own community in order to curry favour with the Party, their loyalty to Australia is constantly called into question.

For example, in Andrew Landeryou’s blog: “The Other Cheek,” in an article entitled ‘My Big Fat Ego,’ he re-casts the comments made above by Jenny Mikakos in a more sinister light: “Branch-stacking State MP Jenny Mikakos has told a Greek community newspaper Neos Kosmos of her plans to stack members of the Greek community in the Labor Party.”

Aside from incorrectly assuming I'm an ALP member and putting words in my mouth about Mikakos' loyalty to Australia (our criticisms of her have been restricted to contemplating her theft of mail entitlements and many other acts of corruption), Mr Kalimniou misses the point.

There are very many patriots of Greek heritage in the Victorian branch of the ALP, with the industrious Industry Minister Theo Theophanous being the most prominent. Indeed he is probably the most successful politician ever in the rich history of the Greek-Australian community.

Starting out with the Left as a branch-stacker, he gloriously transformed himself into a leading moderate minister in the Bracks Government with a very senior portfolio. We support any non-Socialist joining the ALP or party of their choice, regardless of their heritage. And we cheer on those like Theo who realised the Left were the faction of yesterday.

By the construct of Kaliminiou's involvement in Greek community life, a fight between Left and Right in the Labor Party scarcely seems relevant to him. And from my own point of view, who cares where someone was born or where their parents are born as long as they are willing to vanquish Socialists?

The context of his complaint is his commentary about the creation of a Macedonian speaking branch within the ALP. To encourage membership from Australia's diverse ethnic communities, the Labor Party has branches were the business of the branch is conducted in the mother tongue of the members, whether it's Greek, Italian, Spanish or Vietnamese.

As you might expect, a number of these branches intend to drop the ethnic component as they have evolved and as their members grew more comfortable speaking English.

While those branches exclude everyone else who can't speak that particular language they do create an opportunity for people to participate in debate in their first language in which many people will be more comfortable. The political parties should very soon take the next step and allow online meetings, teleconference meetings and other ways of gathering that don't necessitate trudging off to an electorate office on cold nights to discuss local council politics or the situation in El Salvador or some other irrelevance.

Some say well they should be speaking English anyway and those preferring to do that can join the very many English speaking branches. But the non English speaking branches are a good way of maximising the participation of some people who might otherwise be excluded, particularly if they don't like the Left :-)

Indeed, as Neos Kosmos notes there are Greek speaking branches, which have been branch-stacking vehicles, usually for the Socialist Left faction. Indeed, the OC understands that there are twenty Greek speaking branches in Victoria, a fair and healthy representation in anyone's language.

Some in the Greek community has objected strongly to the creation of a Macedonian branch in Melbourne's northern suburbs. This seems to be on the basis that there is dispute over the name Macedonia, with Greeks saying they are the real Macedonians and that the Slavs to their north have no right to the name. This is one of those debates that your humble correspondent has no hope of beginning to understand other than knowing there are sincerely held and passionate views on both sides.

They say they don't object to the creation of the branch, but merely to its name.

But the name of the branch - Macedonian - refers to the commonly used name of the language and the ethnic community who speak it. It's not a branch of the Republic of Macedonia and the complex "naming dispute" that exists between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia has not been resolved by the governments of the two countries, the United Nations Security Council or the European Union so it seems reasonably unlikely that it will be resolved by the Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party.

Macedonian is a language of those people who come from the country now calling itself Macedonia. The naming dispute continues but the fact is that the Victorian Government recognises that as the name and, offers the language - by that name - as part of VCE.

Indeed, it's worth noting that the Republic of Macedonia despite having a naming dispute with Greece, enjoys good relations with the larger country to its south, with large investment by Greece in Macedonia, military and security co-operation and other exchanges.

It's a shame their sons and daughters who now live thousands of miles away can't get along as well.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a relationship between Landeryou's postings on Salnderyou. The less Landeryou posts on his own blog, the more his sock puppet Cait Catt posts here. Guess he's getting desperate for readers for his unimportant drivel. Must be time to get a real job, Andy.

Anonymous said...

Is Andy a tranny???? I mean Freedom Freddy is his only male pseudonym. The rest, Delia, Cait, Catter8 & co are all chicks names. Is Andy wearing little white dresses up in that 'Tower of Power' of his? Tapping away to pass his lonely & friendless days way up there. Surely he could rent friends with all the money he stole? I love the Sophie fetish the MOST. Andy Sophie LOATHES you!! Really. She told me. Sad, sad Andy.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt = Andy. Delia = Andy. Catter8 = Andy. Freedom Freddy = Andy. The "OC Investigations Unit" = Andy (stealing other people's work). Sad, sad Andy.

Anonymous said...

Great blog that details the deranged mind of AL. All those phony companies, fake Websites, pseudonyms, and outright theft of other people's money.

Fantastic. Andy just needs someone to share his delusions. Homemate wanted for 'Tower of Power'. Applications now open.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Dutch contribution: Andy = "very unsavoury character."

Cait Catt said...

Why is the Landeryou blog Australia's best blog? Today's exposure of Nameless writer Mayne says it all.
Read below the Landeryou scoop on Stephen Mayne:

EXIT THE KING. The Troubled Millionaire // Why is Stephen Mayne So Very Troubled?

Stephen Mayne was a sorry sight at the increasingly tragic Melbourne Press Club Quill awards where all the judges are from The Age, all the award winners from The Age and you can even get commended for your coverage of state politics when you get everything wrong and much mocked by all in the caper (that'd be Paul Austin).

Days after he filed the story, Nameless editor Jonathan Green finally allowed Mayne's sad little account to run yesterday which we'd normally cut and paste but it was so lame it couldn't even hobble its way to our clipboard. Although it is pondering once more the sheer bliss of Mayne being politely shoved off-stage by a scribe upset about something the OC had written.

If it wasn't such miserable weather today, verily I'd go for a victory lap around Brunswick while keeping an eagle out for terrorists, leftists and G20 rioters.

But Mayne did offer us this at the first non-business story Green has tolerated the loser doing for a very long time:

That said, I was very tempted to have a word with Dame Elisabeth Murdoch last night when she was sitting six seats away at the opening night of Geoffrey Rush’s new play Exit The King at The Malthouse Theatre.

Both John Howard and Rupert Murdoch won’t want to finish up like Geoffrey’s Rush’s character – a fading king clinging to an ever-shrinking empire in his final days.

Stephen Mayne:

■ Fading king? CHECK

■ Clinging? CHECK (Mayne goes through manic phases of wanting to stay at Nameless and then desperately demon-dialling ABC execs trying to get on the air, anywhere. It's sad)

■ Ever-shrinking empire? CHECK (Nameless' numbers are down, down, down we hear with Beecher seemingly losing interest as quickly as he's losing money)

■ In his final days CHECK

The Green has been pushing hard for Mayne's removal but no such luck yet according to Nameless insiders. But they insist Green has been keeping Mayne on such a tight leash that he'll eventually he'll just lose it and stop emailing in.

Other than attending the occasional AGM, Mayne is believed to avoid leaving his Templestowe compound and can go for days without returning Nameless related phone calls.

In the manner of Graham Kennedy - presumably without the Rob Astbury/Christian Kerr lapdog companion - the reclusive Mayne doesn't like using the phone we hear but is retreating into a weird world of email messages on his much thumbed Blackberry.

Mayne is clearly of the view that everyone is out to get him. Is this insanity or a final burst of clarity as the fading king of smear enters his dying days, cruelly deprived by the Beecher-Gribble-Green triumverate of his birthright.

Game on.

Posted by Andrew Landeryou at 12:03 PM Comments (2) | Trackback

catter8 said...

Well done Cait.

Anonymous said...

Sherriff decision has been made.

Guilty as charged.

Let us all celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Dean Sherriff is about the only Banyule Councillor who is any good. Please don't knock him. Let's hope he remains on Council as he's done a lot of good things for Banyule.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie Morgan.

catter8 said...

The Melbourne Press Club stand condemned for their failure to acknowledge public journalism. The email below was published on the Landeryou blog, proving he did win the inaugural Walkley blog award. Read on:


I was extremely disappointed to see that the Melbourne Press Club had overlooked or refused to consider public publishing as a category for award selection. Had they seriously considered public journalism and professionalism I am confident that our selection panel determination to award The Other Cheek with the inaugural Walkely Blog Award for excellence in Public Journalism and Your coverage of the State Election far surpassed the quality of work published in the main-steam media.

Hopefully they will reconsider their position of job protection in future judging.

The Presenter
Walkley Blog Awards Presenter

Anonymous said...

Proof that the Landeryou blog is the best blog on the net.

Anonymous said...

Below are references to Landeryou on the GeelongCOGGwatch blog. COGG means city of greater geelong. Marles, preselected candidate for Corio, is a Landeryou mate. Lisa Neville, a Bracks minister, is the ex wife of Marles. Saunderson, a Geelong councillor, is also a mate of Landeryou. John Eren MP is a mate of Landeryou. Marles, Neville, Saunderson and Eren are members of the Labor Unity or Right faction Landeryou supports. Mr Fruit is Frank Costa, a local businessman with plenty of money who supports the Libs but gave big bikkies to the ALP Right in a Geelong council election is also a mate of jailbird and ex Geelong Mayor Frank De Stefano. This background might make it easier for readers to follow the letters below that appeared on the Geelong blog in the last week or so. Read on as Cait or Andy would say:

At 7:38 PM, notdumb said...

Truly, those Labor Unity wankers are a comical lot, are they not?

A bunch of congenital liars, they must think the rest of us will swallow anything.

Andrew Landeryou's blog is reporting that 'popular Geelong Councillor' and 'Labor moderate' David Saunderson is appealing to the Supreme Court to quash his recent conviction.

Popular Geelong Councillor? I ask you, Landeryou, where do you get this swill from? Richard Marles? Lisa Neville? John Eren? Well, that would be right.

You have been sadly misinformed mate. Saunderson is about as popular as as the smell from the Werribee sewerage ponds.

Pull the other leg, you twerp.

At 7:29 AM, Zappy said...

Landeryou is not a journalist, he is a polemicist. He is nothing but a common political stirrer. He is part of the Laboral Party political aristocracy (in good compnay with Marles) so he sees it as his duty to offer gratuitous advice from the sidelines. The only problem is far from having any sense of history (like a decent journalist would) his understanding of contemporary political events extends no further back than the woeful Cain / Kirner administration. I always find it interesting that he never refers to the wilderness years of the Libs under Kennett who were on the nose politically even while Cain and Jolly were running Victoria and especially Geelong into the ground.

At 11:27 PM, Gemima said...

Council Meeting Tuesday 27th March.Interesting to note no quorum to make decision on Westfield stuff up. Has to be held over. Was the Mayor cavorting in Canberra with the Fruit and his offsiders from the CfG. Someone ought to call their bluff this council is on notice to stand down.

SHOULD BE guts, no glory.

At 10:30 AM, notdumb said...

No quorum, indeed? What do they think ratepayers are paying them for? And who was paying for the jaunt to Canberra?

People who are absent from work have to produce a medical certificate don't they? I hope someone asks in writing what their bloody excuses are.

They make you laugh, don't they? I was reading something the other day in which John Thwaites was raving over the calibre of Lou Brazier. I'd be surprised if he has ever met the woman so you have to wonder where he got that from. Probably Lisa Neville seeing as how those two woman are as thick as thieves.

Anonymous said...

Is Costa Rica anywhere near Geelong?

Anonymous said...

No moron. It's in Central America.

Anonymous said...

Previous comments were made about Costa Rica in Central America recognising the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo before World War 2 and continuing to recognise Taiwan as the government of China. Whitlam ended Australian recognition of Taiwan. Malcolm Fraser refused to renew that recognition and no Liberal government in Australia has done so since.

Slanderyou is good for history lessons.

Not so good on the sex life of Diane Anderson though. That so Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

What, Catter8 (aka Cait Catt aka Andrew Landeryou aka Delia Delegate) the presenter for the Walkley Blog Awards doesn't have a name?
Doesn't this person want to be associated with that "very unsavoury character?"
Or is it all just made up?

Anonymous said...

Andrew, give it up you laughing stock. We know you didn't win a walkley award. Who knows how many other quotes you make up as well? Yeah, you're a REALLY trusted un-biased news source.

Anonymous said...


What a stupid name

Whoever invented that name is the moron. Not the person who thinks Costa Rica is near Geelong

Anonymous said...

So too is anyone who really thinks there is such a thing as santa claus, the easter bunny, or the walkley blog award

Anonymous said...

Do Slanderyou readers know there is a Catt Protection Society in Victoria? They do a good job looking after catts and their address is in Elder St Greensborough and they welcome donations. It's a good cause and they also run a cat adoption week.

So forget Cait Catt and Catter8. Donate for genuine catts. Give the Cat Protection Society a small donation.

That's a free ad. Couldn't resist after all the free entertainment on the Slanderyou blog from the fake Catts!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is not a fake catt.

By the way the cats at the Cat Protection Society are spelt cat and not Catt as in Cait.

Nor is there a cat named catter8. That's made up by Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

There are 133 postings on this topic. That's fantastic. Bet Landeryou is jealous.

Of course some of the postings her are his so he only has himself to blame if this blog beats his.

btw he did win a blog award. For Australia's worst blog. He was equal first with Andrew Bolt.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is always telling us Landeryou won a Walkley. Now you are telling us he didn't. Surely there must be a web site somewhere to verify this information.

There is a blog site somewhere that says Landeryou won a Walkley but there must be better evidence than that. Anyone can make up a blog site. Cait Catt is a case in point. Probably made up by Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Banyule's biggest (election) loser, Michael Paul is a great friend of the Greens movement. When he went sunbathing recently, he was mobbed by Greenpeace activists trying to push him back into the ocean to try and save him!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've been getting it wrong - Landeryou's blog is actually a parody - you know, satire, of right-wing blogs such as Bolt's.
The reason he writes adoringly about Sophie M. is because he knows she hates him and he wants to mend bridges.
The reason he claims a Walkley award is because he wants to highlight how ethical the real award winners are and wants their respect.
The reason he writes horrible things about the ALP Left and The Greens is he wants their attention and to participate in those organizations.
The reason he makes up pseudonyms like Cait Catt and Catter8 is to show how lonely he really is.
Yes, Landeryou doesn't deserve our ridicule but our understanding that he's a very confused boy.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Dean Sherriff. He was the whistleblower who brought down MUSU in 2003. (Heidelberg & Valley Weekly 3/4). From his own words.

Sure all of his mates Landeryou, Darren Ray, Scott Crawford, Ben Cass would love to know this.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the $10,000 commercial settlement with the liquidator (Dean McVeigh) was a clever ploy to deflect concerns that Dean is the "stool pigeon" in the whole MUSU matter.

Sherriff's Counsel said three times that he had been totally exonerated of all charges in the MUSU matter.

If this is true, then Landeryou and friends may be in for a very nsaty surprise.

kelvin t said...

Can i leave my home now? Has everyone forgotten that I am a tooser yet?

Michael Paul said...

Michael Paul was here!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Slanderyou readers.

The Landeryou blog is pressing for a higher salary for Sophie Panopoulos Mirabella's husband in his capacity as big boss of the Wang Jazz festival.

How many Slanderyou readers have ever earned $60,000?

Is Andrew seeking a big defamation award from Solly Lew?

Read below what the great man (as Cait Catt calls him) said about Mr Mirabella:

Earlier in the week, we reported on the exciting triumph of Prime Ministerial aspirant Sophie Mirabella securing the appointment of her husband to a sweet taxpayer funded gig running the Wang Jazz Festival.

Today, the Herald Sun has embraced the celebration and is reporting on the good news.

And yet there is growing disquiet in the community that the $60,000 salary ($80K package) is simply not enough to maintain the Consort and his family in an appropriate standard.

We will explore this issue in coming days.

Top job for MP's husband
Ben Packham

April 05, 2007

THE husband of outspoken federal Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella has been hired to run a key rural music festival that is chaired by a staffer in Ms Mirabella's office.

Greg Mirabella, an ex-army lieutenant-colonel, recently landed the $60,000-a-year role as business manager of the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. (OC: Clearly underpaid given his role as a Consort, and many years of defending freedom with big weapons)

Festival chairwoman Patti Bulluss, an electorate officer for the member for Indi, was on the panel that appointed Mr Mirabella to the new taxpayer-funded position. (OC: Firmly establishing Sophie's key role in the appointment, from which all taxpayers can take comfort)

Ms Bulluss said the festival needed a business manager to "take it to the next level" after being run by volunteers for 18 years. (OC: Time to get rid of the hippies, many think)

She said the five-member interview panel, which included a local council business manager and an Arts Victoria representative, was impressed with Mr Mirabella's skills. (OC: Understandably when they understood the full extent of his qualifications as a Consort)

"Greg has a finance degree and a marketing degree, and extensive small business skills," she said. (OC: And serious experience blowing his own horn, so honestly could there be a better qualified chap?)

Mr Mirabella was hired over eight other applicants for the role, which is funded by an Arts Victoria grant. (OC: As we have explained before, if someone (Sophie) is supported by the public, then it is only right they be supported by the public)

Mr Mirabella said he was aware his appointment might draw criticism, but the process was above board. (OC: Criticism? From whom? We'll be gathering a list of names of any critics to pass onto the Friends of Indi)

"When I applied for this job, this was always potentially an issue," he said. "But it wouldn't matter what job I applied for in Wangaratta - it's a very small town. (OC: Exactly, and a so-called "real job" in so-called "free enterprise" is not really appropriate for a Consort)

"Fingers can be pointed, I suppose. And I was painfully aware of that. But I am a professional person in my own right, apart from being Sophie's husband." (OC: Again, who are these finger pointers, we will hunt them down and demand Iranian finger severing penalties)

"If anything, I was at a disadvantage, I think." (OC: We beg to differ, being Sophie's Man could never be a disadvantage)

Mr Mirabella has served in both the army and the army reserve. (OC: Well known outposts for jazz and blues)

He has also run small businesses and lectured on marketing. Ms Mirabella refused to comment.

"I am not my husband's spokesperson," she said. (OC: She is indeed the light of his life)

The couple married last year in a lavish ceremony in Wangaratta.

Mr Mirabella said he was not a jazz fanatic, but enjoyed the music style. (OC: Clearly the music style of this bohemian festival will need to change anyway, who better to implement this than someone who hates jazz? Makes perfect sense to us)

He will work with an artistic director to organise the festival, which is held over the Melbourne Cup weekend in Wangaratta every year.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Landeryou. You're really getting desperate for readers, aren't you.
I doubt Sophie (who looks like she should be serving behind the counter of a fish and chips shop) cares about your efforts.
She hates you, and takes great pride in her part in his removal at MUSU and said so in Hansard.
I earn almost twice as much as A$60,000, and probably 10 times more than Andy gets on the dole.
If Andy was a real journalist, he'd realize to run a defamation suit it takes cash and not legal aid.
Is he suggesting he has such cash?
Can wait until Slanderyou reports back from Costa.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judge Millane,

I was so scared.

Every car on the road was following me. Some of those following me were even in front of me.

The one I rammed was in front of me.

Gee I was scared.

I was so scared when I saw those little children in the back of the car.

It was self defence your honour.

They were crying every time I hit the car.

I wish they didn't cry that much.

The dad drove away.

He followed me all the way to his house.

Gee I was scared.

I went into hs driveway and hit his car again.

Those kids were a real threat to me.

I hit the car again.

Now after pleading guilty I thought I would get a community order.

No such luck.

Oh well I know how to play the system.

Just look at my record.

Successful entrepreneur etc etc.

Just ask me. I am great.

Just because I defaulted on a few bills. Nothing wrong with that.

Solicitors bills, rent payments, utilities bills.

Played the system so well.

I will get my Community Order. My barrister has told me. (He was Mokbel's barrister you know.)

Then I will come back to continue my great political career.

Next member for Scullin I will be.

Look out Harry. I still have my piece of timber.

PS I still have no remorse.

Working for the North

Dean Sherriff

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in the Sherriff saga, here is the latest update.

More to come!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Diamond Valley Leader this week on Cr Dean Sherriff

Sherriff blames medicine

Lyndal Reading


EXTREME paranoia brought on by strong medication caused Banyule councillor Dean Sherriff to smash a car's windscreen, showering broken glass over two small children in the back seat, a court heard.

Cr Sherriff was taking pseudoephedrine for a health problem when he chased a car, smashed into the back of it and approached the driver with a shovel handle, the County Court heard last week.

Cr Sherriff was appealing against his conviction for the road rage incident at Mill Park on October 18, 2004.

The court heard a recorded conviction would ruin Cr Sherriff's political future.

Psychiatrist Dr Lester Walton told the court Cr Sherriff had been taking the drug pseudoephedrine, which can cause and exaggerate anxiety, for a fainting condition.

Dr Walton said Cr Sherriff was suffering an acute anxiety disorder when the road rage took place.

Cr Sherriff's barrister, Con Heliotis QC, told the court that before the attack, his client had fallen out with a former Banyule mayor, who was also a policeman.

``The defendant believed the mayor was having him followed,'' Mr Heliotis said.

``His house was broken into but nothing was taken. It looked like it had been searched.

``He started to fear that it was not just surveillance, but that he was in personal danger.''

Mr Heliotis told the court Cr Sherriff hid knives in every room of his house, put a spade handle in his car and took to sleeping on the roof of his house and in his car at a 24-hour supermarket.

In 2005, Cr Sherriff received a four-month jail term, suspended for 12 months, a fine and driver's licence suspension after pleading guilty to assault, careless driving and criminal damage in relation to the road rage incident.

Mr Heliotis asked Judge Frances Millane to overturn the conviction.

``He was aghast there were children in the car and is thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed,'' Mr Heliotis told the court.

Prosecutor Jason Harkess said the community viewed such an aggressive and violent act against a father and children, then aged one and four, as serious.

He read a victim impact statement that described the children's screams during the incident, and their subsequent nightmares.

Judge Millane adjourned the case so a pre-sentence report could be prepared.

If the conviction is upheld, Cr Sherriff is likely to lose his seat on the council.

Anonymous said...

There is even more in the Diamond Valley Leader this week on Cr Dean Sherriff on the Banyule Council:

Sherriff awaits court decision on appeal

Lyndal Reading


EMBATTLED Banyule councillor Dean Sherriff's political future is still up in the air.

Cr Sherriff will have to wait another week to see whether a judge overturns the conviction and sentence he received after pleading guilty in December 2005 to assault, careless driving and criminal damage.

County Court Judge Frances Millane deferred her decision last week so a pre-sentence report could be prepared.

Barrister Con Heliotis, QC, representing Cr Sherriff at last week's hearing, said his client's future would be uncertain if the conviction and sentence were upheld.

He said Cr Sherriff hoped to get into state politics.

``A conviction will end his political aspirations,'' he said. ``It will disqualify him for seven years from council and disrupt his plans for a career as a liquidator.''

The conviction stems from a road-rage incident at Mill Park on October 18, 2004, when Cr Sherriff followed a car, crashed into it and smashed its windscreen with a metre-long wooden pole.

Glass from the windscreen sprayed over the driver's children, then aged one and four.

In 2005, Cr Sherriff was sentenced to four months behind bars, suspended for 12 months, fined $1000 for careless driving, had his licence suspended for six months and was ordered to pay $165 for the car windscreen.

He lodged an appeal against the sentence and conviction.

Cr Sherriff was initially suspended from his position as councillor, but was reinstated when the Government Solicitor's Office admitted it had made a blunder because he had appealed.

Cr Sherriff was granted an adjournment in April last year, but was criticised for failing to arrange an appointment with a forensic psychologist.

The case was adjourned again in September when Cr Sherriff was hospitalised after a fainting fit.

It was adjourned for a final time in February this year, when Cr Sherriff fired his lawyer.

If his appeal is unsuccessful, Cr Sherriff will have to seek permission to remain a councillor because the conviction would make him ineligible under the Local Government Act.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt where are you. Why are you remaining so silent about Cr Sherriff? Is it because he is a friend of yours?

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt probably caught something when she last did research in the National Library.

Cait Catt said...

So Slanderyou is coming back from Costa Rica. I couldn't imagine a better place for him.

catter8 said...

Well said Cait.

Anonymous said...

Answer the question about Dean Sherriff Cait.

You didn't answer the question. You just abused Slanderyou.

Wait until Slanderyou finishes the important investigation. You'll be sorry Cait.

Anonymous said...

Dean Sherriff will make a good MHR for Scullin. A worthy replacement for Lord Harold of Jenkins.

Cait Catt said...

Happy Easter Slanderyou readers.

But not you Slanderyou. You print defamatory comments about my mentor Andrew. I hope you stay in Costa Rica.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what catter8 thinks about that. In view of her earlier rantings I suspect catter8 agrees with the other Catt!

Anonymous said...

Why do we get so many rantings from Cait Catt (Andy?) and catter8 (also Andy?)?

Anonymous said...

I want to know what catter8 thinks about the stupid praise for her master by Cait Catt?

Anonymous said...

Stop your stupidity Catts.

Anonymous said...

Long live the loving Landeryou

Anonymous said...

Landeryou is great

Anonymous said...

Delia Delegate might be watching. Better be careful what you say Cait Catt and catter8

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt need only be worried if Delia is Lyle. I think he's Andy. I also think Cait and catter8 are Andy

Anonymous said...

Lyle is probably having a good chuckle at the antics of people on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Lyle is Delia as I've told you a thousand times.

Anonymous said...

Catt Catt and catter8. You should both go to Costa and stay there. It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black when you suggest Slanderyou should go there.

Anonymous said...

Sophie Mirabella, a favourite of Landeryou, may be in the wrong parliament. We need her financial skills in Victoria. Read the press release below from Kim Wells, a Liberal member of the Victorian parliament:

Date : Tuesday, 3 April 2007
Author : Kim Wells MLA
Victoria is heading back to the days of the Cain-Kirner Government when Labor ran the state on the credit card.

Government financial data for 2005-06, released by the ABS today, shows that of all the nation's states, Victoria's cash flow is in the red to the tune of $475 million across its public sector.

Despite the disastrous state of the NSW economy under its appalling Labor Government, NSW has still been able to run a cash surplus of nearly $1.6 billion.

The ABS data shows that in 2005-06 Victoria was the only government that had a cash deficit. This means Brumby needs cash, resulting in state assets being rundown or drawing down on our cash reserves, or both.

Labor must end the resort to borrowing before the problem gets out of hand.

Treasurer Brumby will eventually have to impose more taxes on Victorians or cut expenditure to bring the State back into the black.

No matter how Brumby wants to explain it, Victoria is the only State in this position in the middle of Australia's economic boom.

This points to serious problems in debt growth and the long-term health of the State's finances.

Brumby must put the credit card away. He is frittering away the benefits of the strong national economy.

Labor's mismanagement of Victoria has been hidden for years by the booming property and stock markets, and the river of GST funds it receives from Canberra.

Victorians deserve better economic management than the dark days of Labor' legacy when the state was deep in the red.

We must not hock our future again.

Anonymous said...

Where is Cait Catt? Why doesn't she explain to us the parlous state of Victoria's finances under Labor maladministration?

Anonymous said...

Is John Brumby a friend of Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

Where are you Cait Catt when you are needed?

Anonymous said...

A member of Robert Doyle's staff, with the full knowledge of his boss, used to post Liberal press releases on the old Slandersyou (Erik Locke)blog. That blog was widely read by mainstream journos and the object was to get Liberal press releases into the mainstream media. It often worked.

Few jounos have the time to read press releases sent to them by pollies, and even fewer read them on the Liberal web site, where they were posted a few days after they appeared on Slandersyou.

A recent posting would suggest Doyle's replacement Ted Baillieu is doing the same, but somehow I doubt it.

The Slanderyou blog concentrates exclusively on Landeryou. The old Slandersyou blog was full of political content. I doubt that many journos read Slanderyou. If Baillieu is following Doyle he is wasting his time. He will not get bang for his buck by posting on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Read what Landeryou says about Easter:

Friday, 6 April 2007
GOD'S FRIDAY: A Day for Faith, Fish and Family

Here's some food for thought (fish only) on Christianity's saddest day.

■ Whatever problems may exist in organised churches - inevitable of course in any organisation comprised of all us sinners - people of faith are finding new ways to worship that work for them. How excellent. And there's plenty of life left in churches where God - not social theory - remains the focus. Check out the patriotic remarks of a brave Venezuelan bishop who reminds us:

“Therefore, neither a revolutionary, nor a Socialist, nor a hippie, nor a philosopher, nor a Gnostic deity, nor an alien, nor a ghost, nor a myth: Jesus is Lord, the Son of the living God, the Savior, the Word incarnate who has made the mystery and plan of God known to us, the Beginning and the End, the faithful witness, the same today, yesterday and forever,”

■ Of course, Easter Sunday is not far away, where pagan rabbits deliver chocolate eggs to children of all ages. But it's not all good news for Easter Bunny. A German philanthropic farmer/rabbit-breeder sent twelve giant rabbits to North Korea to help the suffering and starving people of that imprisoned "communist" nation. He now believes the rabbits were eaten at the dictator Kim Jong Il's birthday party after the sneaky Koreans cancelled his plans to visit the super bunnies. If you wonder how big "giant rabbits" can get, they grow as big as a three year old child.

■ Heading off to Fiji for an Easter break? Be sure to pack your rain-coat. On Fiji airline Air Pacific, a female Japanese tourist was urinated on by a Fijian soldier mid-flight.

■ Back to our favourite sport of politics (although AFL is back in town with its only good team looking ominously good) Santo Santoro is waiting for the Liberals to preselect a Senator before resigning his seat. The Age doesn't like it.

■ The NSW Libs did manage to win one seat from the ALP, although by the narrowest of margins.

■ John Howard blocked terrorist sheik Bilal Phillips from entering Australia but seems to have missed visiting terrorist advocate Yvonne Ridley who described the Beslan school massacre as "martyrdom operations". Three hundred and forty four civilians were murdered in the unprecedented attack on a school in Russia. Labor's Tony Burke wants her shown the door.

■ Many weeks after the OC broke the news about the appointment of Michael Cooney to Evan Thornley's Per Capita (more tank than think as Andrew Bolt poetically described it), the Age has caught up with the news. Dennis "Sam" Glover is also said to be involved in the Evan Thornley group and is writing some of Evan Thornley's yawning orations given in the Legislative Council. Senor Thornley has more paid functionaries than Jed Bartlett.

■ Serial kidnapper Iranian President Madinthehead has attempted to extract benefit from his nation's crimes. But whoever won, the main thing is that the hostages will be home with their families very soon. Those attempting to figure out who won and who lost are missing the point. And Madinthehead is missing the point that he will one day be brought to justice.

■ Like everyone else, the French government is concerned about the spread of HIV. But their campaign is as different as the French are. Click here for bizarre and not safe for work images.

Easter peace, kosher pesach etc...

and we'll be posting at varying levels of coherence as always through the hols.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Below is the story about the Japanese tourist being peed on by a Fijian solder. I read it first on Landeryou, as is often the case with newsworthy items. Landeryou always seems to have good sources. Then the Age got to hear about it and below is the story The Age has just put on line:

Fiji soldier urinates on Japanese passenger

Micheal Field
April 5, 2007 - 9:51AM

Fiji's international carrier Air Pacific says it has apologised to a young Japanese woman after a Fijian soldier urinated on her, the Fiji Sun reported yesterday.

It said the soldier was returning from peacekeeping duties in Sinai when he flew from Japan to Fiji on March 22.

The Sun said the soldier exposed his private parts to a young female Japanese tourist and urinated on her. Other passengers on the flight were alerted to the incident when the tourist screamed.

The military say they are investigating but Air Pacific chief executive officer John Campbell confirmed the incident, saying the soldier was taken into custody on arrival of the flight at Nadi airport.

"He is subject to the disciplinary processes of the (army)," he said.

"The customer was provided with cleansing cloths, antiseptic, a change of clothes from the in-flight duty-free sales materials and together with her travelling companion, were provided compensation," he said.

The woman has apparently accepted the apology "in a traditional Japanese manner and attaches no blame to Air Pacific", the Fiji Sun reported.

Fairfax Media

Anonymous said...

Ah, Bobby Doyle...All that banging for buck all.

Anonymous said...

Correct. Doyle was OK. It's a pity he was forced out.

Anonymous said...

If the Libs had stuck with Napthine in 2002 Doyle might now be Premier.

Anonymous said...

Doyle's problem in 2002 was Robert Dean. If Dean had not been such a megalomaniac he would have ensured he was correctly enrolled.

Anonymous said...

Dean lived in Hawthorn and his electoral roll address was in Gembrook in his electorate at a property he owned and was renting out. The electoral office removed him from the roll after two letters sent to his rental property were returned address unknown. Like most tenants they probably didn't know who the owner of their property was. I don't know the name of the owner of my property.

Anonymous said...

Dean's office was told by a federal Liberal member that he was not on the electoral roll and he should do something about it quick smart. The message was not passed on. Dean employed dickheads on his electorate staff.

Anonymous said...

11.35 does not know the owner of my property. Bad English. 11.35 should not talk about my property. He or she should say the property I rent. He or she should say I don't know the name or identity of the owner of the property where I am leasing and presently reside.

Anonymous said...

11.39 is a smartypants.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal campaign in 2002 went down as soon as Robert Dean was deemed ineligible to be a candidate because he was not on the electoral roll.

The Liberals prior to that were neck and neck.

Robert Dean destroyed any chance Robert Doyle had of winning that election.

Anonymous said...

We are stuck with the Bracksward Bumbleon government as a result. That phrase was used by a Doyle staffer posting on Slandersyou.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt probably doesn't agree with that. Her master supported Bracks and Brumby. Her master is not always consistent though. He thinks Sophie Mirabella is PM material and she is a Lib.

Anonymous said...

What did Lyle say when he was writing as Delia Delegate?

Anonymous said...

That man can't write. The NUW told me he's a moron.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou at his best. A serious discussion about a recent court case in Victoria involving privacy.
Great stuff. Read on:

PRIVACY: New Tort Cooked Up But What Does It Mean?

The Victorian County Court is not normally a forum for great legal innovation. And yet yesterday, its judge Felicity Hampel created a new tort of privacy that will have the attention of every media company today.

The court held that rape victims have an enforceable right to privacy, separate from the statutory prohibition on naming them without their consent.

A good decision although in my new life of scribing I am very conscious of not wanting to lose weapons from my arsenal. There is a public interest to protect in reporting the news. But what about the rights of those people reported on?

Could new privacy cases be extended to cover many other situations? What about victims of other violent crimes? What about banning the practice of photographing the homes of public figures? What about protecting the privacy of footballers or others who are found to have drugs in their system? What about banning paparazzi? Or what about unsolicited visits from journalists at people's homes? What about the discussion of the private lives of people generally? What about ending the business of public interrogations of the kind practised by the WA CCC or liquidators? What about banning the discussion of the identity of those accused of hideous crimes until they are proven guilty? What about the right to privacy of sources of news stories which only the most venal and unethical of journalists breach (eg Stephen Mayne in the Noel Crichton Browne case)?

You could mount an argument to penalise the publication of many different kinds of material on privacy grounds but the reason we don't - it seems - is that we value free speech much more than privacy.

The unpleasant truth of the matter is that the logic of protecting the identity of rape victims is presumably centred on an idea that there is some shame in being the victim of this particular crime. A very old fashioned idea but apparently still a very strong one. The shame of course should belong exclusively to the perpetrator.

In tne end though, we don't accept that as a legitimate notion so a Victorian court has created a new privacy right to it. This is an opportunity for us to carefully evaluate what we value more, the right to watch catastrophes or the rights of those going through them.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou writes well, I agree. We can thank Brian Dixon, former Melbourne footballer and one time Minister for Youth Sport and Recreation for the fact that alleged rape victims are no longer named.

Why should there be any shame in this? Victims of most crimes are named. So are the perpetrators. This is the argument Landeryou is making and it is very persuasive.

Anonymous said...

The law seems to favour women.

Anonymous said...

The last Bracks government had incompetent women in it. I can name two ministers who were totally incompetent. They are no longer there.

Anonymous said...

Evan Thornley, mate of Diane Anderson, defended one of them when her sacking was put before caucus, but he was outvoted.

Anonymous said...

This blog seems to attract the lackeys of Landeryou. Only a Landeryou sycophant could write that about Evan Thornley. Landeryou just doesn't like him.

Anonymous said...

Like Leonie Woods, Lawrence Money, Andrew Jaspan and Paul Austin.

Anonymous said...

All of them write for the Aged, as Landeryou calls it.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou calls journalist Diane Anderson from Higgins News a fruitloop. She doesn't write for the Aged.

Anonymous said...

Diane may not write for the Age but Lawrence Money gave her much oxygen when she was expelled for heresy from the Melbourne Unitarian Church, and Paul Austin gave her front page coverage after the last ALP Conference she attended.

Robert Matthews said...

Landeryou never writes anything about me.

Anonymous said...

That's because you are just not important enough. You have to be somebody to be mentioned on the Landeryou blog.

Anonymous said...

Like Dean Sherriff?

Anonymous said...

Don't criticise the next MHR for Scullin after Lord Harold of Jenkins retires.

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