Thursday, March 15, 2007

Costa Rica and Landeryou

Members of the Team Slanderyou Special Investigation Unit will be absent for a few weeks, as they fly off to Costa Rica.

As keen readers would be aware, Costa Rica is one of Andrew Landeryou’s favourite destinations.

It is such a favourite destination that according to Landeryou’s favourite politician Sophie Panopoulos, Landeryou, “…fled to Costa Rica”. (see page 39 of Hansard)

However, others argue he “…disappeared on business”.

We reported last December that members of Australia’s gambling and wagering community had significant concerns, raising unanswered questions such as:

- "If he is in CR (Costa Rica) I am sure he not using the name Andrew Landeryou".
- "He disappeared in CR for five months while every was looking for him. He started a gaming software company and was soliciting business in CR."
- "BTW, hearing his (Andy's) blog is called the Other Cheek .... does not bring pleasant images to mind. "

So the Team Slanderyou Special Investigation Unit is going to Costa Rica to find out what was the real reason.

We will report back on 10 April 2007.

In the mean time, avail yourselves of the other stories on this blog, comment away. Also make use of the Labels function.

We will be posting other stories from time to time in the interim.

Hasta la vista

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Have a nice holiday in Costa Rica. Hope you get a tan to rival that of Cait Catt in Bali. I think the Costa Rica sun might be a little gentler on the skin.

Don't forget the suntan lotion. We don't want you coming back with skin cancer.

Anonymous said...


all the very best on your important investigation

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's affections for Sophie are not returned.
"I take great pride in having
been involved in that campaign, in a crossparty coalition to rid Melbourne University Student Union of Mr Landeryou."

Anonymous said...

What does Cait Catt have to say about Sophie? Did Sophie really try to get Andy sacked at Melbourne Uni? I somehow doubt it. Why would Andrew say such nice things about her if she ever wronged him?

Anonymous said...

Sophie says about the "disgraced Andrew Landeryou" (Hansard, May 12, 2005): "These Labor Party boys were bullies and thugs then, and nothing has changed. I was at university when these Labor Party boys were arrogantly pushing their weight around on campus. They were political thugs, and by all accounts they continue to be."

What spin can you put on that, Andy-Delia-Cait?

Andy might like the Divine Ms M but Sophie doesn't like the Balding Hippo.

Melbourne Scribe said...

Lovely touch equating Landeryou with Alan Jones - the Parrot.

Only thing wrong with it is that Jones is successful.

Anonymous said...

Jones maybe The Parrot But Landeryou is The Galah (or even The Goose).

Anonymous said...

I could not find Cait Catt on the electoral roll or in the phone book anywhere in Victoria.

I'd like to date her. Cait could you please tell me who and where you are?

I know Paula Rizzuto is a real person but I don't want to date her. She might eat me like she did her husband Stephen Ho.