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Anonymous said...

The question I want to ask is "where is Cait Catt?"

Anonymous said...

Another question that ought to be asked is why The Greens, Tim Pallas, and Diane Anderson's boyfriend Evan Thornley have snubbed Victoria's non-profit racing industry?

Are you going to tell us about this Cait Catt? Where are you hiding Cait?

Read what Landeryou said about it this morning below:

Saturday, 3 March 2007
INSULT: Greens, Pallas and Thornley Snub Horse Racing Industry

The powerful Victorian horse racing has been snubbed by Greens MPs, Bracks Minister Tim Pallas and red-faced Evan Thornley in a rudeness debacle that has shocked industry insiders.

The five MPs have made an immature and idiotic public spectacle of returning complimentary passes to non-profit Race Clubs which are sent annually to Members of Parliament and to Melbourne City Councillors.

One source close to government noted that it "was the worst display of bad manners since Thornley's infamous dinner party fart-fit of 2004"

The ticket-declining MPs could have done what most MPs do, in my observation: Very, very rarely use them, except maybe for the Spring Racing Carnival. Or even just quietly send them back without comment. But instead the politically foolish five chose instead to stick a finger in the eye of all those involved in racing.

Their attendance at the races is seen less as lavish hospitality - in these days of corporate boxes and extravagant functions a free pass to the races is hardly seen that way. It is offered by the non-profit Racing Clubs as a polite gesture, to encourage the decision-makers to attend and see the industry first hand.

Have Messrs Pallas and Thornhead declined Qantas Chairmans Lounge membership on the basis that as Minister for Roads and Ports and as Dufus in charge of National Competiton Policy that they might have quite a lot of interaction with the greedy airline? Didn't think so.

The Victorian racing industry has a $2 billion economic impact each year, employing approximately sixty four thousand Victorians, many of the people working directly in the industry are members of one of Labor's biggest affiliate unions the Australian Workers Union.

It is an important part of the life of the state.

Greens Victorian leader and shrewd numbers man- facing increasing problems managing the zany leftist women in his group - Greg Barber did his best to spin the mad decision of his colleagues:

"We're talking about gambling and probity at the moment in Parliament," he said.

"The link between the hospitality industry, the pokies and racing industries is getting tighter all the time, and politicians should steer clear of it."

This presumably means the Witches of LegCo - as some refer to his two colleagues - are insistent that pubs, any venue with pokies, race-tracks and TAB outlets are no-go-zones from the Greenists.

One long-time committee member of one of Melbourne's racing clubs shared this observation by email this morning:

They have the manners of boar swine these ppl. There was no need to make such a big deal out of our act of generosity which is a long tradition of courtesy going back many decades. To equate community concern about poker machines with horse racing which enjoys strong community support shows how out of touch and elitist some of our Parliamentarians must be.

Greens insiders describe the fiasco as Barber "throwing some red meat to the feminazi savages", ie Sue Woodchuck Pennichuk and big 4WD (with bullbar) driving Colleen Hart Attack Hartland. Fair enough, but it would be good if the aspiring right-wing numbers-man could choose a more polite means of accommodating the psychopaths, the state and its racehorses and courses would be truly grateful.

We'll be keen to see whether Tim Pallas, red Evan Thornley and the other free-loaders are seen in Flemington this November sipping the free-flowing Champagne de Hypocrite.

Game on.

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Anonymous said...

Landeryou wrote that well. Perhaps a second Walkely Blog Award? I think he did win one. His writing is so good.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait Slanderyou, for yet another revealing insight into Landeryou's psyche

Good stuff Slanderyou, a true patriot, and ethncial and honest blogger

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this new revelation

in the mean time, any hint?

Anonymous said...

Will the revelation be about Rev Nalliah? Andrew criticised the Rev but yet he showed forgiveness and prayed for him, and even congratulated Andy on his blog award (if Andy in fact got one, but it's there for all to see on the web, although Slanderyou says its a fake). Below is a briefing note on a Christian site about Rev Danny:

Important Briefing


This is a vital time to be well informed about these issues and to be in prayer about the incredibly important spiritual events happening right now, right up to Prime Minister level.

I am referring to Moslem community leaders public attack on Danny Nalliah, Catch the Fire Ministries and our Prime Minister.

If you don't know Danny and all you are going on is media reports, then you could be badly misinformed. I know Danny personally and he is a very fine Christian leader that God has brought to Australia for the benefit of this nation. He is very well informed about Islam because that is his background - and his accurate knowledge of the militant aspects of the teaching of Islam is why the Moslem community in Australia are trying to silence him.

There are three serious deceptions being mounted against Danny in the media:

1. That Danny is an extremist who has been charged with vilification.
In fact the case against the two Danny's was torn to shreds in the appeals court of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Most of the key VCAT findings by Justice Higgins were found to be seriously flawed and the case has to start again with a clean slate.

2. That Danny is part of the lunatic fringe and has called on Christians to "pull down" brothels, bottle shops and the Casino.
This is either intentional slander or appalling ignorance of the Christian faith. Some political figures have also jumped on this band wagon to use it as an excuse to attack the Prime Minister for his video greeting to the coming united prayer meeting in Melbourne. Anyone who knows anything about the Bible knows that in the New Testament the term to "pull down" is a metaphor for a way of praying against the spiritual forces of darkness in this world.

As an illustration, when driving home from work I used to pass a hotel that advertised topless tabletop dancing. I figured that if they promoted this to the passing public, then they were fair game for prayer. So every time I passed that hotel I used to pray for them to go out of business. Some months later the hotel was sold and the new management removed table top dancing. This is the kind of intercession Danny Nalliah is talking about.

3. That the Prime Minister is acting inconsistently by sending a video message of encouragement to the united prayer meeting being organised by Catch the Fire Ministries - because they are extremists.
To use an Aussie colloquialism, what bull dust. Please open the following PDF promoting this prayer meeting and have a look for yourself:

This is a mainstream prayer meeting of Christian unity. You could not bring such united support to this meeting unless there was widespread respect for Danny and his contribution to the church in Australia. The Prime Minister recognises this and that is why he is willing to encourage the Christians of Melbourne to come together in prayer.

Anonymous said...

What will Cait Catt say about that?

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rats about Cait Kimberley Landeryou Catt.

Anonymous said...

Another first for Andrew Landeryou and the OC Investigations Unit (i.e. Freedom Freddy and Cait Catt). Landeryou says that thanks to a well placed source he was the first to break the news about Ian Campbell's resignation. Read the whole Landeryou story below:

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Thanks to a well placed source we broke the news about Ian Campbell's resignation first it seems, a long way ahead of AAP and anyone else. Another triumph for the OC Investigations Unit and yet there is no cause for celebration about what's going on in Perth right now.

Time doesn't often permit the OC to wander into the badlands of the blogosphere to share the good news of freedom.

Which is a real shame because there's some good stuff out there but sadly the operations of the OC Investigations Unit requiring more offline activity than regular blog surfing can permit. But when discussions turn to my favourite subject (guess who) though, I do often feel obliged to pop in and defend my honour or impale a leftist or whatever.

ClubTroppo is one of these sites and they were having a crack at us about defending Brian Burke which of course is just not allowed because, well no one can really explain why.

It's strangely appropriate that a different Burke from a different time tells us an essential truth which we ignore at our peril:

All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.

Well bugger it, I tell myself. I've pondered this situation very carefully. Look carefully at the detail, look carefully at the allegations. If Burkey's done the wrong thing I'll say so but if it's all just hot air and phooey then I'll say that too. And so far it is.

Burke is accused of being a highly persuasive lobbyist, who was given an amount of access to government decisions by politicians that I personally believe to be inappropriate. Yes, inappropriate. The balance went too far but as far I can tell, no laws have been broken. If Ministers have behaved inappropriately and if politics demands it they should resign. Seems to me that Premier Carpenter has gone to nearly absurd lengths to punish anything remotely thought to be inappropriate. And of course today the theatre of the absurd gave us an elaborate encore when Federal Minister Ian Campbell resigned for doing nothing more than meeting Brian Burke for twenty minutes. It's a joke of course. And the joke is on us.

But this level of careful analysis is beyond too many in the media who smell blood and who want more.

Burke's just bad they say. He's a lobbyist. He's a convicted fraudster they emphasise. It's the vibe of thing, we don't know what he did, we just know it's really really wicked-bad.

So anyone meeting with the man must immediately resign while beating oneself with a stick. Even after a twenty minute meeting about nothing much.

It's as if The Burke has magic powers that must be curtailed lest he get everything he wants. Only when he's pulverised or dead or broke can we all be safe they seem to be suggesting.

Even the hitherto well regarded are getting in or cashing in on the craze.

Peter Costello says anyone meeting Burke is "morally compromised", although it's cool for his bestie (Michael Kroger) to be one of Melbourne's most avaricious lobbyists who blatantly cashes in on his association with the Federal Treasurer. Tony Abbott even reckons Brian Burke is the "devil", perhaps the final indication that a person I once highly regarded as a person of faith and honour is actually nothing more than a piece of sh*t.

Strong words but that is how it is on this night of the witch-hunt March the third 2007.

These men might have an election to win - and I respect that - but the rest of us want to live in a nation where some decent standards apply.

And at the moment they're not.

History tells us that every era of madness and collective hysteria fades, be it McCarthyism, Tulip mania, the dot com bubble, even back to the original witch-hunts.

They were all realised ultimately to have reached heights of stupidity and craziness that could only be recognised with hindsight.

Make no mistake we are in such a time and it's only when those willing to say so outnumber the witch-hunters that than simple recognition of reality will occur.

Anyway, this is what we had to say. One of the resident leftistes opined that the OC had compared the persecution of Brian Burke with that of the Nazis, not true as it happens but that doesn't normally slow them down.

So here I am quoting myself in full (could there be any finer source?) which in part repeats some of the points made above but I know many patriots cannot get enough:

Greetings to y'all and in particular the darling Darlene, first up I have certainly not made the comparison you think I've made. There was no event even remotely comparable to what the Germans set out to do after Wannsee.

The point is simple: if Brian Burke's rights are to be trampled, who's next?

Many get hot under the collar about human rights on an ideologically selective basis. Those who squeal like stuck pigs about David Hicks are silent as church mice about Brian Burke's rights.

Brian Burke has - to the best of my knowledge and I've tried to follow the activities of the CCC investigation - not been accused of any crime in relation to his lobbying activities.

He was convicted - and punished - of over-claiming his travel expenses to the tune of $17,000 during 1986 through 1988. His story - which I believe - is that he botched the paperwork. Perhaps that's what they all say, but in his case quite a reasonable explanation given that he was the rather busy Premier of WA and had filled in the forms himself. Certainly he didn't appear to need the money.

But in the climate of the time, as WA was in the midst of the "recession they had to have" and the resulting political crisis, Burke was repeatedly slotted by juries in Perth. Unfairly, as subsequent successful appeals demonstrated.

My understanding is that he was ultimately acquitted of all charges other than travel expenses matter.

So when he is repeatedly referred to by the free-lunch and Cabcharge brigade of Australian journalism as a "convicted fraudster", that's what they're talking about. A conviction relating to some botched overclaimed travel expenses of $17,000 twenty years ago. Twenty years ago!

It is surely time to move on and to let him do so.

There is a hysteria about Brian Burke that has led to resignation insanity, culminating this afternoon in Tory Ian Campbell quitting over a twenty minute meeting about not much.

Of course Campbell was on the way out anyway but at one level - going back to my original point - there is something highly disturbing about watching a pack attack someone. We've all seen it, some have been victims, some joined in, most of us look on in silence thankfully saying "Thank God it's not me."

Holding people to account is one thing but mindless, hateful hysteria - promoted in some cases by men in positions of great responsibility and power - is not only wrong but should terrify all Australians. If it can happen to Brian Burke it can happen to you.

If Brian Burke has done wrong let him be punished but when a man I once respected Tony Abbott states with straight-face that Burke is the "Devil" then I think we all know at some level that a degree of evil has injected itself into the politics of personal destruction at play here.

Darlene is a voice of reason ultimately when she says:

The concept of serving one’s time and moving on with one’s life should be respected.

Guilt by association is a nasty business, and we could all suffer from it.

That's my point. We all are.

Game on.

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Anonymous said...

Landeryou hates the Greens. Read on:

Sunday, 4 March 2007
SPRUNG: Greens and Liberals in Secret Opposition Coalition // What Will Greens Inner City Latte Sipper Supporters Think?

Greens members of the Victorian upper house have been caught out voting with the Liberal Party 91.7% of the time, more than the National Party who have voted with their former Coalition colleagues only 83.3% of the time.

The Legislative Council voting record will amaze Greens supporters. The Greens MPs have actually not voted with the Government at all since being elected to the Red Morgue with bordello decor.

The astonishing revelation flushes out a secret arrangement between the far-left Greens militants and the conservative state opposition. It is a remarkable contrast to Greens voting behaviour in other states and in Club Fed where they tend to vote with the Labor Party most of the time.

One OC informant described the deal as "the new Coalition".

The Greens had already suffered considerable electoral damage from their secret preference arrangement with the state Liberals and many observers believe probably lost the inner-city seat of Melbourne as a result.

The extent of this "New Coalition" was exposed in a meeting of the Legislative Council committee looking into gambling where Labor suggested that Greens numbers man Greg Barber become Chairman. Barber declined the offer and said "no, no, we're supporting Gordon Rich-Phillips (Liberal)" according to one informed source.

Aside from the fact that even Gordo's mates are probably not anticipating that he'll set the world on fire very soon, Barber's response shocked Labor MPs as it suddenly dawned on them that they must have made this arrangement previously.

This was confirmed when Greg "Darth Vader" Barber - an aspiring right-wing numbers man - said to one of the Liberals as the meeting adjourned "Are we meeting in your office or ours?" apparently arranging a post-meeting de-brief.

From the OC's point of view, it's all good sport, Greg Barber is certainly an ideologically flexible chap in contrast to the Marxist MIlitant Mamas of the rest of his cactus caucus. But the Greens cosying up with the Liberals is going to be poison among precious, pompous preachy Greens voters, as the Greens brand is tarnished for being what they have always been while pretending they're not: politicians.

And it gets worse, last night's count of the Moonee Valley by-election in Debney Ward saw a Green candidate elected on the preferences of two patriotic Liberal candidates, Cam Nation and blogstar Hamish Jones.

Comrade Cam delivered the Greens a swag of preferences after what some felt may have been a racially charged anti-crime campaign with some searing scare-sheets of old school conservatism. Nothing wrong with shaking up the game a little bit but the more Greens associate with their ideological foes the dirtier they look with their base.

Game on.

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Anonymous said...

What does Cait Catt think about the Greens? Does she agree with Andrew?

Anonymous said...

The Libs do not run candidates in local government elections. Sounds like a couple of Liberal voting independents hate the ALP more than they hate the Greens.

The old Communist Party got extra votes in local government elections when a Communist opposed a so-called Labor candidate. Many Libs preferred a Communist to an ALP candidate. In Preston Communist Jack Arrowsmith polled over 1000 votes in straight local government contests with the ALP. That would probably convert to about 6000 or 7000 votes in a state election. When a candidate for a state lower house seat in the area Communist candidates were lucky to poll more than 300-400 votes. The extra votes clearly came from ALP hating Liberals.

Of course the Greens are not Communists. They support the democratic system, not its revolutionary overthrow as the old Communist Party wanted. They are also not against free enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, you didn't beat AAP on the Campbell story, it posted its story about his resignation on its wire service at 3:54pm, more than half an hour before you did.

(Newspaper website don't post from the live service - they usually post half an hour or so later.)

Nor did you win a Walkley Blog Award - it doesn't exist.

And please stop pretending Cait Catt is not you - she doesn't exist either.

Anonymous said...

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