Thursday, May 03, 2007

Andrew Landeryou involved in Liberal Party preselections

We earlier wrote that The Australian had reported that Andrew Landeryou was a Liberal Party blogger.

Landeryou has been rather active in Liberal Party preselections of late, publishing the news that Prodos will be a candidate for the Tories.

So active was Landeryou in the preselection that Prodos remarked on his blog: "I’m impressed."

Are you impressed dear reader?

40 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

This explains so much. Thanks Slanders

PRODOS said...

slanderyou wrote:
"Landeryou has been rather active in Liberal Party preselections of late, publishing the news that Prodos will be a candidate for the Tories."

Correction, I'm not a candidate.

Andrew Landeryou doesn't say I'm a candidate:

"... Prodos is throwing his hat into the ring for Liberal preselection for the federal seat of Melbourne."

I've simply applied to BECOME a candidate.

The next thing that happens is that the Party holds a "Pre-selection Convention".

That's what will determine who ends up being the Liberal candidate for Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

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"Hot off the press!"
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Anonymous said...
Is Landeryou good at anything? As a property investor he has a shocking track record: MUSU, Marbain, Parkville, and now South Bank. A litany of failures

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 4:04:00 PM

Anonymous said...
Your wrong on the friendship front- it looks like Andrew and his IQ friend Ed Dale are back together again.

Have a sqiz at some of some of the sites Landersyou is pushing on his site like "Work at Home Income Opportunities"

Looks like Dale is running this thing called "Dominiche"

I can't really work out what it is about but it looks pretty low rent and yucky.

But hey - you got to be good at something and everyone needs a friend

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 6:07:00 PM

Anonymous said...
Looks like they've got something going on.

The ipod one goes to a site that sends you to

A whois says that it is registered to a 'marillion partnership' at the Telstra dome - which when you google seems to be Ed Dale's company.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 8:52:00 PM

Anonymous said...
Slanderyou is a hypocrite. Claims Andrew Landeryou is a plagiarist. Who is the plagiarist now Slanderyou? The item about Landeryou's new residence was lifted from Lawrence Money in the Aged this morning. No attribution given.

Well it's like the pot calling the kettle black. SLANDERYOU IS A PLAGIARIST.

I don't much like Money. He attacks the great man constantly and prints vile material together with his partner in slime Carbone. But I do object to Slanderyou calling Landeryou a plagiarist and then doing the same thing himself.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 9:38:00 PM

Anonymous said...
hey anon at 9:38:00 PM (or Cait, or Catter8, or Delia, or Freedom Fred, or Andy, or whichever personality he's got today), get one up ya

Plagiarist my clack

Slanderyou didn't claim the story as his own, he even linked to the original Money article in the Age

Landeryou on the other hand frequently lifts whole articles from others without ever crediting the source

No wonder he fails at everything he does - he's a shyster who has made a habit of living off the efforts of others all his life

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 10:27:00 PM

slanderyou said...
Dear Anon Wednesday, May 02, 2007 9:38:00 PM

FYI, we provided a direct link to the original story, plus published it in quotation marks.

Thanks for reading this humble blog.

Thursday, May 03, 2007 12:49:00 AM

Anonymous said...
Come on guys

Cait is trying to muddy the waters just as Landy does which is probably the most telling proof that Cait is none other than Landeryou himselt.

Landeryou made up stories and then posted them as news on otherr blogsites so that he could link back to them as supposed 'independant news".

He's one twisted and obsessed brother to go to all that bother to manufacture some bad news on those he dislikes which has been many.

maybe its just a classic multipersonality disorder.

There are some on other websites who have known him before under different names and I do think it was best that he come out before he got put out - though that still might happen.

Thursday, May 03, 2007 1:56:00 AM

Cait Catt said...

A correspondent on a previous post clearly showed that Slanderyou is a plagiarist, putting material from the master of slime on the Slanderyou blog and claiming it to be his (or hers).

Game off Slanderyou. Back to the kindergarten.

catter8 said...

Read the latest on Julia Gillard originally posted on the Landeryou blog. Original that is, not plagiarised as in Slanderyou. Read on:

HORSE FRIGHTENING: Julia Gillard's Red Flaming of Corporate Australia

Normally careful critter Julia Gillard made a BIG mistake by using some rougher than usual language to imply that business groups would suffer from representing their view of ALP Industrial Relations policy.

And it's got nothing to do with the policy itself, or the details. It's the vibe of the thing. And the vibe that Gillard has - no doubt inadvertently - propagated is that she is anti-business.

This is not what they should be doing six months out. And yes her remarks were beaten up. And yes Workchoices is an electoral problem/challenge for the government. But the biggest problem/challenge for any opposition is looking like you're ready to rule.

It's so hard to do many Oppositions never get there and get elected anyway. Think Bracks '99. But with ten years+ of Opposition, federal Labor needs to be looking calm, rested and ready and quite frankly it doesn't. Rudd's style is calm consensus cautious candidate like Hawke '83 but sometimes Gillard reminds us rather strongly of Latham '04. Trying that extra bit too hard.

Meanwhile the PM has nicely improving polls but will still be rightly worried about them. I didn't get the nuclear power advocacy - seems so very unlikely here on economic grounds and it's not much of a populist wedge issue more like something to scare the kids about - but perhaps it's data driven like most Prime Ministerial pronouncements.

Fairfax's best columnist Gerard Henderson argued the case well that Rudd needs to "channel" Bob Hawke. In a sense he has been from the very beginning, going over the heads of the press to build his own popularity (on Sunrise), building an almighty Rolodex of business contacts (he practically stalks some of the high and the mighty known to the OC) and oozing a cautious, middle of the road approach.

When he's strayed from that he's paid dearly. Calling climate change "the defining moral issue of our time" (what about the killing fields of Darfur?) was such a mistake. Sure it's an issue, an important one that we will have to get right but overstating it is Bob Brown's act. And Bob Brown may have his limitations but out-Greening him is going to be tough, if not impossible. So memo to Ruddster: you're getting Greens preferences anyway so stop boosting their primary vote by repeating their talking points.

And the perception that Gillard is anti-business or that the ALP is anti-business or that it's policy on IR is anti-business is toxic too. Not because of the detail but because no Australian - other than those slipping and sliding on Dean Mighell's bedsheets or reading Green Left Weekly - wants to elect a Whitlamesque government that has confrontations with the business community. No one.

We are a stable and prosperous country with a lot to lose from frolics of that kind. And no matter what the frustrations exist about losing rights under Workchoices, occasionally big government conservative complacency, the agrarian socialist corruption promoters of the National Party and so on, people will put those aside and reject an Opposition that scares them.

She's not a complete dummy, so she's already today descended on some big miners preaching the merits of common law contracts which involve less statutory regulation than AWA's. A cute argument, and true in a way. The Workchoices system involves a lot of regulation ironically, it runs to many hundreds of pages of regulation while the New Zealand's free market system is about twenty-sux pages.

Food for thought.

Game on.

The Dark Rider said...

Landeryou does try to muddy the waters. I note that the comment thread has shifted from the fake ads on his site and how they seem to be hyping an Ed Dale company, to a nonsense argument about Slanderyou being a plagiarist.

This is one of Landeryou's favourite tactics. It seems to me that an interesting point has been raised here and Landeryou is trying to divert attention from it through his normal vitriol and posturing.

To me, it says you should focus on the Ed Dale angle, Slanderyou. No offense, but your 'trip to Costa Rica' was pretty farcical, given the level of hype. If you're on to a good point, Landeryou will drum up some inconsequential crap (like that ridiculous blog award he invented) to distract people's attention. It's a fairly standard ploy used by hacks all over the world.

And Landeryou, I think it's great to see your blog being consigned to the mediocrity it deserves.

It's great to see someone spending their weekends and evenings (as well as the rest of the day) on this crap, which essentially offers nothing of substance in the form of debate or information (because the source and motive behind the information cannot be trusted).

Oh, one last thing. Slanderyou, Landeryou needs people to argue with him and be controversial to actually gain any traction. Mayne's Crikey involvement certainly helped in that regard. Your current mix on the site, while not particularly hard hitting, isn't giving Landeryou the sort of conflict he needs to actually get anywhere. So congratulations for that and keep up the good work.

I can see you devote far less time to it than Landeryou does. Which you'd expect from people who actually have lives.

The Dark Rider

Anonymous said...

Catter, why haven't you devoted any time to the serious question that Landeryou is running Liberal Party preselections?

Is it because it is true?

Yarra Ranger said...

Dark Rider, i thought slanders trip to Costa Rica was very informative.

The link they found between Landeryou's trip there and the unregulated online gaming and wagering industry was very informative and enlightening, and it sits comfortably with the much earlier story slanders ran about how the Australian gaming community were concerned if not fearlful of Landeryou's involvement there and his return to OZ

Bracks Watch said...

We are delighted that Andrew has seen the light and is actively working for the return of the Liberal Party to the government benches.

Anonymous said...

spot on dark rider

Anonymous said...

What is really interesting about this story is that Landeryou did know about Prodos' preslection before Prodos did!

So, who in the Liberals is leaking to Landeryou?

I would have thought the Liberals would be staggered to know that someone is leaking, and leaking this sort of info.

Anon said...

I just noted this link in Slanderyou's side bar:

very interesting that who googled this, would come to this blog. I wonder if they also went to landeryou's?

Anonymous said...

Andy's blog (May 02) illustrates "the great man's" glass jaw - he can dish it out but can't take it himself. While Landy is allowed to defame Carbone and Money as much as he likes, a biannual mention generates a thermonuclear explosion of foam and splutter.
Too bad he has 500,000 less readers than The Age.

Anonymous said...

I've know come to the conclusion that perhaps this is a Landeryou blog?

Anonymous said...

This is on the Landeryou blog tonight. I too would like to know his Lib sources:

FREEDOM: The OC Knows All, Sees All and Smells All Lefties Within a 200 Metre Radius

The OC Investigations Unit has once again excelled itself. Imagine this scenario if you will. Candidate Prodos decides to run for Liberal preselection. Drops off his form to the patriots at 104. Heads back home - behatted - to blog on about it and hit the phones of freedom. And while muscling up to do so he visits the OC and finds we've already announced it. That's blogging excellence, or as we say in the OC bunker "doin' it bloggy style". It is well known that the OC has a high opinion of itself, this valid assessment is once again freshly confirmed. Only kidding but a good job indeed by our freedom fighting correspondents. Advance on all fronts!

Viva OC Investigations Unit!

Viva Telmo!

Viva Prodos!

Viva Nathan Lamberto! (And don't you dare forget his farewell drinks at the Hotel Spencer starting 5.30pm tomorrow. It's going to be raucous. For details, see "The Guru" ad above)

Game on.

censored by Andy more than once said...

the OC has a high opinion of itself?
I never would have guessed!

as for the OC knowing all, seeing all and smelling all - I can smell shit when its near and I can smell it now

if we want to know what Andy is crapping on about we don't need to read his blog - he posts here because it's the only place he can get anyone to read his rants

Andy, go away.

I repeat.

We don't read your blog because we despise you.
Do you really think that posting here is going to change that?

Anonymous said...

What do you think about this Cait?

Are you really Landerloser posting on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Also catter8. Which cattery is she kept in? I assume catter8 is a she.

Are Cait Catt and catter8 lesbian partners?

Cait Catt said...

No. catter8 is not my lesbian partner as 8.05 suggests. Any more of that and I'll sue.

The great man is proved correct again. He has plenty of detractors on this site but they are WRONG.

Andrew clearly has good intelligence. Like news of Ian Campbell's resignation before anyone else. How does the OC investigations unit do it?

Read on:

HEARD: Senator Ian Campbell To Resign

We hear on the Meebo grapevine that WA Liberal Senator Ian Campbell is going to resign his seat. Unconfirmed but interesting. Could there be another Ambassadorship on the way?

4.51PM UPDATE OC Investigators were correct and first once again, with Campbell's resignation announced late this afternoon. Viva OC!

Game on.

catter8 said...

I concur Cait. I am not a lesbian and I'll also sue anyone who says I am. Get real Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Also catter8. Which cattery is she kept in? I assume catter8 is a she.

Are Cait Catt and catter8 lesbian partners?

Friday, May 04, 2007 8:05:00 PM

catter8 said...
I concur Cait. I am not a lesbian and I'll also sue anyone who says I am. Get real Slanderyou.

Friday, May 04, 2007 10:25:00 PM

to sue one has to be able to prove that one's character has been besmirched

as neither of you will provide your real identities than no character has been besmirched


sue on...

Cait Catt said...

Landeryou is on the ball about Evan Thornley. Read on:

CRASH: Labor MP's Looming Corporate Collapse

Evan Thornley's Looksmart has today announced a blow-out in losses, some fifty per cent worse than market expectations as it continues to struggle with his legacy. They are burning through the uncommitted cash of the company at an alarming rate, they notionally have $30M+ in the bank but much of that would be spent on discharging lease and employee obligations in the event of a liquidation which now appears just a matter of time.

The Bracks government is bracing itself for the corporate collapse and the political consequences.

Meanwhile class action lawsuits dealing with frauds on Looksmart shareholders by those promoting the stock continue.

If you want to listen to yawningly bad spin of really bad results (50% worse than expected) click here to listen to the "conference call". It's a sad feast of blind optimism, disclaimers, attempts to "me-too" with Google despite having none of Google's advantages and a general continuation of the lies Thornley's been issuing to Looksmart's screwed investors for many years.

One feisty state Liberal in particular has a bulging shame file on Thornley's corporate career if he ever gets promoted off the backbench. Looksmart's looming collapse must be adding to his bulge. Take that as you will.

Game on.

catter8 said...

Cait. You leave us all for dead with your remarkable knowledge.

How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

Catter8, you leave us all for dead with your remarkable toadying.

How do you do it?

Cait Catt said...

I'm thrilled. Someone is recognising my ability. The comment below appeared tonight on the Landeryou blog:

Why not preselect Cait Catt? Cait defends the great man on the other blog with great skill. Cait would be a wonderful MP.

catter8, another she, writes well too, but her intellect is probably not up to Cait's.

Cait Catt for Parliament.

catter8 said...

I'm insulted. Earlier I was a lesbian. Then I was a cattery inmate. Now I'm dumb.

Cait gets all the credit and I get none. Not fair.

If I find out who wrote that crap I'll sue.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt would be good in Parliament. Much better than most of the hens we've got now.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather Catt than Combet!

Anonymous said...

But would you want Catt if you knew she was Andrew?

Anonymous said...

No way. But he'd have to be discharged from his bankruptcy first. Anyway if Dean Sherriff can get elected in Banyule anyone can.

Anonymous said...

Is catter8 still friends with Cait? She doesn't think it fair Cait is being promoted on the Landeryou blog as a parliamentary candidate and she thinks this isn't fair as she gets no credit and gets called a dumb lesbian. Is Cait a clever lesbian?

Anonymous said...

There is more on the Landeryou blog this morning and the Catts are not going to like it, especially the catter! Read on:

Who are Cait Catt and catter8 who post comments on the other blog? I doubt that they are sock puppets for Andrew as their comments are just plain dumb. Andrew is a clever man. This item appeared this morning on the other blog

Is catter8 still friends with Cait? She doesn't think it fair Cait is being promoted on the Landeryou blog as a parliamentary candidate and she thinks this isn't fair as she gets no credit and gets called a dumb lesbian. Is Cait a clever lesbian?

Seems the Catt and the catter are having wars.Wonder if they were lesbian lovers? Both of them have threatened to sue. Wonder if Catt and the catter are as ugly as the Hoare? Someone also wrote on the other blog last night that Catt was better than Combet!
Anonymous | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 1:22 pm | #

Anonymous said...

it's just a ploy by Andy Landy to make us think they are two separate people

Everyone really knows they are two of Andy's split personalities

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Previous posting is just spam. Is Kely, like the Catts, really Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

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Chief Justice Barwick's number one fan said...

Isn't there a law against this?

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Bracks Watch said...

We are delighted that Andrew has seen the light and is actively working for the return of the Liberal Party to the government benches.

Anonymous said...

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