Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hot off the press!


"THROWN out of his Southbank high-rise after the cockroaches complained, and now embedded in the People's Socialist Republic of Brunswick, loony blogger Andrew Landeryou seems to have let his housekeeping lapse. Addled Andy's name still appears on the latest roll for the electorate covering Wardlow, the Parkville mansion that was seized and sold in July 2005 by irked creditor Solly Lew. This raises the question: how did Landeryou vote in last year's state poll and how will this little tosser exercise his democratic fright at the federal election? That's assuming he's bright enough to number the boxes."

Landeryou's residence status has long been a concern to patriotic Slanderyou readers. This is another line of inquiry through which the Victorian Parliament’s Electoral Matters Committee should severely probe Landeryou.

And you can also add that Landeryou has no friends: its true!

9 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Is Landeryou good at anything? As a property investor he has a shocking track record: MUSU, Marbain, Parkville, and now South Bank. A litany of failures

Anonymous said...

Your wrong on the friendship front- it looks like Andrew and his IQ friend Ed Dale are back together again.

Have a sqiz at some of some of the sites Landersyou is pushing on his site like "Work at Home Income Opportunities"

Looks like Dale is running this thing called "Dominiche"

I can't really work out what it is about but it looks pretty low rent and yucky.

But hey - you got to be good at something and everyone needs a friend

Anonymous said...

Looks like they've got something going on.

The ipod one goes to a site that sends you to

A whois says that it is registered to a 'marillion partnership' at the Telstra dome - which when you google seems to be Ed Dale's company.

Anonymous said...

Slanderyou is a hypocrite. Claims Andrew Landeryou is a plagiarist. Who is the plagiarist now Slanderyou? The item about Landeryou's new residence was lifted from Lawrence Money in the Aged this morning. No attribution given.

Well it's like the pot calling the kettle black. SLANDERYOU IS A PLAGIARIST.

I don't much like Money. He attacks the great man constantly and prints vile material together with his partner in slime Carbone. But I do object to Slanderyou calling Landeryou a plagiarist and then doing the same thing himself.

Anonymous said...

hey anon at 9:38:00 PM (or Cait, or Catter8, or Delia, or Freedom Fred, or Andy, or whichever personality he's got today), get one up ya

Plagiarist my clack

Slanderyou didn't claim the story as his own, he even linked to the original Money article in the Age

Landeryou on the other hand frequently lifts whole articles from others without ever crediting the source

No wonder he fails at everything he does - he's a shyster who has made a habit of living off the efforts of others all his life

slanderyou said...

Dear Anon Wednesday, May 02, 2007 9:38:00 PM

FYI, we provided a direct link to the original story, plus published it in quotation marks.

Thanks for reading this humble blog.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys

Cait is trying to muddy the waters just as Landy does which is probably the most telling proof that Cait is none other than Landeryou himselt.

Landeryou made up stories and then posted them as news on otherr blogsites so that he could link back to them as supposed 'independant news".

He's one twisted and obsessed brother to go to all that bother to manufacture some bad news on those he dislikes which has been many.

maybe its just a classic multipersonality disorder.

There are some on other websites who have known him before under different names and I do think it was best that he come out before he got put out - though that still might happen.

Anonymous said...

Andy's blog (May 02) illustrates "the great man's" glass jaw - he can dish it out but can't take it himself. While Landy is allowed to defame Carbone and Money as much as he likes, a biannual mention generates a thermonuclear explosion of foam and splutter.
Too bad he has 500,000 less readers than The Age.

Anonymous said...

Dean Sherriff was seen in Brunswick today eating at A1 Bakery in Sydney Road.

Anyone know why?