Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Cait Catt said...

The Landeryou blog continues its great record this morning with an expose of The Age story about David White. He also exposes The Age hypocrisy.
Read on:

HUMBUG: The Age Denounces David White Then Fesses Up To Using His Lobbying Services // OC Proven Right Incident #836

■ The Age today attempts to demolish respected Labor moderate David White for being all shades of sleazy, alternating its contradictory epithets between "all-powerful" and "big-noting", "banned" and "too much influence" and perhaps most hypocritically of all "vindictive". Does Michael Bachelard look in the mirror after writing this filth?;

■ Buried deep within the yarn, lies an admission that the Age itself is a client of White's. Yes, a client of his firm Hawker Britton. A fact we'd mentioned in passing exclusively some time ago. Look at their weasel words admission:
The Age engaged White to give advice on its commercial relationship with the Government.

As they say behind the latte curtain when someone has admitted to some atrocity or breath-taking hypocrisy "Excuse me?"

Yes, it's true The Age has used the same lobbying firm they condemn. They won't tell you the full story but on Monday Madness we will, in all its glory. It'll be worth the wait.

■ CPR Communications, run by the man who insists he's "Bracksy's best mate", Adam Kilgour, is frequently mentioned in the article favourably and is yet not subject to any criticism. Frankly Kilgour should be banned from lobbying because of his personal relationship with the state's key decision-maker, this has far more impact than David White once being on an irrelevant and obscure ALP committee which rarely meets and never decides anything that factional overlords haven't blessed. It is a great source of mystery to me why White bothered staying on this committee, some say he stayed on purely to annoy former buddy Steve Conroy with whom he fell out rather spectacularly (a fact the story missed, instead asserting they were bestest buddies). Who knows why White was so stubborn about it, but to assert it was a centre of secret power - the Agenda Committee! - within the ALP is a bit like saying Diane Anderson secretly runs the Victorian ALP. Some might dream it, but it's a fair way off the mark;

■ No prizes for guessing the former Minister who slammed David White. We won't name and shame him but his friends' ties to CPR are very well established;

■ One source tells the OC this morning that Erik "The Buy-Sexual" Locke (a nickname that can only be explained by referring to the young male pimp in his mobile phone's speed-dial) provided The Age with much of the nasty material in the yarn including the totally false claims about White still using the Parliamentary Library ten years after leaving Parliament;

■ Notable was David White's description of Socialist Left buffoon and CPR woodchuck Brett Miller:

"Brett's not a great adviser … and not a great person. So that's life."

So stand by for the full ugly story on The Age's hypocrisy on Monday. We Retort. You Decide.

Game on.

catter8 said...

Thanks Cait. How do you do it. Another scoop from the great man. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

How does catter8 do it? Anything Cait writes in comes catter8 with a comment minutes later.

catter8 obviously follows everything Cait writes, and toadys in just seconds later.

I'd love to date you Cait, but not catter8, who seems like a refugee from a cattery.

No, I think neither Cait nor catter8 are lesbians, a certainly false claim on a previous comment on this blog. Good luck with your legal actions catter8, but you'll have to reveal who you really are first.

Anonymous said...

Neither Cait nor the Catter talked about Landeryou winning a Walkley Blog Award tonight. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

maybe that's because Andy has finally realised that harping on about a non existent award is futile

Anonymous said...

Catt (Landeryou) has posted on this blog his comment about The Age story about David White, a friend of Landeryou. Landeryou must either want something from White or is doing White a favour. Landeryou has deleted all comments on his blog except one. The comments deleted were all unfavourable towards White.

Slanderyou never censors (except sometimes for naughty f and c words). Landeryou censors frequently any comments that he finds naughty.

Grow up Cait and Catter8 (that is, Landeryou). You don't fool me and you don't fool Slanderyou readers. Landeryou is a spineless creep who censors anything that is not to his taste.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think maybe Cait and the Catter are lesbians. Why do they deny the fact so much. They must have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

Why is Landerloser so keen on Ice Man David White? Even Conroy has had a falling out with him. Jeff Kennett advertising describing certain Cain government figures as the "guilty party" featured the man of ice prominently.

Bring back Jeff.