Monday, May 14, 2007

MANIC MONDAY SPECIAL: Andrew Landeryou & the Tattersalls Controversy

The Age has been running a series of exposes on the State Government’s management of the lotteries licence, and in particular its relationship with lobbyists representing lotteries licensee Tattersalls. Part of the story involves David White and Hawker Britton.

An element of the tale not (yet?) covered by The Age is Andrew Landeryou’s involvement.

When not writing his Liberal Party blog (as reported by The Australian), Andy also contracts out to Hawker Britton. Team Slanderyou pointed out (to its growing band of readers - nearly 10,000 by the way) that Andy provides the unofficial/back-channel blogging information support service to HB.

This in part explains why Andy has written contemptuously of HB’s lobbying rival, CPR Communications. Landeryou has awkwardly attempted to run a defence here. Andy clearly has a vested interest in seeing CPR ‘damaged’. Andy makes a number of staggering allegations.

As The Age reports, David White has become a millionaire through his lobbying efforts. However, Andy has so far only managed to covert nearly $4 million into personal bankruptcy. He is clearly struggling to make any money from his poorly visited blog.

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Anonymous said...

The public still needs to know the name of the federal MP dining with Landeryou last week, when Landeryou paid the bill with a Gold Card.

Criminals must be exposed and held responsible for their crime.

Anonymous said...

good stuff Slanderyou

need someone to keep that Landershonk on his toes

hopefully the mainstream media will pick this up and expose him

Anonymous said...

Where is Cait Catt? Where is Catter 8?

Landerloser (or is it Landershonk) doesn't post through his sock puppets when the going gets too tough and he cannot answer the case against him.

Great work Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

To save Slanderyou readers a click on the Landeryou blog, and to submit it before Catt (Landeryou) does this item has just been posted on that site.

Monday, 14 May 2007
MONDAY MADNESS: Left-Wing Newspaper Execs Attempt To Cheat Victorian Taxpayers

If it's Monday, it's Monday Madness.

On Saturday, left-wing newspaper The Aged poured scorn on Labor moderate David White and his firm of lobbyists Hawker Britton in a three thousand three-hundred word hatchet job.

Deep within in its verbose murky waters was an parenthetical admission (try saying that under-water) that did seem rather hypocritical in the circumstances:

(The Age engaged White to give advice on its commercial relationship with the Government.)

Hypocritical certainly. Coy also. And most definitely incomplete.

During 2004, it became obvious to senior corporate bureaucrats at Fairfax that the Age's collapsing circulation figures had the potential to impact very adversely on the amount of employment advertising that the Victorian Government gave the left-wing newspaper.

They set upon a plan - a conspiracy if you consider them to be communist criminals, as we do - to use political protection to innoculate themselves from any potential changes to the Government ad spend resulting from their collapse in readership.

The process was to be the subject of a formal tender which ended up not being concluded until last year.

A major figure in the drama was Andrew Hockley, the head of communications in the Premier's Department, widely regarded as a no-bullshi* kinda dude who would be far more interested in the facts and figures about reaching the most amount of people for the least amount of taxpayers' money, not any other tricks.

It was this climate of desperation that saw The Age do practically anything to give away subscriptions, sometimes for less than 10% of the normal price (that's of not off) to football club members, community groups, students and all sorts to blatantly inflate their numbers so advertisers wouldn't flee in terror. Many long-standing advertisers were dropping off, only to be filled with rather ugly alternatives like Goldfingers strip joint in the City, an operation some say is associated with organised crime.

But as the figures looked pretty bad, Fairfax panicked and flicked the switch to lobbying, or influence peddling as some might call it.

They hired the leading light on the Christmas tree of Labor lobbyists, Hawker Britton. In Melbourne, this creation of the NSW Right is run by the longest surviving Minister of the Cain-Kirner era, David White.

The OC understands that White and his loyal offsider and Labor Unity stalwart Danny Pearson were amused to hear from the Age and were delighted to be taking their money.

They dutifully did their thing and tried to mount the best possible argument for diminishing the extent to which circulation numbers were factored in to decisions about employment advertising.

We are told that Hawker Britton and in some cases Age executives met with public servants and with senior level political staff to prosecute their case. We do not know what arguments or inducements if any were offered in support of their "ignore statistics" proposition.

Their efforts can be seen as an effort calculated to corrupt a government tender in a shabby attempt to retain taxpayer revenue they were not otherwise entitled to receive. By the rather loose and casual definitions applied by the likes of former teen shoplifter Michael Bachelard, this would make them fraudsters.

And in light of varying government lobbying scandals from Perth to Pete Costello's best mate Michael Kroger, it is well worth considering whether this effort to rig the government's process was successful.

It wasn't. Last year's tender awarded considerably more government ad spending to The Age's competitor the Herald-Sun, recent Asia-Pacific newspaper of the year, a newspaper with a proportional reach practically unrivalled in the English speaking world.

We asked a News Limited executive whether they used lobbyists to sort out government tenders and he laughed "No mate, there's no budget for that shi* around here. We'd rather win it on our product, reach, good looks and charm."

As they did.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou, this morning is making a song and dance that Bolt linked to his blog.

Looks like Bolt at least is fair and balances, and he let a fellow patriot called Kevin post a link to the Slanderyou blog.

Go Kevin, Go Slanderyou

Anonymous said...

I just checked Landeryou's blog this morning on his supposed expose of The Age.

So far only 1 comment has been posted. Meanwhile 5 so far on Slanderyou's!

Says everything really

Anonymous said...

The link to Bolt is here by the way!

Cait Catt said...

Andrew Landeryou a Liberal Party blogger? What rot. I've always found him quite impartial. True, he makes the odd error but don't we all. Remember the content of his blog is huge and it's inevitable he will make some mistakes. Basically the content is spot on.

Read his latest on the federal election prospects of Mr Howard:

While the Australian has downplayed it, Newspollhas Club Fed ALP at 59% two party preferred, up a puzzling two points after a well-received budget. Some of the OC's Tory friends were most concerned last night. They ask "Have the punters stopped listening?" Some are just speechless and spend their time on

It certainly clashes with the insiders' view, with betting markets showing the implied probability from betting prices of a coalition win sharply up last week.

Could it really be that Labor will win despite what armchair quarterbacks like the OC suspect is likely in a boom economy with a politically savvy incumbent? Howard still looks so large and in charge that it is quite difficult to contemplate. No one has looked more comfortable in the job nor more politicially able to to keep it than John Howard looks under all but the most extreme of pressure.

Because of the boom, because of John Howard's savvy, the power of incumbency, a solid if uninspiring budget, some very smart folk headed by Lethal Loughnane in the Liberal Secretariat, the government should be a lot closer.

Very early days because it now seems certain that an August election is off the agenda. Liberal patriots can click here for hope.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

there's Landershonk again posting away desperatley looking for attention

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt said... "Andrew Landeryou ... he makes the odd error"

At least you said something honest for a change, Cait/Landeryou

Though odd was probably a typo for many!

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt is an admirer of, but is not, Landeryou.

Anonymous said...

Any more claims that Cait is Andy may result in grave consequences for the slanderer. Be warned Slanderyou. Stop defaming the great man.

catter8 said...

Stop the slander or I'll sue.

Anonymous said...

Of course catter8. We'd be delighted if you sue. But you'll have to reveal your real identity first.

Anonymous said...

5.59 should realise that the great man as she calls him is a lot cleverer than the morons who write for this blog.

Anonymous said...

Catter8 threatens to sue for slander when the only derisive comments are about the balding hippo.
QED: Catter8=Landershonk.
Andy is just a little tired and emotional lacking sleep from posting in multiple voices in the wee small hours.
Kids, he really needs another hobby.

Anonymous said...

Well, I heard a rumour he's back with Dimberly, maybe she's got another house he can hand over to the creditors. That seemed to keep him amused for a couple of years.

And out of the country too.

Anonymous said...

Is Landeryou behind this?

Kevin of Southbank said...

More on this at the following link. We need to revisit this,21985,22435827-2862,00.html