Monday, May 28, 2007

WORLD EXCLUSIVE 1: Andrew Landeryou in conversation

A member of the 10,000 plus strong Team Slanderyou readers’ community, forwarded the following transcript of the conversation they had with Andrew Landeryou last Thursday afternoon, through Landeryou’s ‘Meebo’ IP tracking device.

The conversation provides a revealing insight into Landeryou’s mindset. Why does he suggest that Kelvin T’s constituents are freaks? Perhaps the most revealing thing was how polite the Slanderyou reader was!

The last time we featured ‘a conversation’ with Landeryou it involved killing cats! Of course, printing the conversation below is OK, as Andy has done similar!

"[7:07] meeboguest712378: hi
[7:07] Andrew Landeryou: hey
[7:08] meeboguest712378: what's your take on the Mrs Rudd thing?
[7:08] Andrew Landeryou: i wrote a thing on it
[7:08] Andrew Landeryou: basically not good for Team Rudd
[7:08] Andrew Landeryou: with worse to come
[7:08] meeboguest712378: worse?
[7:08] Andrew Landeryou: and that she's not better off selling it
[7:08] Andrew Landeryou: yep
[7:08] meeboguest712378: ok, i see it now!
[7:10] meeboguest712378: and what about Kelvin T?
[7:10] Andrew Landeryou: didn't seem to amount to much
[7:11] meeboguest712378: he admitted to something like 5000 references he's written!
[7:11] Andrew Landeryou: yes statistically there's gotta be some freaks in there
[7:12] meeboguest712378: any idea who?
[7:12] Andrew Landeryou: in the 5000?
[7:12] Andrew Landeryou: no
[7:12] meeboguest712378: yes
[7:12] meeboguest712378: ok
[7:13] meeboguest712378: is it common for ALP polies to do this sort of thing?
[7:14] Andrew Landeryou: common for all of them I gather
[7:14] Andrew Landeryou: or most
[7:14] meeboguest712378: really think so?
[7:15] Andrew Landeryou: letters of support
[7:15] Andrew Landeryou: more than references
[7:15] meeboguest712378: would it be a case of say an electorate officer writing something and the polie just saying anything put in front of them?
[7:15] Andrew Landeryou: perhaps
[7:16] Andrew Landeryou: altho knowing Kelvin T
[7:16] Andrew Landeryou: I doubt that
[7:16] meeboguest712378: why?
[7:16] Andrew Landeryou: he is very thorough person
[7:16] meeboguest712378: 'thorough' - in what sense?
[7:16] Andrew Landeryou: hard working
[7:16] Andrew Landeryou: diligent
[7:16] Andrew Landeryou: detail conscious
[7:17] meeboguest712378: so hard working and thorough he signs references for hardened crooks?
[7:18] meeboguest712378: sorry, tough question for you to answer
[7:18] meeboguest712378: thanks for your time"


Tune in Wednesday when we reveal World Exclusive no. 2 for the week, the successful protest conducted by Slanderyou readers.

11 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

Got to say, this is extraordinary stuff. Very revealing!

Anonymous said...

nice pick of Telmo on the back o the sunday broadsheet

shot in parliament during a quiet moment, finger so far up his nose he's probably scratching his brain!

Anonymous said...

where's the catter or the catt?

Anonymous said...

Catter8 and the Catt are off with Landeryou writing 1,500 words on some suburban subbranch. So boring.

Anonymous said...

Fairfax's Brisbane Times appears to be advertising on the Landeryou site of shame. Surely this must be a fake ad he has put up.

Anonymous said...

Anon, its probably a google adsense ad

ironic that as Slanders pointed out, Landeryou is critical of Google, but uses its FREE blog service, and uses its FREE advertising service


Anonymous said...

landershonk has always been a hypocrit of the biggest order

when I pointed that out to him he barred me from commenting on his site

defender of freedom my ring

he is a bigger censor than the chinese government

Anonymous said...


From the Blog of Sleaze:

"The OC will buy each socialist abandoning his or her post or memberships collection route a Signature Starbucks Hot Chocolate (with cream) from the outlet of your choosing..."

Clear and blatant bribery. And where does the undischarged bankrupt get his financial resources from? Has the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia been informed of Landeryou's riches?

Anonymous said...

Dear 8.22

Landeryou is merely having fun.

This is not bribery. It's idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Landeryou tell us something about upskirting. We Liberals have been telling the ALP for ages. Read our latest press release:

Author : Wendy Lovell MLC
In January Steve Bracks said new laws were "already under way"to ban the revolting practice of up-skirting, after the Liberal Party demanded he act.

"I know that Attorney-General Rob Hulls will be bringing forward legislation, hopefully by April or May, to make sure that we have got specific and unique legislation dealing with that matter," AAP reported the Premier saying on Australia Day.

Attorney-General Rob Hulls must have been at the beach because yesterday he popped out a press release re-announcing the ban.

"I look forward to introducing legislation later in coming months that strengthens Victoria's capacity to address this appalling behaviour," Mr Hulls said.

Somehow the Premier's promise to ban the practice by May has slipped out to the "coming months".

Queensland banned the practice in 2005.

"Steve Bracks promised to have something done about this by May," Shadow Minister for Women's Affairs Wendy Lovell said today.

"And yet all the Government has done to outlaw this disgusting practice is put out a press release."

As early as 2002, cases have been brought against individuals engaging in up-skirting.

Five years and two media announcements later, nothing has been done.

Media: Wendy Lovell 0419 511 164

Anonymous said...

oh great
not only do we now have to contend with landershonk posting here because no one reads his blog, we also have to contend with the liberal party posting here because no one reads their press releases