Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Telmo, Alex Hawke & Andrew Landeryou

It's been a busy morning for Andrew Landeryou, pushing his bizzare spin concerning Telmo, and pushing "....christian hard right winger alex hawke (sic) for preselection in alan 'deadman' cadmans seat of mitchell today and saying he has the numbers." (Hat Tip Slanderyou Reader)

Please post the truth in the comments section. Cait/Catter8/Landeryou will obviously post his/hers as well.

8 Truth On Comments:

Anonymous said...

of course, landeryou may have joined opus dei as penance for his sins. that's why he's backing alex hawke in between all the self flagellation

Anonymous said...

In more good news for sane people, it appears as if the central state council draw in Bronwyn Bishop's seat of Mackellar goes against her. Pity the two challengers are both duds.

Anonymous said...

Wow Telmo's in the news again! For more on the man go to

I would have to deduce these latest allegations against Telmo stem from a very disgruntled labor MP.

Who recently has been spouting off about 'pay back' and disillusionment with the labor party and Bracks.

What better way to get to Brack's than through his numbers man?

Who would have all the juice and power to entice the lighting man to talk, who is a friend of a friend anyway?

Looks like this story has Andre Hairdryer's paw prints all over it.

Very interesting don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou's take on the Mitchell Liberal preselection was either 100% wrong or an out-right lie.

I don't normally read his blog because Melbourne is a small, wet town and I'm not a member of its Labor Party, but I guess the rest of Landeryou's material is the same.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed just how few comments are being posted over at the Blog of Sleaze? Clearly no-one takes Landeryou's ranting seriously, but instead they just drop by, see who he's scared off that day, yawn, and go somewhere interesting. Perhaps he even has his own sock puppets doing the few comments he's getting.

Anonymous said...

he's been commenting on his own posts for a while

I'm sure in his own twisted mind he thinks they are different people, but we know better

Anonymous said...

Landeryou praises Steven Tsitas, Darebin clowncillor who defeated Rae Perry. Ms Perry should have been president of the Australian Local Government body and now works for the VLGA.

Whatever one thinks of Perry the comments about Tsitas are uncalled for. He is one of the most lazy clowncillors ever elected to the Darebin clowncil.

Where are the comments from sock puppets Catt and catter8?

Anonymous said...

Are Cait Catt and Catter8 in remand?