Monday, May 21, 2007

Andrew Landeryou has a Google & Fairfax induced paranoid high

Overnight, Google and the Australian media company Fairfax, owner/operators of newspaper mastheads such as Melbourne’s The Age, have confirmed an advertsing sharing deal.

Over the past two years, former inmate and Liberal Party blogger Andrew Landeryou has made a series of outlandish, paranoid and often laughable allegations about Fairfax and Google, amongst other things suggesting that Fairfax is some sort of communist cadre, and disparaging Google for its free-speech business operations in the People’s Republic of China.

Landeryou’s paranoid hypocrisy is doubly stark.

His criticism of Fairfax, and The Age in particular, is based not on fact, as Fairfax in economic terms is a pure profit maximiser, with its board chaired by Ron Walker the most successful fundraiser the Liberal Party has ever had. His paranoid criticism is founded on terror of the forensic investigative skills of custodians of free speech Money and Carbone (joined in the good fight by the many other outstanding and ethical journalists of The Age), who have relentlessly and often at great personal cost maintained their public service overview of Landeryou’s various activities.

Landeryou’s criticisms of Google are difficult to understand from the point of view that Google runs (arguably) the most popular free global blogging service, Blogger. Landeryou uses the free service to run his insolvent blog. If Landeryou was at all consistent, he would shift his Liberal Party blog to another blogging platform.

Ps: Team Slanderyou intended to run this morning the next edition of the internationally popular “Spot the Similarity” game. We have decided to hold it back until later in the week.

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catter8 said...

Slanderyou is up to his old tricks. Not content with claiming that Landeryou is a sponsor of the Manchukuo Temporary Government (he isn't and a contributor to your blog proved it) now you are saying he is a hypocrite. I think it was amply proved by me, if I might give myself a pat on the back, that it is Slanderyou who is the real hypocrite, plagiarising from Carbone and Money without attribution. You are just not good enough to win a Walkley Blog Award Slanderyou. Stop your jealousy. Landeryou won it fair and square.

Cait Catt said...

Thanks Catter8.

Landeryou tonight has publishes a very proper account of David Hicks. Not redneck stuff. A reasoned and reasonable argument.

Read on:

TERRORIST HICKS: By Any Other Name He Smells As Foul

The characterisation of David Hicks as a "terrorist supporter" rather than a terrorist is quite misleading. Clearly he'd signed up to join the ranks of terrorists by attending and completing para-military training including killing people in urban settings (that'd be you Adelaide), attending briefings with al-Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden and preparing to fight for the Taliban ultra-rightist dictatorship. If he's a "terrorist supporter" then James Hird is just an Essendon fan.

When Hicks has done his time, as long as he renounces his previous views on terrorism and anti-semitism, he should be forgiven and be given a second chance but diminishing his admitted crimes is wrong.

Turning him into a hero has always been dangerous, how many other deluded losers are out there looking to take out their unhappiness by hijacking one of the world's great religions and corrupting it as an excuse to lash out against innocents?

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Well done Slanderyou

This article explains so much that is wrong with Landeryou

Why is Landeryou/Cait always posting his articles on this blog? It must be true that Landeryou's readership has collapsed

Anonymous said...

Just what does Andrew hope to achieve by posting his rants on this blog?

It's not as if anyone is taking any notice of him!

Smacks of desperation if you ask me.

Sad, sad, sad

Anonymous said...

Andrew is fast becoming (has already become?) irrelevant

catter8 said...

I am deeply hurt and offended. Cait is getting all the attention and I'm getting none. Cait is once again getting recognised for my ideas and I'm not. The only time I ever get mentioned on this blog is when people call me a lesbian, and if it happens again I'll sue. Not only that I'll get Diane Anderson to complain to her Congressman.

Anonymous said...

catter8 is a lesbian

sue on!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Dean Sherriff recently joined the AMWU Metals Division? That could only spell trouble...

His previous membership of the Vehicle Division may mean he sides with the Jones crew.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Dean Sherriff recently joined the AMWU Mentals Division? That could only spell trouble...

His previous membership of the Vehicle Division may mean he sides with the Jones crew.

Melbourne Scribe said...

Slanderyou, you have done it again

Well done. Another very serious piece of investigative journalism.

catter8 said...

Come clean 2.28. You are a coward not revealing your real name.

Tell my your real name Ms Carbone or Mr Money and I'll sue.

You are a creep calling me a lesbian. My sexuality has nothing to do with you. Stick it up your Aged newspaper. You wouldn't get a job anywhere else. Even as a dunny cleaner.

Anonymous said...

catter8, my name is neither name Ms Carbone or Mr Money

Additionally I have nothing to do with the Age

I do have a job - but not as a dunny cleaner - and neither do I spend every minute of my life tapping out a worthless blog

sue on

Cait Catt said...

The Aged continues on its ugly smear campaign, taking money from strip joints yet tainting the character of some of our best MPs. Landeryou is first with one of his greatest exposes. Read on:

SMEAR SNEER: The Aged Takes Money From Organised Crime Owned Strip Joints While Seeking To Taint MP For Ancient Character Evidence

If character evidence is to continue in the state of Victoria as a means by which courts can more fully understand those who appear before them prior to sentencing, then the state government will need to take urgent action to specifically criminalise reporting of the outrageous kind promoted by The Age's nancy boy Nick McKenzie and reformed teen shoplifter Michael Bachelard.

As the expensive Age Investigations Unit faces death by redundancy with CEO David Kirk foreshadowing the deepest editorial cuts in Fairfax history, their nasty hatchet job on Telmo Languiller for giving character evidence prior to his election to Parliament is little more than the angry death throes of their vicious evil empire in decline.

Certainly the story - which will be splashed on page one today - is nothing compared with what Age sources had indicated was coming over a month ago.

Arguably it is already a contempt of court to attempt to link such witnesses with the crimes of those they are doing nothing more than describing as they know them. The despicable game of guilt by association, started by the Herald Sun's Ashley Gardiner who should know better, is not only unfair on those targetted but undermines an important part of the criminal legal process.

The Government ought to take urgent action to protect the reputations of those doing nothing more than assisting the courts. If they fail to do so, the consequences are clear: there'll be no more character evidence provided by practically anyone ever in public life lest they be publicly associated with the deeds of those they are giving evidence about.

McKenzie - an ex ABC employee - and Bachelard - a published author on aboriginal native title rights - would no doubt be the first to lecture others about the civil rights of convicted terrorist David Hicks. But they are little more than unelected Joe McCarthy's, like him drunk on power and cheap scotch. And like him, destined for an early end to once promising careers.

Bring on the axe, Captain Kirk.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Telmo is a great MP

catter8 said...

12.34 go back to the Aged. They wouldn't employ you doing the job you should be doing you are so bad at it so they make you a so called journalist.

Anonymous said...

catter8, I am not a journalist

I have nothing to do with journalism

What I do have in common with other readers of the Slanderyou blog is that I was censored by the fat one

will you tell us your real identity?

Anonymous said...

Catter8 is Cait Catt and vica versa. They share the same
Both are Andy's inventions to post his drivel on this blog, praise himself and are part of his internal dialogue usually posting minutes after each other to praise him or each other - a sad, sick and friendless bastard.

Anonymous said...

I can play spot the similarity

Take a look at Delia Delegate, Landershonk, Catter8 and Cait Catt

Guess what the simlarity is?

They are all the same person

Cait Catt said...

Why doesn't Slanderyou write about the most corrupt union in this country. Landeryou does. Read on:

TUCK IN: AMWU Ballot Tainted By Corruption

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union ballot has been rocked by claims that Bronwyn Halfpenny and others linked to the union's Food Division have been engaged in electoral wrongdoing.

The OC understands that Bronwyn Halfpenny created false "ballot boxes" for union members to return their postal voting papers at key workplaces of the food division.

Electoral authorities are concerned that Halfpenny, a former AMWU official now employed at taxpayers' expense at the Victorian Trades Hall, has corrupted the ballot by interfering with the voting papers put into her fake ballot boxes.

Complaints have been made to the Australian Electoral Commission who are investigating the allegations of electoral fraud which could lead to criminal proceedings against Halfpenny and potentially a new election.

It's by no means the only potential scandal involving the left-wing union, with sources close to Government investigators telling the OC that union funds have been used to lend ALP Senate hopeful and AMWU National Secretary Doug Cameron as much as $1 million at the uncommercially low interest rate of two per cent per annum which he used to purchase a luxury home in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney.

While the National Left forces which control the union is seen as tied to the Socialist Left, many are concerned that militants from the anti-ALP extreme left have provided many of the candidates for offices within the union, reviving fears of entryism by the ultra left into the Labor Party.

Despite these concerns, the Socialist Left has unleashed its full arsenal at the AMWU ballot with LHMU official Jane Farrell directing fundraising from Left unions, employers and Members of Parliament. They have so far sent out five items by direct mail against the Ian Jones backed group's single mailout.

Some six thousand ballots have so far been received, with results coming within weeks.

Game on.

Click here to Read More on this post...

catter8 said...

Well done Cait.

Anonymous said...

Get some sleep, Andy. When U think U're three different people, it's definitely time to get some rest.

Anonymous said...

has landeryou completely lost the plot? he's backing christian hard right winger alex hawke for preselection in alan 'deadman' cadmans seat of mitchell today and saying he has the numbers. that goes against all the other talk.