Friday, April 13, 2007

COSTA RICA: finger licking good!

Investigations into Andrew Landeryou's time in Costa Rica (not surprisingly perhaps) came to very abrupt, and often well hidden dead ends.

For someone that spent near on 5 months in the country, residents were very tight lipped about Landeryou's comings and goings.

What was particularly interesting was that Landeryou claimed that he was in Costa Rica to pursue his online gaming spivery activities. What is interesting about this is that he appears to have funded his time in CR exclusively from funds directly transferred into the country (from Australia perhaps?).

According to CR's very stringent work and immigration laws: "... you must either be a citizen of Costa Rica or have legal Permanent Residency. With any other residency (rentista, pensionado, etc), you CAN (sic) own a business but you can not work in that business."

So, Landeryou could not have (legally) earned income from working in CR. If he did hold down a job, he was operating illegally. Did he then go to CR to buy a business, as he claimed?

An interesting fact is that: "Costa Rica is home to more than 200 online gambling companies, but the Central American country actually has no legislation specifically dealing with gambling over the Internet."

So, why was Landeryou so keen to exploit such an unregulated gaming market?

On a side issue, we discovered that MacDonald's, Burger King and KFC have HOME DELIVERY in Costa Rica. Another reason why Landeryou spent so long in CR.

29 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

Stop bagging Landeryou. His expose today of Socialist Leftista Minister Kosky is first class. Such arrogance. It may be the beginning of the end for the Bracks government if this vile Minister keeps her job, as Landeryou correctly states. Don't tell me you disagree with this Slanderyou. I'm sure this is one comment by Landeryou we both agree on. Read on:

Thursday, 12 April 2007
TALK TO THE HAND: How One Minister's Arrogance May Mean The Beginning of the End for the Bracks Government

The Minister for Public Transport Socialist Leftist Her Royal Haughtiness Lynne Kosky has told state MPs not to bother her with complaints from constituents about the standard of Victorian public transport.

Yes, you read correctly.

Ashley Gardiner and Ellen Whinnett of the Herald Sun have excelled themselves with a front-page splash this morning revealing her disgraceful edict.

You can read about the furore here, here and here.

While the Hun optimistically opines that Kosky's nauseating, out-of-touch, arrogant and petulant conduct should be enough to see her gone, sadly it won't be. It won't because while the government is fundamentally a good one it is showing signs of being too comfortable and just a little too familiar with occupying Treasury Place.

To slightly paraphrase the old phrase of financial markets, they are just one election away from humility.

How quickly they forget how tall Jeff Kennett once rode in the saddle. He looked formidable, unreachable and unbeatable. Precisely the balloon the "punters" love to prick.

With Socialist Left hangers-on populating government relations firms, setting up bars which sell $10 beers (with all flavours of coke available too), advisers who believe that their own excrement is truly without adverse odour, a culture exists among some in the Victorian Government that may spread like a cancer of arrogance. The butt-clown responsible for writing Kosky's missive to the backbenchers is probably a very good representative of the phenomenon.

But, it was the Minister's signature. And she should be responsible.

Kosky's factional heavyweight protection in the Socialist Left provides her enough muscle to stay on lording it over Victorian commuters and her fellow Labor MPs like Cleopatra being carried around by bearers and being hand-fed grapes, while and wondering why folks complain about commuting when it's such fun.

Even the undemanding Arts portfolio seems to be too much for Kosky with the OC hearing many reports of her philistinism and failure to attend the many galah (note alternate spelling) occasions on offers in the Land of the Freebie populated by the syphilitic Lawrence Money.

Here's a space-saving and productivity boosting suggestion for the government, sack Kosky, give all of transport to Pallas, Arts to someone who actually likes their culture like Thwaites or the Piker, Water to Brumby so Thwaites can't stuff it up any more, Health to Hulls where he can napalm the department that protects the rights of serial HIV spreaders, Attorney-General to Lenders to slow down the conversion of the Supreme Court into the Victorian Politburo and keep the extra vacancy dangling carrot-like for an enthusiastic patriot to stake their claim over the next six months. And while they're at it, make Kosky catch the train into Parliament, they do have their own station after all even if she thinks that actually using it would be beneath hers.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Cait Catt is almost always the first person to comment on any new posting on the Slanderyou blog?

She must spend all of her time surfing Slanderyou.

But I do agree with her on Kosky. It is just disgraceful how ticket inspectors are so heavy handed and Kosky allows them to get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Cait Catt never mentioned Costa Rica. I agree with her about Kosky and I agree with 3.46 about ticket inspectors, but they are off topic.

The topic is Costa Rica and what Landeryou did there in the five months of his residence there.

Cait, you write well for a change but give us the benefit of your expertise about Costa.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd ever live to see the day I agreed with Catt about something, but her expose of Kosky is something I like and approve.

Anonymous said...

Andy didn't expose Kosky.
All he's done is comment on a Herald Sun story.
Not exactly cutting-edge journalism, just the usual bilge.

Anonymous said...

"Syphilitic Lawrence Money" - That's an actionable defamatory comment.
Lucky the failed student pollie and online gaming spiv is bankrupt.
How does "honest and ethical" Andy know?
Did that "unsavoury character" bump into Money at the same STD clinic?
Andy-Cait Catt-Catter8-Delia sure keeps some strange hours, guess that a perk of being unemployed.

Yarra Ranger said...

Cait, "It may be the beginning of the end for the Bracks government"

Wasn't there an election only a few months ago? Your statement is only true if you think that there is only 3 years and 7 months to go to the next election!

Anonymous said...

This is splended journalism Slanderyou

You deserve a Walkey for this expose

Anonymous said...

You went to Costa Rica and that's all you've got?

Anonymous said...

i hear that Slanderyou has won a Walkely blog award for this excellent piece of investigative journalism

Well done Slanderyou

Cait Catt said...

Who first exposed Kosky? Andrew Landeryou.
Who named the Kosky staffer who wrote the memo of shame? Andrew Landeryou.

Read below the greatest exposure of all time on the inner workings of the Socialist Left.

Where does Andrew Landeryou get his information from? The OC investigations unit chalks up another success. Forget the useless ASIO. Read the Landeryou blog and keep terrorists out of this state.

Read on:

Friday, 13 April 2007
WHODUNNIT EXCLUSIVE: We Name The Kosky Staffer Who Wrote The Memo of Shame

Socialist Left trouser-snake Raoul Wainwright has emerged as the ministerial staffer who wrote the infamous email to Labor MP's instructing them not to bother the Public Transport Minister with complaints about public transport.

A former Legal Officer to the Construction division of the CFMEU (a bit like being John Gotti's priest) Wainwright is the adviser who is large and in charge of political advice in the Minister's office in relation to public transport. He was apparently trying to solve the problem of a large flow of correspondence coming into the minister's office by simply directing correspondents to cease complaining. As a problem solving technique it is up there with reducing the incidence of fires through dismantling fire alarms. Hopefully they won't let the Raoul loose on Emergency Services any time soon.

While he is a complete buffoon, the OC can confirm he is a public transport user as our spies have occasionally seen him slithering through Parliament station arriving at work no later than his customary ten o'clock start.

Patriots will recall that Wainwright has been involved in various political chicanery including an attempted Socialist Left stack in the Corio area in support of disgraced federal MP Gavan O'Connor.

A former Western Oval turnstile attendant, Wainwright landed his boss in the brownest shade of poo when he drafted an obnoxious email which was swooped on by one of Kosky's internal left factional rivals and reputedly emailed within minutes to the Herald Sun's Ashley Gardiner.

The Kosky saga descended from the lamentable to the farcical outside the beseiged Minister's compound yesterday when her slack-jawed husband and acting deputy temporary Ministerial driver Jim Williamson lurched to wifey's defence saying:

"She's had over 200 emails," Mr Williamson told the Herald Sun. (OC: Boo Hoo, 200 emails! Oh the adversity!)

"If the school bell doesn't ring, does the Education Minister get 200 complaints?"

Ah, yes he would Jim. And he'd expect to. You have to wonder what planet the Koskys have been dwelling on to think otherwise. Putting up with legitimate and sometimes lunatic complaints from citizens about all sorts of random stuff is exactly what representative democracy is about. Get used to it or get out, Comrades.

No doubt thoroughly sick of the men in her life by this stage, the Minister told hubbby to shut the whatever up:

"Jim, this is my issue."

Never a truer word spoken, Minister. And if you can't deal with your issue which is that you are responsible for public transport, and its outsourcing and every tiny little thing which could wrong with same then you have no business being the Minister for Public Transport.

For the most part, folks are pretty sensible. They accept that no system will be perfect but when something's going wrong they reserve the right to complain to someone who's notionally in charge.

Clearly internal Socialist Left factional angst, bungling buffoonery by a miserably incompetent and politically inept staffer and a complex set of issues in a normally pretty good public transport system are all big challenges for the Minister to face.

But to adapt an old saying, if the Minister can't stand the heat perhaps she could relieve house-husband Jim in the kitchen and let someone else be truly accountable for a key area of state government responsibility.

Game on.

catter8 said...

Thanks Cait.

I've never been that South American country that recognised the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo and don't think I want to go there.

I agree with you that Slanderyou should have stayed there.

Thanks for your updating of the Kosky drama. Great reporting. Should be in line for another Walkley.

Anonymous said...

I just read on the comments on the Landeryou blog that someone wants to preselect Diane Anderson for a safe seat. Andrew calls her a fruitloop. That's what most ALP MPs are so Diane would actually be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

Catter8 seems to know a lot about Manchukuo. I've never heard of the place.

Anonymous said...

Rather than rely on persons who write for this blog (like Cait Catt and catter8 who are totally unreliable) I went to the horses mouth. That is, the Landeryou blog. This is what I found there about Diane Anderson. Only problem is that when I click on homepage (can't do it here but try it on the Landeryou blog if you don't believe me) I am directed to the web site of the Victorian Liberal Party. So it seems the people really behind the preselection proposal for Diane are Ted Baillieu and his cronies. Below is what I read on Landeryou:

Why not preselect Diane Anderson? She's intelligent, attractive, and a winner with voters. She sure wins them in Higgins. They love her there and repeatedly return her to Conference. Why not Diane for a safe seat?
Anonymous | Homepage | 04.14.07 - 9:24 pm | #

Gravatar The only thing that might stop poor Diane getting preselection is race discrimination from people who don't like Americans. It was a racist act to expel Diane for heresy from the Unitarian Church. A pure act of anti-Americanism. Diane is a great person. We need her in parliament.
Anonymous | Homepage | 04.14.07 - 9:30 pm | #

Eunice Nightingale said...

I'm sick and tired about hearing about Ms Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if we'll hear from Cait Catt or catter8 in the wee hours. It's getting close to midnight, but the Catts seem to post a lot later than that. Too much kfc. Can't sleep!

Anonymous said...

This is what the Columbia Encyclopedia says about the puppet state of Manchukuo. It seems to be a case of one puppet talking about another puppet. catter8 would certainly know a lot about puppets! So too would Cait Catt!

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05.


Former country, comprising the three provinces of NE China, traditionally called Manchuria. The Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1931 and founded Manchukuo in 1932. Changchun, the capital, was renamed Xinjing [Chinese,=new capital]. Pu Yi, last of the Manchu (Ch’ing) dynasty of China, ruled as regent and emperor. Manchukuo, ostensibly an independent Manchu state, was a Japanese puppet-state. Of the major countries only Japan, Italy, and Germany extended diplomatic recognition; few foreigners were allowed into Manchukuo. The Japanese military kept strict control of the administration and fought a continuing guerrilla war with native resistance groups. To develop Manchukuo as a war base, the Japanese greatly expanded industry and railroads. After World War II, Chinese sovereignty was reasserted over the area.

Eunice Nightingale said...

The Catts were on the prowl last night. No comments from either Cait Catt or catter8.

Suspect the former was up some alley. Suspect the latter was not allowed out of the cattery.

Tell us where you were Cait. We all want to know. You never know we might read about you in Take 5!

Anonymous said...

Manchukuo is ancient history. So too is any story about alley cats.

To the story teller on Manchukuo I can read about puppet states in an encyclopedia as well as you can. To Eunice I agree with you but I have better things to do than to read magazines like Take 5 for the latest goss about the Catts.

Cait Catt said...

Not only is it Kosky who is exposed by the OC investigations unit. It is also Stephen Mayne, Nameless blogger, who is now in bed with the ultra left. Would you buy a used car from Mr Mayne? You would have to be careful if you did.
Read on:

Saturday, 14 April 2007
CAUGHT: Stephen Mayne's Full Embrace of the Ultra Left

Any doubt that former Liberal staffer and turncoat Stephen Mayne, former owner of bankrupt email newsletter Nameless, has got into bed with the extreme left has been removed by revelations that he is now addressing socialist public meetings.

Mayne is now giving pep talks to gatherings of the extreme left, promoted on their IndyMedia, with fellow speakers ranging from the herbal to the Socialist. Some wonder whether it's part of his campaign to get a job at the ABC before Nameless' owner Eric Beecher lops off his disagreeable head.

The function is laughably described as "Community Responses to the Howard Catastrophe". Quite astounding that this bloke presents himself as an independent journalist and former Liberal. He's climbed so far up the bum of the inner city left that not even the pasty luminescent glow of his Marfans affected skin can help him see that this might not be the most farcically conceived political conference since People Power formed with no people and no power.

Whether we vote Liberal or Labor, to describe the Howard government as a catastrophe is a bit like calling James Hird a dud footballer who never did much. It's just delusional propaganda, with unemployment so low, the economy booming and the nation basically doing pretty well. It's the madness of people like this that are loading up Kevin Rudd's cart with policy insanity making his load heavier by the day.

Check out the glittering array of socialist paradise raffle prizes at this gig:

■ 2 subscriptions to New internationalist - $150 (Is one not bad enough?)
■ 5 art in resistance cds -- $50 (Surely overvalued)
■ 3 Plug in TV DVDs - $60
■ Book "Piercing it together", an activist compedium of stories about AIDEX (Piercing - shudder)
■ Book "Social Problems", Henry George's analysis of social problems inherent to economic developement (Stephen Mayne should offer his diary of the same title)
■ jasper coffee ($20)
■ 1 Melbourne Environmental Arts Festival longsleeve T-Shirt + 2 guides
(2005) (Longsleeve T-shirt so handy for hiding those junkie trackmarks)
■ 1 Australians for Cambodian Education purple fluffy beer holder
■ 1 DVD: McLibel, special 2 discs edition (yawn, let's slag one of the world's foremost employers and trainers of young people)
■ 1CD: Miguel, Con vista a la Esperanza (please tell me this is not music in Esperanto)
■ 1CD: Tragedi Jakarta 98 student riots of Jakarta audio compilation (an audio compilation of student riots, give me strength)
■ Help yourself to read and spell: Literacy innovations CD (should be given to Stephen as a thank you)
■ 2 black caps (no inner urban leftist should be without)
■ Various activist journals, postcards, badges, etc... (yay)

Like Alexander Downer defending his speech at that League of Rights conference, Mayne might say he doesn't agree with every group he addresses. But the problem here is that when this so-called business commentator speaks, every lentil-muncher, do-gooder, drugged out hippy loser and comrade in the audience will be nodding along giving praise to Castro for this traitor who made the unusual path from the side of patriots to the dark side of inner urban leftist claptrap as they agree with every sanctimoniously mad conspiracy theorising and manically complaining word.

Game on.

Anonymous said...

Catt or Landeryou is wrong in attributing Henry George to being a supporter of some socialist paradise. Henry George advocated, and his supporters still do, a single tax on the unimproved value of land. This is not some communist plot, as the a tax on land implies private ownership of land, not the communist ideal.

The Communist Party used to be very hostile to the single taxers, who once stood candidates for parliament. In fact a single taxer once held a seat in the South Australian parliament from a rural constituency in the 1930s, and the Communist Party was very much opposed to him. There have been supporters of Henry George in the Victorian parliament, in the Liberal Party. These included Arthur Warner and Morris Williams.

The argument by Alexander Downer about his ignorance of the League of Rights might in this case apply to the organisers of this Mayne attended conference. They are obviously unaware that Henry George, while a social reformer, is certainly no ultra lefty. Henry George died in the early 1900s. His ideals were only put to the test once, in Denmark, but opposition from land speculators ended the Georgist experiment in that country.

Lev Lafayette, a person Landeryou likes to mention a lot, is the head honcho of Tax Reform Australia, the current Georgists.

Anonymous said...

Well done Slanderyou. More exciting, investigative work. Notch me up as another reader who will gladly nominate/conominate you for a Walkley. Where are those nomination forms.

Anonymous said...

No Kosky scoop for Andrew Landeryou - unless he times himself against MX.
Herald Sun hit the streets Thursday 14 hours before Landeryou posted his story - many hours behind AAP and radio pickups too.
Andy shouldn't stay up so late writing posts under Cait Catt and Catter8's names.

Mrs Alice Idris said...

This is dynamite stuff.

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