Monday, February 12, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: At home with Andrew Landeryou

Andrew Landeryou has been described as Australia’s richest bankrupt.

He is also known as the man that turned $3.4 million into $13,053.25.

But let’s look at Landeryou’s private life.

Landeryou resides in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious apartment communities, where he writes his blog of sleaze and only leaves to attend interstate AGMs of Australia’s largest ASX listed companies.

Andrew lives in the renowned Sentinel building. His apartment is in walking distance of restaurants, Crown casino, the Yarra, Melbourne's Arts precinct and the CBD.

The building even has its own website!

Andrew is doing it very tough. As a resident, Andy has use of a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, (though he clearly has never used them) broadband internet, cable TV access & a concierge service (to organise late night deliveries of KFC).

Andy has still yet to answer how a bankrupt can afford to live in such luxury. It’s not like he has a job!

Perhaps, he is able to afford such luxurious living on the income earned from his lonely hearts dating advertisements that he runs on his blog.

58 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

This posting is vile and defamatory. Andrew Landeryou is an honest and ethical man, and to denigrate him in this way is the pits.

Who else could have won a Walkely Blog Award? Who else was the first to report a Rudd victory? Who else was the first to report Pauline Hanson's Middle East ancestry? Who else is always the first to report on the activities of Diane Anderson.

I like Andy Landy even if you don't Mr or Ms Slanderyou.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Catt.

Your advice that blog quizzers should not visit the National Library lest they collect AIDS is being listened to by less and less visitors to this blog.

Less than sixty per cent, down from a high of more than seventy per cent in January, now believe you can catch AIDS from a toilet seat in the National Library.

What nonsense.

Have you or have you not any brains Catt?

You should go back to the cattery with your partner Catter8.

Anonymous said...

Lovely place Andy. Very convient for when you have to make your way up to the courts

catter8 said...

I object to the cat comment from 3.05. It is quite condescending to be told to go back to the cattery.

Cait Catt writes well and is always sensible. Unlike Mr or Ms Anonymous who talks all the time about dunnies. Please tell me when Cait last talked about dunnies?

Anonymous said...

Landeryou doesn't have a Walkley Blog Award - the Walkley committee doesn't award one.
Brisbane's Sunday Mail posted its report on Hanson's DNA test on its website at 11:00pm, Feb. 10, well before Landeryou "broke" the news by repeating the first two paragraphs of its story and linking to the Mail's website.
Any other lies or plagarisms you want me to correct or note, Andrew "Cait Catt" Landeryou?

Anonymous said...

I did a google search and did indeed find that Landeryou had won a blog award. I think it was for the worst blog and he shared the award I think with Andrew Bolt, who is an extreme right wing political and social commentator for the Murdoch press, I think for the Hun or Herald Sun which is a Melbourne tabloid, and it isn't that well regarded although I think it is a better newspaper than the Melbourne Age which has gone down in quality in recent years.

Personally there are better blogs than the Landeryou blog but he does seem to have a lot of gossip. I enjoy Cait Catt and Yarra Ranger having their cat fights. Great entertainment. Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

What about Diane Anderson, the lovely lady from Higgins who I think was made Queen of that electorate and Peter Costello is thrilled about it as he sees her as no threat to his great majority in one of Melbourne's safest blue ribbon Liberal electorates.

I'm thrilled too. I think Diane is lovely. No wonder all those men like Andrew Landeryou, Evan Thornley, Race Mathews and Lyle Allan are fighting over her.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who fights over Diane Anderson would want rocks on their head.

Diane is a fruitloop. Even Andy says so. I think that's one of the few things Landeryou and Slanderyou would agree on.

What is your opinion about Diane Cait Catt?

Yarra Ranger said...

Anon 10.58. About Andy winning an award for blogging, you might be interested in this:

Melbourne Scribe said...

This is great investigative reporting - deserving of a blog award

well done

Cait Catt said...

I've got more important things to think about than Diane Anderson. I have nothing at all to say on the matter and I will leave it up to Evan Thornley, Race Mathews and Lyle Allan (aka Delia Delegate).

Anonymous said...

Back to the cattery Landeryou (Catt)

Anonymous said...

I think you should go back to writing about dunny seats Cait.

Anonymous said...

Less poll voters are influenced by Cait Catt's views on dunny seats. Now it is down to 57 per cent, a 13 per cent reduction in one month, of voters who think you can catch AIDS from a dunny seat. You can't. Only Cait Catt thinks that. She must be a moron.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Cait Catt who started it. After doing a google search I found this on catching disease from toilet seats. I think Senator Conroy should read it, as Paul Sheehan from the Sydney Morning Herald says he doesn't wash his hands after using the dunny. Read on:

Toilet seats are not major culprits in spreading diseases. If you have an open sore on your bottom it's probably more likely, but in that case you'd be at risk in any public place. You can't get a sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat, especially AIDS. The AIDS virus can't survive exposure to the air. The best thing to do if you think a toilet seat is yucky is to wipe it off with toilet tissue, then flush the tissue down before using the toilet. Then wash your hands after using the facility because there are still germs on the flush handle, and definitely the sink, doorknob, etc. It's your hands that come in contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth, which are open doors into your body. Keeping the hands clean is vital.

In a public bathroom, it's a good idea not to touch the faucet to turn off the water, or the doorknob to leave, after you wash your hands. This is especially true if you are at a restaurant and cleaning up before you eat. Doorknobs are dirty things. Consider keeping the towels in your hands not only after you dry them, but when turning off the water and when opening the door as well. I'm always glad to see that a public restroom has a door that can be opened from the inside with just a push.

And don't touch your face with your hands! Especially when using a public telephone!

Cait Catt said...

The Andrew Landeryou blog is once again first with the latest. His reporting of the Channel 7 interview with Schapelle Corby's former best friend last night is excellent reporting, in keeping with the high standards of Australia's best blog. Read on:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mercedes Corby's buddy Jodie Power talking about Schapelle Corby:

JODIE POWER: I cannot comprehend that they're going to say, "You've got life." There is not enough evidence. You can't put an innocent girl away for something she didn't do. I can't...I can't deal with that.

JODIE POWER: I'm never going to give up on her.

Two years later she reveals the Corby family are in the criminal enterprise of growing and distributing marijuana in a paid interview where she fails a lie detector test and then passes twice. No wonder we don't use the things in Australian courts, although I am told they are very effective.

It is well worth remembering that marijuana has not been banned without good reason. The drug can:

■ Damage the immune system;

■ Damage the respiratory system;

■ Trigger mental disorders.

Naturally no one is without sin in this sad story.

Demonstrating the Gold Coast's strong claim to become the Moe of the North, Jodie Power's hubby rang the press to disagree with his wife's view:

Last night, Ms Power's husband Michael Ripley rang The Daily Telegraph from the Gold Coast to refute his wife's claims.

"I still believe Schapelle is completely innocent," he said.

"Jodi has always had a tendency to come to her own conclusions about things – and those conclusions are quite often wrong."

And Mercedes Power had counter-claims of her own:

"She (Jodie Power) started a fund, she was asking people for money, we wanted to get Dad to be able to come over here and so on.

"I started asking her for some of the money and all she could come up with was excuses. She had a hangover, she couldn't find her passport, she couldn't get to the bank to get the money out - stuff like that.

"Finally Mum said we're just going to have to sue her for the money, and that's when she started getting really nasty."

They all seem very nasty to me. It seems highly likely that at least one of the Corby family knew about the smuggling attempt. And now they must all live with the consequences of that.

Hopefully the government can conclude that treaty and bring her home to serve out the rest of her sentence in much better conditions.

I'll do better relying on my anti-pothead prejudices in future.

Game on.

Labels: drugs stink, schapelle

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Anonymous said...

err, first with the latest?

Sure Cate, that'd be why he's reporting on a C7 interview

think about what you're typing you cretin

now just go away and do something useful with your life

Anonymous said...

Andy loves copying other media sources, then claiming them to be his own!

Anonymous said...

First with the latest? Get real.
Cutting and pasting from websites hours after the reports are posted doesn't count as original reporting.
Andrew shows once again he is not a journalist, just a plagarist.
Don't think there's a Walkley Award for plagarism but if there was one, I'd nominate him.

Anonymous said...

Cait Cretin Catt!

Anonymous said...

It is very palatial.

How indeed can Andy afford it?

Cait Catt said...

More find reporting from the Landeryou blog. This time about James McGarvey, the NUW numbers man who used to work for John Brumby. We would not know any of this but for Andrew. The Herald Sun story by Ellen Whinnett tells us nothing like this detail. Read on:

FISHY: Cold Fish Slagged By Human Abacus

NUW faction numbers-man James McGarvey has slammed Socialist Left Minister Peter Batchelor in a confidential email sent to a client. [Click here to read it in full)

The Herald Sun's ace political reporter Ellen Whinnett has sensationally revealed that the lobbyist who worked for John Brumby years ago back in the Dark Ages of the Opposition Rooms (where the thin walls made John Thwaites "Dangerous Liaisons" all too evident) had claimed that Batchelor is:

■ A Cold Fish

■ Secretive and non-communicative

■ Captive to his department (OC: Surely not alone there in the Bracks Government)

■ Difficult to build a relationship with, maintains a cool relationship with State Treasurer John Brumby and was

■ Guilty of improperly favouring Connex (OC: A fine tradition continued by the new Minister).

Quite a fiendish list and certainly worthy of review from a source as impartial as my good self.

James McGarvey is known for being a very dour, rather serious chap. One Labor source said that his assertion that Batchelor was a cold fish was "quite a statement coming from him."

McGarvey is perhaps less of a cold fish, more a human abacus. By comparison, he makes his faction-buddy the earnest Finanzminister Tim Holding look like Andrew Olexander after dropping a few e's. So the criticism of Batchelor in these terms is either very damning or somewhat hypocritical, depending on your point of view.

Batchelor is a former ALP state Secretary and reasonably good operator within the insidious and evil Socialist Left faction so he must have some degree of personal skills. Indeed, he had enough creative spirit to pull off the large-scale forgery of Nuclear Disarmament Party How To Vote cards in a 1985 by-election, a fishy act which attracted much odium at the time.

The consequences for McGarvey from the unfortunate leaking of the memo could be drastic. His former boss John Brumby will be "furious" about someone purporting to know his views about Batchelor. One source very close to the Treasurer told the OC this morning that the claim about him not liking Batchelor was "complete bullshit, he doesn't mind him at all."

At Treasury Place this morning, there has been much tut-tutting about Ellen's scoop. Lobbyists have attracted more than enough bad press for the Brackster. One source within the Premier's Office confirms that they intend to clip the wings of lobbyists who have "got out of control in terms of their presumption and access". Stand by for some tough regulation of Melbourne's lobbying firms. Some ask whether there will be a Hawker Britten exemption?

And one more thing, who leaked the yarn? The fingers are pointing at Eric Locke, former anono-webslagger and ALP State Secretary who works at lobbying firm CPR, run by Bracks' chum Adam Kilgour. "I Swing Both Ways" Locke was also believed to be knowingly concerned in the leaking of unfavourable information about former Minister and CPR competitor lobbyist David White prior to the last year's state poll.

Game on.

Labels: ace ellen whinnett, eric locke, nuw faction, peter batchelor, socialist left

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Anonymous said...

The Landeryou blog has some fascinating material for a change.

Worth a look for the comments. Who is Andrew Burns. When I put my mouse on her web address I find it to be I find that is an actual site. What nuts is Landeryou attracting to his site. We have our Cait Catt. He has Andrea Burns!

Anonymous said...

Cait Cretin
Andrea Arsehole

Anonymous said...

Why is Landeryou posting his articles so often on THIS blog?

Is it because no one is reading his?

kevin of southbank said...

CFMEU members, Andy no longer lives here!

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