Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Should we continue? Part 2

Given the discussion the other day, let's vote - see right

6 Truth On Comments:

Cait Catt said...

I couldn't imagine Slanderyou losing. Like the dunny seat poll where a majority of respondents are so stupid they actually think they'll get AIDS from National Library dunny seats, I'm quite sure a majority will vote YES. I've already cast my NO vote, and urge everyone else to do the same.

End vile treatment of Landeryou on the Slanderyou blog. Andrew Landeryou is the best blog on the net. Andrew Landeryou is an ethical and honest man.

If you support justice and a fair go for a great Australian patriot vote NO.

As they say in Richmond, vote early and often. I intend to.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Catt. Back to the Cattery Landeryou. Sorry, I mean Catt.

Anonymous said...

Vote YES. Show Landeryou and his sock puppets Catt and Catter8 what you think of them.

Send Cait Catt and Catter8 back to the Cattery. Vote YES.

Anonymous said...

Landeryou under sock puppet Catt is clearly unethical and is being outvoted. To say vote early and vote often and "I intend to" suggests Landeryou (Catt) wants to rigg the poll.

Probably all eight NO votes are from Landeryou (Catt).

You are a poor vote rigger Landeryou. Ninety per cent plus YES votes suggests you have been very poor getting your recruits out. No wonder the ALP never considered you a good branch stacker. You just don't compare with the likes of Telmo or George, whom Catt once praised on this blog.

Go away Catt. You will never be a good branchstacker.

Cait Catt said...

Comments about my branch stacking abilities are puerile. Like most Slanderyou readers. How could a number approaching 100 vote to keep the vilest site on the net in business? Still, it's par for the course. In the other poll a majority of respondents, in fact approaching 70 per cent at one stage, think you can catch AIDS from a dunny seat at the National Library.

I have better things to do than read the vile things on this blog. I urge readers who are not stupid, of above average IQ, to vote NO and get rid of this vile blog.

Anonymous said...

Can't you just imagine some unemployed, friendless bum and bludger spending the day just clicking on the "No" button - oh, hello Andrew, we were just talking about you.